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Luigi Largo stomped into his room after a series of frustrating events. The whole day had gone awry. It honestly wasn't his fault. The GenTerns had been annoying with their high pitched voices, their luscious hair, their.... Yet, all of them chose his brother rather than Luigi. Of course it was infuriating! What did Pavi have that he didn't?! The shit nosed idiot was an attention whore. The way they swarmed around him... It boiled his blood. So of course, he killed a few. There was something good about GenTerns... They were disposable, nothing to them. They could be replaced.

He slammed his door. No one responded. Furrowing his brows, he slammed it again... and again.

"WOULD YOU FUCKING STOP THAT!" Amber shouted from her own room. Without a doubt, she was sprawled out on her fruity pink bedspread on another one of her Zydrate hallucinations. What was it that she conjured last time? Oh yes, something by the name of Mr. Birdy... Luigi shivered in disdain at the memory. His sister really was a freak. Then again, so was Pavi. They were both sacks of shit.

"I'LL FUCKING STOP WHEN I'M READY TO STOP!" He hollered back, slamming the door once more for emphasis. No one understood him. No one. Except... for one person. Luigi pulled out a key from the pocket of his suit, unlocking the closet. He bent down in front of a small vault. Cerulean eyes gazed from side to side before entering a combination. The metal door swung open....

A DVD limited edition copy of Labyrinth rested on a piece of plush velvet. The eldest tenderly picked up the movie, tears streamed from his eyes.

"No one understands me like you, David Bowie! I could care less about Jennifer Connelly... even though she was really good in the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still..." The man shook from his sobbing fit, gazing at the cover. David Bowie as Jareth, the Goblin King, smirked in all his profound glory. Luigi walked over to the window, staring into the highly polluted sky. Now those of you who are reading this are wondering why Luigi said this. You may all now have the chance to question Luigi's sexuality.

At this point, a magical shovel is wondering why in fuck's name is she trying to mash Labyrinth into the life of Repo! ...But then she remembers and continues to tell the bizarre tale to her equally epic friends.

He sighed, turning to go put the movie into the DVD player. That was when he burst in. Pavi had the tendency to do so with frequent annoyance. A wide grin was sprawled onto his face as if he won a bloody trophy. A trophy for being an annoying pussy.... Luigi thought to himself, glaring at the intruder.

"AH! Fratello! The Pavi has-a much to-a tell you!" Pavi purred his words with a falsetto. He paused, lowering the mirror in his slim grasp. He arched a fine brow, tilting his head. "What are you-a holding?"

"Nothing!" The brown haired male answered far too quickly, hiding the case behind his back. His gaze nervously darted from side to side as Pavi sauntered towards him. The younger brother plucked the DVD from his back, taking a moment to gaze at it...

"You like-a Labyrinth ?" Pavi's expression was unreadable. The tone was bland, but feigned close to accusation. "Fratello," he began. "I-a never knew-a you were-a thatkind of-a man." He tsked, shaking his head before carelessly dropping the eighties movie on the plush rug.

It took what was left of Luigi's self-control to prevent himself from diving to the ground to get the DVD. He flinched, hands balling into fists. Oh yes, he was mad. Very mad. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM BEFORE I RIP THAT PRETTY LITTLE FACE OFF!"

Pavi feigned fear by gasping. "There are-a plenty of-a women in the-a world. The Pavi can-a always replace his-a face." He liked the sound of that. It had an amusing little tune. Oh, how he loved infuriate his brother! It was one of his many past-times.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Amber shouted from her room. They were loud. VERY loud. She wasn't able to hear that trippy music playing in her mind. It was also ruining the neon flashing lights that danced before her. Their voices also interfered with the flying, armored ferrets in her room. "I CAN'T HEAR THE MAGICAL FERRET OVERLORD."

"Yiiiis (Yes), Amber... Yew moost taaaaaake ovaaaarrrrr GeneCoooooooooo," the freaky ferret floated as it spoke.

"..." For a moment, the Largo brothers stared at each other, wondering what the fuck a 'Magical Ferret Overlord' was. That minute did not last for long, however. Luigi's face reddened all the more, "I'll strangle you with your own fucking intestines."

"I'll-a put cosmetics on your-a face when you-a sleep!" Maybe I'll even give him a uni-brow...Pavi grinned from ear to ear at the thought of that. It was a funny image... Then again, there was so many things one can do while another is in a fit of sleep.

"...What kind of insult is that?"


"Seriously, Pavi? I go and threaten to kill you while you threaten to put make-up on my face. Make-up. That's so scary!" Now it was Luigi's turn for mockery as he flaunted his hands in the air, pursing his lips. He looked like an ape. Or maybe an ape-cow. But ape-cows don't exist. They only exist in a Biology classroom within a perverted teacher's mind. "Really, brother. You can do better than that."

"... I'll spray perfume in your face." Pavi's voice had become husky and masculine. The accent and falsetto were temporarily thrown out the door-

"Did this really happen?" Aquaflame glanced at Magical Shovel with skepticism.

"Shut up and lemme tell the fricking story!"

It's evident that they are similar to the Largo brothers... sometimes.

"That stuff fucking smells." Luigi wrinkled his nose in distaste. "And it burns. What do you put in that crap? Acid?"

"No-a, I-a actually put-a snake piss in-a it. It-a smells like flowers!" :D He smiled all too cheerily.

"That's fucking nasty... NOW GET OUT OF MY FRACKIN' ROOM." Luigi Largo had a Battle Star Galatica moment. 'Fuck' had been replaced by 'Frack'. All in all, 'frack' is a must cooler way to say 'fuck'. It also rhymes with 'crack.'

Pavi grinned, happy to oblige. But he would remember this moment in time. He could use this to haunt Luigi for the rest of his life. Oh and believe him, he would.

Blind Mag gazed into her mirror. The bright, cerulean eyes never blinked. She sighed as she ran a brush through her dark hair. She adjusted her dress before leaving her room. "Luigi, Pavi, Amber, I have to go to a benefit concert. Please try to behave." They would never listen. She was well aware of the fact, but it was worth a shot.

"...Whatever," Luigi responded.

"FLYING FERRETS!" Amber's voice became high-pitched, "Crap! They're attacking me!"

"Sí..." Thump. Thud. Groan. Repeat.

The talented singer restrained herself from convulsing..... or vomitting. She shook her head, rapping on Luigi's door.


"..." Mag blinked. What the bloody hell is he talking about... "Now, you know that's not true, Luigi... I only get it up for Marni."

Luigi froze, opening the door, "That's hot."

"I suppose men would think that. As I said before, I'm going to an event. Do take care of yourself.... and your brother. Amber is quite independent, so-"

"Amber has Zydrate for brains."

"Well, that's also true. JUST LISTEN TO ME!"

"Sheesh. Sorry... " The eldest grumbled.

"Do be careful. You know the media loves us."

"That sounds kinda vain."

"...Shut up." She couldn't take it anymore. With a shake of her head, Mag quickly left. Maybe her day would get better... or maybe not. Luigi slammed his door shut with a scowl, hopping onto his bed. He raked his hands through his short hair.

"Oh, great King Jareth, I despise my little brother, Pavi, in the entire universe. If only you could take him away forever... and ever. Then, I could kill Amber and GeneCo could go to me, Luigi Largo! I'll do anything as long as you take Pavi. Please, he's a little fag and he looks like a goblin without the fake face-"



Little did Luigi know that someone else had also heard his desperate pleas.

Meanwhile, a mutated bird flew high in the air. His wings flapped desperately to stay afloat. It was fat. It was a fatty.... The one eyed critter soared past Amber's window. Mr. Birdy had returned.

"I LOVE YOU, MR. BIRDY. HAVE MAI BABEHS,"Amber screeched as she pushed her face against the window. Was it that drugs that caused her peculiar behaviour? Maybe. Wait, wait, wait... Probably. No, definitely. Either that or Rotti has poor genetics. Also, can Amber even have babies? She MUST be sterile from all the surgery and Zydrate...

"It's only forever

Not long at all

Lost and lonely..."

"Forever IS a long time." Shilo rolled her eyes.

"Shut up, kid! Let me finish my song!' GraveRobber scowled at the girl.

"Jeez... Sorry."

"No one can blame you

For walking away

From too much sexual rejection

No drug injection"

He paused, "Wait, how did you even get out of the house?"

"Now, you're interrupting," Shilo stated.

"Shut up and answer the question."

"I said Mom's name, locked Dad in the closet, and went out." The cries of 'Marni' were heard in the nearby distance. Yes, Nathan was trapped in the closet. Now, if only he could suppress his urges. You know there's Wallacest. You know Grathan, Narni, Nag, Notti, Namber, and a whole bunch of other pairings exist. Yeah, Magical Shovel pulled half of those names out of her ass.

"Wow, kid... You have issues."

Shilo shrugged.

"Sex can be easy

It's not always swell

Don't tell me getting kicked in the gonads hurts, little girl

'Cause it hurts like hell..."

Shilo blinked, "It hurts like hell..."

"But down in the underground

You'll find someone true

Down in the underground

A land serene

With crystal meth, ah, ah!

It's only forever

It's not long at all

Lost and lonely

That's underground


"This story is REALLY weird. I bet it'll have Pavigi." Aquaflame shook her head, staring at her friend.

"YEAH. But, but... it's my weird creation. Duh, I'll try to squeeze Pavigi in there. Or not... I'm going to make this story rated 'M'. I don't want the fanfiction site to yell at me. It's not pr0nz. Yeesh." Magical Shovel shook her head. The grin on her face was as wide as a crack addict's. No, she had no drugs while writing this story. Her mind just frightens MANY people. "And you know what!? You're weird. Yeah! I said it."

"... So says the girl who went to High School screaming David Bowie. So says the girl who sings "Mark It Up!" in the hall way. So says the girl who almost fell into a trashcan with an unused condom in it. So says the girl who walks into walls. You say I'm weird."

"That hurts...But it's true...!" She burst into maniacal laughter. Oh yes, what a strange tale, indeed.