I was finally done bringing everything into our new place. It was small and not well kept, but it was cheap. Cheap is all that mattered. My job was to spend as little money as possible.

"How are things coming Bella?"

"Fine Renee. Are you off to a fun night at work?"

"Well Bella someone had to put food on the table. I do not see you working?"

"We just moved here for you and your new job. You love to uproot us every year or so."

"New York was not working out anymore. We had to change scenery."

"No New York was not good for YOU because YOU got caught hooking, AGAIN. God Renee I should not have to bail you out of jail for that shit." It was not working for me either, but she didn't need to know about that.

"My name is Mom you know."

"You have not been 'MOM' in years so just go to work and I will see you whenever. Can you please not come crashing into the apartment tonight? I have to start school tomorrow."

"Fucking CUNT," my mother screamed and slammed the front door. Well we are off to an awesome start in Forks, Washington. I cannot wait to see what else this place has in store for me.

I looked at the clock and knew I had to get moving too. I had to go and return the rental truck that we drove across the country. If I did not have it returned by the end of today, I was going to have to pay for another day. I could not afford that.

I went out the front door making sure to lock both locks just in case. It looked like a sleepy quite town, but you can never be too sure. I walked down the stairs to the ground level. I would not sleep on the ground level, I liked to leave my windows open when I slept. I got into the truck and let the older truck roar to life. I drove this from New York to Washington over the past week. It seemed to become my second home.

I made sure to hit eject on the CD player and throw the disk into my bag. Before we left NY I went and bough some books on tape. I was going to make some major life changing in this new town and I needed some motivational words.

Since Renee was never any help I had to rely on self-help books. It was the only time that it felt like someone was speaking to be positively. I know it was corny but it actually seemed to help me. I was feeling more confident and sure about myself.

I had to fill up the tank before I returned the truck. On our way in we drove around the town trying to find the apartment. I saw where the truck was to be dropped off, and the gas station next door. I went into the parking lot and quickly went in to drop off the keys.

The nice thing about the truck rental places is they did not care who dropped off the truck as long as it was done and paid for. I did not have to have Renee there for that part. I needed her to rent it because I was not yet 18 (only 13 more days). It only took me a few minutes. Once I was done I tucked papers into my mini messenger bag that doubled as my purse. I always made sure to keep any kind of paper that seemed important, just in case I needed it.

I now had to walk back to the apartment. Renee needed the car to get to work so I normally went ever where on foot. I did not mind for the most part. When we lived in NYC it was the best because there was about 5 different ways to get around. It was only September but I could start to feel the chill in the air. New York would get really cold too so I was used to it now. Just there it would at least wait until late October till it got cool.

I reach into the bag and pulled out my pack of cigarettes. I was trying to quite, (I swear) I just needed one every so often to get though the day. Today I could have used a whole pack, but I am just settling for the one on my way home. Normally after an argument with Renee was my prime time to have a smoke. I pulled the lighter out and quickly lit it. I took a deep pull and I immediately started to feel better.

"You know those things will kill you!"

I swing by head around and saw a giant man in a small red car. "Excuse me?" I asked.

"I was making a joke. I said they will kill you, as if you don't already know." He said with a large grin. His teeth were so white, and perfect.

"Um yeah…thanks…" I said and kept on walking. Who on earth was this random person trying to spark a conversation? All I wanted to do was get back and mentally prepare for tomorrow.

I heard the car door open and a set of feet come running. Great this guy wanted to talk. What did he want? I was here for less than a day.

"Listen I am sorry I didn't meant anything by it. I just saw you walking by and I had never seen you around here," he said catching up to me.

"Yeah I just moved in today."

"Damn, I am good!" he said with a large smile. He extended his hand and added, "My name is Jacob Black."


"No last name?" he joked.

"No last name I am like Cher," I said with a smile. I stopped and shook his hand. It was firm and warm. I took another drag of my cigarette. "So do you go to the local college?"

He laughed, "Nope still in high school. I am a senior."

My eyes bugged a bit. He was huge and looked at least in his 20s. "Did you get a lot of spinach as kid?"

He smiled, "Naw they just grow 'em big over on the res."

"English?" I joked.

"It seems like all of us kids down on the reservation are big like me."

"Ah ok. Do you go to Forks High?"

"Yeah, are you going there?"

"I start tomorrow, senior too."

"It appears that you do not have a set of wheels, how about I pick you up tomorrow?

"Naw I am OK. I live over in the apartments, it is only about two miles away."

Jake gave me a look, "Do you not know where you are? It rains like every day here. You can't walk to school every day.

If this was true he had a point. He seemed nice enough. What harm could there be in a car ride. "Only if it is raining."

"Sounds like a plan. Well I gotta head back to the res. so I will see you tomorrow, say about 7?"

I nodded my head, "Yeah that works."

Jake waved and ran back to his car. I took another few drags of my cigarette before it was done. I looked on the street and saw a trash can. I made sure it was fully out and threw it away.

I got back to the apartment a few minutes later. I looked up at the sky and saw that it was getting dark, and not due to the time of the day. Maybe it really was going to rain after all.

Once in the apartment I saw that the main living area had a few small boxes inside of it. We normally traveled light (mostly because we did not have a lot). The boxes held some plates, glasses, and other kitchen items. I slowly moved those boxes into the kitchen.

The kitchen was small with very little cabinet or counter space. I quickly unpacked these items since they would be used the most. We only had a few of each item, it was just the two of us.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was around 7. I knew I needed to try and get to work in my bedroom if I wanted to try and sleep in there tonight. The room was very small, it had my full bed, a small dresser, my desk and one of the smallest closets I had ever had.

After three hours of setting up my room I knew I needed to lay down. I wanted to look well rested for my first day of school. I did not care what the people though, I just didn't want them to make assumptions. It was never easy starting at a new school. I never made friends quickly which is probably why I had made such poor choices in the people I hang out with.

That would change this time. I would not let myself keep on making the same bad choices that I had been. I would not let myself fall into my normal patterns. I refused to let another man mess up my life. I was going to make a life here. I finally laid down and let my eyes close.

I heard laughter and the crashing of boxes. I looked over at my small alarm clock, it was 4 in the morning. I guess my mother is done work. I got up and opened my door. I saw my mother sitting on the floor of the living room laughing her ass off. I looked around to make sure there were no men with her, and there weren't so I went to go and help her up.

"Did you drive like this?"

"How else am I to get home Bella?" she asked me in a nasty slurred voice.

"Cabs work. You know if you get another DUI you are losing your license for good."

"Are you trying to kill my buzz Bella because it is totally working?" She grabbed my hand that I held out for her to hold. She pulled herself up and walked past me to the kitchen. Her bedroom was down the hall on the right, and mine was at the end. The bathroom was across from her room.

"I am going back to sleep I have to go to school. You should do the same," I said to Renee holding out my hand. She knew the drill. I was the one who took care of the money. She would spend it all if she had the choice and we could be evicted, it has happened before.

She handed me a wade of money. I counted it all out twice, 300, I gave her 100 for her to use this week on whatever she wanted. The rest of the money would be added with that I had already saved for the move for her. I would try and go shopping for the things we need tomorrow. I have been paying the bills since I was in the 2nd grade and learned how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

"You are such a good daughter Bella," Renee mumbled as she stumbled into her room. I heard her drop of her bed and I knew she was done for the night. I waited a few minutes until I heard her soft snore. Once that happened I went into her room and made she was on her side. I grabbed her bucket and placed it by her head. Years of experience had taught me this one.

I got to sleep another hour before I had to get up for school. I crawled into my bed and dreamed about living in a world where I did not have to deal with Renee. Once I got into my perfect dream house I was awoken by a loud buzzing sound. I reached my hand out and smacked the alarm clock.

I rolled out of bed and went in the bathroom. It was still gross and dingy looking. I needed to clean this place when I was done school today. I took a quick shower making sure not to really touch anything. When I was done I went into my room. I quickly dried off, wrapped my hair in the towel and found an outfit. I went for a simple stripped shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

I unwrapped my hair and quickly blow dried it trying not to wake up Renee. I would normally shower at night, but I was too tiered. When I looked at myself in the mirror I looked at my average self. I was average high, weight, brown hair and eyes. Nothing stood out.

It was time to make my coffee. I needed that to try and get though my first day. I did splurge last year and by myself a Kruger that was on a black Friday sale for Christmas. I made a lot more sense for me to make single cups of coffee since Renee did not really drink it.

I filled my reusable mug with black coffee and was on my way off to school. I walked out the door and saw that it was raining. Well that was great. I am glad that I had a hood on my jacket. I tucked my hair inside and mentally prepared myself to walk. Then out of the corner I saw the red car from yesterday. The kid was not lying, he really came to pick me up.

He must have been looking for me because I saw the car pull up to the bottom of the steps. I let a small smile cross my face for a moment then I walked down and went around to the passenger side.

"Surprised to see my just Bella?"

"I little bit. I thought it was a line."

"Nope not a line, just trying to help a pretty lady out."

I felt my face redden a bit at his complement but blew it off. He quickly made it to school. I looked around the parking lot as we drove in and saw that the cars were all very new and very expensive.

Well it was good to know that I was going to totally stand out here. I was hoping since this is a small town I would fit in better, but no such luck. I stood out in the city because I was poor and I will sand out in the small town for the same reason.

"You are going to need to go over to that building there to let them know you are here. They will give you all of your paperwork and a quick rundown. I will look for you around homeroom time," Jake prepped me while pointing to one of the smaller building in the front

"Thanks, I guess I will see you around," I told him and let myself out of the car. I still had my hood up since it took us no time to get to school. Another reason why I picked this town was that everything was close together. It made it easier on me. Plus if Renee got in trouble in her current place of employment she would not have to move immediately because she lived in the same town. That is a lesson we learned in Texas.

I had called up the school three days ago to let them know that I was transferring. I walked into the small building. I talked to the little old lady at the front desk, "Hello my name is Isabella Swan I just transferred here from New York."

"Swan? Dear are you Charlie's daughter?"

"Not that I know of, who is that?"

"The police chief. Here I found your papers," the little lady handed me my packet of papers I would need and asked me to bring back the one paper signed by the end of the day. I smiled and left the little building.

The parking lot was full when I was leaving the building. I went to try and find Jake. I had no such luck, then I heard a bell. I saw kids start to run into the building. I looked down and ran into the building that held my homeroom

The comment the little woman made about me being this Charlie's daughter was weird. I guess I have the same name as this guy. I would probably meet him, with all the trouble my mother gets into.

I went into my homeroom and got the teacher to sign the paper. I sat down at a desk and opened up the school given planner and tried to map out my day. As I started to look over my schedule I heard someone clear their throat over me. I looked up and saw a girl with spiky blue black hair.

"That is MY seat," she told me with a soprano voice.

"Oh I am sorry it is my first day," I said and got up. I moved the last seat in the next row. I heard the bell go off again and then I saw Jake walk in.

"Late again Mr. Black," I the teacher called not really caring.

I gave Jake a quick wave as he scanned the classroom. He nodded his head and headed to sit next to me. "OK Just Bella let me see what classes you have," he said and stole my paper.

"Well lucky for you we have two classes together and lunch," he informed me flashing a wonderful set of pure white teeth.

Jacob was a very attractive. I had not really noticed it yesterday. You could tell how tall he was by just sitting down, he looked like he was overflowing out of the seat. He had long glossy ink black hair which was pulled back with a rubber band. His arms were the size of my head and his skin was a wonderful shade of tan.

"Well I guess that is a good thing, since you are the only person here I know." I gave him a soft smile. Things felt right with him. He seemed like the type of person I could be comfortable with.

"So we do not have first period together but we are right next door so I can walk you over there if you want."

"Sure that works," I said as the bell rang. I got up and headed to the door.

It was easy talking to Jacob. I had never been able to make a friend this easy at any of my other many schools. Jacob took my arm and hooked it in his and we were off down the hall. I knew there was a ton of people staring at me because I was the new kid but I tried to brush it off. I did not like the feeling of all of those eyes on me.

Jake was talking about his friend Jasper when I spotted a student with bronze hair. I had never seen someone with that color hair. After a few seconds I was able to see his face. I almost stopped dead in my tracks. He was stunning. He had pale skin, high cheek bones, messy hair, and bright green eyes.

"Who is that?" I asked Jacob.

"Oh, that is Edward. He runs the school. He is the quarterback of the football team, class president, valedictorian, and a 100% dick."

"Oh he is THAT guy." I knew guys like him in every school I had been in. He was always the person who seemed to make my life hell. I would make sure to try and avoid him, but that doesn't mean I can't admire him from afar. I gave myself a small inward smile.

"OK well this is your classroom. The guy over there with the shaggy blond hair is Jasper he is cool, sit with him. When you are done wait for me we have history together next," Jake told me pointing to the guy and he waved.

"Thanks," I told him and walked into the room. I sat down where I was told and smiled at the boy named Jasper.

"Howdy," he said offering his hand with a very noticeable southern accent.

"Hi, Bella," I told him shaking his hand.

"Jasper, but I guess Jacob already told you that."

"Yep," I finally noticed what Jasper was wearing, all black. I thought it was a little weird but I just let it go. "So how is this class?" I asked Jasper.

Before he could answer I heard my name being called. I looked up and saw the teacher looking at me. I forgot to check in with him. I went to the front of the room and gave him my paper to sign. He told me to return to my seat.

My face was all red when I sat down. I hated being called out on the spot. I heard two people laughing I looked over and saw the girl Alice from this morning and tall redhead. I rolled my eyes and looked over at Jasper who gave me a smile. I smiled back at him.

I was enjoyed the class, mostly because I had already read everything that was on the list. The class moved by quickly which was nice on the first day. When class was over I talked with Jasper. Standing in the door jamb was Jacob waiting for me. I smiled at his face. There was just something about him which made me feel safe and happy.

"So how was your official first class at Forks High?"

"It wasn't too bad, I have already read most of the stuff so it shouldn't be too hard," I admitted. I felt Jake put an arm around my shoulders. I felt myself tense for a moment and then let myself relax. Jake was a good person… I hoped.

"Well history is going to be a lot more fun because I am there," he told me flashing his pearly whites.

"You know I think you might be able to blind a person with those ultra-white teeth. Is your dad a dentist?"

Jacob and Jasper both started laughing. "I get that all the time, and the answer is no."

We left the one building (into the misting rain) and walked down two more building to a larger one. Jacob held the door open for me as I walked into the warm building. Jacob led me over to the second door on the right and again he held the door open.

"So since it is still early in the year we are just starting to talk about World War I. If you need help catching up let me know," Jacob said with a wink.

"We covered WWI when I was a junior in NY, but thanks."

Jake smiled and took his seat. I went to the teacher at the front of the room; who was a very young and beautiful looking woman. She signed my paper and instructed me what seat to take. I was given the desk in the back left hand corner of the classroom. I started to skim through the book trying to see what we would be leaving. In New York we covered U.S. History our sophomore and junior years of school. Our senior year was used to talk about current events and events that happened in the last 20ish years. (A/N: I have no idea if that is true, so don't get mad if you are from NY and I am wrong.)

The bell rang and the final student came into the classroom. It was the boy Edward that I had noticed earlier. To be honest he was the only one to really notice so far at this school. He sat down next to me, noticing that I was new. He gave me a quick once over and nodded in approval it seemed.

I hated history so it was hard to try and focus on something that I already knew about and did not enjoy. I kept on allowing myself to sneak peaks at Edward while pretending to take in my surroundings. He had stunning green eyes that matched the color of Forks, stunning copper hair that should not look good on anyone but fit him perfectly, and his skin was pale but not sickly.

About half way through the class he turned to look at me; being the dumb ass that I am I gave him this goofy smile, to try and break the ice. His eyes widened and he turned his head to stifle a laugh. Well there goes any chance of dating him, good job Bella. Don't make weird faces at the normal people.

When class was over I quickly grabbed all of my stuff and tried to run over to Jake. At least he didn't blatantly laugh at me for being myself. Well as I walked up the isle I tripped over my foot and fell face first into the floor. My face went bright red and I heard a guttural laugh. I looked over to see Edward standing with a very large guy with short curly dark hair. They were both pointing and laughing together.

I felt a pair of warm arms wrap around me. I was lifted from lying on the floor to a standing position. Jake was at my side helping me out. "Do not worry about them, they are just dicks."

"Thanks that makes me feel a little bit better," I lied leaving class. Jake was not in my last two classes but some of his friends were. In Math was a long leggy blonde named Rosalie (but goes by Rose) and Jasper in my Spanish class. It was early in the year so I did not miss a lot. The first few weeks of school always seemed to be refreshers from last year. I was able to seamless pick up in the classes.

After Spanish Jake met Jasper and I. We walked into the crowed lunch room together. Jake kept a hand on my lower back and led me over to the lunch line. "So do you play sports or want to join any clubs?" he asked with hesitation in his voice. He didn't seem like a school spirt kind of kid to me.

"I am not the sports or clubs kinds of girl."

"Well that is good to know. My friends and I are not into them either," my assumption had been confirmed.

"So am I going to meet more of these friends?" I joked while waiting in the long lunch line. Once you got into high school I noticed that most students' bough lunch. When I scanned the lunchroom I saw very few people with food from home.

"Yep there are just a few more members of our group, and then you will know everyone," Jake said proudly.

I grabbed a slice of pizza and a can of soda. When I went to go and pay Jake insisted. After we argued for a few seconds I finally gave in. It seemed like I was not going to win that one. He pointed me to the table that I should go and sit at.

"Hey everyone this is Bella, Bella this is the crew," Jake said sitting down and motioned for me to sit next to him.

I looked at the tan girl who was sitting there. She rolled her eyes and me and slid down. I smiled and thanked her. She muttered something that I missed.

"Chill out Leah," Jake said to her. OK her name was Leah. She was not going to be getting the Miss Congeniality award anytime soon.

"Hi I an Angela," a girl with thick horn-rimmed glasses and long brown hair said.

"Hi," I responded.

I was reintroduced to Rosalie, and Quil. Even though they had both been in different classes with me I did not really get a chance to talk to them. I also got to know a few new people like, Angela, Leah, Embry, and Garrett. All of them seemed very nice, except Leah, but I knew that was going to happen from interaction number one.

They did not seem like your normal school click. They seemed to be formed of several different groups. For instance Rose looked like she was a head cheerleader, her twin brother Jasper looked like a Goth, Angela looked like a brain, and then there were a lot of kids from the "res" as they called it.

I had never placed myself into a group in my old schools. I always found one friend and suck with them, or one guy I darkly thought to myself. Here I was openly welcomed into a group which was nice. I knew people would have my back if it was needed.

"UGH, do you think that they can spend lunch eating like normal people and not dry humping," I heard Rose hiss.

"Well Rose that is how they work, you should know that. They cannot form meaningful relationships, so they just fuck instead," Jasper told his twin sister. When you looked at them you could defiantly tell they were twins. They both had pale blond hair, electric blue eyes, and flawless skin.

I followed Rose's eyes (Jasper had not looked up from his food) over to the table that they were talking about. I saw Edward with a girl who had long strawberry blond hair. Then there was the big guy who laughed at me with a blond. Also Alice was over there talking to two different guys. I did not know any of the other kids there.

"I heard that Alice and Edward got caught making out in the hall ways," Leah said.

Everyone turned to look at her. A lot of their faces dropped. I guesses that Leah did not keep up with the school gossip much. This must be outside of her normal area of expertise. Finally Jake spoke up, "They are brother and sister."

"Well that is what Jessica told me," Leah said with a shrug, "and you know that they are not related by blood."

"Jessica said that because Edward keeps on denying her. When is she going to learn that a band geek cannot date someone who is on the football team? This is not a Hollywood movie." Jake said finishing off his large lunch.

"Why is that?" I asked.

"It's just the unwritten rules of the schools social status. Didn't you guys have clicks in New York?" Jake asked a little surprised. I was then shown all of the groups of kids and how they were categorized in the school. I could not believe that they had so many social groups in such a small school.

New York had all kinds of different crowds but like I said I did not talk to many kids in school so I never felt myself fall into a crowd; plus I was never at a school long enough to really get a good base group of friends. I alienated myself to keep everyone at arm's length that was in case I had to move it didn't hurt.

Everyone but him that was. I felt my breath shorted and a burning on the inside of my right wrist. I knew it was in my head, but I looked down and made sure that my bracelets were in the place and fully coving the scar.

I nodded my head mindlessly so that it would seem like I understand Jake's explanation. I looked across the room at Edward who was looking at me. I felt my face turn red and I looked away. Why had he choice that moment to look at me? I guess it did not matter because due to Jake's explanation we could not talk or date…I think.

The bell rang and lunch was over. Jake took my trash and threw it away for me. I smiled at what a gentlemen he was. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders again and showed me to my biology class. We did not have that class together, but we did have gym together which was the last class of the day.

I went and got my paper signed which was a repetitive event of the day. The teacher showed me to my desk and I sat at the lab table alone. It was nice to finally be alone because I was on an overload over everyone that I had met today. I started to write down a list of things that I was going to need to do when school was over.

When the bell rang I slipped the piece of paper under my notebook and saw the last person come into the classroom.

"Late again Mr. Cullen?"

"It will not happen again," the beautiful boy said.

"That is right. You will be meeting me in detention to ensure that. I am pretty sure that I can talk to your coach and let him know."

"Whatever you want Mr. Banner," the handsome boy said and sat down next to me.

"You're the new girl, right?" he asked me while staring at me with his large green eyes. He knew we already had already met earlier today.

I nodded my head not wanting to get in trouble.

"You can talk, Mr. Banner will not yell at you," he said seeming to know what I was thinking.

I looked at him quickly then back up front.

Edward ripped a paper loudly from his notebook and scribbled something down and then passed it to me. My eyes read over the paper.

'I saw you hanging out with Jake and them, not a good group.'

I looked over at him and rolled my eyes. He took the paper back and wrote. How dare he think to tell me who I should and should not hang out with? They all seemed more then nice to me.

'I could get you in with my group if you wanted your hot enough.'

I laughed at his lame comment. So my social status was to be based solely on my looks. It did make sense since in my old school all of the beautiful people did seem to hang out together. I was not one of them I was just Plain Jane Bella Swan. He wrote again.

'Well you do not have to be a bitch you know.'

I turned to him and smacked him right across his face. You could hear the crack of his skin under my hand throughout the whole classroom. Everyone turned to face us. Edward sat there and held his hand to his face. I turned and faced front acting like nothing happened.

I do not know what happened. I never ever act out like that without thinking about it. It seemed so natural, like that is what I should have been doing my whole life. It was those books on tape. They told me all kinds of things like standing up for myself and not being a doormat. I guess I acted on those thoughts. I could like this side of me, having a bit more of a back bone.

Edward grabbed the paper and faced front. I now noticed that I was mad at him, like really pissed off! How dare he; how can you call someone a bitch without even really speaking to them? Then insulting the first group of people to really take me in, nope. I was not having that. I was not a fan of Mr. Cullen and this was going to be a LONG year sitting next to him in two different classes.

When the bell rang signaling class was done I grabbed my books trying to make it to the door before the angry Edward was going to say something. All during class he kept on looking over at me with evil eyes.

I felt his hand wrap around my wrist. "We need to talk."

"I don't need to talk, I am good. I said all I needed to with that red mark on your face," who was this speaking for me? I never say things like this.

"You think that you can slap me and act like things are cool? That is not how it works," he said in a dark voice. It was sexy I was not going to lie. I always had a thing for "bad boys," and with that voice he was in fact my own personal fantasy.

"You called me a bitch, acted like you knew what was best for me and insulted my friends," I said with a dash of attitude, hand cocked on my side.

"OK that was wrong of me. I am sorry I called you a bitch, now can we please talk?"

"No I am done here," I told him and roughly pulled my wrist away from him. Edward's hand let go and I stormed out of the classroom. I saw Jacob standing there waiting for me. I smiled at him and let him lead me over to my next class.

We did not speak during the quick walk. I was still all amped up about my exchange with Edward. I did not want to look or talk to him for the rest of my life.

I did not have to change for gym since it was my first day and I was glad. I was not given my mother's hand eye coordination. I normally fell all over the place instead of staying upright. I watched Jake and some of the other people I had meet during the day run around playing volleyball. When they were done Jake came over and sat with me on the bleacher.

"So what was up with you and Edward?"

"Nothing at all."

"He looked pretty pissed Bella," Jake said sounding concerned.

"Do not worry about it Jake, I am fine."

"Do you have plans for after school?"

"I need to go shopping and get stuff for the house, I need some kind of superstore."

"Well the closest one is about an hour away, and the store in town can get expensive. If you want I can drive you there, I think it might be a long walk," he said with a goofy smile.

"I do not want to inconvenience you Jake. You must want to go out with your friends or take a nap, or something."

"It would be my pleasure, plus my dad has been saying how someone needs to go out shopping. I can get some brownie points."

"OK. Thank you."

"Come on let's get out of here. Do you need to go to your locker?"


Jake put an arm around my shoulder and we were off to the parking lot. It looked like the rain had stopped for a little bit. The lot was full of buses and students running around. It looked like a prison break almost. Everyone was yelling and carrying on. I didn't not see where Jake had parked since I had been in the office.

"Leah off the car," Jake called to her. I saw Jake's car and all of the kids from lunch lined up around it.

"Oh come on Jake, don't be a jerk just 'cause Bella's here," she almost purred.

"You know you are not allowed to sit on my car, it's one of the rules, plus Bella and I are going out."

"Where you going?" Angela asked him.

"One of the superstores outside of town."

"I wanna go!" the twins both called at the same time. It was almost a shinning moment there.

"OK well let's all get in the cars and go. I got to swing by my house to pick up the list from my Dad."

Everyone started to climb into cars. There was a total of 3 cars, Jakes red car, then it looked like the twins had a sporty red car (not too old) and Angela had a black SUV. Leah was standing at the front door of Jake's car. Jake got her a look and said, "In the back Leah."

"No it's my spot. I am not giving it up for Bella."

"Jake I do not mind, its fine really."

I am glad that I had already dropped my slip off in the office after my gym teacher signed it. I did not want to hold everyone up on this shopping trip. I guess everyone did not get out of town much so it must be an all afternoon thing for them.

Jake made an annoyed sound but let Leah win. I climbed into the back seat (not waiting to cause a "thing") and I looked out my window. I saw Edward leaning against a silver car of his looking over at me with hatred in his eyes. His sister came up to him and said something. He spoke to her but never took his eyes off of me. Alice looked at me as we now drove past them.

"Where do you live Bella?" Leah asked me and knocked me out of Edward's green eye gaze.

"Forks Apartments."

"Oh, OK. I know where they are," Leah said with a sneer.

"If where I live causes a response, I guess my mom's job is really going to get a rise out of you. She is a stripper and part time hooker, fun huh?"

The car was silent. I saw Jake look through the review mirror with sadness in his eyes. There were the pity eyes that I get once people find out what my mom does. "Is that what you wanted to hear Leah?"

"I am sorry," Jake whispered.

"Don't be. I am use to it and I don't need your pity Jake," I said angrily.

The car was silent. I was glad that I got Leah to shut up. I was a little mad at myself for telling so much so soon. I mean it would have eventually come out because well, high school boys go to strip clubs all the time. It never took long for the school to start talking about seeing my mom there. If I tell them now it kind of nips it in the bud of dealing with it later. When we pulled into the super store I let myself out and acted like nothing had happened.

I saw the twins getting out of their car with Quil. The other car was filled with a bunch of the guys who I had been making friends with and Angela driving them. They all piled out and Angela came to talk to me. She was really sweet and quite. Jake stood on my other side and put an arm around me.

"Jake its fine OK. Let's ignore what happened and just go shopping," I said putting a fake smile on.

"What happened?" Jasper asked.

"Bella's mom is a stripper," Leah said.

"What?" Rosalie screamed.

"LEAH!" Jake yelled.

"What she told us I figured she wanted everyone to know now," Leah said and walked off.

"Wow we missed a lot," Quil said to one of the other boys.

I rolled my eyes and followed in Leah's foot steps to just get inside the building. Hopefully this conversation would just end. I grabbed a cart and placed my messanger bag in there. Angela came up with me.

"You OK?"

"Yeah I am OK. So what do you need?"

"Nothing much. I am more or less just coming for the fun of it. What do you need?"

"Everything we just moved and since we only have one car between us, we pack light. It is my job to buy the stuff we need."

"That is really sad. Have you thought about getting emancipated?"

"Too much money, it's just easier for me to wait out the last year. I will be applying to the University of Washington and then start in the fall. I only have a few more months to be the 'Adult.'"

"OK well this is cleaning stuff so let's start with that Bella?"

"Sounds awesome."

Angela and I went around the store to grab everything that you would need. It was nice having someone else to remind you of things that you forget about. It sometimes seemed overwhelming shopping for everything needed in a house. Jake came with us for a little but he then went to joke around with the rest of the guys.

"So what is your family like?" I asked Angela.

"Oh they are pretty normal, stay at home mom, working dad and twin brothers."

"I always wanted a sibling, but I am kind of glad that I never got one then I would have to take care of them."

Before Angela could talk again I heard my cell ring. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was Renee; well this was going to be fun. "Hello?" I asked after hitting the green button.

"Where the fuck are you?"

"Out buying the stuff we need for the house. I do this every time we move."

"Well a phone call would have been nice Bella, what if I was going to cook dinner?" she asked sounding legitimately mad.

"You have not cooked dinner in three years, and there is no food in the apartment."

"I am sick of your smart ass answers."

"Well I am sick of you. Is this conversation done, I am with people?"

"Whatever brat. I will be home late."

"Like always," I said and hung up the phone.

I smiled at Angela and acted like that was a normal conversation. Two hours and almost four hundred dollars later I had everything that we were going to need for a while. Jake asked Leah to drive with the twins because I had so much stuff I needed room in the backseat. I knew they were going to talk about me in their car and I did not care.

Jake started up his car and we pulled onto the main road. "I am sorry she was such a bitch."

"Most girlfriends get mad when their boyfriend pays too much attention to another girl."

Jake laughed, "We are not a couple. She wants to be, but it never seemed right to me. She is like a sister if anything."

"Oh, so you're single?"


"Good to know," I joked and looked out the window.

"So do you and your mother get along at least?"

"No, not at all. She does not seem to know her age."

"Well how about your father?"

"I have never met the man. My mom is from Nevada, Vegas. Well she started stripping at 17. She married one of her customers during a drunken stupor. Well after a week the guy left and it turned out she was pregnant. She got the divorce papers from the guy a year later. Since then we have moved around several times because she keeps on getting in trouble. She kept the guys last name because she though it would be best for me, plus Swan is an awesome stripper last name."

"WOW," was Jake's only response.

"Yep, my life is awesome."

Jake reached his one hand over and placed it on top of mine. "I promise to try and make things better."

"Thank you Jake." I smiled. It was nice to have someone who really cared. I looked over at my right wrist and made sure that my bracelets were in their place. Jake seemed like he would not hurt me.