AN: This is my first full length fic that I'm working on in between work, school, and daily life so updates might be a little spread out.

Warnings: Abuse, possible slash (male/male pairings), swearing, violence

I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters or any of JK Rowling's plot it all belongs to her


It was nearing midnight, not that the small scruffy haired boy with green eyes knew this. In fact he did not really couldn't even judge what day it was anymore. All that he knew was the constant pain that throbbed throughout his body that had been there since he had gotten home for the summer. By his reckoning he thought he had a few broken ribs, a black eye, broken wrist and a broken leg and ankle along with some nasty bruises, cuts and burns covering most of his body. It had been three weeks of nearly constant beatings. Apparently his Uncle didn't appreciate being woken in the middle of the night by his screams that had been induced by his nightmares and it had resulted in Vernon beating him within an inch of his life-not that he wasn't used to this treatment.

Like he could help the fact that he had seen Cedric die in the graveyard or the Dark Lord come back. It's not like anyone bothered to help him deal with it. Dumbledore had abandoned him again. If there was one this all the pain he was feeling had brought him it was clarity of thought. The Sorting Hat wasn't wrong he would have done well in Slytherin, he realized now that all the events at Hogwarts and before had been carefully orchestrated. Mrs. Weasley just happening to use the term 'Muggles' loudly in front of him at the train station that first time. Dumbledore sending him and Hermione back in time to rescue Sirius themselves when he could have just unlocked Sirius's cell himself. Allowing him to be forced into the Triwizard tournament. No these things were too numerous to be coincidences--and there had to have been a reason behind them he had figured out long ago that Dumbledore knew something-and it had something to do with him and Voldemort because year after year he was tested almost as if he was some sort of weapon not a human being.

All this thinking led him to the conclusion that the one person in Hogwarts that he could trust not to be completely won over to Dumbledore's ever whim and manipulation was Snape. While he might not like his greasy haired ,pasty skinned potions master the man had saved his life on several occasions and therefore he trusted him-that and he had been the only one to see the abuse and try to help him. Detentions between them had been carefully engineered between them, ever since second year when Snape had discovered his injuries, so that Snape could heal his injures from his family and talk to him. Harry definitely had more than one ace up his sleeve. He could perform wandless magic and he had learned throughout the years of abuse and neglect to trust no one with your secrets because otherwise they won't stay secret for was the only one that knew about it any of it.

The sound of a glass breaking downstairs broke him out of his thoughts. The Dursleys weren't home so it couldn't be them. Casting a quick wandless glamour charm to cover up his injures, grabbed his wand and stood up with a pained grimace. Broken legs did not appreciate being stood on.