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Blue eyes and Black rain

The rain fell around the town. Nothing could stop it for it was nothing more then true sorrow. The sadness of lost of loved ones, comrades, friends and even more then friends. The war between the Arrancar/Espada and the Soul Reapers/Shinigami has ended. Aizen is hidden still in Hueco Mundo, Tosen was dead and Gin Ichimaru returned to the soul society claiming to be a spy for the soul society and his true allegiance was with them. Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, Nel, Nel's "Brothers", and a few others that were thought to either be killed or injured joined them to get rid of the annoying battle that has gone on between them and Aizen. Currently in the soul society many soul reapers are injured, many more dead. Rukia, Renji, Byakuya, Mayuri, Kenpachi, Toshiro, Soi Fon, and others are waiting for news of people that are in the world of the living with Ichigo and a rather interesting and newly released Hichigo Shirosaki. They can only wait for news of the injured Ichigo and others are alright.

Chapter 1

All gather around in Urahara's store waiting for him to tell him what he knows about Aizen so far. Ichigo and Hichigo were absent due to Ichigo's injuries opened when he moved and Hichigo got pissed off and made him stay. They others, including a few former Espada and other former people, spread about the home of Kisuke Urahara. Mumbling among themselves they didn't notice when Urahara came into the room until the cleared his throat and they looked at him.

"Alright this is what I'm told so far by Yoruichi tells me from her information...Aizen is gathering more hollows and turning them into Arrancar only they are turned into more powerful somewhat then what you fought before..." He said. The room grew with groans a few hisses and what not.

"Now now there is some good news just let me speak" He said. The room grew quiet once again. Urahara cleared his throat then began.

"Alright also right now he is pushed out of Los Noches and is put into a closer place to the the edge of Hueco Mundo so he will be quiet for a while" He said clearly looking at everyone. He eyed the former Espada noticing them twitching somewhat. He continued talking but a few people, the Espada, left using a Garganta to get to Ichigo's place to tell him what they learned.

Ichigo laid on his bed looking up at the ceiling blankly. Hichigo was in a nearby corner listening to some music he jacked from Ichigo. His head bobbed lightly to the music and his eyes were closed fully. His face was calm instead of psychotic like it normally is. Ichigo sighed and put his left arm over her eyes and tried to sleep some, but it never came just the dull noise of boredom that engulfed the room, except for Hichigo. The silence was suffocating, but was cut by the noise of something opening in the room. Ichigo turned and saw a Garganta open up. Grimmjow, Ulquiorra and Nel entered his room, Nel jumping up and down happily then leaping onto Ichigo's bed hugging him lightly so not to hurt him any more then he is, Grimmjow was laughing as she did so.

"Hey Nel" Ichigo said patting her head. Her big baby eyes looked up at him then she turned back into her true form making him wince as she tries to suffocate him with her big ass boobs (XD).

"N...N....EL!!!!" He shouted between squishes. She looked down and put him in her lap still hugging him smiling brightly. Hichigo opened his eyes, frowned at the people in the room then turned the music up and went back to listening to it.

"So what did Urahara have to say?" Ichigo asked Ulquiorra and Grimmjow.

"....He said that he is making more Arrancar to replace the ones he lost, they might be more powerful, and that he is out of Los Noches and on the edge of Hueco Mundo so he is going to be quiet for a while" Ulquiorra said lightly. Ichigo stared at them then sighed and drooping his head.

"Great" He replied.

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