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Chapter 6 – Szayel's happiness and Nnoitra's confession

-Nnoitra's Point-

Nnoitra walked around the Soten and sighed after loosing Kisuke for a while he went down to the training grounds and found a hot spring that was supposed to heal wounds. He felt dirt sticking to him so he decided to go in. After stripping down to nothing and getting in he sighed remorsefully and then felt someone appear out of no where. He tilted his head back and saw a pink haired man walk over to where he was.

"Szayel? I thought you were dead" Nnoitra said turning over and looking at the guy who was part of the research for Los Noches. Szayel grinned and looked at the wet naked body of Nnoitra.

"Nope......I hid and left a clone of myself.....mind if I join you?" He asks Nnoitra. Nnoitra just shrugged and went back to relaxing. Szayel stripped down and slid in a little ways away from Nnoitra, but close enough that they could chat without yelling. After a while of being silent Szayel felt himself get hard seeing Nnoitra like this. Naked, wet, soaking in hot water, relaxing, did I mention naked? He slowly moved closer to Nnoitra then blushed lightly and looked at him, eyes half lidded.

"You know Nnoitra......the warm water makes your skin more sensitive" Szayel said. Nnoitra opened his eye and looked over to Szayel then looked down a little and fell over by sudden movement. Szayel went forward and went after the fallen Nnoitra in the water. He saw his towel was gone now and loved what he saw. Reaching down to get Nnoitra's arm he was pulled forward and Nnoitra crushed their mouth's together. Szayel was surprised by the sudden movement from Nnoitra he didn't try to move. Seeing that Szayel was in shock Nnoitra brought their bodies up out of the water. Breaking the kiss he panted a little and brought Szayel to his lap and wrapped his ridiculously long arms around Szayel's wet body. Szayel looked at him after recovering from the shock he looked at him and lightly blushed. Nnoitra reached up and took of the remain of his mask that were his glasses and put them with their clothes and turned Szayel around so he was facing him.

"You know Szayel.....there are more ways then one to try and get me to notice you" He said and captured his lips again. Szayel relaxed instantly and wrapped his arms around Nnoitra's neck, deepening the kiss. Nnoitra moved his hands down Szayel's back and they split apart, one heading towards his hard sex, the other heading towards his entrance. Szayel gasped when he felt one of Nnoitra's fingers slid into his entrance. Smirking Nnoitra quickly added a second finger and scissored them and thrusted them in and out while jerking off his hard sex. It was driving him mad. After about the fourth finger Nnoitra decided to hit Szayel's prostate. He screamed in delight which made Nnoitra's sex twitch. After deeming Szayel ready he quickly removed his fingers and slid his erection in. The wonderful noises Szayel made and the warmth of his body mixed with the water was nearly suffocating, but damn he looked so damn sexy with his hair sticking to his face. Thrusting upward he immediately hit Szayel's prostate.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~~" Szayel cried out making a shiver run up and down Nnoitra's spine. He kept this up and then Szayel came in the water and Nnoitra followed soon after. Szayel slumped over onto Nnoitra's panting chest. Nnoitra wrapped his arms around Szayel's frame and kissed his forehead.

" you" Nnoitra said blushing at it. Szayel's eyes widen and he looked up at Nnoitra and smiled then kissed him again, wrapping his arms around his neck once again.

From the living room of the Soten the girls were squealing at the sight of Nnoitra and Szayel. Yammy sat there paled face and fell backwards from the event he just witnessed it was worse then the GrimmIchi, UlquiHichi incident he saw. Urahara just sat there smiling behind his fan then saw the newly formed couple come up the stairs and he rewound the tape and hit [PLAY].

'I.....I love you' Nnoitra heard from the television and looked at it seeing himself blush. He turned crimson and got his zanpakto out and started chasing Urahara, along with his lover Szayel. The girls just replayed the tape the whole time, ignoring the scene behind them.

Ichigo, Grimmjow, Ulquiorra and Hichigo entered the shop just as Urahara, Nnoitra and Szayel went barreling by. They looked at them questioningly Nel saw this and decided to explain what just happened and rewound the tape. Afterward the two couple just busted out laughing, Ulquiorra silently snickering at them, then Nnoitra and Szayel fell on the ground next to them, panting heavily.

"Hey hows our spoon and pinkie doing today?" Hichigo asked just to be an ass.

"Just shut the fuck up" Nnoitra said and glared at them. He sat up and pulled Szayel into his lap, wrapping his arms around his smaller figure and rested his head on the top of his head. The other just either smiled or laughed not caring that they were getting death glares from the couple in front of them.

Nel saw Ichigo and jumped for joy and ran over to him, getting him in her Glomp-o-death-hug. Poor Ichigo couldn't move and his back was cracking. Grimmjow was getting pissed so he started to fight the sea green haired fangirl off Ichigo. After he did get Ichigo out of her grasp Orihime came to heal him quickly, while Grimmjow just fought Nel from glomping him like she did Ichigo. Urahara appeared and just laughed at this and served food for them.

Later that day Nnoitra and Szayel seemed to disappear, but from the camera's that Urahara put up it seems that they went back to the hot spring in the training ground. The girls watched from the living room while the other couples made their exit to head back to Ichigo's house. Yammy followed, not wanting to be around the damn girls anymore he decided that he may get some training in with a few of his friends and that's what he got.

-3 hours later-

"YAMMY YOU DAMN IDIOT!!!!!!!" Grimmjow yelled from above the him. Ichigo and Ulquiorra sat on a few rocks nearby. Hichigo laughed from where he was standing in Ichigo's home training ground. Ulquiorra and Ichigo looked at each other then at their lovers that we're battling it out with Yammy. Yammy was currently on the ground with nearly half of his left arm cut off and his hand was bleeding.

"You imbecile you are too weak don't come around if you can't just get a little bit of your arm cut off or some of your leg.......come back when you have more of a fight in ya" Hichigo stated and went over to Ulquiorra. He swooped him up and planted a kiss on him and wrapped his arms around him. Ichigo got up and walked over to Grimmjow, getting swooped up as well and taken to upstairs. Ichigo and Grimmjow landed on Ichigo's bed and began a battle of dominance, though Ichigo submitting a few minutes later it still was a fight. They were found passed out, naked, and in each others embrace on Ichigo bed a few hours later by Nel, Rukia, Halibel and a few others. Ulquiorra and Hichigo were still down in the training ground and Yammy was scared yet again.

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