Alternate Dimensions Author's End Note

I finally finished I, and it only took 4 years! I also managed to not forget major plot stuff in the middle of it. Once again, I think I've managed to make a cool plot and stick with it all the way to the end. Of them all, my most favorite chapters, are chapters 15 and 16. 15 because I got SO cruel to the main character in that rape-scene, and also, Zack's family is CRAZY! 16 I like because it's Zack's family continued- I reread my story as I was editing it again and just... I wanna HIT Kyle! I can't believe I created a whining little faggot like him! Out of curiosity, I pulled out my intro Author's Note and the definitions, just to see how long the actual story was, and found it to be over 300 pages long at Courier New 10 font, no spaces between the paragraphs. That's the longest thing I've ever written! Sadly, I think I lost momentum with the story near the end- starting with CH20 and continuing on. Sorry if you don't like it, but at least I finished it. So! That's two old stories I've finished writing, and one new story complete. I'm on a writing-roll here! Squee!

Ahem! I decided to wait till the end of the story and write a BIG disclaimer cause I got a lot to say...

DISCLAIMER! I do not own FF7 or any parts of it. It belongs to Squaresoft. I don't own rights to The Slayers Anime, characters, or music, nor do I own the Heralds of Valdamar books by Mercedes Lackey that I mention and took the Companions idea from. I don't own Chris or his mom and dad, Chris 'Flowers' or his parents and sister, Michelle or her parents and siblings, Carol or her dog Toodles(who is dead), Samantha, Matt, Bill or Jenine, or anyone who lives on my street, or Michelle's street, or anyone who lives in Hawaii. Oh hell, pretty much anyone who really exists that I mention, I don't own. Dante- Zack's bird was named after 'Devil May Cry', Eris- Sephiroth's bird was named after Eris from 'The Slayers' but did not have her personality, Kita- was named after a friend of mine's RP character.

The things I DO own are the plot, Jessie, Beltoren, Kede, Morda, Perrie, Lloyd, Curt, Wren, Joulia, Kyle and the other people in Gongaga, Galen (Katy and Sephiroth's first son, who is dead), Johnston, Bryon, DEMONIC FANGIRL, Mauxi (who is also dead), and Katy. Though Mauxi would likely contend me for ownership of her and my soul- you know how cats are.

Also, I do not advocate premarital sex and getting pregnant at seventeen. If you're gonna do it, keep in mind that SEX IS FOR MAKING BABIES and don't be surprised when you get pregnant, so use protection. Further on the subject, rape is not a joking matter and should be taken seriously. If you've had a sexual encounter that you were not willing during, then you should tell someone about it and get the bastard punished. I have not been raped so far, and hope I won't ever be.

I also do not advocate dropping out of high school, no matter how hellish it is. You do yourself no favors by dropping out, so finish, and go to college and get a good job. Also, I don't advocate blowing up your high school or killing people, it's not a good idea in the Real World.

Nor am I a promoter of underage drinking, stealing, and smoking, you do yourself no favors flirting with the law like that, so just wait till you're old enough, except for stealing, you just shouldn't do that no matter how old you are. Swearing, on the other hand, can be quite fun, but don't let your parents catch you at it if they're particularly anal about things like that.

Firearms should be registered if you own one, and I do suggest owning one, knowing how to use it, knowing what it's capable of doing, and how to maintain it. It might keep you out of serious trouble someday.

My sincere apologies if you're one of the people I killed in this fic. I don't actually want you dead; I was just being cruel to my main character.

There, I think that covers everything that happened in this story, so don't sue me for my opinions. Okie?