This was written for the Sheroes Rag, 20 Random Facts challenge.

1. Lindhall was born Mikrias Snow

2. His parents are one of the few successful merchants in the country

3. The reason there are few s because he is Scanran

4. When his parents died of a fever e inherited all of their money

5. Lindhall hated Scanra

6. He didn't realize how much he did love the country till his first Carthaki "winter"

7. When his family first discovered his gift young Lindhall had made a grey cushion for his pet cat.

8. His last Midwinter gift from his parents is something he will remember forever, it was a fossilized bird-lizard quarried in the depths of Carthak

9. 70 years later Bone-Dancer is still one of his best companions

10. In Carthak he has many students

11. Most of the powerful ones are dead

12. The other one is undoubtedly crazy according to his student

13. The one woman he ever loved was a slave in the Emperors household

14. She tried to run away and was sold as a trouble-maker, he never saw her again

15. After that he did everything h could to make happy endings for others

16. He has lived through the rules of 4 emperors

17. Ozorne was worst, Kaddar was much better

18. When he moved back to Tortall no one could keep him inside during winter

19. Daine and Numair were by far the best family he ever had

20. His favorite moment was when Sarralyn first called him Uncle Lindy