Title: Summer School Blues

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It was a great morning for some, the sun was shining without a cloud in the sky, the birds were singing and it seemed like an all together good day. For others, they felt it wasn't going by fast enough. Jeff Hardy, having failed a course back in grade 11 now found himself sitting at a desk in summer school sulking. His teacher had told him that he needed to do this if he wanted to graduate, and Jeff did not want to be left alone and have his friends leave without him.

"This is so pointless! When am I ever going to need to use math when what I want to do has nothing to do with it at all?"

Jeff, even though he couldn't see it, was lucky. One of his good friends John Cena was sitting there right next to him so he wasn't completely alone, and this schooling only took five hours out of his day.

"Look, it may seem pointless but after this... you're done. For good. Just try to think on the Bright side of this."

Even though he knew his friend was right, Jeff would never admit it. He despised, loathed, basically wanted to kill math... if it could be done. After another loud sigh Jeff turned to look back out the window, just in time to miss the tall man walking through the door.

"Whoa," John said "check this guy out."

After being taken out of his thoughts, Jeff turned to see what his friend was talking about. His eyes immediately attached to the tall muscular man standing in front of the class, organizing the stuff on his desk. He had shoulder length, blond wavy hair, and Jeff couldn't hide the smile that came to his lips when he thought that this man resembled a certain X-Man, Sabre-tooth.

"Alright, welcome to summer school. You are all here because you failed math, and for these next four weeks I am going to try to help you pass this course. My name is Mr. Copeland and that is how you will address me. Not Mr. C, not sir, not Copeland, not Mr. or anything but Mr. Copeland. If you are absent three days out of the four weeks you are here, you will get kicked out, and if you are late three times that counts as an absence. There will be text books I will be giving you but you first need to bring me a sixty dollar deposit so that if you lose the book, your money will have already replaced it. There will be no talking in this class unless it has to do with math. For the next four weeks ladies and gentlemen you are going to think about math, speak about math, maybe even dream about math because this month children, is all you are here to do. Are there any questions?"

The class was silent. John slowly raised his hand and everyone in the room looked at him like he was nuts. Mr. Copeland saw his arm and nodded toward him.

"Yes?" Mr. Copeland asked in a husky voice that for some strange reason gave Jeff shivers.

"Do you happen to know where the classroom for the two week program is? This is where the office sent me." John didn't even seem to be affected by the stare the teacher was giving him, but it made every other student cower in their desks.

"I'm sorry, I have no idea. I would go back and check with the office again." Mr. Copeland stated and quickly diverted his gaze off John to Jeff.

"Alright," John stood up but only to be grabbed on his arm by Jeff. John looked at him and knew he didn't want to be alone. "You'll be fine Jeffie, it's not like we're miles away, probably just rooms. I'll see you at lunch." He smiled and patted Jeff's back reassuringly. "Peace." Those were the last words he heard before his teacher started speaking again. Jeff sunk low in his chair, trying to escape from the hell he felt he was in. Mr. Copeland was handing sheets out explaining things about the course.

"On this sheet is our agenda. It tells you what we will be doing which day and when all the important tests are. If you happen to miss a test you will simply make it up the next day, no exceptions. There are two breaks each day, both fifteen minutes long. The first one is at 10:05 until 10:20, I expect you back here no later than that. The next one is at 11:45 and I want you all to be back in your seats at 12 o'clock sharp. Bus students will be leaving at 1:05 so they can catch their bus back to their school..."

Jeff could not believe how much this man liked to talk! Okay, it may have been that he was talking about the class instructions but still.

"I also have a bus list so if any of you try to sneak out and pretend to be on that bus, I will know."

'Damn, there goes my brilliant plan.' Jeff thought.

"Now, when I call your name I would like you to say if you are here. It makes things easier for me."

Jeff listened to all the people's names in the class and tried to remember their faces. Not a lot of people looked like they were smart. 'Well duh you idiot that's why they're here.' Jeff couldn't help but let out a soft chuckle, which quickly ended when he looked up and saw Mr. Copeland staring at him again. He shifted his gaze to his desk pretending to find something more interesting than those intense eyes.

"Okay, so our first chapter that we are going to go over is trigonometry." The class moaned in unison.


The first couple of hours went by completely slow, they were dragging on to no end that when the teacher had dismissed them, Jeff literally ran out of the room.

"Damn, this school is huge. I wonder how much money went into this place." Jeff wondered out loud and instantly regretted it when he heard the voice he thought he had gotten away from forever.