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"Dude, you know I love you, and you know I want you to be happy, but I do not trust the look of that man." John stated to Jeff as they sat at another long gray table in the middle of the cafeteria.

"John, you don't know him." Jeff replied, all gasps and googly eyed.

"And you do?!" John shouted making Jeff cringe and some of the students look at their table. Looking around to see if anyone was paying attention to them, John turned back to Jeff, satisfied that everyone was minding their own business, and whispered this time. "It's only the second day of school Jeff, and from when I was in there he seemed like a real hard ass. What do you even know about the guy?"

Jeff tried to stay as calm as he could. John was right. But Jeff was stubborn. He hated bringing this subject up, but right now seemed very appropriate. "Are you actually trying to talk to me about rushing things?" Jeff hissed. "Does Mike Mizanin ring any bells?"

John clenched his jaw, he couldn't believe that Jeff had brought him up. "Yes, actually. Hence the fact that I'm trying to make you see that you should slow things down. I don't want what happened to me to happen to you Jeffie." The last sentence came out softer than the rest as John looked down at the table, memories of the past coming back in waves.

Jeff's eyes softened. "Shit, John I-"

"Hey, Hardy!" Jeff was interrupted by none other than Phil Brooks, who slowly walked right up to their table.

Jeff groaned loudly, making sure Phil would hear. "What do you want now Phil? If you wanna fight its gunna have to wait until after school so I don't get kicked out and miss graduation. Cool?" Jeff huffed, gave one last glance at John and left his meal marching past a confused Brooks.

"What's wrong with him?" Phil asked a still upset John.

Cena looked up, incredulous that he would even ask. Standing up John replied, "What do you care?" and walked away from the 'straight edge' man, making sure to bump shoulders with him on the way out.

Phil hung his head and closed his eyes as he mumbled, "More than I should."


In Jeff's manage to blow off some steam and give himself time to think, he found himself to be a couple minutes late to class. At the moment, he could care less. He had more important things to worry about, math not being one of them, and if Mr. Copeland wanted to punish him for it, then so be it.

As he walked in he kept his head low and walked as fast as he could to his seat, noticing all the shocked stares and worried glances. Even though he was facing the chalkboard, Mr. C still seemed to be able to hear him.

"Glad you could make it Jeff." Mr. Copeland finally turned around and stared him right in the eye.

"Not a problem Mr. C," Feeling a little antsy and so not in the mood, Jeff replied heatedly and also enunciated a name that he was told yesterday, not to call his teacher. Gasps filled the room as Mr. Copeland's eye brows shot up in surprise, not looking pleased at all.

Adam smiled, seeming rather thrilled that this was happening. "Well, I do believe that that earns you your next break staying in here, Mr. H."

Jeff slumped in his chair and looked away from Adam's beautiful stature, staring right back out the window as he did yesterday.


Jeff was watching the clock as it seemed to tick by slower than it usually did. He was reeling about what he had said to John and couldn't stop thinking about how much of a dick he was to him at lunch.

'Why would I even bring that up? God I'm such an idiot!' Jeff leaned forward and placed his head in his hands, ignoring everything that was going on around him.

Soon the time came where everyone left the room to have a break, Jeff still with his head in his hands not bothering to look up into the questioning eyes of his teacher.

A sigh came from in front of him and then a slight squeak of a chairs leg as it was being dragged across the floor, stopping as it was placed facing the top of Jeff's desk.

Then, out of nowhere, there was a third hand being placed on Jeff's head, brushing his hair in a comforting manor. Jeff hummed, not really sure about how he should feel about this. His body seemed to react like it knew what he should do, but Jeff's head was all fuddled up.

"Wanna talk about it?"

Jeff opened his mouth, ready to tell this man absolutely everything that was going on in his mind, then snapped it shut quickly thinking better of it.

"It's your friend that saw us this morning, isn't it?"

Looking up for the first time and seeing the prettiest pairs of eyes, Jeff felt like he was being pulled in and could only nod, amazed that Adam got it off the bat. 'Am I that much of an open book?'

"I don't know anything about you." Jeff blurted and couldn't help the blush that crept onto his face as Adam chuckled.

"There's not much to know." Adam replied as he brushed hair out of Jeff's face.

"Sure there is! I don't know when your birthday is or, or what your favourite colour is or even what your favourite food is." Jeff felt like he was panicking and stood up, not quite sure about what to do.

"Jeff." Adam called but Jeff was still spitting out questions that he should ask the taller man. "Jeff." He tried a bit louder but now the younger teen was pacing back and forth, mumbling incoherent things. Adam groaned, got up from his seat, moved in front of Jeff's pacing path, and pulled him into his own warm body, making Jeff gasp and stare up into his humour filled eyes.

"What are you doing Friday night?" Adam questioned suddenly making Jeff cock his head a bit to the right as if asking what his teacher meant. Adam smiled his brilliant smile and looked at Jeff's lips before answering with a simple, "I wanna take you out."

Jeff's eyes widened, "Like, like a d-date?"


It was a simple response and as soon as it was answered, Jeff swooned, clutching tighter to the muscled man before him. Taking deep breaths, Jeff realized that even if this date didn't help to get to know his teacher any better, he still felt so right in this man's arms. Felt safe and protected. And he knew right there and then that he did not want to ever let him go.

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