Edward was on his way to see his family for the first time in five years and on the way to see them he a small house in the middle of the forest that is buring down as he is running by it. He tries his best to save all the members in the household but the only one he can save is the five year old girl, Bella because he has to be very careful of the fire so he doesnt get burnt. His family begins to love Bella as soon as they meet her and they soon telll Edward that they believe that he should keep her and raise her. He wants to raise Bella in the small town of Forks Washington but he doesnt want to put bella in danger. Edward makes up his mind on keeping her but then Alice has one vision and that soon changes everything. what will Edward proceed to do after he sees this? And what will happen when all of the Cullens can't get Bella away from Edward for one second?

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