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I can't freaking wait for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days to come out in the US! I must admit, the ending scene is the saddest thing I've seen in a while. Like it made me cry man. ;-;" So naturally, I have to write a story about it. So here it goes!

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Twilight Town's Clock Tower.

This place always gave a magnificent view of the brilliant orange sunset. But he wasn't gazing at the natural beauty - oh no. On the contrary - he was more so curled into a fetal position, sitting on the edge - his head tucked into his arms, blocking out any stray rays of sun that could shine through. He wasn't in the mood for light, he just wanted the sun to set already.

"Heh heh." Roxas lifted his head ever so slightly, laughing weakly.

"Where should I go now?" He asked himself awkwardly. Where could he go? The life he knew, the friends he had, the happiness they shared when they were together were now all gone, just like that. And what could he do? Nothing. All those thoughts racked his mind and he oh so desperately longed for the good old days. Roxas wanted Axel to be there and tease him again so he could get mad and tell him off, just to see the shocked look on his face when he did. He wanted Xion, the girl he cared for the most, to be there so he could comfort her - to tell her it was all right. All along he had wanted to tell her something - but it was something he just couldn't put his finger on. He had searched through his mind, through all his being; what was this feeling? He furrowed his eyebrows in frustration. If he wasn't able and wasn't supposed to feel any emotion, then why was this bothering him so much?

Roxas went to lower his head back into his solitude. "I don't even know..."

For a while, he sat there unbeknownst that he, whether he wanted to be or not, was not alone. But soon, Roxas could faintly hear them - footsteps. He stared into his lap, well aware of the presence. The footsteps were getting closer and closer, until they seemed to hover right over him. However, he didn't bother [or was it that he didn't dare?] to look up at whoever had come up there to keep him company. Roxas kept staring into nothingness, just waiting for whoever it was to leave. Unfortunately for him, they didn't - and instead he could hear them taking a seat right next to him. Guess he couldn't ignore it any longer.

Roxas lifted his head up and nearly fell over in split second shock.

"Xion!" he exclaimed. He was sure it was her, even though her body and face were shrouded in the usual Organization XII attire. Roxas stared at the person before him with much anticipation for an answer, but the only reply he got was a stick of sea-salt ice cream. He looked it over for moment before accepting it.

Good enough.

"Thank you." he said with a smile. Roxas gazed at the setting sun, taking a bite of the cool, refreshing treat. He knew it was Xion now - at least he wouldn't be so lonely. Maybe - possibly things wouldn't be so bad after all?

"I soon...have to decide." Xion said not so much breaking the silence with her calm, gentle voice, which Roxas avidly turned his attention to. Xion stood and reached for her hood, pulling it down slowly.

Roxas's eyes widened and his jaw literally dropped. At this point he didn't know whether to gasp or not, but instead he kept silent, aching for some sort of explanation.

"You have poured so many memories into me...given me so much..." Xion raised her arms to the sky. "That I feel like I'm going to overflow."

"Look at me Roxas." she softly demanded, "Who do you see?"

Roxas couldn't answer. Who did he see? What could he say?

"My face. My being. I have become that of a boy." There was a pause. "And soon I will become like a doll. This, Roxas,..." She turned her gazed to him. "...is Sora."

It was true. Her appearance was like of a boy's. Spikey hair, blue eyes, but her same voice. Roxas didn't know exactly what to make of this. Was this a nightmare? All he wanted to do was shut his eyes, shake, scream, do anything - but his body, his body was so...numb.

What the hell was happening?

Roxas let out a gasp as Xion rose from the edge and began to walk out on thin air. At first he wanted to run out and catch her like he tried before, but this attempt [just like the last] would prove to be very futile. Instead he just stood there, waiting in pure apprehension as Xion came to a stop. Physically uneased and mentally unprepared he watched as Xion drew dark energy at the simple raise of her hand. He could feel it around him, as if the air was being sucked right out of his lungs.

"This was the reason I was born."

If it hadn't occurred to Roxas earlier that things were definitely not okay, it must have hit him like a brick now. This inclination was not helped by her insane and rather frightening declaration.

With the clench of her fist she confirmed his wildest fear.

"To become complete, Roxas - I must take your body too!"

And with that the world around them shook.

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