A/N: My second Twilight story! Yippee! Well, this is based off of New Moon. I named this story One Missed Call, and no It's nothing related to the badly made horror flick.

Summary: What happens if instead of Edward calling Bella's house to see if shes still alive, he comes to see for himself? E/B.

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One Missed Call.
Chapter One: Expect the Unexpected.

I walked into my house, prepairing to see Carlisle. It had to be him, right? It's his car taking up space in my driveway. It's him, it has to be. Or could it be a trick? Maybe Victoria is just planning something to get me alone and kill me. I shivered at the thought. Maybe dying isn't so bad, I sort of wish I had when I jumped. I was in no way trying to kill myself, but knowing Edward isn't keeping me safe and obviously doesn't care about me or my saftey, dying doesn't sound so bad. What am I saying? Shut up Bella and open the door. I thought to myself. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

Pretending not to expect anyone, I started walking up to my room. "Bella?" I herd a familiar voice. Is that who I think it is? I turned to the living room and saw Alice sitting on the couch. "Alice!" I said as loud as I could, feeling my throat burn. I really hate salt water. I ran over to her and hugged her, ignoring her hard chest that was going to leave a bruise on me. "Alice, what are you doing here?" I asked not wanting to let her go, ever. "I should ask you the same thing." Alice said. I let go of her and stared at her. "What? I live here." I stated, what was going on? "Come on." Alice said. She took a seat and I sat on her lap, snuggling into her hard figure that felt like it was molded to let me fit.

"I had a vision you jumped off a cliff." Alice said, her perfect voice a tiny bit shaky. "I did." I said, my voice still groggy. "Then how are you alive?" Alice asked, her eye brows scrunching together. "Um, I fell in the water and Jacob saved me. I would of drowned if he wasn't there. It was scary, I can't believe I could of died!" I said my eyes wide with disbelief.

"Wait. So you weren't trying to kill yourself?" Alice asked staring at me. "No," I simply said, "I was just looking for a thrill." That wasn't a lie. I was looking for a thrill, but I was also looking to hear his voice. Alice didn't need to hear that part. The house phone started to ring, but I ignored it."Wow. That's a big shocker. I told the family, except for him, about my vision. They all agreed it was true. I wanted to make sure." Alice said, knowing I would understand who he was. Alice's phone then rang, "Rosalie?" Alice asked, curious. "You what?!" Alice asked, clearly upset. "Why would you do that Rose? Why?" Alice gave time for Rosalie to answer then said, "Hes what?! Oh no, you see what you've done? Thanks a lot. Bye." Alice hung up the phone then.

I looked at Alice while she stared ahead. She was having a vision. I waited a bit until she snapped out of it. "Oh boy." Alice said. I took a deep breath, and it hurt. "What?" I asked. "Bella, Edward thought you died." Alice simply stated. What? How did he know? I'm so confused. My insides started to burn, I held onto my chest. "Okay." I simply said. I didn't know what else to say. "Bella, Edward is coming here." What? This didn't make any sense! My- No, he's not mine anymore. Edward is coming to see me. I have no Idea why. He didn't care, so why would he even bother? "Why?" I asked. "Why...is he coming, you mean?" Alice asked. I nodded, afraid of the answer. "You know that phone call you ignored?" I nodded again. "That was Edward. He still doesn't know if you're alive or not. I told the family about my vision, but not Edward, right? Rosalie told him, why, I don't know. But now hes coming here to see if you're alive or not for himself." I gasped for air after holding my breath through her whole explanation. I was seconds away from hearing his voice, but I didn't answer the phone. Now hes coming here, to see if I'm alive. Why? So he can leave again? I can't handle this, I can't! I started to hyperventilate.

"Bella, Bella calm down." Alice said rubbing my back. "Where's Jasper when you need him?" Alice said. Why was he coming back? So he could see me breathing then take off again? If he did then I'd really have to jump of the cliff, death being my objective. I took all my energy to speak. "When...is...he....coming?" I asked, my breathing starting to calm down. "He will be here tomorrow morning." Alice said. Any progress my breathing made, was vanished. I started to hyperventilate again, suddenly choking on the ball in my throat. "Bella, breathe!" Alice yelled at me. Did she really think that was going to help? "Bella, you're turning my color!" Alice warned. Soothing thoughts, think of soothing thoughts. I thought of Jacob, and his warm smile and his comforting warm hands. My breathing calmed down. "That's it...shhh..." She rubbed my shoulder and I took a breath getting my breathing back to normal.

"You need sleep." Alice said. Drowning did take a lot out of me, but I couldn't sleep knowing...E- He was coming tomorrow. Or if I did, the screaming would worry Alice. "Can you stay?"

"Sure!" Alice smiled sweetly. "Does....he...know you're here?" I asked, ignoring the fire where my heart beats. "No. He will probably be pissed that I am, but I can bare it." I took a breath. Charlie walked in the door and I forgot about his dinner. I could barely speak. Charlie walked in the living room and saw Alice and I sitting on the couch. "Alice! How are you?" Charlie said smiling. "I'm good!" Alice said smiling sweetly. "Do you mind if I stay the night?" Alice asked. "Sure kiddo." Charlie said, not taking his eyes off of Alice's beauty. "What's wrong Bells?" Charlie asked. "Oh, she just watched a scary movie. She was into the movie so much, she forgot about your dinner. Shes sorry, I'll order you a pizza." Alice said, backing me up completley. This is why shes so great. I would thank her, but I was trying to focus on not coughing to my death. "That's okay, I'll do it." Charlie said and walked into the kitchen.

When the pizza arrived, I finally recovered enough to swallow food. After that, I made a little bed for Alice. I went to bed, not warning her about the screaming. I felt my insides starting to burn, and I crawled into bed curling into a ball. I closed my eyes, prepairing for the worst.

My dream was different, very very different. I was standing on the edge of the cliff staring at the sea below. It looked like I was 300ft high. "Bella." I herd behind me. I turned and saw him....Edward....staring at me. What was he doing here? Was he going to save me or just watch? "Bella." He repeated again. "Yes?" I asked, my voice groggy and tired. He stepped closer to me. My heart beated faster and faster as he moved closer and closer. I could heart my heartbeat loud in my ears. His hand lifted to brush my cheek, when he touched me the eletric current flew through my body. The white nightgown I was wearing was blowing through the wind. I was shoeless, and the sky was gray. The sea looked ferocious. I closed my eyes and my head fell into his hand. Suddenly, Edward's eyes turned onyx and matched the sea. He looked angry with me and removed his hand. "Are you going to or not?" Edward asked, irritated. "Going..to what?" I asked confused. Right then, Edward's arms pushed me and I fell off the cliff, the sea a destination. I woke up right when I hit the water, doing nothing else but screaming.

That didn't make any sense. I thought. It didn't. I was so confused. Did Edward want me to die? So it could be easier on him? Did he leave me, unprotected, for me to die? Or hurt me so bad so I could try to kill myself? Where did my sweet Edward go? My hole in my chest burned so bad, I screamed into my pillow, a second time.

I took a breath and walked down the staircase. I was halfway down until I herd Alice and Charlie talking.

"Is that Bella who screamed?" Alice asked.

"That's her. Everynight since he left. Now you know why." Charlie said. I figured he told her everything, when I was asleep.

I finished walking downstairs and walked to the kitchen. "Hey Bells." Charlie greeted me. "Morning, Bella." Alice said sweetly. "Hi." I said, groggy. I grabbed a poptart and took a bite.

"I gotta head to work." Charlie said, and hurried out the door. I remember when I was little and he used to remove the bullets from his gun, worried I would shoot myself by accident. Now he did the same, worried I would do it on purpose. I couldn't blame him.

I waited until the cruiser pulled away.

"Does he know?" I asked, not needed to provied any more information into the questions. "No, Charlie doesn't. Edward will be here in an hour." I held my core again. An hour? An hour. I had an hour to face the man I loved so much, in an hour. The face that destroyed my life and nearly killed me a hundred times, I get to see in an hour. I don't think my heart could take it. "Bella, calm down!" Alice yelled. Soothing thoughts I told myself, soothing thoughts. "Bella?" the velvet voice asked. I looked up and saw him.

Then I fainted.


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