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They are hiding something from me again…

"We need to make such Yuki is save and the only way that is to send her far form the vampires as we can" Toga said he sound worried and upset, something that don't happen much, he always sounded like he had everything under control.

"Toga she may be your daughter, but I will not allow you take her somewhere else. This is the safest places for her, she with me." Kaname said giving Toga a cold hard look

"Listed here Kuran, she is my daughter and the only reason I let her be here is because she don't remember who she really was, but I choose what to do with her, but I never thought I would have fall in love with her. Don't you see her family are vampire hunters? And yet that don't matter to you dose it." Toga gave Kaname another cold look and Kaname narrowed his eyes at him.

"Master Toga, I thing you are right to take her away. It's not safe for her here since am here and I don't want to hurt her, when I become lever E vampire" Zero said more to himself the others.

"NO! its too late, you could have took her long ago, but you don't taking her always, now would only case her pain." Kaname yelled at him his eyes slowly going red,

"Kaname, I can't do anything, Toga is her father and he can do as he wish, I do not have power over her when he is here ." the headmaster said a little hurt. After all this time he had come to love Yuki as a daughter even thought he tried not to he couldn't help but love her like any other father would.

"Find then, its setter we will take Yuki far from here." Toga said as he looked at everyone.