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An angel's touch

Chapter 1

High guardian?

"Your mission is to spend one month in the human world."

Rukia gasped and opened her mouth to speak but then remembered her place. She bowed and asked "What us the purpose of this mission, Yamamoto- sama?"

Yamamoto stroked his long beard. "Before any angel becomes one of the high guardians, they must spend at least one month in the human world to learn the ways of the humans."

Rukia bowed again, the ends of her wings brushing on the floor. "Arigatou, Yamamoto-sama. I will leave as soon as possible."

Yamamoto nodded. "A butterfly will find you shortly, to guide you on your way."

Rukia bowed once more and left. As she navigated the many walkways in the soul society, Rukia wondered what the human world was like. She, herself, had never been there but she had heard stories of strange metal objects and other weird things.

Rukia was in such deep thought that she didn't notice another angel approaching her. His upper half was covered in a white, with yellow streaks, tank top and he was wearing white pants (like the bottom half of a white shihakusho). Around his arm was a blue sash, marking him as a high guardian angel.

"Oi Rukia!"

Rukia almost tripped but quickly fluttered her wings to keep herself upright. She turned to look at the other angel. "Hello Renji" She said, noticing the red hair and tattooed arms.

Renji frowned, his tattooed eyebrows knitting together. "You don't sound very happy to see me..." He mumbled. Renji and Rukia were childhood friends. They had grown up in the soul society together but when Rukia was adopted into a noble angel family, that all changed. Now, Rukia hardly ever saw Renji, only talking to him when she happened to see him. It hadn't helped when Renji became one of the high guardians, serving under her brother.

"Renji, I'm going on a mission." Rukia said, wondering how he would react.

Renji's eyes widened and a grin spread across his face. "Congrats Rukia. So what is the mission?"

"I'm being sent to the human world for one month."

Renji was silent for a moment as he connected the dots. "The human world..? But that means... you're gonna become a high guardian!" Renji's grin grew even wider. "That's awesome, Rukia!"

Rukia looked away. "I guess... but nee-san didn't want me to become a high guardian."

Renji snorted with laughter. "Who cares what Byakuya thinks? He wanted me to die my hair but I didn't." Renji ran a hand through his long, red hair. "Just enjoy it, Rukia. You've earned it."

Rukia smiled. "Thanks"

"No problem."

A light tinkling was herd and a white butterfly flew in between them. Rukia reached out and the butterfly perched on her finger. Rukia's smile suddenly disappeared and she looked up at Renji with pleading eyes.

"I'm scared, Renji." Rukia whispered to him.

"Don't be scared. Just think of t as an adventure and enjoy it." Renji told her, giving her a hug, their wings brushing together for a moment. "Bye Rukia." He let her go and stood back.

Rukia smiled and closed hr eyes. She cupped both her hands around the butterfly and a yellow light enveloped her. She gently floated off the ground, her wings slightly waving in the wind. As the light pulsed brighter, Rukia opened her eyes and looked down at Renji. "Bye Renji." She said and vanished.

Renji stood there for a moment, looking at the place where she had been. Then suddenly he swore and kicked at the ground. "Damn! I forgot to tell her the message. I forgot to tell her that he had gone missing."

Rukia crashed to the ground, her wings crumbling underneath her. Panicked, she looked around at the darkness that was closing in on her. Relax, she told herself. Just do everything that you did in the practice.

Rukia picked herself up off the cold and damp ground. A small light shone in front of her and she realised it was the butterfly, showing her the way. She started to walk, ignoring the voices which called out to her. Rukia knew that if she listened to the voices, it would only end badly.

Suddenly all went quiet and Rukia saw someone very familiar step out of the shadows. The man had spiky black hair and was wearing a yellow robe that signified him as a guardian angel. He had a blue sash around his arm which showed his rank.

"Kaien?" Rukia stopped, shocked to see him. "How can you be here?"

Kaien smiled warmly. "Hey Rukia!"

Rukia was holding an angel sword, also know as a zanpakutou. Kaien was running towards her, his black and yellow eyes revealing that he was possessed by a demon.

"Kill him, Rukia!" Another angel called out to her.

"But..." Rukia stammered, tears filling her eyes. "I saw you die..."

Kaien lunged at her and Rukia held out the angel blade, closing her eyes. When she opened them again, she saw that her sword had pierced through his chest. His blood dripped onto her as his eyes changed back to normal.

"Rukia..." Kaien whispered to her.

Rukia looked up at him, her face wet. They locked eyes one final time and then he was gone.

"It's really me." Kaien stepped closer. "Come here Rukia."

Rukia instantly grew wary. "Why?" She asked him.

"Come here!" Kaien's warm face grew angry. "Come here my little angel." His eyes slowly changed color, becoming black and yellow.

"Get away from me demon!" Almost too late, Rukia realised what was happening. The demon was trying to kill her by pretending he was Kaien. As the demon got closer Rukia stepped back and tripped over. The demon snarled with joy and Rukia screamed as it got even closer.

Suddenly Rukia remembered how to move her legs and she scrambled to her feet. She held out her right hand and her wings pulsed with a bright light as she said. "Dance Sode no Shira-" The white butterfly flew in front of her and suddenly the ground gave way. She found herself falling through the sky.

As she fell, Rukia took in her surroundings. Strange buildings, dark sky and twinkling stars. She had made it. She was in the human world. But there was a problem. She was falling too fast for her to slow her descent by using her wings.

"Bakudo 37 Tsuriboshi" Rukia called out, flinging her arms out in front of her. Her wings pulsed and a star-shaped shield appeared on the ground, cushioning her fall. As Rukia landed she saw someone running towards her and she spoke a quick spell, making her wings invisible. As the shield disappeared, Rukia tried to stand up, only to fall back down as the world filled with dots.

"I think I'm gonna fai-.." Rukia slumped to the ground, having lost consciousness. Just before she fainted, she saw a mop of brightly colored orange hair.

Ichigo Kurosaki mumbled angrily to himself as he tried once again to fall asleep. He knew that in a few hours, he would be woken up by his dad trying to attack him. Then he would have some pancakes made by his younger sister, Yuzu. After that he would go to school, completely ignoring his annoying friend Kiego and try to pay attent-

Ichigo, who was dreamily staring out the window, saw something which caught his attention. What looked like a bright star was falling through the sky, coming to land right near his house. Without a second thought, Ichigo bounded down the stairs, careful not to wake his Dad or sisters and raced out the front door.

Don't go... Ichigo heard the double layered voice in his head but ignored it.

He ran around the corner of his street and sure enough, he could see the star, in a dent in the road. Ichigo raced forward to get a better look and then stopped. It wasn't a star! It was a girl around his age and she didn't look good.

Ichigo started running towards her again, noticing the scared look she gave him. He saw her mumbling something and realised she was saying, "I think I'm going to fai-.." The girl fainted before he could do anything, collapsing to the ground in an almost elegant way.

As Ichigo kneeled beside her, he took his first good look. She had short black hair, sitting just above her shoulders. She was wearing a long white dress with yellow streaks down it. She was bare- foot and wore a grey sash around her waist. Everything about her seemed mysterious but Ichigo paid no attention to the strange clothes she wore.

After a moment of indecision, Ichigo leant down and picked her up. As he picked her up, a white light shone briefly from his fingers before disappearing. What was that? He thought before carrying her back to his house as the sun rose.

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