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Naruto's Cinderella Story

Chapter 8: The Grand Ball

The day has finally come, the day everyone has been waiting for. The day of the future kings birthday!

Every single villager had everything ready, they baked food, sewed some clothing to make it look fancy and those who were poorer got enough money from the queen and king to buy anything they need.

In the castle, the queen and king were as busy as anyone else. Queen Mikoto, helped with the decoration, King Fugaku heped in the kitchen checking on the food(and eating some), telling the chef what should and should not be cooked. While others tried their best to help on something.

Sasuke was at his room, waltzing with the broom imagining his blond. He was so concentrated on the broom not hearing the door opening nore the chuckles that followed.

"You look lavishing tonight love." He told the umm...broom..."Oh, but love, your a great dancer, you shouldn't be shy."

their was another unheard chuckled. "May I be the judge of that?"

Sasuke stopped in mid spin and glared at Tsunade who leaned against the door, smirking."what do you want Tsunade?" He asked.

"Well your mother send-ed me to get you ready. It starts in sunset, so come on get ready."

Their was a twinkle in his eyes as he nodded to her and put the broom down and opened his big closet. He skimmed around everything but frowned when nothing pleased him. "Theirs nothing good i can wear." He muttered.

Tsunade shook her head. "Come on, i know what your looking for." She opened the door and they both got out. As they took a corner Orochimaru stopped infront of them and gave them a sickening smile a predator will give to its prey. "why, Prince Sasuke, Tsunade, how do you do?"

Tsunade held a shudder, nothing ever came put when he acted so sweet. He was planning something, something bad.

"Orochimaru, we cant talk right now. I need to get ready for the ball. Now if you dont mind move." Sasuke commanded. Orochimaru chuckled and bowed down as he moved away and walked.

Both Sasuke and Tsunade shivered."Remind me to get him retired once im king" He muttered to Tsunade who nodded. They kept on walking until they stood near a white door with a golden door knob. Tsunade opened the door and got both of the attention of the two men in the room. One was standing up with a pencil in hand while the other was sitting down with a sketch pad.

The one standing up gave a huge grin. "Prince Sasuke you finally came!" The men had tan skin, black eye, spiky black hair, and a bandage on his nose going from cheek to cheek. "So it seems, thank you Tsunade." The otheor men said putting his sketch pad down. He was taller than the other men, more paler to. He had short brown hair in a navy bandanna and a toot pick on his mouth.

"Well ill leave him here with you two. Have him ready by sundown." and she closed the door leaving Sasuke with both men who were ready with many many...many kinds of colorful clothing and who needed a model for every single on of them.

"Now lets start with something pink dont you think Genma asked to.(you know...that guy i forgot his name), who nodded at him.

"So lets see how it looks."

and Sasuke was put in hell.

Naruto was in heaven.

For the first time ever he felt more in heaven than anything. They all had a day off thanks to Sasuke's birthday everyone is going. Naruto sighed as he spinned around imagining dancing with Sasuke in the middle of the ball room, everyone watching, they stared into each others eyes so lovingly and gave eachother compliments here and their.

Naruto dance with a ...broom(okay whats with everyone and broom dancing?)...imagining it being Sasuke.

"I cant believe the day has finally come Ino," Naruto said excitedly as Ino watched him dance. "I know, i cant believe he wants you to meet his parents and will be an honored guest, man, im jealous."

"Ino are you and Shikamaru dancing together?" Naruto asked as he put the broom down. Ino sighed sadly."Apparently we cant withought he going around taking orders from the other guards."

"Oh Ino, dont be sad."

Ino sighed and muttered a "I know."

Naruto tried to soothe n her by making her laugh which worked but some minutes later the door to his dorm opened revealing Iruka. He smiled at both of them and showed them the three bags he was holding in his hands. "I got something for you Ino-sama from your room that you might like and Naruto, i made something for you."

Iruka gave Ino her bag and she took out a beautiful long flowy purple dress. It was strapless long dress that touched the floor with sparkles here and their. She glomped Iruka thanking him all the time while he smiled and hugged back.

"Oh thank you Iruka i have been looking for this dress for sometime now. Shikamaru bought it for me last year. Where did you ever found it?" She asked. "Apparently it was in your sisters closet with other pretty dresess that must be your sinc their more little on the waist that she wouldnt fit in."

Ino growled ."That sneaky bitch!" She went on growling but stopped as she heard Naruto gasp. "I-Iruka you-" Naruto couldnt finish his sentence as he couldnt find the words as he stared down at the dress still in its bag.

While Ino was glomping Iruka for the dress, he had decided that it will be a good time to open up the bag and looked what it was...

Iruka got an evil glint in his eyes as Ino's curiosity peeked and looked inside the bag. She gasped and squealed."Oh my gosh its so amazing!"

Naruto looked at Iruka bewildered."You arent serious are you dad?"

Iruka chuckled."Of course i am Naruto now try and put it on i wanna see how it looks on you."

Naruto nodded but before he did he hugged Iruka and thanked him..."Thank you dad..for everything."

"Your my child Naruto, I will do anything for you just to see you happy."

They shared a family moment until Ino started shouting to get dress already."Iruka wheres your suit?" Ino asked looking around having Naruto already left to change. "Oh its right here." He showed her the other bag he had."Im just gonna leave right now to change and so should you Ino-sama."

Ino nodded and left to her room where she started dressing up.


Tsunade turned around to see who was calling her.

She was just on her way to see how things were going for Sasuke when someone called her. Orochimaru walked to her in a black tux with his hair in a low ponytail. "Orochimaru, is anything the matter?" She asked. Tsunade wore a plain gold coloured dress that touched the floor. She did her best to make sure her giant chest fitted in their withought breaking the dress.

He chuckled at her shaking his head. "No, I just wanted to speak with you."

"Then start talking , I have to go and see how the young prince is doing and then go to the queen for some errands."

"It will be quick i promise."

They started walking withought saying a word."Talk already Orochimaru, and it better be good."

They rounded a corner and Tsunade got paranoid as they got nearer to the back side of the castle where noone went to and farther from the front side of the castle. The halls the passed were turning from ordinary lights to candles as they got farther and farther.

Orochimaru chuckled and that was before Tsunade turned around to glare at him."What are you planning Orochimaru." It wasnt a question it was a command for he to tell her.

"Why Tsunade why will you think that. Im doing nothing."

"Then why are we so far away from the front way of the castle?" She cracked her fist getting ready to fight him if must. Orochimaru chuckled. He got one hand to his back were he sneakily grabbed his knife. "Now, Tsunade, lets not get violent, i just wanted to talk to you about something important."

"Oh cut the crap,"She sneered out."I know your up to something Orochimaru, and lets hope for your sake that it has nothing to do with the royal family." She warned.

"Kukuku, always so protective and right. You have caught me Tsunade." He chuckled again and clenched his hand on the knife." Th only thing you lack is quickness."

Tsunade furrowed her eyebrows at this and he smirked taking his chance. He took the knife from behind him and aimed at her throat. Tsunade's eyes widened and moved away. He went for the kill as he took another knife from his pocket and tried to attack Tsunade who kept on dodging.

"Your a traitor you bastard.!" She snapped as she finally had her fist collide to his face. He hit the ground but got back up. He grabbed the wall behind him with one hand as the other one touched his jaw.

The hand in the wall felt the solid thing that held the candle in place and grabbed it. He threw it at Tsunade but he dash to her and stabbed her in the stomach. She hit the wall, the knife stabbing her abdomen. Her eyes widened as she coughed blood. He took the knife out and cleaned it with the tissue in his pocket.

"I rather not have you ruining my plans." He put his knife away and grabbed the nearest vase(yeah imagination!)and got closer to Tsunade.

"You..b-bastard!" She panted out. She tried to get up but before she could. Orochimaru hit her with the vase. breaking it and everything went black for her. She had more wounds in her body,and Orochimaru chuckled.

He snapped his fingers and two guards, that were in some kind of trance came behind him.

"Take her to dungeon, make sure she doesnt wake up."

They didnt say anything just nodded and took Tsunade away as he went back to the front side of the castle.

"Now, lets have a visit to Temari.."


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