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"Master is it time for us to get them? We know where they are now." a clocked Man asked he was bowing his lord and master.

"Yes, it is time to get them, now that each one are going on a trip, they will have their things and it will be essayer to get them. Now go but be careful to not hurt them or it will be your life!" the cold hard voice yelled at the men as they gave one last bow and left the room.

"Voldemort are you such we should do this? We could just take one of them and even that will help us win the war." the man that sat beside him said looked at the door dully.

"No, I want them all to be together, I want them all to be united; with all of them we will win no mater what, and it's about time that the Riddle family comes together once more.."

IN THE WORLD OF sailor moon.

Serena was waiting outside of the airport with her bags. She had just gotten back from her trip to the US and she was now waiting for her Amy to come and pick her up. The thing is that Amy was late and Serena had to wait on her own. This was the first time that Amy was late for anything and it worried her a bit.

'Í hope Amy ok. It not like her to keep anyone waiting this long' she thought as she looked around , she tried to clam down a little, it could be nothing, something mush have come up and she would be there any minute. She told herself and she did calm down a little when she saw Amy's car come along she smiled and went to the other side to open the door .

"Wow, Amy I was staring to worry about you. Are you ok?" she asked as she looked at the driver side only to see a man in a clock there. The next thing she saw was a blue light and she was out like a light.

"Bring her things and Lets go." said the man as he pulled her in to the car.

In the world of Naruto.

"Sakura your new mission is to go and heal the queen from mist, she had been attacked and was hurt they want me to send the best medic we have beside me and so you will go and heal her and help out at training their medic. Your be there for a mouth or two." Tsunade said as she looked at the pink haired girl who nodded,

"Ok, I do my best" she said as she bowed and left the office.

It only took her 15 minutes to get everything she need and she was off. As she ran in the woods, she felt someone behind her, but when she turn all she saw was a blue light and she passed out only to be cache by another man in a red uniform and they vanish out of thin air.

In the power ranger world.

Kira Ford was getting really to go to a trip with the guys for the summer and she couldn't wait for it since it was going to be the last time they hanged out before she moved out of her house to New York where she would be living with her aunt and uncle. She looked at the time and it was saw that she should put her things down stairs the guys would be there in 20 minute at lest, she took all of her things downstairs there was at less 3 bags and her hand bag, she took everywhere with her, no mater what. Along with her guitar which she don't have the heart to leave it at home for the summer. As she made her last trip downstairs, she felt something hit her neck and she went to the flood fast but before she could fall and hit the flood someone got her once more they vanished from her world,

In Harry potter world

Hermione was getting everything really for the summer with her two best friends, she was able to finish packing she looked at her small back it was just a purse she never thought it would work but it did, she put spill and charms on it when she was in school and it now had enough space for anything and everything she would ever need and the good thing is that it was so light as if she didn't have anything in it. She went to her living room and waited now one was home since her mom and dad where on a trip for work like they did every summer, she was glad she was going to see her friends it was better then being on her own for the summer. There was a knock as the door and she went to see who it was only to be knocked out by a blue light.

In the Avatar world.

Katara and the others where sitting around camp

"Katara can you go get some water?" Sokka asked as he made the fire

"Ok I be back" she answered as she went to get the wood for the water he wanted. She was happy that they where able to get some food and couldn't want to eat something, that was not fruit or nuts for the first time in a while. As she got farter from the camp and more to the water, she saw fire nation along with about 4 cloaked fighters.

"There that's her." one of the men said and Katara tried to run back only she was stopped and the last thing she remembered was something hitting her head.A few hour later"Hey I think she come out of it, she staring to wake up." Katara head a girl about her age say. Katara stood up and looked around to see 4 other girls her age all looking at her.

"Hi there, how do you feel?" one of them asked giving her a small smile.

"I'm ok, but who are you?" she asked

"I'm Sakura," the pink headed girl said

"I'm Serena" the blond said

"Am Hermione" the brown bushy hair.

"I'm Kira, what about you what your name?" she asked

"I'm Katara and do you know where we ar….. Oh hell"

"What wrong?" Sakura asked

"We're at the fire nation!" Katara yelled when she saw the fire nation flag on the wall.

"What's fire nation?" Hermione asked for the first time she did not know what was going on.

"We cant be in the fire nation, this looks nothing like my home that I know of." Sakura said

"What are you guys talking about there no such thing as a fire nation." Kira said

"How can you not know, what the fire nation is? What do you mean this is not your home Sakura?"

"Where I from a fire nation, but this is not it that not the flag of my home and we do not go over bored with the red.." she said as the girls looked around and saw that almost everything was red and gold.

"Were there no fire nation, I never head of it before and what with the wired clothes? The only one here, that has normal close is Hermione, and Serena." Kira said looking at the other two girls.

"Ok, lets sit down and see what going on."

"Ok, first where are you all from? Am from the south pole" Katara said

"I'm from Tokyo, Japan"

"I'm London, England "

"I'm from California"

" I'm from Konan"

"Ok, I never head of any of these places before" Katara told them

"I head of Japan London and California and the south pole, but I dint think anyone life there."

"I head of the same as Serena."

"Ok, so some of us hear of the cities where we live in, but others never even know about,"

"My guess is that we must be from different worlds." Hermione said as we nodded.

"Then how did we get here?"

"I think a better question is why are we here."

"And, why did they leave us in this room."

"I don't like it here. It reminds me of my mother death." Katara said and the other girls looked at her

"your mother died too?" Sakura asked her Katara nodded

"Both of my parents are die." Sakura told them.

"My mom die just last year and my dad left me alone I was going to movie with my aunt and uncle in New York after the summer but then I was broth here." Kira said

"Mine don't ever pay attention to me anymore since I stared Hogwarts, they just act like I'm not there"

"My mother is dead too and my dad beats me he was getting help and he was finally better and I was going to see him today but they broth me here."

"Wow we all so either our mothers or both parents."

"Ya, now what do we do we are stuck here and I for one am tired." Serena said as she laid in one of the queen size beds, there were 5 in the room and it was the size of 10 rooms all together.. There where space for all five. Katara sat on the other bed

"Ya I am too. I miss my brother and friends too"

"Lets go to sleep for a little while then. Then we can just think about this better." Hermione said and the others nodded

And they all feel asleep.