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With King Ozai and Voldemort

"Tell me again why do we need all 5?" fire lord Ozai asked as he looked at Voldemort

"Because they are more powerful when they are together. The younger one is a little weaker then others. She had a illness, when she was born, it seem that even in her mother whom she would give up some of her nutrients to give it to the others. That is why I left her in this world. If I would have taken to another, she would mostly likely have die, but she got stronger as she grow, it was a good thing I left her in the south pole, the water did her good and the family I left her with took good care of her.." He told Ozai

"Oh and are the others ill?"

"No they are all healthy only the Youngest was ill, and to tell you the truth, she had been my favorite by far. She reminds me of me…just between us, I was also ill at a young age as well, but I over came it." before he could say anything else a the gauds came in with all 5 girls. Each one more different then the next, the only thing they seem to have the same was the attuned they had.

"LET GO, I CAN WALK ON MY OWN!!" Katara yelled as she and the other girls got of the reach of the guards. Voldemort laughed

Hermione heard who was laughing and freeze, she looked up at Voldemort in fear as she whispered his name. "Voldemort"

He smiled if it was possible.

"Do not fear me my dear, you all seem to be unhappy, I don't see how thought. Since you are all finally together and the last time you where together was a week after you where born.."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Kira yelled

"My dear, you are all sister. Well quintuplets to be more corrected" he said both of the lords where enjoying the surprised faces on the girls faces.

"That not true! We don't even look alike"

"We didn't grow up together."

"Ya, there no way in hell"

"We don't even know each other!"

Voldemort laughed "You don't look alike because of your mother's side of the family. Her family ever member was born to look different from the parents or look like their mother, when one of her family members would give birth to twins they never looked alike. One could have blue hair and the other could have white, it always been like that for her side and I left you with different family, when I went to kill the potters I wanted to make such you all had a home if I did not come back."

"No that not true!! Your lying this is some way to get Harry!" Hermione yelled at him

"Oh Really tell me my dear, I could have had him killed already instilled of erasing his memory of you, but I did not. " Hermione freeze

"No what did you do to them?" she asked

"They are no know who you are, none of your friends know who you are, your so called parents don't know of you none of the people that once know you know you even excises that goes of all of you. There to no where for any of you to go to, this is your only home now until the wars are won then we will move." this got on Katara never. "You, you monster!! How could you do that to our families!!" she yelled as she took the water from a plant near by and tried to attack him only to get it thought back at her. Voldemort then went near her and kneeled down facing her

"You such are brave for being the weaker of the 5. Yes, you can become very powerful, I can see it in your eyes, that fire you have you where born in the south pole and you may be a water bender but you have a heart of a fire bender, but you will not attack me again, do you understand!" he yelled at the end as he hit her face.

"Leave her alone!" Sakura yelled she and the other could not stand seeing this man hurt Katara. Sakura ran to her and helped her out up and moved always from him as the other girls went in front of them, bruiting a wall to protect Katara and Sakura.

"See what I told you they will be stronger if they are together, we just have to make them see what we see." Voldemort said as he sat back down.

"Don't you go near any of them again!" Serena yelled at him she was ahead of the others.

"Ozai why don't you get your kids and their friends, I want them to meet my daughter here and they will be the ones to show them around and show them to their room so they can get really for dinner."

"yes, I had a guard go get them already."

"I'm not hungry." Katara said

"Ya, I'm not either." Sakura agreed And the other followed

"'Find, but you will still be there."

"and if we don't want to?" Kira asked this got Voldemort

"or you will be punished."

"Father you wanted to see us?" Azula asked as she entered

"Yes I want you both along with your friends to show the Riddles around and then take them to their room. Zuko looked at the girls and then saw her it was Katara.

"Of course father." she said as she smile and then looked at the girls. 'will will isn't that e water bender I see?" she asked as she look at Katara, Sakura still held her as they stood.

"What is it to you?" Katara snapped back

"Nothing, I'm just surprised you're here but come on we don't have all day." she said as Azula and her group stared to move out of the room Serena and the other followed. Once out the girls looked at Katara

"You ok?"

"That basted! don't worry we're get out of this I know we will, we have to." Hermione said as she put a hand on her shoulder

"what a warm sister moment but come on now if you want to go back to the room."

"Shut it bitch we're not talking to you."

"How dear you!!" Azula went up to her to get a better shot of her but before she could do anything Sakura had done a bind jutsu and she was stuck on the flood as Kira took hold of her hand in the air.

"You won't be hurting any of us you little brat of a princess or your have to deal with all of us and I'm such this is not all we can do." Hermione said giving Azula a hard look

"Find!! Just get me unstuck of the flood!!" she yelled as fire came rising

"Whatever just let her go Sakura, she not wroth our time and we are so going to talk later about you little treks ok." Serena said who seem to have take the roll of leader.

"Ok what ever you say ser." she said as she undid her jutsu.

"Come on we don't have all day!" Azula yelled at them as she turned.

Zuko kept his eye on Katara who was in between Sakura and Kira. Once the girls got back to their rooms they saw there where cloths on their beds fire nation clothier no less.

"If they thing I'm going to ware that they have another thing coming to them." Katara said turn from the clothing.

"We all need to think thought this. First of all they took our friends and families memories, 2nd we have no where to go if we do leave this place and 3rd w\if we do escape this place where do we go?" Sakura said as she sat down on a bed.

"We need a plan." Serena said as she also sat down on her bed,

"I don't know but it looks like if we can get them off our backs it would be better." Kira said

"so what if we act like we give up hope and do as we are told?" Katara asked

"Ya, that's good, but it will take a while for them to trust us fully."

"and my guess is that the first step is to ware the cloths they laid out. Not that I mind Red and gold are my house colors," Hermione told them as she took the dress that was on her bed.

"will I don't like it and I well not act like I'm part of this stupid nation', the one that stared this stupid war and the one that killed so many. I could never act like I'm on there side no matter what." Katara said as she looked at the flood.

"Oh and that guy that was with us you know the one with the scar on his face, he was just looking at you while they where showing us around, will he would not keep his eyes off you. I think you captured his hart." Hermione said smiling at her.

"Don't even joke about that!! I hate him!! He spend most of his time chasing after me and my friends!! And when I thought he change, I was so wrong. He didn't he just use it to get me to trust him and to even stared to like him a little." Katara turn around and looked at the wall. It hurt that she would trust him and even start to like him more only to get betrayed by him it hurt more then anyone could image. She felt the other sit on her bed and a hand on her shoulder

"You want to talk about it sis?" Sakura asked and she looked at the other looking at her worried,

"Why do you want to know?" she asked looking away

"because we just found out we are sister and I don't know I feel like I need to protect you and the others as will. It must be all of this being borne on the same day thing, but we are all we have right now, its better we know all about each other case anyone can just brake us up so easily sine we just meet and all that.'"

"Will your right we need to tell each other this stuff so we can have faith in each other when we need it the most" Hermione said

"You have a point Hermione, so how about we talk about this while we go into the hot tub in the bathroom?" Serena said as they all got a tower and went to the king size bathroom. Which was the same size as their room. The bathroom had a big hot tub as big as the beds outside and then there where 5 showers for them along with a big sink and mirrors that went across the fall wall. And there was even a walk in closet with everything they could need. And at the right there was a door where you could see another bathroom but small, and it had a sink and a toilet.

"wow this is really nice." Serena asked as she went into the hot tub.

"Ya, I agree. I love water I don't know what I would do with out it," Sakura said as she sat in it.

"you too? I know that feeling, I grow up in the south pole and there was always water everywhere. I miss it so much, " Katara said as she stared to make odd shapes.

"That's so cool I wish I could do that." Kira said as she watch

"I think you can I mean if we are sister that mean you guys might be water benders.

"That is so cool, anyways you are not getting out on telling us what happen so spill." Sakura said as the other nodded

"OK OK will its like this…." Katara stared as she looked at the other girls not believing she was telling them something that she has not even told her brother and her friends, but the girls listened to her like they know each other for all of their life's and it felt good to have someone to leaned on and not be the one other leaned on when they need something..

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