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I was walking to third period to meet Bridget… or was it Britney? I don't know and I don't care. She's just the type of person I go to when I need to…get off. Either her or Lauren, or Samantha, or Selena… the list could go on and on.

Emmett appeared in front of me looking all excited. "Guess who's back? Back again?"

"Shady's back. Tell a friend." I said in my best Eminem imitation.

He glared and punched my shoulder. "I'm being serious fucktard." He growled.

"I am too. Now, who's back?" I asked, annoyed.

"Bella." He grinned, back to his happy self. I kept drawing a blank.

He sighed, frustrated. His smile fell when he explained, "She's the girl we used to make fun of in 5th grade because she had glasses, braces, and her hair was always frizzy."

Oh! Jelly Belly! She was the girl we used to make fun of but she moved away the summer before 6th grade. Ha!

Emmett shook his head, ashamed. "Man, I don't get why we weren't friends with her. I mean sure she had her flaws, but we all did. She's awesome! She's funny, smart, and clumsy as hell. She came back a lot more confident. She's still a little shy, though. Dude she's…" he shook his head in amazement. "She's hot as hell. I swear, if I weren't with Rose…" he shook his head again, his eyes glazing over slightly.

Yeah right. How could someone so ugly and freakish, change as much as Emmett's said?

I sighed and walked away, already late for 3rd period.

Eh, why not just skip?

~Beginning of 8th period~

Biology. I came back because out of all of the subjects, Biology is my favorite. Plus, I didn't want to miss the chance of groping Lauren's ass, or staring at her cleavage.

I groaned. Lost in my own little fantasy world.

Suddenly, the chair next to me was pulled back. I was confused. No one sat there. I looked up and instantly froze, my eyes going wide and my dick standing at attention.


She was the most beautiful thing- check that- woman I'd ever seen.

She had long, brown wavy hair that flowed down to her waist. She was very pale. She looked so breakable, vulnerable. She had on a slender, fit body. She had on a dark, blue blouse that went great with her skin color. It also made her boobs almost pop out. It would've looked slutty on anyone else but she pulled it off.

When she cleared her throat, I realized I had been too busy ogling at her chest to notice her turn her head, and stare at me curiously, and awkwardly.

I put on my best smile, and said, "Hi. I'm Edward Cullen."

When I smiled, she blushed a beautiful crimson color, that was, somehow, even more of a turn on. But, when I said my name, her eyes flashed and her soft, luscious lips…Bad Eddie!…pressed into a tight, hard line and her jaw clenched.

She glared at me and said, "I know who you are." Her voice had a certain edge to it.

Even mad, her voice sounded like wind chimes.

I flinched and stared at her wide-eyed. What the fuck?

Before I could say anything, she continued, her voice still cold. "You made my life miserable." I looked at her, confused, and she scoffed, "What? You don't remember me? It's Jelly Belly." She huffed, and turned back around to face the board.

My eyes widened in recognition.


Emmett was so wrong.

She was gorgeous, exquisite, ravishing, beautiful…take your pick. I can't believe that I used to make fun of her. I felt ashamed, regret, misery…

What? !

I am THE Edward Cullen.

No girl is going to ruin me.

Not even this beautiful, sexy…NO! Bad Edward!

I glanced back at her face and couldn't help notice that she was so cute when she was angry. No!

The teacher wasn't in class yet.

I kept trying to think of ways to apologize.

It was hard though.

I've never apologized to anybody before.

I was never in a situation that I had to apologize.

What was I supposed to say? 'I'm sorry.' And then act like everything is fine?

She said I made her life miserable…How do you apologize for that?

Wait…Why did I even want to apologize?…

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