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Thus, here is the edited and (hopefully) improved Chaper-1!

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"Oi, Pinkie! Get me the Yagami file, pronto!"

My boss yelled. I sighed. It was my second year working at the Uchiha Corporation and my own boss still didn't know my name.

"Yessir! I'll go search!" I called back and heard him grunt.

Just so you know, my name is Haruno Sakura and I'm an assistant to a junior manager. Basically, an assistant's assistant. That's how lame I am. God! I hate my life, I hate my job and almost everything about me and my stupid existence.
Oh, except for one thing - I LOVE my friends. If it wasn't for them, I'd be in therapy.

Back to my oh-so-wonderful day. I found the file seven rooms down the corridor, scurried back to my boss as fast as my scarily long legs would carry me and plopped it onto his table, breathing heavily.

"Bring it slower next time, Pinkie." was all the jerk said, rolling his eyes.

"I'm sorry sir," I gasped, wiping beads of sweat off my GINORMOUS forehead. "I got held up because Teuchi-san wanted me to type out a letter of-"

"Yeah, save it. I'm leaving. Complete this, I need to give it in tomorrow morning." he rolled his eyes, handing me a thick file. He left without another word.

So I shut up and retreated to my desk. I took off my glasses and rubbed my eyes tiredly. I'd been staying late nights ever since I'd been promoted a couple of months ago. From coffee-girl to assistant. BIG difference. Now I have to complete shitloads of paperwork AND get everyone coffee, tea and whatever else the fuck they wanted. To top it off, I didn't get much of an increase in the paycheck, and NO overtime. I would fight with the authorities about that, if I could still handle confrontation. My temper used to be horrible, and I used hit all my friends' boyfriends just because they were idiots and they pissed me off. Why? Because I could. But some genius decided to send me for anger management, and they toned me down a lot. Don't ask how. I just remember a lot of rainbow and happy-place talks. Not to mention serious threats.

I just want some rest! My head hurt and I needed sleep! Might as well rest up before starting the work...

That was my last thought before my head dropped onto the stack of papers and I began my nightly drooling ritual.


There it was. The annoying voice again. I mumbled something and snuggled into my...papers? Fuck! I shot up from my seat in shock.

"G'morning, s-sir!" I stuttered nervously, straightening my skirt and shirt which has got tussled up over the night. "It's Haruno, by th-"

"I don't give a shit!" He roared, his cheeks maroon with the uncontrollable rage I knew he was holding in. "You've not completed any of the work I gave you last night! I'm supposed to give it in in 3 minutes! What's the big boss gonna say, piggy?" Piggy? Because of the hair?

"I'm so sorry! I-"

"I'm going to the meeting to clear up YOUR mess." he turned and walked away.

I sank into a chair. This was my first ever major mess-up. I'd screwed up things earlier, but never this bad. I reached up to brush away a few tendrils of my hair and realized how tangled it was.

"I better go clean up..." I murmured absently as I shuffled out of the office, destination - the washroom. It took me five minutes to look like my orderly, nerdy self again and as I washed my hands, I wondered just how bad I'd screwed things up.

The return trip from the bathroom was...well, eventful. I managed to mess up my job a bit more, for one. I wasn't looking where I was going and I bumped into someone...and made her fall. I apologized immediately, of course, and helped her up, I'm not rude. But she was. I even helped her pick up the files and folders she'd dropped, all the while apologizing.

She kept screaming how I'd messed up her hair and her dress and her shoes and basically, I'd committed a cardinal sin by making a pretty girl fall. She was everything I wasn't, and that was the main reason I stared at her, open-mouthed.

She was a petite redhead, with gorgeous reddish eyes and a killer body. She wore a short, skintight dress. To work. A pretty, blue sundress. And she still looked professional. She was currently swearing in a very ladylike manner while popping a contact lens into her eye, and she STILL looked hot! That said, it's all from a girl's VERY jealous point of view.

"I'm very sorry! Is there anything I can do?"I asked once more as she glared at me. I pretended to cower since these types liked that, I knew I could kick her skinny ass if she tried anything.

"Yeah, get thicker glasses, idiot!" she sneered.

"Uh...I'll carry these for you." I offered. I didn't want any enemies at work. I had no friends (who wanted any with bitches like her around?), but having enemies would screw my life over more.

"Whatever. Walk faster. Hold them properly!" she didn't bat an eyelid at my offer and shoved everything into my arms and began walking towards the conference room. Really fast too, for someone with heels that high. She had the strut of a confident woman who knew what she wanted and - aw, shove it! She walked like an overpaid slut!

I followed her meekly. I used to be a spunky kid uptil college, but the minute I got a job at this hell-hole, my life turned over. Everything was the opposite of what it had been earlier. One of those things was my newfound meekness. It was easier to be a clutzy idiot who shuts up than a clutzy bitch who ruins everything for her boss and gets fired.

"Why isn't it complete, Sakon?" I heard a deep voice ask the minute I entered the huge room. It was cold and laced with anger. I shivered; Sakon was my boss.

"Uchiha-sama, I-I'm s-so sorry." the partying jerk began.

"Well, saying sorry completed all the work." the cold voice spoke again. I couldn't see anyone clearly from behind the tall stack of folders and besides, I needed to hide my face.

"It's just that..." he looked around as the redhead in front of me hit him on the shoulder and walked further down the long table. "My dumb assistant-"

"You," the girl I was helping interrupted him. "hand out those files to everyone."

"Hai!" I replied softly, still hiding my face. I didn't want to see Sakon; nor have him see me; nor face the owner of the deep voice, which was actually very sexy.

On the way to the conference room, I'd found out that the girl - Karin, she was called - was very close to him, the Boss. In more ways than a PA, or so she said.

I quickly placed a folder in front of each chair and by the time I got to Sakon, I had just a handful left. Sneaking a hand around him, I tried to place the file without facing him but he was glad of an interruption and looked at me.

Looked. At. Me.

Recognition dawned on his face and he grabbed my shoulders and jerked me around to face the Big Boss. My glasses shook and I fixed them shakily.

"THIS is the idiot who didn't complete my paperwork!" Sakon yelled triumphantly. My face burned, tears prickled my eyelids. But I didn't cry. I don't cry.

"Sakon-san..." I began hesitantly.

"Shut up!" he yelled. "No excuses, you knew I had to give it in today! UGH! Do you even have a brain behind that HUGE FOREHEAD?"

"Um..." I was at a loss for words. I did have a rather large forehead, after all.

" was your work. She didn't have to do it." the brunette at the head of the table interrupted.

"Uchiha-sama, she's my assistant and-"

"And the work was classified information for senior and junior managers only. You had no right to make her do it. It's your fault."

I couldn't believe it. The BIg Boss was standing up for me. Uchiha Sasuke was defending me. Okay, not defending ME, but still! I didn't look up though, didn't want to jinx anything!

"The meeting is postponed till after lunch." the shadowed figure announced to the room. "Sakon, his assistant, Karin - stay. We need to talk."

As the people left the room, gossiping about the the three of us, Uchiha got up and walked over to us. My head shot up and I faced him for the first time. I wish I hadn't, but still I was glad I had. The man in front of me was...unbelievably handsome.

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