I'm so sorry everyone! I tried, I really did - but I jsut couldn't fix my story! :'(

When I'd first posted the fic, I used underscores for seperating sections of chapters! When I checked it recently, the entire chapter was one big jumbled mess!

So I decided to fix it, using "xOxo"s to seperate them. Because alphabets would work better than symbols - or so I thought.

I edited and re-posted EACH AND EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER but to no avail. A second check showed that I simply cannot seperate the sections. So you can't tell when a scene is over and when they're in a new place or whose point of view it is written in.

Seriously, I'm really sorry and all I can say is that I tried. I failed, but I tried. I didn't mean to have the entire chapter scrambled like that, and thrown together in a little heap. Thank you everyone who read and supported this story from beginning till end!

Lots of love,


PS: I also apologize if you thought I'd posted a new chapter. But instead saw this stupid little note. I'm very glad you read it though - if you did =)