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Mr. Riku Utada sat on the edge of his large oak desk in front of the room, hands clasped on his lap. He had been hoping the gaggle of teenagers would take more interest in the afternoon announcements. There was chatter and usual end-of-day excitement buzzing about the room as the voice on the speakers droned on.

He took a deep breath as the voice wished them all a good afternoon.

"And finally, the last announcement. It has been about one month since Sora Hikaru was reported missing."

The room stilled within moments, thirty two sets of eyes focusing on the English teacher. He went on, swallowing a little nervously at the sudden attention. The class had only ever been this quiet when he was discussing the school-board's idea of same-sex classrooms.

"I know we've all been worried, he was a beloved classmate and friend to us all. I know we've all been looking for suspicious behavior, and I want you all know how much that means to Sora's family." Mr. Utada stood from the desk, folding his arms across his chest and beginning to walk down one of the isles.

"There have been rumors that Sora is dead."

The creaks of old seats occurred with an unanimous shifting and stiffening of the class. The emotional aura in the room had grown stuffy and warm- much too hot for school. "But no, that's not true. I have a feeling Sora is not dead yet- just lost. We will find him." He smiled slightly, casting his gaze upon the class.

"You may pack up. Guys on the football team? Let's play a good game tonight, okay?"

"For Sora!" Kairi burst out with a fist-pumping motion. Mr. Utada stared at her; everyone stared at her. Sheepishly, Kairi slouched in her seat, her cheeks glowing a healthy salmon.

And there was a small clapping from the back of the room. One person- Wakka, as Kairi could recall. The student beside him, smirking, followed suit. Another and another. It spread around the room until everyone was clapping, even Mr. Utada.

The bell rang, and the entire room sighed with the relief of school finally releasing for the weekend. Slowly, the students crowded around the door, and trickled out in groups. Conversation was buzzing, about Sora and the break, but for the most part, the big game that night. Bits of conversation dripped from the hall into Mr. Utada's room- all high school blather.

"Why's Mr. Utada all cheery? It's kinda weird."

"They say that he was the first to notice Sora missing, and he felt guilty about being the last person to-"

"Yeah, I heard about that too. Hey, you going to the game tonight? I heard that Tidus was going, figure you'd want to go so you two could-"

Eventually, the conversation died down, leaving Mr. Utada to his thoughts. He straightened up the papers on his desk for the weekend, and cleaned the board of it's contents.

There soon came about loud heavy foot steps, of someone running. The teacher walked to the doorway, stepping just a foot outside of it only to see a blond figure rush through it and collide.

"Oof!" Riku was pushed a few steps back, while the was knocked to the ground. Mr. Utada stepped forward and extended a hand towards the junior student.

"Hello Roxas." Mr. Utada said wearily. The boy grabbed the hand and pulled himself to his feet. He took a deep breath and stared at the teacher.

"Hi Mr. Utada. I know you've had a lot of people bug you but, uh, I want to know exactly what you know, about my brother, and what happened that last day, again. Please, I need to know." Mr. Utada sighed, giving the boy a nod, a depressed look played on his face.

"Of course Roxas. Please, have a seat." The seven teen year old grinned, and, while taking out a white book from his black and red messenger bag, sat down in the seat closest to the desk. He eagerly watched the teacher sit and adjust himself at his desk.

"I've told you before, Sora is one of the top in my class, very bright, like you. But he's such a-" Mr. Utada laughed at a memory, "he's such a goofy kid, even if he is seventeen." His face straightened, all laughter gone. He looked at the young man in front of him, writing everything furiously down in the book. Such shocking features that were so identical to his brother- the cerulean eyes and use of hair product to produce spikes, although Roxas' were calmer.

He continued,

"Anyway, he really messed up earlier that week. On Monday, he finished his test first, as usual. But he must have stayed up late or something. He fell asleep. It would be okay if this was the first time, but this was the fifth...that month. So I was forced to give him a week of detention."

Roxas nodded, still writing. There was silence. The blond looked up, noticing the gap in conversation. He stared at Mr. Utada through his black, thick rimmed reading glasses. Mr. Utada's aqua marine eyes were swimming out of focus.


"You were bad Sora, so I need to punish you. Now then- .

"Continue?" The teacher shook his head, shaking away a memory. He smiled nervously for a moment, muttering an apology for 'dozing off,' before going on.

"Of course. So, on that day, there was a small crisis at my home, I-" Roxas stopped him, raising an index finger.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but please tell me. What happened there?" Mr. Utada seemed confused at this new question. Of all the times that he had been bothered about Sora's disapearance, no one had bothered to ask.

"Excuse me?" Roxas glanced at the white book, then looked back up sheepishly.

"I'm sorry, it's just, I need to know everything that went on that has a connection to Sora's disappearance. You understand, don't you? I want to be really thorough." Mr. Utada smiled, playing it off.

"Of course, not a problem. There was a small kitchen fire. My next door neighbor called me up- the stove had been left on, and it caused a little fire. Not enough to call in the fire department. But of course, she sure made it sound much much worse, that Larxene. She terrorizes like no other." Roxas wrote this all down before nodding again.

"Please, go on." Mr. Utada shifted in his seat. This entire conversation was making him uncomfortable. He tried to casually grin and bear it, but there was something off. And Roxas noticed this,

"Is there something wrong, Mr. Utada?" The teacher sighed,

"It's...exasperating, Roxas. I try to give my students hope...and I don't know why anymore. I guess I just feel...guilty about his disappearance. I told him I would hold detention as soon as I got back from checking up. I offered to give him a ride home. Said we could just forget about it for today, but he insisted that he would stay. He said that we should just finish it today and spare some other day.

"So I left. I came back...ten, maybe even five minutes later- I really don't live far away- and he wasn't there. I figured he had gotten bored, and left. It wouldn't be unusual. However, I noticed he had forgotten his possessions here. His books, his backpack, I think his cellphone was even there. And...well...the rest is history." Roxas finished writing, then looked up.

"Thank you Mr. Utada. That will be all for today." Mr. Utada smiled wearily.

"Roxas, you've interviewed me before. Why do so again?" Roxas looked at the floor, staring far past it.

"I didn't take very good notes last time." He sneezed, and continued, putting his reading glasses away as he spoke.

"I'm going to find him. I'm going to collect everything that happened that day, ask everyone I can, gather all the facts. I'm going to find him- and soon. You've helped a lot Mr. Utada, thanks. All I have to do is go over a few things from my notes..."

Mr. Utada nodded, glancing at the clock, and motioning to Roxas. The student took note of the time, and nodded. He collected his things in a messy pile, and waved.

"See ya Mr. Utada! Have a good weekend."

"The same for you- and you'll figure it out Roxas." He smirked to himself, "Who knows?"

He set his coat down on the couch, then looked around.

"I'm home."

He said it very loudly. Loud enough for anyone who was two feet away from the house, or in the lower sections of the house, to hear. Mr. Utada grinned, whistling a cheery tune and walking to the end of the living room, turning left to a narrow hallway, and taking the door on the left.

He with drew a small copper key from his jeans pocket. He unlocked the padlock, and padded down the stairs into the pitch black basement. Mr. Utada didn't need lights to walk this all too familiar path. He then came across a section of the wall that stuck out specifically. Withdrawing a key, this secret door was unlocked, and opened to a new room. The room.

He flicked on a light switch, and the room was lit with several lights from the ceiling.

A soft, dirt covered floor, dark wooden planks supporting the walls over top of three layers of cement. Horrendous instruments lined the walls in neat order. All unique and beautiful in their own way, he liked to think. The way the knives shined and the whips gleamed happily.

No windows, and no other doors besides the one Riku had just walked through. There was a small table on the right side of the rectangle room, on top of which was a large cage of large feral rats, whose teeth and claws were deadly sharp. He walked to the cage and said with a child-like slur,

"He-wo, wittle darwings. Did our little doll keep you company?" He stroked the air around the cage, hissing as the rats snapped for his fingers, "Yess, I know you missed me." There were sounds of rustling, and a stifled moan. Mr. Utada turned, his entire personality morphing into something else the moment the young man came into sight."

"My, my. I have missed you the most, my dear."

A king sized bed with black and dark purple pillows and blankets lay lavishly before him. On top of which was the young man- seventeen. His arms were chained, criss-crossed, behind his head to the headboard, ankles strapped the bottom of the bed. A black ball gag laced its way around the back of his head, tied tauntly, coupled with a black blindfold that securely wrapped around the blue eyes.

"Sora, Sora, Sora," He made his way across the room, approaching the bed and allowing two of his fingers to wander from the bedspread to Sora's shoes, up his pant leg, up his normally white shirt that was now stained in a dark maroon. Up to the nape of the small burnet's neck, where he rubbed and petted, like a dog. "Your big brother thinks he can find you. He said he'll collect all the evidence and find you soon." Riku laughed cruelly,

"It's sort of cute. The way he talks about you- he acts as if you want to go home. Maybe... Perhaps I should take him too. It would be such a gorgeous sight. You and Roxas, here with me." He looked over his former student.

Sora was still in his school uniform, black neck tie and all. Just as he had when he had been taken.

Riku had made sure to dress him after each session, like a doll. A few added additions included a dog collar, which was black with silver spikes. He wore it, or was forced to wear it, tightly around his neck. Just enough to allow breathing possible. Riku sighed with the dose of adrenaline that began to build, as it always did when he began.

Moving his hand from the shaking boy, Riku examined the walls, idily going through the assorted instruments,

" should we do tonight? I'm thinking some pretty pink cuts all over, and then a good salt rub. And to finish it off..." He winked at the boy, oblivious to the blindfold. "we'll just do the usual for that. Then I'll feed you. How's that sound?"

When Sora replied weakly under the gag, Riku was pleasantly surprised.

"Well, aren't we feeling responsive today? That's wonderful pet. I'm in a good mood, so you can speak. But remember, you scream, two things happen. One, no one will hear you. Two," In a moment, he was at Sora's ear, growling

"I'll just have to mutilate those pretty little lips of yours. Burn them off? Sew them shut? Black thread would look splendid on you. Whatever I choose, you'll never be able to speak again. So, no screaming? Hm?" The junior nodded eagerly. Riku nipped the shell of the burnet's ear,

"Or at least save the screaming for later tonight." Sora stiffened at the thought, goose bumps running up and down his body. Riku saw these and snorted, enjoying them. He unhooked the gag, however not entirely. Just so Sora could speak, but if needed, he would be able to place it back in a heartbeat. Sora pulled his lips together for the first time since the night before. He swallowed properly and licked his lips, managing a small voice,

"L-leave Roxas alone, stay away from him. Please. I'll do a-anything. Please, just leave him." Riku smiled in a strange way, stroking Sora's chestnut hair.

"Please huh? Hm..." He strayed away from Sora, looking at the wall again, and plucking a particularly sharp, curved blade that he had used before. Riku tested it on his finger, pleased by the small red dot bubbling up. He grabbed a large bag of sidewalk salt that had been brought for this very purpose, and stayed put a moment, watching Sora. The young man's head turned right, then left, as if he was looking for his teacher.

"Mr. Uta-" Riku frowned, upper left corner of his lips twitching slightly. He emitted a low sound of disapproval, and placed the gag back in place, earning a panicked muffled whine.

"It's Riku to you." He said coldly. Riku held the knife up to the light, examining the dim light play off of it.

"This is going to hurt." He noted dully. Sora looked up instinctively, questioning features on his face, and Riku raised the boy's shirt to reveal the outline of developing abs. Painfully slow, he placed the knife at the middle, where Sora's ribcage ended, and dragged it down across the skin...

Roxas had just began to fall asleep, eyes closing with his reading glasses still on, a thick novel resting on his clothed stomach.

Then, the pain erupted, and his cerulean blue eyes snapped open. Throwing the book, which now had blood smeared on the pages, against the wall, he stumbled out of his room and into the bathroom. There was blood seeping through his night shirt. At the crimson staining through, he inhaled sharply and tore it off, eyes growing wide at the large gash running down his abdomen, another was beginning to form just an inch away. He cried-

"Dad! Dad! It's happening again- it's Sora!" There was shuffling and within a minute or two, his father burst through the door, his mother behind him. He stared at his son's torso, where slashes were forming right before his eyes.

"Get the first aid kit and call Aeris. Now!" His mother raced out of the bathroom, her slippered feet could be heard racing down the stairs. Roxas cried out again, screwing his eyes shut and gritting his teeth as the cuts began to grow longer, moving on to places such as his arms, his back, his legs. Cloud brought his son to the floor, not being able to do much more than watch, keep the hair out of the boy's eyes, and use a few of the washcloths to soak up the blood. Tifa was already on the phone when she returned, handing the first aid box to Cloud.

"Aeris! Get Zack up and drive down here immediately...Yes yes, I know it's late...Roxas! It's Roxas! He's...yes!...Thank you Aeris!" She crouched and placed the phone on to the bathroom counter.

"She's on her way." Cloud's face went to stone, his facial muscles tensing. Roxas was panting heavily, but the cuts had stopped appearing.

"I think...I think he's okay now. Nothing else is happe-" He had spoken too soon. There was a burning sensation throughout his body as the gashes seemed to sizzle. Roxas screamed, and Cloud looked frantic,

"Roxas! What's happening?" Roxas shook and ground his teeth, toes curling as the pain burned like coals.

"Salt. In the cuts."