Everything is beautiful.

I don't know what's happening...

I think it's a dream.

I try to move, but then...there's...there's-

He paced up and down the room, occasionally glancing at the man sitting in the chair.

There was a smug smirk on his face, as the silver hair cascaded down his shoulders, his eyes were laughing.

Cloud growled, the rage building up within him. He turned to face him, across the small, metal interrogation table.

"Mr. Utada-" Riku held his hand up, stopping Cloud,

"Please. It's Riku. I had to tell your boys the same thing." The blond balled his hands into fists, taking a deep breath,

"Mr. Utada-"

"Cloudy, listen. It wasn't too hard for your boys to understand, it shouldn't be hard for you either. It's Riku." He chuckled, "You know, it actually was a little hard for Sora. He kept asking me 'Mr. Utada! Mr. Utada! Why are you doing this?' It took a few...'lessons', but he got it through his head. Such a bright boy...and yet-"

Cloud stopped him. With a long growl, banging his fists on the table, he bellowed,

"Why? Why the hell did you- why did you do this to my boys! Sora?...to Roxas...I might not ever..."His breath became shaky, but he shook his head slightly, refusing to tear up in front of...him.

They had found Riku on top of Sora. Out of shock, he jumped. He grabbed a knife beside table and a gun from the table, demanding that they leave or else. Zack raised his pistol, and Riku snapped.

The bullet hit Roxas in the chest.

The knife met Sora's throat.

Nearly three days later, Riku leaned on his elbows, one hand on top of the other, and his chin resting on them. His clothes that were covered in blood were taken in to the crime lab. He now wore a mandated orange jumpsuit. A handcuff linked his wrist with a long chain leading to the leg of the table. Amusement played across his face.

"Hmm...you know, Roxas screams a lot like you, different tone, but still. Of course, I didn't get the chance to take him. But Sora?" He laughed, "...he's a shrieker. Loud, long, and hard screams." He laughed again, licking his lips, relishing the father's reaction.

"What the hell did you s-?" The door opened, leaving Mr. Zackary Fair in its wake.

"Cloud, I said you could talk to him, stop all that ruckus. Don't let him get to you." Cloud looked at the floor.

"I'm sorry." Zack nodded,

"Why don't you go see them?" Riku cocked his head to the side,

"Yes Cloud, I agree with Mr. Fair, please do. Go check on the boys. They might not be here for that long anyway..." Zack threw him a glare, but he kept talking, "One last thing. Check their necks, and tell me, how big of a mark did I leave? I would expect the hickeys to be a purplish color but," he shrugged, "What do I know?"

Cloud snarled, while Zack looked unamused.

"C'mon Cloud, leave him. He's not going anywhere." Riku shrugged, rolling his eyes,

"Not for now at least, I've had my fun for the day." Zack laid a hand on Cloud's shoulder, leading him out of the room. The sadist waved as Zack slammed the door behind them, locking it.

I look around...not exactly remembering what I was looking for..

I stare, confused. He looks sad, and waves to me. Then walks away...

I try to chase after him, but shadows are eating away at the bright-white-ness.

The walls are caving in... Soon, I can't breathe, my lungs feel tight and on fire.

And then-

The teen awoke, his eyes flashing open, blinking rapidly with the slight sting at his eyelids of not being open for a while.

Small, beeping noises was clear through the anti-septic-y smelling air. There was a mask around his nose and mouth, forcing oxygen into his system.

White. The room was white, not unlike the dream he seemed to have just seconds ago.

He held up his right arm, and saw all the cords, wires, and miniature tubes leading up to an IV. The beeping increased, his heart-beat soaring. A numb sensation ran up his spine.

Anesthetics, maybe?

Holding up both arms, he examined them.

Large blotches of raw, cut up, medicated skin patched around his wrists, forming what looked to be circles.

Shaking his head, he began to rip the mask away from his face. This feeling of being cooped up was a little too much to bear. He took the tape off of his hand, leaving the I.V. cord to pump liquids inside him. He tried to remove the needle from his wrist, when the door was opened.

A young woman with short, black hair walked in, glancing casually from Roxas to a keyboard, before doing a double take.

"You're awake? What are you doing? Hey, kid! Stop!" Roxas rolled his eyes, continuing to free his hand from the needle.

Never did like the word 'kid'. He thought bitterly.

The girl frowned moving quickly out the door, calling,

"Doctor Asuma! Doctor Asuma! It's your patient! He's awake!"

Quick footsteps clicking down a hall, and, within a minute, a man with insane, spiky red hair walked through the door, wearing a long clean medical coat, a black bag in hand. He arched an eyebrow,

"Roxas Hikaru." He glanced at Roxas' hand,

"Hey, don't do that. Stop it Roxas." The blond glared at this 'Doctor Asuma'.

"I'm not a kid, and I'm fine now. I want to go."

The nurse and doctor exchanged looks before Asuma spoke again,

"Roxas, stop it. You're a big boy, and you need to act like a mature young adult."

Aside from a small growl, Roxas said nothing, and continued. The doctor sighed,

"Roxas I don't want to use restraints-" The blond gave him a look,

"You wouldn't. Where's my dad?"

The red head took a step forward,

"You are currently endangering your own health, and I, as your doctor, am supposed to protect your health. I realize you've been through a few...experiences..."

Roxas finished taking out the needle.

"Look, I really don't think this is worth the fuss. Just lemme see my dad, right now. I need to talk to him. And I need to see my brother- immediately." He licked the small cut where blood bubbled up, and ignored the loud beeping noise that came from the machine beside him. At the silence, Roxas glanced up at Dr. Asuma.

The doctor seemed to morph, the red hair falling onto the sparkling white floor, seeming to sizzle away as if acid was eating it. A black drip of, something similar to ink, plopped onto the white coat's shoulder, spreading.

The medical bag he had been carrying dropped to the floor with a thunk.

The green eyes turned aqua-marine, replacing the annoyed, playful look with a sadistic calm. Long silver hair burst out from the scalp. The black had spread all around the coat, changing it into black, transforming it into the familiar black cloak.

The new figure grinned, staring at Roxas with soul searing eyes.

Roxas went wide-eyed, backing up against the back of the hospital bed. Fear clenched his stomach as memories fresh as the wounds on his arms opened, leaving him with a stinging sensation. His breathing was audible and harsh, he felt an enormous pain hit him somewhere on the right side of his chest.

"Stay...away...from me." He gasped the words, raising an arm as a feeble shield. "Stay away from me!"

Riku. This man could do just about anything he wanted to, especially while Roxas was so vulnerable. The crazed teacher rushed towards him, and in defense, Roxas tried to slug him in the eye. The man easily ducked, growling,

"Roxas, please, calm down." Roxas shook his head frantically, backing away.

"Get away! Don't!" The medical bag he had originally brought in was different. It appeared to be the same bag that contained the drugs which made him writhe in hallucinations.


He didn't notice that the young nurse had ran out the door a few moments earlier, and she had come back. She brought with her a large, muscular man with long, brown shaggy hair.

"Leon! Good to see you. Please help me, I think we may need to sedate him-" The man named 'Leon' nodded, walking to the frightened blond, who flinched away at eye contact.

"It's okay little guy, just calm down." The man's soft voice didn't pay Roxas any comfort.

"No! He's- he's, do you know what he is?" Roxas tried to jump off the bed, but the large brunet man got to him first, and held on to his waist and wrist, bringing him back down on the bed.

"Don't worry Roxas, the doctor is going to help you." The blond shook his head, struggling against the grip. Leon shifted position, one arm pressed across his chest, another across his waist, pinning him down to the bed.

"Please Leon, you have to understand! He's-" The boy froze.

Riku had come to the side of the bed, his hand was fumbling inside the bag when he pulled out a certain curved knife. He tapped it to his finger, watching it bleed. He showed the blood to the teen. Roxas wailed, yelled, thrashed wildly as the nurse had to help Leon keep him down, by keeping a firm hold on his legs,

"Leon! Let me go! He's going to kill me! Help me! He tried to kill my-" There was a stab to the side of his neck. He inhaled sharply at the sharp prick of pain. He whimpered a little, not knowing what was going to happen to him next. His vision began to go slow and blurry. His limbs fell heavy and useless onto the sheets.

What had Riku done?

He gave one last somber glance to Leon, resisting with all his might this urge to sleep,

"It's...Riku. He'll... He'll kill me."

Slowly, his eyes closed, to shadows. A finger on his right hand twitched slightly, and he was out like a light.

Axel sighed, his muscles relaxing slightly as his patient, Roxas, felt the effect of the sedative course through his system, falling unconscious, his face smoothed out to calm.

The doctor smiled,

"Thank you Leon, thank you Yuffie. I'm afraid that, with what I've heard, this young man may have a few severe effects from the traumatic experience he recently experienced. I'm worried he might've hindered that shot with all that screaming." The nurse, Yuffie, arched an eyebrow,

"But...why was he acting so violent when he saw you? And he was trying...well...he took out the I.V. He kept a cool head about everything, and just wanted to see his dad. Why didn't we let him?" Axel shook his head,

"I'm not a psychologist, but I'd say he's been having hallucinations...there are probably many other mental effects from all those drugs we found in his system. God knows what that kid's going to go through...what he's already gone through. I don't want him up and about until I'm sure he'll be okay to."

There was silence for a moment, as they each stared at the slumbering boy. Yuffie sighed,

"I'll hook him back up to the I.V." Axel nodded,

"Afterwords, mind helping me restrain him? I don't want a self harming patient waking up without prevention of harm." She nodded, and they walked out of the room, leaving the large brunet. Leon spoke up quietly, as if the sleeping blond was listening.

"Who's Riku?"

Cloud held his face in his hands, elbows leaning on the small oak table beneath him. He sat on a large stool inside Sora's room.

The boy was lying down on the bed, breathing tubes going down his throat and nose, a brace-like collar around his neck, blue hospital gown underneath the thin, paper sheets. Cerulean eyes closed.

Aside from a steady beeping that came from the machine next to Sora's bed, an occasional conversation or murmurs as people passed the door, there was absolute, piercing silence. There was a knock at the door, sending a jolt of surprise through him. Cloud looked up,

"Come in."

A woman with long, brown hair in a braid walked through the door, dressed in a long pink and white dress, matching bow in her hair.


Cloud smiled,

"Aerith." She gave him a sweet smile,

"Hello Cloud. How's he doing?" The blond sighed,

"Same as the doctor said." Aerith shook her head sadly,

"How bout' Rox?" He shrugged,

"Dunno'. Haven't checked on him today...yet." She nodded.

There was silence, as they stared at the brunet.

"Well! This is getting no where!"



A cry of pain, the tip of the caliber in Riku's hand smoked a little, the silver-haired man grinned.

Roxas, chained against the wall, had wide, dulling blue eyes. Blood began to pool on the upper-left side of his chest, seeping through his shirt. He gasped, before coughing up red, watching it fall to the floor, making dark brown impressions on the dirt floor. He crumpled, allowing the chains around his wrists to keep him from falling.

Riku stared at group of men, without taking his eyes off them, he dropped the gun, using his new free hand to grip the back of Sora's hair and pull his head back slightly, leaving his neck wide open.

He grinned ferilly,

"One down. One to go." Without another word, he sliced the blade across the hollow of the boy's throat.

Blood trickled from the large cut. Choking noises coming from Sora, trying desperately to breathe. His eyes wide with fear, watering up from tears; oh, he didn't want to die. Yet there was so much blood, too much.

He was dying. They were both dying.

Cloud didn't notice what Zack was doing, and jumped when he heard the:


He looked to Riku, who growled, holding his right shoulder, where the bullet had knicked him.

"That wasn't very nice." The angry teacher made clock-ticking noises with his tongue, hopping off the bed and leaning against the wall, arms crossed.

"Cloud?" He snapped to reality.

"Yeah?" The woman nodded,

"Go see Roxas." Cloud nodded, taking a deep breath, and standing up.

Aeris led the way out, but before leaving, the blond called to his child,

"See you tomorrow, Sora."

He closed the door.

Cloud continued his way through the hospital, hands shoved in his jeans pockets. Somewhere along the way, Aerith had left him alone.

The doorway appeared in front of him much quicker than he thought. The plastic box beside the door read, a small card was underneath of it:

Room 013

Roxas Hikaru

The father took a deep breath, placing his hand of the silver handle and pulling.


The door wouldn't budge, the lock ground against the latch. He tugged on it again.



He frowned, glancing around the halls until an insanely red head of hair bobbed down the hallway.

"Dr. Asuma!" The man looked directly at Cloud. He walked to him slowly, smiling softly

"Mr. Hikaru? How may I help you?" The blond tilted his head,

"There seems to be a problem with my son's door. It's locked." Axel shook his head,

"No Sir. There is no problem there. Roxas...well, he woke up, and had an episode earlier today. He was putting his own life in danger, and I was forced to put him in restraints. And I'm giving him a day of solitude to calm down." Cloud arched an eyebrow,

"Excuse me?" Axel gave him a serious, bored expression,

"Roxas may be having difficulties adjusting to everything after all that he's been through. That isn't hard to understand. I want to- I will demand he get a psychologic evaluation. If need may be, he may have to spend some time in rehab. If the worst comes, there's always The Hollow Bastion Insti-"

"Wait a second! You're saying my son is insane?"

Mr. Asuma rolled his eyes,

"Not too hard to get..." He murmured under his breath.

"Look, Cloud. Your son needs help. He's having issues. I'm going to make him take a test. And, if you would've let me finish, I would've said that the Hollow Bastion psychiatric hospital can help him deal with these problems, assuming he fails the test. Got it?" Cloud glared at the doctor.

"No, this has to be a mistake!" Axel shrugged, turning and saying,

"Good Bye, Mr. Hikaru."

And walked away, leaving Cloud in the hallway, broken.

His blue eyes opened slowly, blinking a few times, before staying open.

He was back in the white the hospital room, that he had woken up in before. The breathing mask in place, the beeping noise of the machine next to him, everything was the same. Trying to get a little comfortable, Roxas noted he couldn't move his arms.

Glancing down, he saw his wrists were tied, latched, and secured to the safety bars of the hospital bed. Trying to yank on them, the feeling of anxiety overcame him.

"Hello?" He called out loudly, noting the muffled effect the mask made over his face. A jingling noise came from the direction of the door, and he looked up to see it open.

The red-headed man. Roxas glared for a split second, before calling to the doctor,

"Hey! Mr.-what's your name. Why are there-" The man held his index finger up.

"I know, it must be confusing to wake up like this. But I must ask you, do you remember anything before you fell asleep?" Roxas thought back...and then...

The thoughts rushed to his head, getting shot, waking up, Riku...

Nodding fervently, he answered,

"Yeah! There was a guy here! His name's Riku and-" Axel shook his head,

"No Roxas. The man you call Riku was not here." He sighed, "You were having hallucinations, and will be in for a psych evaluation tomorrow, the day after at most." The smaller teen shook his head,

" What? No! I'm not crazy!"

"I never said you were, Roxas. We just need to be sure that you're okay-"

"I'm perfectly fine! You don't even know who Riku is, do you? You have no idea what's happened!" Asuma shook his head,

"You're wrong again..." The larger man was at Roxas ear, whispering, while moving the mask so his mouth wouldn't be covered, "You see Roxas, I know exactly who Riku Utada is. I saw him just the other day. Yesterday. He told me to give you this."

The redhead pressed their mouths together, earning a shocked gasp from him. He squirmed from underneath the doctor, pulling at the restraints over his wrists desperately, making small noises to breathe. Axel pulled away, licking his upper lip once, then pulled the mask back to its original position.

"He said to tell you he's going to come back. For you, and for Sora. And he said he won't leave the job half done this time. You will be his, and there'll be no stopping it this time. Assuming your brother ever wakes up." Roxas' eyes widened,

"No! No!" He shouted the words, squirming and fighting the restraints.

Dr. Asuma laughed, stepping away from the bed. He opened the door, and before leaving, said,

"He said he'll be coming very soon."

Turning the key, he slammed the door, locking it as he walked down the hallway, leaving the blond trapped inside the empty hospital room.


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