Rage pumped through my veins. Every pulse of my heart echoed tenfold throughout my body and pounded my temples. I could feel my glove get colder and colder between my weapon and my hand. I squeezed tight to the grip attempting to regain control but I knew I would lose it. The leather of in my palm frosted over and crumbled. My firearm quickly followed suit and they both became a pile of ice shattered at my feet.

Damn! I'm not some idiot. I can control this. The rage slowly subsides and I regain my thoughts. Nothing stands between me and my current goal. Scorpion would pay... he would pay. I slowly and steadily walk into the open. Clear as I anticipated. The whole street was way too quiet and clear. I was done with the bullshit illusions, she was going to die. One step in front of the other right through my front door. Every second monitoring my senses to make sure I didn't go overboard and freeze something else. My favorite weapon was now in ruin outside because I lost it for a second. I walk up the stairs to the master bedroom. The whole house in perfect order... a fact I knew to be untrue. There on the bed, my target. Motionless, taunting me.

I couldn't lose it again. It would cost me too much this time. I wrapped my fingers around her neck and focused on the pain Scorpion has caused me. The heat started in my chest. I worked it out to my arm. As soon as it reached a point of my body that had contact with air my arm faded to blue. The cold overwhelmed it and worked its way down. just before it touched my fingertips the figure disappeared. The scene instantly turned to the truth. The whole house torn almost to its foundation. Around me were ten spitting images of Scorpion. I shove the rage through my other arm and prepare for battle....

"Why don't you stay with us? We aren't so different you and I? Both being trained for combat from birth."

"I wasn't trained for combat. I was trained to kill."