A while ago my friend and I watch Star Trek IV and found one particular scene troublesome given the intelligence of the crew. This piece came out of that scene and our questions of why. I don't know if anyone will find it amusing, but I kinda did.

And of course, I don't own Star Trek.

20th Century World History

As he watched the now Captain Kirk being congratulated by his friends and shipmates on the floor of the assembly hall, a thought suddenly occurred to him. Quickly, yet still maintaining the elegance of a Vulcan of his age, he moved to intercept Kirk. In a matter of moments, he had reached the young man. Standing aside of the group, he quietly got his attention and beckoned him to come aside for a word.

"Ambassador Spock," Kirk said warmly, "I'm surprised to see you here. I thought you had already joined the transport to the new Vulcan colony."

"There are still a few matters I must attend to before joining them."

"Oh?" Kirk raised his eyebrows in question, leaning back slightly on his heels.

"I have a piece of advice to offer you before you set out on your journey." Spock paused for a second before continuing. "Review your 20th century world history."

"20th century world history?" Kirk repeated questioningly.

"Yes, I believe you might find it useful."

"Ok," Kirk agreed.