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Dense Wall

Antonio was often told he could not read the atmosphere and that he was dense. He didn't really understand what it meant, proving further of his obliviousness. However, one day, a particular emotion/feeling just might have finally penetrated his dense wall.

Antonio looked at him. In his eyes, he could see a grown up South Italy, affectionately called by him as 'Lovi'. He smiled like he always does, earning himself one word from Lovino, 'idiot!'

It was a special occasion where he was visiting Lovino's younger brother, Feliciano and the 'potato bastard' (according to Lovi), Ludwig. Usually, Lovino would have just gone himself but wanting a break from paper work, Antonio decided to tag along.

Smiling away, he followed a rather annoyed Lovino to find Feliciano. "I hope that damn potato bastard hasn't done anything to that childish brother of mine," Lovino muttered angrily as he stormed towards Ludwig's house, where Feliciano was staying at for the time being.

As Lovino began thinking about what Ludwig might have done to Feliciano, he began to fume, his cheeks turning bright red with anger. "Aww, Lovi, you look just like a tomato!" Antonio poked Lovino's cheek lightly, not fully aware that he was angry.

"Chigii!" His cheeks turned redder (if it was even possible), "don't call me that, bastard!"

Antonio frowned a little; he always found Lovino's harsh language annoying and unpleasant. Before he could reprimand the younger nation, they had reached their destination.

"Oi! Potato bastard! Where the hell is Feliciano?!" Lovino immediately called out to Ludwig, who was outside of the house moving some boxes.

"Need a hand?" Antonio offered in his own cheery way. Before Ludwig could say anything, they both heard a scream.

"F-France!" Lovino yelped. He had always detested him, though it seemed more like fear…

Instantly, Lovino hid behind Ludwig, like he usually do when seeing France during the time he was visiting Feliciano, where Ludwig would be around.

"Protect me, konoyaro!" Lovino shouted from behind Ludwig, pointing a finger at France who had came by to visit.

Watching this odd scene, Antonio didn't really feel like they remembered that he was there too. He felt a certain weird pang watching this scene. He just doesn't seem to like watching Lovino hiding behind Ludwig and what's more, asking for protection, even though he was there.

"Oh, hi Antonio," France finally noticed him, ignoring the vulgarities Lovino was throwing at him. "Are you okay?" It was rare for him to see Antonio not smiling away like usual.

"I don't know…" he really didn't like this odd feeling he felt. "My heart feels uneasy and I just don't like watching Lovi asking protection from Ludwig, even to the extent of hiding behind him…"

Antonio was pretty honest, probably because he didn't know what this odd feeling he never felt before was. France stared at him blankly, processing his thoughts before flashing a very interested smile.

"My dear Antonio," France said, in a very professional tone, "what you're feeling is something called 'jealousy'."

"Jealousy?" He repeated the word. "I'm jealous towards Lovi?"

France smacked his own head lightly; this guy was too dense for him.

"Never mind that," Antonio continued to stared at Ludwig and Lovino, Ludwig was trying to get Lovino to stop clinging on him. "How do I get rid of this 'jealousy' feeling?"

"Hmmm," France pondered for a while, a bright idea came to mind and with a grin, he whispered his 'cure' to jealousy to Antonio.

"It should work," he was enjoying himself. "Well then, I better leave before Lovino really force Ludwig beat me up! Good luck!" With that, France left, a little disappointed that he couldn't stay behind to watch.

Seeing France leave, Lovino finally let go of Ludwig, Ludwig sighed with relief. Remembering what he had actually gone there in the first place, Lovino asked, "So, potato bastard, where the hell is Fe—?! W-what?!"

Antonio had crept up behind him; he hugged Lovino tightly from behind. Burrowing his face on Lovino's shoulder, he had both hands around him, pulling him to the closest it could get.

"Bastard," Lovino's face grew redder and redder, "what do you think you're doing?!"

Ludwig stared at them, shocked.

"France was right, I do feel better…" Antonio muttered; his voice was muffled as he had placed his forehead on Lovino's shoulder, close enough to even smell the scent of the shampoo he used.

"France that bastard, what the hell did he say," Lovino was still able to hear what he had said, though he felt a little happy.

"I-I'll go get Feliciano," Ludwig, a little embarrassed, hurriedly went back into the house.

"Aww, you look like an overripe tomato," Antonio looked up a little, able to see the distinct flush the younger nation had on his face in one glance.

Without removing his hands from Lovino, he pecked Lovino's cheek, making even his ears turns slight red.

"I-idiot…" Antonio smiled, he definitely felt better, in fact, there was a strange happiness bubbling within him, I'll just ask France about this bubbling feeling another time…, he thought to himself.

He ended up hugging Lovino for around ten minutes straight, because it took Feliciano that long just to get out of the house, surprised by the scene ("Nii-chan, I never knew you were into this sort of thing!"), followed by an exhausted Ludwig…


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