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One step. A slight pause. A glance backwards, quietly pleased. The legs kept going forward, not slowing down. Or at least he didn't want them to slow down. He was never physically fit and long distance running proved to be quite the challenge. Grunting in dissatisfaction, he cut another alley, going in all directions.

Antonio panted as he ran after the Italian. For some reason, Lovino was always so quick on his feet. Even Feliciano. He just didn't relate it to the fact that one of their first reaction to just about any danger was to turn around and scram. He cut into another alley, quietly glad at the fact that Lovino probably didn't know the French territory that well for he had ran into a dead end.

"Lovino…" Antonio said slowly as Lovino turned around, looking like a rabbit caught in the head lights.

"C-Chigii! D-don't come near me you damn bastard!" Lovino cried out as he slowly backed away until his back hit the brick wall.

"Come on Lovi, at least tell me why you're mad… this time," Antonio's expression softened as he slowly moved forward to the cornered nation.

"You know what you said at that pervert's house! And don't you dare call me that!" Lovino shouted back.

Antonio paused for a moment, think back at the conversation he had with his friend…

"So… by following the list I gave you," France said slowly, back tracking everything Antonio had said. "Everything on it is a check?"

Antonio nodded; the slight flush had remained on his cheek.

"Doesn't that just come down to one conclusion?" France laid back on his armchair, wringing one leg over the other.

"I want to hear it from someone, not just the paper," Antonio said firmly. He wasn't going to believe it totally unless someone tells him the fact.

"Okay okay," France sighed; Antonio really was dense, needing someone to actually tell him before noticing it clearly.

"You," France pointed to Antonio, "Are. In. Love. With…" He stalled the last word and Antonio leaned forward in anticipation.

"Lovino Vargas," France completed his sentence.

"Y-you sure?"

"The paper is enough proof, my friend."

"But isn't that… wrong?"

"Dear Antonio, what's wrong with love?"

"But he-he's…" The words got stuck in his throat. How was he going to say it? That he had watched Lovino grow up like his sibling for all those years and suddenly, all those feelings turn to this?

"He's what? Your sibling?" France clearly read his mind. "Antonio, he is, in blood, not your real sibling, I really don't see the problem."

"He might not have been but… he's always been like a younger brother to me, suddenly telling me that those feelings aren't the same anymore…"

"Those feelings are feelings which developed over time but you really did have many rough years bringing up that crude child."

"Yeah… Feliciano would have really been better but I shouldn't have wanted to trade the two of the—" A large crashing interrupted them.

Antonio felt a blush crept to his face as the flashback ended.

"Y-you heard the whole thing…?" He asked, not even looking straight at Lovino.

"I heard the whole damn thing! YOU SECRET KEEPING IDIOT! Chigii!!!" Lovino fumed even more, how the dense fool dare hide things from him. What was worse, it wasn't even a secret. He had known from the start that Antonio probably preferred Feliciano. Sweet and innocent Feliciano. It's just that, the truth hurt more than he could accept.

"Then… I guess it's no use keeping it a whole secret then," suddenly, the Spaniard look resolved. Passion burning in his bright green eyes. That certainly shocked Lovino. What was he going to do? Really abandon him?

"NO! I don't want to hear it from you bastard!" Lovino clasped his ears, tears beginning to stream down his flushed cheeks as mush as he didn't want them to. Antonio walked up to him, grabbing him by the shoulders which cause him to jerk. He struggled in the strong hold, still shouting 'NO!' and 'Chigii!!'

"Listen to me, Romano!" Lovino twitched at his Nation name. Antonio was serious. Not being a happy fool who was oblivious and dense. He was being serious. For a moment, Lovino stopped struggling, his tears stopped running and he even stopped cursing.

He looked up at the Spaniard with a confuse look. Antonio didn't look angry or happy. He just looked… serious and about to say something. Trying to gain some dignity back after his fit, Lovino attempted to glare at him but it came out as a pout. A rather cute pout in Antonio's opinion.

"Lovino…" Antonio said slowly, coming closer and closer until their noses touched each other. Lovino blushed the brightest red in all his lifetime. He attempted to look away but was sucked in by those bright unwavering eyes.

"Lovino, I love you."

Lovino stared for the moment, waiting for those three words to process in his brain.

"Y-you idiot, of course you love me. You love everyone who's your friend. Especially Feliciano…" he trailed off, feeling tears brimming in his eyes. Damn he hated that happy feeling his stupid heart was feeling. He hated the fact that the Spaniard had so casually used those three powerful words to him when he probably did so to Feliciano ever so often.

"No Lovi," the Spaniard now smiled, nose still touching the other. "More than that. Way more than that type of Love. I. Love. You."

The tears began to pour down again. "Y-you damn bastard, don't think I'll believe those stupid lies of y—!"

A warm pair of lips met his, cutting off his sentence. The tears silently flowed until it came to a stop. Antonio pulled back, taking one look at the tomato red Lovino before pulling him close to a hug.

"C-Chigii!! What the hell do you think you just did?!"

"Hmm?" Antonio nuzzled at the crook of his neck, "I just showed you affection."

"W-what about Feliciano…?" He asked, looking away. Antonio smiled.

"Feliciano's like my little brother, of course I like him but it's not the same for you," He pecked the still blushing Lovino at the lips again. "Guess I'm no longer the dense guy I know you all keep calling me anymore."

"Bastard…" Despite saying that, Lovino couldn't help but smile. Suddenly, everything was looking just perfectly right behind the now crushed dense wall of Antonio's.

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