Hello this is my first Yuri fanfic so read at your own risk. If you do not know what the meaning of Japanese word Yuri is: Yuri is a female love mata wa Shoujou-ai. This is an Aerith and Tifa pairing so enjoy if you like this coupling as much as I do. ^^

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Chapter 1: A Pleasant Encounter

Prologue: At Shinsei Gakuen there are the two most noted princesses of the school. They are known as the Ice Princess and the Fairy Princess. They clash in so many ways but are admired equally nonetheless.

The Ice Princess was known for never showing any emotion whatsoever, even upon looking into her eyes you could see nothing but cold crimson eyes staring back at you. She had stunning eyes that many envied and no one dared ever bother her for fear of her. She was known throughout most of Japan as well as this city where she was born and resided known as Kinmachi. The name meaning the "gold town" was known as such not only because it is the city the famous Golden Saucer is located but also because it is known for being a prosperous city. She is known as the number one student to the world renowned martial artist Master Zangan. He is known throughout the world as the 2nd best martial artist, only second to Jet Li (had to add him, he is my favorite martial artist and I dream to someday be half as good as him). It was known that his two second best students Cloud and Vincent could not beat her together let alone going solo. Cloud was known for being a sturdier martial artist while Vincent was a much more graceful kind. Tifa was a combination of both and could easily beat them even on her worst day (if she ever has one that is). Her long black, silky hair reached the middle of her back and was the envy of every girl in school. Many could not resist her beauty; even girls found themselves falling for this inhumanly beautiful and strong girl. She was 5' 7" without her boots, but she wears them everyday so with that added her height is normally a little over 5' 8". She was normally seen in a black vest with a white t-shirt beneath that were both sleeveless as well as a black skirt that had an interesting design to it. It was part shorts part skirt. The back of it was knee length and the front looked more like shorts. And everything she wore was black including her gloves to finish her look. She had naturally pale skin. Surprisingly her skin was spotless despite the fact that she never wore any kind of make-up nor did she do anything for her face. She was a natural beauty.

Aerith was most opposite being known as the Fairy Princess, she was always warm and gentle, even mothering at times. She was known for her bright emerald eyes and soft lush brown hair. She was admired much more openly than Tifa only because she was so kind and caring she could never hurt anyone's feelings. Her bubbly personality won her the admiration and love of many from both genders. She was a very understanding girl and was even gentler with other people's feelings towards her but no one had ever been able to catch this fairy's eye. She was known as the Fairy Princess due to her kind disposition as well as her emerald eyes reminding many of a forest fit for fairies to roam freely. No one had it in their hearts to hate this sweet kind fairy. She was known for her affinity towards pink. If she didn't have her hair tied into pigtails with a pink ribbon she was always wearing some kind of pink dress, skirt, skirt, even bracelets and necklaces to ensure she had that color on her somewhere. She was never one for make-up either and she had beautiful tan skin, natural to her as well. She stood at 5' 4" and can be often seen with a gentle smile on her face.

This is where the story starts for these two. Their journey starts during their junior year in high school. This is the story of how they met, became unlikely friends, and discovered their true feelings for each other.

Tifa's pov

I awoke in my usual manner. My eyes just opened. Something felt different this morning but I decided to ignore this uneasy feeling and opted to get ready for school.


Upon my arrival at school I noticed that despite the fact that I was wearing an outfit no less covered as the day before many eyes were still drawn to me. I was as per usual as readable as a stone and as cold and deadly as a winter blizzard.

As I walked through the halls with my bag case to my homeroom class I noticed that many eyes and stares had shifted to another approaching figure. I had assumed it was Cloud or Vincent or maybe both because they were popular amongst the female, and male I suspect, population in the school. I would not have turned to even glance at this figure had I not heard something that caught my attention. What made today unusual were whispers about beautiful and kind emerald eyes … and the color pink.

Much to my dismay my body started turning before I could stop myself and I came face to face with a smiling brunette with greenest emerald eyes, the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. I had seen many things in my life but nothing had ever made me pause and forget to breath. I caught myself eyeing her up and down and then went back up to those mesmerizing orbs of green. She was wearing a pink skirt, a light blue t-shirt, a denim vest, and to top off her look she wore a pair of brown boots akin to the very ones I wore but for the color.

Even though I desperately wanted to turn around and run away from her, to escape the spell she had put on me, and never turn back, I didn't. My body wouldn't move but of its own accord my lips spoke words I had no intention of uttering in the first place. "Good morning." She smiled an even more dazzling smile at my greeting and responded with her own.

"A good morning to you too, my name is Aerith Gainsborough. It is a pleasure to meet you. May I ask what your name is …?" She asked me ever so politely. I looked at her for a few more seconds before I, again answered against my own will.

"I'm Lockhart. Tifa Lockhart. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Ms. Gainsborough." I looked at her surprised expression, confused but as quickly as her surprise come it disappeared and was replaced by a little laugh. Her face was akin to that of an angel, her laughter a flute. I could not help but give her a small smile myself at hearing such beautiful music. She smiled back even more brilliantly at me.

"Ms. Lockhart there is no need for you to be so formal with me," She hesitated for but a moment before she spoke again, her ever present smile was a pleasant one I had to admit, "if you call me Aerith than I shall address you as Tifa. Is that a fair exchange Ms. Lockhart?" She said in a teasing manor emphasizing the Ms. as if she wanted me to agree with her that much more.

I could not help but smirk in response to her unexpected cheeky behavior. "I suppose it is all right with me. It doesn't matter to me either way. You may address me in whatever manner you wish to Aerith." I responded, making sure this time I made her the receiver of my cheeky teasing. At first she was silent, it seemed to me she was trying to suppress something, laughter I think, and in a moment I heard a little giggle which then turned into a full blown out laughter. It was a wondrous sound for me to behold. I was quite sure now that no one had ever captured my attention and peak my interest as much as she had within these few minutes of our conversing. I knew not what had come over me, just that it was a pleasant encounter.

"Well then Tiff, I suppose if you are all right with it so am I." That mischievous glint had reappeared in her eye again. "Well, I suppose we should get to our homerooms soon." And with that she walked past me her shoulder rubbing against mine ever so softly and whether she had done that on purpose or not I will never know. I soon turned around and followed her in step as well. It was then, when I turned, that I realized many people had been watching our little encounter with great interest. I hadn't even realized they were there to begin with. She is odd, very odd indeed. No, odd isn't the right word. Hmmm … a better word would be intriguing. I could say different maybe, but not odd. It seems she has caught my attention. It's never a good thing when something (or rather someone) has caught my attention. I will stop at nothing to try to figure these things out. In this case I will stop at nothing to figure her out. I decided I would talk to her later during our hour lunch break. It seems she is in the same homeroom so we would be in the same class for eight hours. This … could be interesting.

Four hours passed and it was finally lunchtime. I had from 12:10 until 1:00 to eat lunch but I wanted to eat somewhere away from prying eyes, so I looked around the school a bit when I stumbled onto a path hidden by tree bushes. I followed through until I found a flowerbed and I found that I wasn't alone. Aerith was sitting in the middle of this flowerbed with her bentou on her lap and eating as she looked at the flowers. She's so … beautiful. And it seems she hasn't even noticed me yet, I thought with a smirk at what I was about to do. I walked to the side and did a little flip to close the distance between us and landed silently three inches away from her. I put one hand on either side of her and covered her eyes. Startled she tried to turn her gaze towards me but my hands followed her head, obstructing her view. I said, my lips a few centimeters from her ear, my hot breath flowed out and I saw visibly shiver with each breath, "Guess who it is and you'll get a reward, Aerith." Her shoulders shook a bit, and she took a trembling breath before answering.

"What if I don't want to guess who it is … Ms. Lockhart," I pulled my hands away and she turned to look at me with an amused face. "I could tell very easily it was you. Do you want to know how?" at a shake of my head she continued "I knew it was you because of two reasons. One; no one else would ever do that to me because no one is bold enough." I had to smirk at that one because it is true. "And the second is the way you kept staring at me when you thought I wasn't looking. I could see you look in my direction when you thought I was busy copying notes Tiff." I could hear the teasing lilt in her tone and I could feel my cheeks warming quite a bit at her remark. Her teasing and amused smile grew wider at seeing my slightly pink cheeks. "You know Tiff … you look so cute when you blush," which got me an even pinker shade.

" …. I … I'm not … cute A Aerith," I cursed myself for stumbling the way I did and I noticed her smile softening into something, but I couldn't recognize the emotion in that smile. "I … no one has ever described me as … cute, you know, Aerith?" She nodded her head and spoke in a shy voice.

"How could I not know," she looked up at me and continued at my nod "The only people you supposedly talk to during school is Cloud and Vincent … and their boys so they wouldn't say to your face that you're cute even if they think so … and you never show any emotions or talk to anyone either than those two, do you?" She asked her face a kind one. She had stopped smiling and became serious as she spoke. I believed she was right about that. It wasn't because I was anti-social or anything but rather because no one approached me mostly, I believe, because of my reputation as Master Zangan's best student and I had been since I had started training at age 7. Cloud and Vincent joined in order 2 and 3 years later among other students. I didn't know why, could not understand why I told her.

"You know Aerith … it's not because I don't want to talk to other people … it's just … no one approaches me so I … tend to be seen as "unapproachable" and cold." The expression on her face was so sympathetic and I was surprised to say the least when I felt her arms wrap around me. I looked down to see she had gotten up to hug me. I hesitantly returned the embrace. I felt myself smile as well. "You know we probably only have about another 35 – 40 minutes to eat lunch … so I think you should finish now. I need to get started on mine, too." I smiled at her confused expression seeing as she hadn't seen me bring any sort of lunch with me. I quickly pulled it out of her hug, much to her disappointment it seems, and jumped back to where I originally was to pick up my own bentou. Realization dawned on her features like sunlight reaching the innermost center of a forest.

"When did you … get here anyways? I didn't hear you coming and how did you find me here?" She looked a bit perplexed but was still smiling despite it.

"I just found you." I smiled secretively at her. She just took my answer as it was and smiled back. We then ate in companionable silence and asked each other a few questions here and there. When we had finished our lunches 15 minutes later we put the lids back on our bentou and put them to the side. I looked at her and she looked back. We looked at each other for a few moments longer before I decided to break the silence. "Aerith," she smiled and nodded to let me know I had her full attention, "do you … do you know what they call me … or um … what they refer to me as? Here at school I mean." She looked thoughtful for a moment before answering me.

"I think," she paused, "I think that … the students here refer to you as … the Ice Princess." One look at my expression and she quickly explained "It's not because they think you are mean and cold. It's … it's because you are so … beautiful and as you said "unapproachable" that you are referred to as such. It seems too many revere you, admire and look at you and think of you as a sort of "unapproachable goddess" that no one knows how to approach you." She smiled, satisfied with her answer. When I didn't answer immediately she lightly tapped me on the shoulder and I looked at her in response.

"I see," was all I said for a moment before continuing, "and what is your opinion of me then? What do you think? What do you see?" I asked. She smiled again, god was it breathtaking, I swear if she continues to smile at me like that I might die from forgetting to breath, and answered in truthful and serious tone of voice.

"I see a girl, a 17 year old girl, a normal teenager, a girl just like any other in our school, albeit a very beautiful one that many envy. I see someone who is very strong, cute, and has pride in what she is. I see a person loyal to those who deserve her friendship and kindness. Most of all I see a girl I would like very much to be friends with." She smiled again when she had finished. I smiled back. I felt myself blush a bit at the part where she had called me "cute" and turned my head away for a moment when I felt tears brimming in my eyes. When I felt calm again I turned back to look at her to see concern in her eyes. "Are you all right? Did I hurt you in some way with what I said," she looked pained almost seeing me almost cry. I shook my head at her quickly and smiled, not trusting myself to speak at the moment. She gave me a smile back tentatively.

"I … I was just so … happy because of what you said that I felt like crying from happiness." I looked at her expression again and it had immediately turned into a very happy and cheerful expression.

After school was done with I waited at the school's gate for her, smiling when I saw her, I walked to her and we walked home together. I walked her to her house, which I had never known was just a few blocks away from my own home. It seemed that we were more or less neighbors except that we had never seen each other because her house was located behind my house on the street before my own, so we had never bumped into each other, adding to that we left at different times to go to school. We had planned the time for us to leave school now so that we could walk with each other and talk before we got to school and after during homeroom and lunch periods. I could see this was the beginning of something more for me, but I didn't know what.

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