Brother-in law-ly Love

Kitkat: hey, okay if your wondering why the story is called brother-in law-ly love, it's because it cant be brotherly love, because he's her brother-in law so it's brother-in law-ly love! Got it? Good!

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Chapter 1 - Sis is getting married!!

"You alright sis?" sakura asked her big sister ino, who was at that moment slummped over a chair her long blonde hair covering up her face

"Yeah, I'm just so tired... from carring, THIS HUGE DIMOND RING AROUND!!" she excalimed waving her finger in ther air & there on her marrige finger was her HUGE engagement ring

"OH MY GOD!!" sakura screamed jumping 10 feet in the air

"How many carrots?!" She asked excitedly jummping up & down with her sister

"32!!" she screamed happily, happy tears running down her face

"Wow, Itachi must have spent alot on that!!" she excalimed cradling ino's finger & the ring in the palm of her hand

"He sure did, Im so happy..." she cried & more happy tear's ran down her red cheeks

"Don't cry Ino, you'll ruin your masscara!" exclaimed sakura wiping away your tears

"Your right, for the sake of smuged masscara... I'll be brave!" she cried happily wiping the rest of her tears away

"Itachi want's us to come to his house tonight & have dinner!" she informed sakura

"Cool" sakura repiled not taking her eye's of the Beautiful golden ring

"I wanna get married!!" sakura cried slouching on the sofa

"You need to get a boyfriend first!"

"I had one"


"Yes... but I didnt like him"

"Sakura, sakura, sakura" she tutted

"How do you expect to get a boyfriend, if you don't go out more & ask guys out?"

"Because... I don't know how..."

"You'll learn"

"Im 17 i'm supposed to know already!!" sakura exclaimed

"Yeah well i'm 25 and I'm getting married whoop-de-doo"

"Me & Itachi met when I was 23, so you still have... 6 years till you have to find the right man"

"I wanna find him now"

"You will just not yet" Ino said & scuffled off to show the ring to her freinds

"I wanna boyfriend..." she sighed


-At Itachi's House-

"Woahhhh..." sakura exalimed looking at the HUGE mantion infront of her

"You never told me Itachi had a mantion!!!" she excaimed feeling intimadted by the large house/mantion

"You never asked"

"Okay next time remind me to ask if all your friends have mantions"


Sakura - ''-_-

"Anyway... shall we go inside?" Ino asked her little sister

"Nah, lets just stand out here like numptys until we freeze to death" sakura said sarcastically


"I was being sarcastic you friut bowl"

"Oh, lets go in then" Ino said, spacey.

They walked in to the large mantion & went into what looked like a posh dining room, there was a really long table right in the middle of the room full of wine glass's, plates & posh frilly napkins.

"Oooo..." they sister stared in awe at the room

"Konichiwa, Ino-chan" Greeted itachi from accross the room

"Itachi-kun!" Ino excalimed & ran over to hug her fiance

"Is that your little sister you've been telling so much about?" he asked looking at sakura

"Yep thats sakura!" excalimed ino

Sakura twitched her feet nervously "Hi, Im sakura Haruno"

"Hi, sakura" Itachi smiled warmly at her

"Itachi-kun did'nt you say you had a little brother?" asked ino to her soon-to-be-husband

"Yeah, his name is sasuke, he's a bit of a loner though"

"Eh? Why?" asked ino

"He has been ever since our parents died" itachi sighed

"I hope your not talking about me itachi" said a voice

The voice emerged from the shadowed hallway to reveal a mini itachi, only he had duck-butt hair.

"Sweet mother of teapot's he's hot... why dose he have to be my soon-to-be-brother-in-law?!" sakura thought

"That grummpy log over there is my little brother sasuke" Itachi said jokingly

"tsk, shut up itachi, hn" he said cooly

"Now, now brother. We have guest's" itachi tutted

"Who's that?" he asked pointing to me

"How rude" she thought

"That's Ino's little sister" itachi expained

"Nice to meet you, I'm sakura" sakura bowed at him & smiled warmly

"Hn" he grunted & turned away from her

"Jerk" she thought angrily at his rudeness

"Is that anyway to treat a guest sasuke?"

"Hn" he grunted again

"Well, shall we sit down then? The servents will bring dinner shortly!" Itachi said


-After Dinner-

"Thanks Itachi-kun, your the best, I couldnt eat another thing!" Ino excaimed patting her tummy

"No problem, how was it sakura?" Itachi asked

"Oh, It was delious, thankyou" sakura nervously smiled

"Its very dark out... Why don't you two stay here tonight?" asked itachi

"Thanks Itachi we'd love to!" Ino excaimed excitedly cuddling itachi's arm

"Thankyou very much" Sakura said politly

"I'll find sakura a room to stay in"\Itachi said & walked off with ino, leaving the two teenager's alone together

"Um, so what did you say your name was?" sakura asked friendly

"Sasuke hn"

"Sasuke hn?"

"No sasuke... hn"

"Sasuke... hn?"



"God damn it! Sasuke!"

"Oh, sasuke!" sakura excailmed


"What dose hn mean?" sakura asked after a couple seconds of silance

"Ugh, you never shut up do you"

"Not really"

"Great" sasuke moaned sarcastically

"Sakura we found you a room, Its so pritty!" Ino whizzed down the stair & dragged sakura up them

"Wow... It's so nice" sakura observed the room.

The room was painted white with pink cherry blossem patterens across the middle part of the wall, there was a white & golden dresser & a four posted bed with green silky sheets

"It's beautiful..." she sighed at the room

"Glad you like it" itachi grinned

"The bathroom is the blue door on your first door to the right as you go up the stairs" itachi informed her

"Night sakura!" Ino smiled at her sister & left her in the georgous room

Sakura jummped onto her bed & layed there for a couple of minutes staring at the white dusty celing until she was overcome by sleep.



Sakura was woken up by the sudden urge to need to go to the toilet... badly.

"Okay, where did tachi say the bathroom was?" sakura whispered to herself holding a torch in her hand & creeping through the darkness

"Wasnt it the fist blue door on the left up the stairs? Hmmmm... I'll try that first!"

Sakura made her way up the stairs, too indulged by the need to pee to be scared.

"Blue door, blue door" sakura sang quiety to her self, looking for the blue door

"Ah ha!" sakura cried & entered the dark room & shone the torch in the room

"Hey, this isnt the bathroom" she said to her self

"What are you doing in here?" somebody asked from behind her


End of the chappie

Kitkat: did ya like it?

Jazz: pwez say you did!

Hazza: we'll love you forever

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Moomoo-chan: James stop being such a emo, your just like sasuke

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