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2 – Soon other countries and Empires will get into the act, and thus will expand on the Narutoverse. Madara is only going to be one problem Naruto has to deal with.

3 – A bigger expansion on how the government is run, and the Empire in general. This is going to be very important throughout the fic, that is an assurance to you.

Also, if you want a size comparison for the western empire and the elemental countries. In our world, think of Europe as the elemental countries, and Russia as the western empire in terms of size. And problems :).

So I hope you enjoy this new and improved fanfic. (Note if you are not up to date with the manga, there will be spoilers).

A blond haired boy, no older than nineteen years of age, awoke on a king-sized bed, the blood red covers getting shoved over as he awkwardly sat up, the rays of the sun glared in his closed, blue eyes, a natural alarm clock signalled that the morning had arrived. With a hand he brushed his calm, lifeless looking blond hair out of his eyes as he rubbed his tired eyes; last night really took strain on him. A muffled knock was heard on the large doors to his right. With heavy eyes he turned his head to face the noise.

"Come in" the boy managed to yawn out, looking at the tall, slender old man who walked in. He wore a butler's uniform, his hair was a dark grey and was kept short, and bore a small moustache in the same colour. His name is Mitsuhide Sunaka, and is the head servant within the Palace walls, overseeing the events, which take place in its walls. He was also a close confidant to the boy, and is completely loyal towards him. What should be most interesting about him is the fact he was once considered to be a great warrior back in his youth, and a true servant in the way of bushido, the way of the warrior. He was once a member of the bushido seven; a group of samurai which were renowned for trying to keep the chaos contained in the west countries and protect the innocent from the wars, but he is now the only survivor. Now he uses his knowledge and expeience to help train the boy in the arts of war, which proved to be vital during his campaign.

"My apologies if I woke you up your Imperial Majesty" he spoke in a clear, aged tone, "did you sleep well?" The boy just chuckled in response.

"Not really Mitsuhide-San, my heads still spinning from that late night party" the blond replied as he slowly got to his feet and, after a stretch, walked over to the large wardrobe in the corner of the room. Upon opening it, he grabbed one of his many highly decorated white suits, which was complete with a double-breasted blazer, white pants, a white long-sleeve shirt and a white tie to match. On his feet he wore white trainers. He grew out of sandals and found shoes too uncomfortable for him. He had golden shoulder boards fixed to his shoulders, and had an embodied sash running from his right shoulder to the left side of his waist. He then walked over to the wooden screen, which was placed next to the wardrobe.

"Well your Imperial Majesty yesterday was a big event, as it was the second anniversary of this Empire's unification". Ah yes, the unification of the western Empire, know throughout the elemental countries as the Empire in the west. It all would never have happened if the current Emperor, the young boy, were betrayed by his home. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the founder and first Emperor of this Empire. Time was kind to Naruto, for he no longer looked the idiotic young boy he once was, but instead a tall and proud young man. Gone were the whisker marks that told the tale of his previous fate, and his hair was no longer spiky, but calm and lifeless. How did it all start? It began when he successfully retrieved the "last Uchiha", Sauske Uchiha, back to the Village hidden in the Leafs, also known as Konoha. However, despite having being incredibly loyal to his home, he was rewarded with scorn and banishment. The reason, releasing the Nine Tailed Fox and the attempted killing of the Uchiha.

Now this didn't hurt him, in fact, he was glad to be away from the spiteful village, but what hurt him was that everyone he thought he could trust, everyone he thought was his friends and family, betrayed him. Tsunade had scowled him for the injuries Sauske had received, despite being personally injured himself. His Sensei, Kakashi Hatake, had left him to rot. His teammate, Sakura, had shunned him, as did the entire rookie nine, and most of all, Iruka, his big brother, and Jairiya, his godfather. Only Teuchi and Ayame remained his friends, but even they couldn't help due to heavy pressure brought onto them. The only other person who never truly betrayed him was Hinata; in fact, she confessed her love to him only before his banishment. It hurt him to know he could now never return her feelings. Soon after he left the village, word got out that Tsunade had told the whole village of Naruto's dark secret, and so he was sure she would hate him as well.

But he soon realized how blind he was when he was out of the village for good; it was like the wool had been removed from his eyes, he could see clearly. Now, compared to popular belief, he wasn't the idiot he made himself out to be: It was a mask, a self-defence mechanism to use against the villagers who hurt him over the years. Now he had no need for it, and so he was free.

He also found out his heritage before his banishment, how? The small scroll that appeared mysteriously in his apartment. He could remember how shocked he was to find out he was the son of the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and it strengthened his hatred towards Konoha, how much more had it kept from him. The scroll also contained the family fortune and the scrolls of his father, including the art of seals, which now he is a master of.

But it was his mothers scroll which he was deeply shaken at reading: not only did she herself hold the Kyuubi when she was alive, but she was also related to the former daimyo of whirlpool country. This shook him to the core, he was pratically royalty in terms of were he came from, but instead he was treated like dirt. What hit him hardest however was finding out that Madara Uchiha was the one who sparked everything of, even having had a hand in his mothers demise. For making him lose everything before he even had it, Naruto swore revenge.

But he wasn't alone on his travels: the very demon inside of him was his only true companion, and had a close relationship. Ironic that the demon was the only one he could truly trust. Naruto found out how the seal that bound him worked, and after a year of hard labour, freed him from his prison, complete with all nine tails of power. Now he could have left Naruto to get his revenge on the one who controlled him that fateful night, Madara Uchiha, but he stayed with the boy, out of a sense of duty, and began to teach him many things not just in the ways of Ninja, but also in many other aspects of life. So this came useful when he gained an ambition: An ambition, which would make him the most powerful ruler on the continent.

To the west of the known elemental countries, things were done much different in many aspects. This vast land, though far larger that the eastern counterpart was also far less stable. The eastern countries were in fact the only place of stability on the land mass and it was an small pocket compared to the rest of the continent, primarily due to the fact the eastern countries managed to settle down and develop. In the rest of the lands, debbed by the east as the primitive west, things were different:

Firstly, since the shinobi wars hadn't gotten near these lands, the population was higher because there were no great wars to diminish human life. Also, the first shinobi war saw the end of the samurai era as the domiant force, but only in the eastern pocket. To the west, both ninja and samurai worked together to create a strong, military force for which all the small western countries used. But the biggest difference was in fact a flaw of the western part of the continent: unlike the east, were there was strong central governments that held power, such as the Daimyo's, the west was nearly a lawless and chaotic place. Countless local Warlords rose up and took power away from the Daimyo's, leaving them powerless and without authority, and used their newfound power to terrorize and control the countries. These Warlords even sought to expand their power and declared war on other warlords, fighting over land and resources, especially in the northern parts. And while the wars were less frequent, it didn't mean they were less fierce. Instead many small skirmishes were fought and many battles resulted in both sides losing many solders, and usually also resulted in the death of one or both Warlords participating in the fight. However, there would always be another Warlord who would rise up and take the place of his predecessor.

Naruto saw the lawlessness of the land, and together with Kyuubi, sort to bring peace to the war-torn continent. He became first known throughout the land when he challenged and killed one of the most dangerous Warlords, Nobunaga Oda, in a dual, a warlord who easily was one of the most powerful due to having the biggest size of territory compared to his rival lords. While he was considered a godsend to the people in the land having liberated them from the vial Warlord, to the other rulers it was a different story. To them, he was merely considered to be a young, naïve fool going out of his depth, and was thus entitled by the other Warlords and Daimyo, as the "Eastern Fool". How wrong they were.

This did not stop him however, and as he began to take on and defeat the neighbouring rulers, one at a time. All the while he began to see changes in his old beliefs of battlefield tactics: The most prominent was that he no longer saw the prospect of having small-sized elite groups, or in fact a one-man army, like in the east as prominent enough to bring victory. Instead, he saw that many, well trained troops and new technologies that are co-ordinated and combined properly and appropriately could easily overcome any foe. This was seen in the skirmish of Nagata ridge, which his forces defeatedthe forces of the infamous Warlord of Yoshino Imikugara, using a combination of battalion formations containing a variety of Archers, Spearmen and the use of explosive detonations to trap and destroy the enemy. Yoshino did not survive.

A few years later he was arguable the most powerful lord in the west, after he swept through the other Warlord lands, and like a selective plague killed many of the tyrannical lords. Of the course of his war, many coalitions were formed to try to stop his growing power. The first coalition was the only one to prove any challenge to him. Soon after any coalition formed was simply swept aside. Finally, soon after the fall of Kyoto and the Ashikage Shogunate, many of the remaining Rulers who had not fallen united in a grand, final coalition in a last gambit attempt to defeat the boy before he was able to solidify his power. But Naruto was no longer the hotheaded genin that came from the east, but now was a great strategist of near-unrivalled skill. This was seen in the climatic battle of Nashagiro, the final great battle Naruto fought in the west. At the start of the battle the blond constantly outmanoeuvred the coalition forces that sought to depose him. The coalition had many lords involved, and as such. While the battle went too and through, the turning point of the battle when he lured the hot-headed warlord Shuria Takeda's forces, compromising primarily of Cavalry formations into the open plain, and destroyed them using a combination of the standing spear-wall formations, to stop the cavalry in their tracks, and then having the archers formations fire wave upon wave of arrows to bring them down. After this disaster of losing their primary cavalry force, the coalition began to crumble. Naruto's forces soon began to overwhelm their defences one position at a time, before going to the final thrust to victory, claiming many of the coalition leaders lives in the process. After this their lands were easy to take. Once the coalition fell, there was never another coalition to rise against him.

After seeing the climatic defeat of the coalition, many of the other rulers, which had not joined, sort it best to join Naruto rather than lose everything. After negotiating with them, the boy's lands grew as what remained of both Warlords and Daimyo alike rushed to swear loyalty to him, hoping that they would be able to keep their lands as reward for their loyalty. In the end Naruto's empire stretched from the elemental boarders to the western shoes, an extremely long distance.

While several of his major victories did come from wars, it was his diplomatic tongue that was his greatest asset. He would use his skills of negotiation, taught thanks to Kyuubi, to not only defuse situations and play one foe against another, but also to gain allies, then vassals, then retainers. This happened when Yasunaga Hattori and the Hattori clan became a close ally to him when he first rose to power. The Hattori clan were a ninja force unlike any other in the west. Their abilities, while made them feared, also made them targets by those who felt threatened. Soon after Naruto managed several expansions they were under threat of the Takeda, who swore if they were captured, they would be killed. To survive against this, they accepted becoming a vassal to Naruto's power in order to ward away the threats of the stronger clans. It was when Yasunaga died that his son Hanzo took over, and he had his own clan swore loyalty to Naruto. Examples of this also happened with the Sanada, Hojo, and Fukushima clans, which all in turn swore loyalty to him as his power expanded.

His biggest form of support however was not from the clans, lords or Daimyo, but came from the people of the war torn lands. To them he was a hero fighting for them, for their beliefs, and for their dream of peace. Some even rose up and tore down their ruling classes in order to side with the boy. And so, after nearly five years of unification, and seeing their own lives slowly begin to improve thanks to a peace never seen before, it was only natural that they would want him to become their ruler. Their Emperor.

To say Naruto was greatly pleased with his accomplishments: he created an empire that made the eastern countries combined look tiny in comparison, he took his place on the political stage with the other nations to the north an across the seas, and he gained many friends and comrades during that time. He also gained many new allies and warriors, who helped bring his countries military might to be an inspiration to others who looked in awe. However, even after all these accomplishments, the one thing that still eluded him was the thing he wanted most which was denied to him all his life; a loving family.

The Empire itself, due to its vast size, had a great variety of different population densities, along with different ethnic groups. The empire was essentially divided into five regions: In the centre of the empire, was the capital, Kyoto. Here Naruto ruled the western Empire in his palace. The palace was constructed by the vain Ashikaga Shogun, who ruled the region with an iron fist and had much of the territories resources used for his own pleasures. A large palace of great magnificence, it was built at the cost of those living in the city, draining much of its resources to build. Naruto was able to capture this city, and the palace, intact and now used it for his own design. The two of the three most populated centres also were in the centre of the Empire, they being Osaka and Edo. The central region had little urban development, but it was the centre of expanding ideas, and Osaka was considered the city of development for the Empire, due to the large amount of guilds within its walls, which focused upon research and development.

The third, Owari, was in the eastern region of the Empire, and was a strong defensive base due to its close proximity to the eastern countries. The eastern region was a place with large rural areas with few urban towns and cities. These however were all fortified, as it was in the eastern region were some of the strongest warlords had made their base before Naruto appeared. The Eastern region is primarily a military area due to it high population density, and most of the military forts being built for the Empire were located in this region.

The western region was by far the largest of the regions, and such was considered to be the most important after the central region. It had many trade ports within the empire, which brought in vast material wealth as well as knowledge from countries far beyond the sea. The city-port of Xun-Cheng, which was considered to the region capital in terms of trade, was the most influential in these terms as it brought into the empire the majority of the foreign goods. The western region also held the highest population of the regions, covering both urban and rurual areas. While not gathered, as there were few cities in the region, and none as densely populated as the three population centres, there were certainly many more small-cities, towns and villages than anywhere else in the empire.

However, two regions were a constant problem for Naruto: the northern and southern regions. Both had suffered severely during the war of unification, but also knew problems had arisen, both internally and externally, made both regions the hardest to govern, but also put strain on the Empires already low recourses. There are two reasons why Naruto is intent on holding on to them however:

The northern region is highly rich in natural minerals. Great quantities of copper, ore, and gold were being found all over the north, and much more was being discovered. Some of this appeared shortly before Naruto's ascension, but after being persuaded by his advisors to search for anymore-mineral hotspots, the region was soon covered with many mines to extract these precious minerals. While the western region also held high quantities of minerals, the northern regions mineral wealth was considered to be more accessible. Soon the Empire would benefit greatly when enough was extracted, not just from the northern, but also the western region. The problem was that it was on the boarder next to the religious Syran Empire. Tensions have been high between these two great powers and war seems to be close to inevitable.

The southern region on the other hand was plain and bare, but this vast, empty plain, the location would be perfect for creating many farms and livestock. The people in the south were naturally rural, and so to create vast farms to help cultivate the Empires ever growing demand for resources would prove vital in the years to come.

The system of government that the Emperor used to rule this immense Empire was quite complex. At the top of the vast bureaucracy, it involved three branches, each with it's own style of appointment and it's own level of power. The first is to be the House of Representatives, but is more commonly known as the House of Commons. The reason for this is that the people themselves elected all the members of the house. Naruto understood the value of democracy when it came to ruling the land, so it was best to give the people a voice when it concerned their well being, and also guaranteed his popularity amongst the masses. The second was the more prestigious Senate, which contained those who could be considered wise Individuals, as all the members were experts in their own fields. This branch was appointed by the Emperor himself, as it would be useful to have such experts in the government. Finally, the third branch was the House of Lords. This branch contained all the Lords and high-ranking Nobles, which had sided with Naruto during the wars, as a promise that he would restore their power if they joined. The House of Lords is considered to be the smallest of the branches, due to how few Lords actually joined with the Boy Emperor, but it is in fact the one he works most closely with.

While these branches did hold great sway over the Empire, it was the Emperor who held the most power, if all the power, as it was he who had final say over what decisions to take. In this form he was essentially an autocratic ruler, who wielded unlimited legislative and executive power, who had essentially delegated some powers to the branches to keep them happy. The Emperor himself worked with a Cabinet with individuals who worked on certain areas, such as agriculture and Justice. Within this Cabinet contained what was considered to be the leaders of the three Houses: the Speaker of the Representatives, the Speaker of the Senate, and the Lord Speaker of the House of Lords. So far this form of government has been effective, and so it looked like it wouldn't change soon.

And so two years since the unification of the western lands, Emperor Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze was getting ready for an important meeting with one of his Daimyo allies, who had regained some of their former power under the boy's leadership, just as he promised them. Upon putting his tie in place and put and a golden amulet on the top of the tie, he walked out from behind the screen and looked towards the sharp dressed man.

"I must admit even in my youth we never had a party like that, I guess this is what peace and prosperity brings you" Naruto smiled at his old-aged head servant.

"Well, it goes to show what you can do when everything goes as planned". He turned to his chief servant. "Shall we go then?" he asked Mistuhide, who bowed in response. Grinning, the boy walked past the man as he fixed his white gloves, which had strange markings on the back side of his hands, and headed to the corridor in the palace, his chief servant behind close him.

Walking out, he gazed at those ready to meet him. Naturally, twelve huge figures stood at attention. These men are the Praetorian Guard: What greater bodyguard could there be to a ruler of Naruto's calibre. They are twelve among the greatest warriors in the Empire, who are in fact rumoured to be some of the first to bow before Naruto, and have been rewarded with his complete trust. Armed with golden, highly decorated armour that has symbols of the eagle upon its surface, and are armed with both a halberd in their hands and a sword in its sheath, they are ready to take on any foe. These were created by the greatest of the empires smiths that surpass even current modern achievements, and supported by magical seals to increase toughness and decrease the weight. It is said that even one of these warriors would even give a Kage a challenge in single combat, but that has yet to be seen. Eternally loyal, these men would literally, and gladly give their lives to protect the grand Emperor of the West.

Also there to greet him is Lord Komei Ishida, the head of the Empire's civil service. He wears a bright white business suit that is trimmed yellow, with white gloves and black shoes. His hair is a short brown, along with his eyes. On his chin is a small beard, which is short, showing it hasn't been growing for long. Komei is Naruto's Chief of Staff and coordinator of the mass bureaucracy within the Empire, which helps manage the mass flow of information. If anyone wants an audience with the Emperor, they have to speak to him first, for he is the one that helps organize Naruto's daily schedule. Even members of the government have to speak to him first to be granted an audience. Considered to be one of the most powerful men in the Empire, Naruto trusts him due to the fact he has no real political ambitions. They however on their surface only had professional relationship, privately; he has helped Naruto through many situations in dealing with the often-divided government. He bows his head in respect to Naruto.

"You're Imperial Majesty, how are you this morning?" he asked, raising his head to see Naruto with a smile.

"Fine Lord Komei-Dono, so what's this days agenda?" Komei handed Naruto a piece of paper, which essentially showed him of what is going on today.

"The first order of business is the meeting with the lords of the northern region" Naruto was glad this was to be dealt with first. When the Western Empire came into being, the neighbouring Syran Kingdom to the north, seeing this new Empire as a threat, has been launching raids to disrupt the northern provinces, but also to try and get at the recourses being discovered. Though significantly smaller than Naruto's Empire, they were proving to be a thorn in his side. Any attempt at trying to come to terms with the Emir, the ruler of Syran, has failed. Naruto was afraid that soon, if these raids were not stopped, it could spill into all out war. As large as the western empire was, it was not ready militarily, economically, or even culturally ready for another war. This meeting with the northern province lords was to hopefully find ways of strengthening the boarders, as two Imperial Legions had already been directed at the north to try and gain a measure of control on the situation.

It was obvious to many people in the top of the Empire, including the Emperor himself, that the only thing at the moment keeping the empire safe was its size. Far bigger than any nation, and even combined it would still be small; the size of the empire gave of a feeling to invincibility to the rest of the nations. However, if they knew what exact was happening within the, the sense of power would diminish:

While the economy was stable, and growing quite exponentially, it was relatively weak when considering the size of the Empire. The economy would have in fact been dismal if it was not for the fact that many of the daimyo's hadn't surrendered to Naruto: while this created a problem in regulating the provinces as it would require new appointments, the fact is much of the lands wealth was now in Naruto's hands, and not in the pockets of the individual provincial lords. Due to this advantage, he would be able to spend it when to would be most needed. Adding to this work still had to be done on both the infrastructure and the empire integrity. Even after a few years of unification things were rocky at best.

Furthermore, the military strength of the Empire was currently feeble: when local lords or daimyos had armies, it was primarily made up of ashigaru, or peasant soldiers. Only few samurai were actually seen on the battlefield, and there was a major difference between and peasant with a spear and a trained soldier with a katana. As such the Emperor has attempted to train a properly standing force that consisted of trained samurai over ashigaru forces. However, to train an army vast enough to protect an Empire as large as the western empire would take a great amount of time and recourses to create.

Overall, while it looked formidable, the western empire was in a relatively vulnerable position, and would remain so for some time till it began to bear the fruits of the peoples labour, then it would become the power it is rumoured to be.

Before Komei could continue to talk about the schedule however, a voice rang out through the halls of the Imperial palace.

"Your Majesty!" Naruto turned his head to see another dressed man running towards him. He was clean shaved and had short black hair.

"My apologies for interrupting your schedule, but there is a long white haired man who wishes to see you, he say's it is urgent." Naruto signed in annoyance, he turned to the other man next to him.

"Tell the lords of the northern provinces I will be slightly late for the meeting". The man bowed and walked off to perform his duty. The young Emperor walked with the other man down the long hall to see whom this stranger was, and what he wanted that was so urgent.

"Did he say who he was?" he asked inquisitively. The man shook his head.

"I am afraid not your Majesty" he replied, "he only said he was from the eastern countries, I think he said it was fire country, and he was here on good will." Naruto stopped in his tracks, causing the servant to turn around.

"Is there something wrong Sire?" he asked. Naruto's features darkened: if this man was from fire country, then there was a chance he came from that place.

"We shall see," he muttered to himself, the proceeded to continue walking to where this man was, followed by Komei and the twelve guards.

Finally, they reached the doors to the guest room. The man walked to the door and grabbed the handle, opening it for the blond. Upon stepping in to the room, he saw a long haired man wearing red, his back turned as he stared out the window. Hearing the door open the figure turned, and smiled at how he saw.

"Hey there brat, how's it been?" Naruto's eyes widened in shock as he recognised the voice, before he gave the man a heated glare, his voice filled with both anger and hate as he growled out the man's name. The glare told the members of the Praetorian Guard that this man was trouble, and readied themselves against him.


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As such, part of this story is about how Naruto will address these problems, and thus bring the Western Empire to new, dazzling heights.

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