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Chapter 1

Harry stared at the Umbrige blankly. He still couldn't fully comprehend how he could even stand looking at such an ugly, toad like woman. The more he looked, the more explicit the features came to be. He shuddered. The woman had an angry look on her face and he could swear he saw the warts on her face enlarge and grow hairs. A disgusted feeling overtook him, but he managed to keep from saying ew. Harry was barely able to keep his dazed and confused blank look as his mental image of her toad like face became ever so animated and funny. At this point he was resisting the immense urge to laugh.

"Don't stare at me like that!!" The woman's toad like voice barked, or sounded more like a hiccup from a frog. His eyes went down to her plump body that looked much like a squished doughnut with two soggy ice cream cones that have been badly squished beneath her weight and pig lard for arms. Of course the scent of her perfume would numb one's senses, and the intensive jewelry fit her style like the eccentric crabby old lady she was.

One day, Harry thought, someone should show her her rightful place. Make her realize she's not as high and mighty as she thinks she is. Kill that stupid ego of hers.

"Sorry…" Harry managed to say.

"Sorry … what," she exaggerated on the last word said.

"Ma'am…" came his dutiful response. Toad whore, he smirked to himself inwardly.

After a moment of an evil and what she thought was an over powering stare, she briskly walked past him. Well what you would call brisk for an overly fat and extremely short woman with anger management problems who probably needs a psychologist. Fast. After a small lingering moment, Harry realized he had to follow her. She seemed to be…well running to keep up his slow steady pace. They way she twisted around the corridors that seemingly led to nowhere made Harry snort a couple of times. He fell behind just so that he could watch her wiggle her way through the intricate stone corridors. Every now and then a snort would be too loud, so when she'd turn around, he'd pretend to have a coughing fit. In the end, they found themselves standing in front of the great hall. Umbrige stopped to look around, obviously searching for something. However Harry was smarter than to try to speak up and ask what that object was. He just aimlessly looked around, pretending to be helping her. Finally, she found a key, which Harry deduced was as heavy as it was big and was slightly stumped at the fact that she actually searched for it when it was right in front of the Great Hall doors the entire time. Then again, this was Umbrige.

"This is a portkey, Potter," she said matter-of-factly. Harry smirked, No shit really.

"We are we going, ma'am," he tried to be respectful as possible, his glass green eyes boring questioningly into her own.

"Actually, I really don't know. Dumbledore wouldn't say…" and with that both grasped the portkey and held onto it for dear life as they were warped into another dimension, and were violently thrust back into their own.

------------ Couple days earlier, Konohagakure, Hokage's office -------------

The room was filled with fifteen ANBU black ops, a Kazekage, a Hokage and her lovely assistant Shizune. TonTon always made her presence known by oinking happily.

"Remove masks1" Tsunade ordered. At once all fourteen ninjas removed their masks revealing their faces. In order from left to right, Tsunade called attendance.

"From Suna, Kazekage-sama, Gaara!" She looked up and received a nod.

"Temari!" she barked.

"Hai!" came a short and curt answer.


"Hai hai," the answer held a tinge of laziness to it.

"Team Seven!" Sasuke, who was finally back, Naruto and Sakura were still referred to that. However, Sai was also now part of the team. All four answered in unison. So did the other teams. They kept their original three man cells because they operated best in them, and because during role call, it made things a hell lot easier.

"Team Eight!"

"Present!" TenTen's voice sounded, a smirk Neji's lips formed followed with a "Yeah, I'm here," Next to him, Lee screamed a very energetic, "YOSHI!"

"Team Nine!"

Ino answered, "We're all here Hokage-same," her voice a little strained as she tried waking Shikamaru who was next to her. However, he was leaning against the wall, hands in pockets, his high pine apple pony tail serving as a pillow as he slowly dozed off. Next to the sleeper was Chouji, who as usual was munching on chips. Tsunade sighed and rubbed her temples.

"Alright, last but not least, Team Ten…" for some reason, Tsunade's eagerness about the entire situation drained when she saw Lee's over enthusiasm, Shikamaru's extreme lack of enthusiasm, and Chouji deliberate and focused eating.

"H-hai…" a shy reply came from Hinata.

"Bark!" Akamaru answered for Kiba who just grinned widely.

"Here…" a dead cold voice answered through the fabric of the jacket that hid half of Shino's face. The other half was covered by his hood and dark glasses.

"Okay, well. You are all ANBU black ops. Since there are what…sixteen of you…," she said, counting the Kazekage as well, who reluctantly agreed to go on this mission, "You will be cut up into four platoons."

A curt nod followed by those who were listening except for a snore, another yell of "YOOOSHII!!!" and a bark.

Sakura raised her hand slightly, "Tsunade-senpai?"

Tsunade turned her head towards the pink haired girl tiredly, "Yeah?" The blonde Hokage blinked sleep from her eyes.

"What's the mission exactly? Why do so many of us have to go…doesn't that like leave Konoha unprotected?" She voiced her reasonable concern.

"No…we still have all the ANBU, regular and black ops, and all the jounins, chunnins, and genins…" she said with great ease, "With Orochimaru dead and Pein defeated and most of the Akatsuki killed, I doubt that anything will arise over the next year." Tsunade was either really sleepy and just couldn't care less at this point, or was really drunk.

"And by the way, this mission is a year long, but it pays a hefty price. I don't think it will even be that hard…"

Sakura bowed slightly to show her understanding, but she mostly bowed out of respect for her senpai, "Hai."

"Any questions?" When no one answered, Tsunade proceeded to stifle a yawn as she rearranged papers on her messy desk, "Meet at the third training grounds in two days for a full mission report. Since the Kazekage is going, he's in charge. Just…FYI…" another yawn.

A couple of them winced. Tsunade abbreviating anything means that she really wanted them out of her office…fast; or that she was dead tired and couldn't care less for formalities. The latter was proven when her head forcefully fell against the table causing a couple papers to go flying.

"Damn Shikamaru…he spreads his sleeping disease…like a fucking…," yawn, "epidemic…"

And the Hokage was fast asleep. The sixteen ninja looked at each other, shrugged, and vanished in a swirl of black leaves.

------------------------------------- Back in Present Time. Training Grounds 3. Everyone, Including Umbrige and the Naruto gang are present ------------------------------------

"ALRIGHT YOU MINIONS!" Tsunade screamed. Immediately everyone's undivided attention was on the busty, young and gorgeous looking woman. Harry looked at her wide eyed. She was something else. A couple of the sixteen masked men and women chuckled. They received a death glare.

Harry noticed Umbrige flinched a little when Tsunade screamed, but tried to retain her composure, and still look her high and mighty self. Truly, it was repulsing.


"Anno…" One of them raised their hand reluctantly… "There's no need to scream, we're all right here…" he, Harry judged by the voice, stated the obvious.

"Ah, yes," The woman's voice calmed, and she turned to Harry, "Harry, please come here."

Umbrige pushed him forcefully and Harry looked at her, trying to see if he could blow her head up just by looking at it like they did in Star Wars.

One of these days, I swear… BOOM!

He approached the woman who put her hand around him.

"This here is Harry Potter, a boy famous for surviving a killing curse." She started to explain…but then realized she hadn't told her fellow ninjas what magic was.

"Oh but before I begin; There is a race of people who have developed their use of chakra like we have. Just that they need something to amplify the chakra, and create a certain jutsu of their own. Much like we do with seals. Except we don't amplify our jutsus with anything. So think of them as a race of low class ninjas with no ninjutsu abilities. This … race… if you will is called Wizards. They practice what is known as Witchcraft and Wizardry to get better at their failures of attempts to channel chakra. Once you arrive to your destination, you will be given these chakra amplifiers known commonly as wands. Once you have a wand, think of yourselves as invincible… which as Black Ops, you already are. At least among them."

The ninjas seemed to listen closely, Harry realized. He just wasn't all too happy about the woman calling them a low class of ninjas. Or failures at that. He looked at his Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and noticed her discontent as well. However, they were in no position to say anything to contradict the woman because both knew full well she was right. They just weren't comfortable with they way she phrased it.

"MASKS OFF!" she ordered to the masked men and women who stood in a perfect line. In utmost synchronization, from left to right, they took their masks off one by one, the next following less than a fraction before the one before.

"Kazekage-sama," she said politely to a red headed boy who stood at the very end at the left side, "Hajimete kudasai." This, Harry didn't understand, but understood in context because the redheaded boy began.

"My name is Sabaku no Gaara. I'm the Kazekage, or the strongest ninja of the Hidden Village in the Sand. I lead the country, much like the Minister of Magic does with the Wizarding World."

"Except all he really does is sign a bunch of paper from morning 'til night," a blonde girl who stood directly on his right said as she made a jokingly cute face. Gaara smirked in annoyance, but said nothing. "I'm Temari! His older sister." She gave a smile to Harry and as she looked over at Umbrige, the smile tensed and wavered, then fell.

"Kankurou, his older brother," The boy with purple facial make up said.

Then three of the ninjas took a step forward, however the pink haired girl was the only one that spoke.

"My name is Haruno Sakura, and these are my teammates, Uchiha Sasuke…and Uzumaki Naruto and Sai," Sakura leaned forward to point at each one of them. Sasuke 'hn'ed and Naruto grinned. Harry reluctantly grinned back. The three then retreated. Three more came forward.

"Hello," a brunette spoke. She looked very tomboyish and her long hair was twisted into two buns onto the top of her head. She gave him a warm smile, "My name is TenTen, and these are my two teammates, Hyuuga Neji and ..." TenTen paused because the boy with the fuzzy eyebrows or eyebrow and the bowl cut hairdo did some weird air trick and landed gracefully, then introduced himself.

"ROCK LEE!!..." after that it was just a lot of words about the fountain of youth and the springs of something or another. Whatever the boy said wasn't really important. It was the reaction of his two teammates that slowly scooted away from him that made Harry laugh. The boy was overly enthusiastic. Harry bet that if someone asked him to run five hundred laps on his hands, the boy would obey. He didn't realize however, that he was spot on. A moment later, as Harry's eyes diverted from Rock to inspect Hyuuga, his eyes widened. He realized that Hyuuga's eyes were lavender with no pupils and wondered for a moment if he was blind. The boy shot him a look and Harry realized he wasn't…but his eyes were one scary thing to look at. By now he also picked up that only the girls in the three man teams spoke.

The next trio, "My name is Ino," a gorgeous blonde said. She too had no pupils. Her eyes were light blue in the middle and darker blue around the edges, "This is Akimichi Chouji," she gave a nervous laugh as the boy continued munching on his potato chips. He did however raise a hand in acknowledgement. Ino then paused as she watched Shikamaru fall to the floor and mumble… 'clouds', "And that guy's Nara Shikamaru."

Harry interjected, "Wait…does your first name go first…or?" After hearing Rock, Nara, and Akimichi, he was certain those couldn't be their first names. Unless their parents hated them of course.

"Last name first, then real name," Ino politely answered his question.

Harry then went back to the beginning to see if he still remembered, "Gaaura, Temaari, Kankuuro, Sakuura, Saucegay, Naruuto, Say, umm, TenTen, Negi, Lee, Ino, Shiikamaruu, and Shogi…"

The ninjas winced. "Work on your pronunciation, please," Neji said appalled.

"Heh, sorry, I'm not used to Japanese names." He again received a nod.

The last trio stepped forward.

A girl that looked a lot like Neji just with blueberry hair said in a quiet shy voice, "H-hi. My n-name is Hi-Hinata, Hyuuga Hi-Hinata…" however she was then cut off by the boy to her right.

"Hyuuga Hinata," he pointed to her, "Inuzuka Kiba," to himself, and then to the last guy at the right who seemed to look like one of those guys from Terminator 3, "Aburame Shino."

Hinata gave a small surprised yelp, and blushed, but let Kiba finish.

"Well, I'm Harry Potter," Harry said, "and the woman behind me is a professor at my school, and a secretary to the Minister of Magic. Her name is Prof. Umbrige."

Umbrige finally gave a curt nod and then excused herself saying she needed to use the bathroom. Tsunade gave a head motion and TenTen jumped out of the group and landed next to her. Once they were out of ear shot, Harry added, "Actually I forgot her first name… I just call her Toad Face." The ninjas burst out laughing, Tsunade included.

------------------------------Somewhere in Konoha -------------------------------------------

"NO!" the short crabby woman screamed defiantly, "I WILL NOT USE THIS PREPOSTEROUS EXCUSE FOR A BATHROOM! IT'S FILTHY!"

TenTen just stared at her dubiously. After a moment of staring she asked, "Well, where do you want to go then? The King's bathroom? A golden toilet? Well listen lady," Umbrige managed to piss TenTen off whose eyes now resembled Lee's, burning with fire, except out of anger, not weird enthusiasm, "And you listen well. This isn't some elite high class city for the rich and famous. This is a village to train some of the best ninjas alive. The reason the conditions are bad is to teach us that life isn't served to you on a silver platter. Once we achieve high status, and our families create their own kekki-genkais, then we can live in mansions and poo in golden toilets. By that time, we already have killed thousands of people mercilessly upon order. And I swear lady, you're next in my book!"

Umbrige gulped, but her face hardened once more, "Such obscene kids! I'll make sure that you are relieved of your duty as soon as possible. We don't need trash like you guarding our school."

"You do realize you are below us in power and charka evolution. You're as pureblood in your world as Rock Lee is to using genjutsu or ninjutsu," At this point, the weapons mistress was ready to kill her. No pun intended.

Umbrige sniffed a couple of times and raised an eyebrow. Inwardly she was at a loss for what a couple of the words meant, so she couldn't plan any more insults to throw back. However, her face stayed firm and menacing, and TenTen just found her despicable. TenTen pointed to the public bathroom, "GO!" and after a moment of deliberation, the old crabby and ugly lady walked into the toilet.

--------------------------- Training Grounds Three – The Mission Information, Report, and Duty List --------------------------

On their way back, TenTen was considering stopping to buy hundreds of pairs of ear plugs just so she and her friends, and possibly other irritated students at that school wouldn't have to listen to her whine. 'But this… but that…ooohh… I'm the high majesty of the world, you can't treat me this way,' TenTen mimicked in her head, 'Hell yeah I can!' She thought to herself angrily. The moment the others were in sight, TenTen disappeared from Umbrige's side and reappeared with her teammates. Angry, pissed off.

Finally, when everybody was there, Tsuande proceeded to hand out papers, and envelopes. Once everyone got theirs, she explained what they were, "Alright filthy earthlings," this time Tsunade received a glare, "This is a list of the school supplies you need to buy once you get to Diagon Alley. It's a little wizarding town where you can get everything and anything. Harry and his friends will show you around. I suggest though, while shopping, break up into groups. It's a little weird seeing twenty people shuffle in and out of stores together. The envelope is the formal invitation to become a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. That's the school you will be guarding. You will mingle in with the students. That way you have every access pass they do and can keep a close eye on them all the time. School rules do apply, however you are free to roam into every single room in the castle, while for example to the students the Third Floor is off limits. Likewise you're allowed to go into the Forbidden Forest to train while even to the oldest kids, that forest is off."

"Um, Tsunaadey," Umbrige interrupted. The Hokage's head snapped into her direction and her brilliant brown eyes narrowed, the purple diamond on her forehead glinting.

"Princess Hokage-sama to you," Tsunade snarled.

"Yes, um Hokaagey-suma," this bad pronunciation received a groan from a couple of the ninjas. TenTen who was still ticked off muttered under her breath, "Pronunciation issues," in a sarcastic tone, "Guess that's another thing to add to all the things that make her repulsive." Neji snickered.

"What is it? You're wasting my time, get on with it," Tsunade snapped her fingers.

"Yes, um, well actually you are wrong. By the order of the Ministry of Magic, these new … gaurds… aren't allowed any special privileges." Umbrige's tone of voice made Harry groan who was so far so wrapped up in the conversation that by now, until Umbrige made her stupid remark, he was staring up in awe at the tall busty gorgeous woman who was giving orders to the ninjas. However when he snapped back into reality, he made a terribly annoyed expression and balled his fists. TenTen looked at him knowingly. Though not as annoyed, everyone stared at her with an expression that read, "Oh really… watch us!"

Tsunade raised an eyebrow, "Eh?" A small chuckle followed. Umbrige shit her pants and was sweating profusely. For some reason, under Tsunade's glare, she felt worthless and dropped her irritating high self set status.

"Let me inform you of something," Tsunade said licking her lips in an exasperated fashion, "With one flick of a finger I could kill that minister of yours. When your world hired us, we were allowed to set the rules of what we could and couldn't do and how we would carry out this mission so no one died. It's like a small village asking the Kingdom for help. The chief of the village gets no say in what the army of the king does. Capish?"

Umbrige nodded in a quick manner and gave a small nervous laugh. Tsunade heaved a sigh and then she thought of something, "You bored, Harry?"

"Um, I'm kind of hungry actually. Didn't really have breakfast this morning," he said sheepishly then shot an angry look at Umbrige.

"Naruto! Sasuke! Sakura!" Tsunade said. Naruto took off his backpack, and took out a cup of miso ramen. He handed it to Sasuke, who sent a surge of blue lighting through it. Sasuke handed it to Sakura who opened it for Harry and handed him chopsticks. Harry stared in wonder and amazement at the team and took the cup and chopsticks gratefully from Sakura. Before he completely took it, he received a small burn from how hot it was. However the pink haired girl looked at him for a moment, then giggled. The temperature wasn't bothering her at all.

Sasuke looked over at them, "What, too hot?" Sakura nodded and a thin layer of ice formed on the outside of the cup. The heat of the cup then melted away the ice and though still hot, it was bearable to hold. Harry took it gratefully and sat on the ground against one of the three wood stumps.

Tsunade then continued, "Okay. To split you up into platoons here, I'll cut up the Sand team and keep the original groups."

Harry, after he finished slurping away at some noodles said, "Sorry, your Highness," and Tsunade looked down at him.

"What is the miso ramen not good?" She asked a little worried Sasuke over heated and burned it.

"No, no, the ramen is great. It's just that, well as a student, I think I should advise you on how to split the groups. We have four houses there. For example, Sasuke and Gaara look menacing and evil so they would probably go into Slytherin. Naruto and Sakura would probably go into Gryffindor because they're loyal and brave. Shikamaru looks a little lazy but really smart, so he'd go into Ravenclaw. Do you see what I'm saying? Oh and by the way, those were total guesses."

Hmm, Tsunade thought, the boy does have a point. And he was right about them all, too.

"Alright then," Four really evil and cunning people, come here!" she tapped her foot on the ground and created instantly a small dent. Harry's eyes widened as he realized Tsunade was insanely and inhumanely strong. Sasuke, Gaara, and Shino immediately walked over. True, Shino wasn't evil or anything, but he had a cold personality that would fit Slytherin quite well.

"I need a girl here," the Hokage announced. She looked at everyone who was perfectly still, waiting to get called on, when she noticed Ino was silently trying to strangle Chouji because he just wouldn't stop eating. With a smile, the blonde granny called on her, "Ino! Slytherin!" Ino looked at her in surprise but joined Sasuke, Gaara and Shino still evily glaring at her teammate.

"Great! Now here!" Another dent. "Four brave and loyal people!"

Sakura, Naruto, Kiba and Chouji instantly circled.

"Smart and cunning I guess in a good way!" Tsunade's explanation of Ravenclaw nearly made Harry choke on his food as he stifled a laugh.

Shikamaru, Temari, Kankuro and Neji formed around the third dent.

The four obvious for Hufflepuff were left, Sai TenTen, Hinata and Lee. They weren't exactly perfect matches, but someone had to go there.

"Great! Platoons created!" They ninjas now reformed and stood in squares. Four squares, two by two.

"Your mission is to keep this school safe from a guy named Voldemort and his subordinates, the Death Eaters. Harry is the one who's most at trouble because Voldemort's only goal is to kill Harry…" After main mission details were given and Tsunade elapsed to talk to each platoon quietly about certain small details they were to take care of, such as spying in Slytherin and research in Ravenclaw, Harry got up and went to talk to the Gryffindor team. Sakura, Naruto, Kiba and Chouji had just received their special mission orders and significant details.

"H-hi?" Harry said unsurely.

Sakura giggled, "Hey!"

Naruto raised a hand, "Oi!"

Chouji just kept eating.

"Um, I have a question?" His bottle green eyes bore into her own jade ones.

The girl nodded, never dropping the warm smile that adorned her face.

"Why is your hair pink?"

"Heh, I don't know, my mother has pink hair as well. My name translated into English would be Spring's Cherry Blossom. If Sakura's too hard for you to pronounce you can call me Cherry.

"Ah," he said as realization to some level spread over his face, "It's just a genetic trait though?"

"Mh!" the girl nodded in approval.

"Why do those Hyuuga kids, brother and sister right?" he cut his sentence short to make sure they were brother and sister.

"No, those two are cousins," Sakura corrected.

"Ah, well why do they have lavender eyes with no pupils?"

"Their bloodline limit or kekkai-genkai is called the Byakugan. It allows them to see 360 degrees normally, and when it's activated, they see chakra points on a person's body, the flow of chakra within a body, and can see through solid objects and up to 50 kilometers away. Sometimes, when they really want to, they can see over a 100. Of course, and with the Byakugan eye comes special fighting techniques only the Hyuuga family can use like the Gentle Fist." Sakura gave an explanation. In his hand, Harry held the half finished ramen cup. While Sakura explained to him about the Hyuugas, even though he was intently listening, he still could feel Naruto eying the cup.

"You want it?" Harry asked offering him the rest, "I couldn't finish everything. It's really good though."

A look of extreme happiness overcame Naruto and he took the ramen from Harry gratefully and began eating.

"What about the blonde girl?" Harry had already forgotten her name, "She has no pupils either."

"Her family's bloodline limit is the Body Transfer technique. She can move her soul into other people's bodies and take control over them. She can also manipulate other bodies by creating what's called a soul clone and transferring them to different bodies. At once, she can see what her clones do and control all the bodies. Her eyes have no pupils because the body she was born in doesn't necessarily mean she has to stay in it forever. Technically, the Yamanaka powers are sealed. If unsealed, they could create a family of ninjas that would literally dominate the world. At this point, Ino's powers are sealed. Within the Yamanaka family, it's a taboo to unseal your powers. If you do, you are immediately killed. But to stay in a different body forever, or basically become immortal, they would have to unseal their powers. Even the most experienced Yamanaka member has a limit of up to 74 hours inside someone else's body. Then they get thrust back into their own by default."

"Wow, you guys seem so amazing!!" Harry said, completely awed, "What about you, Cherry?"

"Well, me, I've trained under Tsunade-sama for five years now, and am the second best medical ninja in the whole of the five ninja countries, Tsunade sama being the first. Also I inherited her insanely inhuman strength. A flick of the finger and you're in the ground creating a huge hole as you torpedo backwards 100 miles an hours." A smile spread across her face as she saw Harry's jaw drop.

"What about Naruto!?"

However, Sakura went silent.

Harry's eagerness to learn more about the ninjas' powers suddenly faded as Sakura didn't continue to tell him about Naruto. Naruto then stood up himself and he said, "It's complicated. I'm sure you'd understand, just not sure how much you want to hear."

Harry stared at him confused as he saw Sakura look up at him, sorrow and guilt washing over her face as she sympathetically laid a hand on his chest. Naruto gave a reassuring smile to her and turned back to Harry.

"Maybe I'll tell you sometime during our stay in Hogwarts. Gaara and I have the same problem, just different abilities." Naruto walked past Harry to go throw away four empty cartons of ramen.

"Problem?" He looked back at Sakura questioningly, "If he has a problem then how can he have abilities?"

Sakura sighed, "Take Gaara for example. His father sealed the sand demon into him before he was even born. What his father wanted was to create the strongest ninja. However that experiment killed Gaara's mother at birth. The demon would get out of control so people hated Gaara, shunned him, and his father would send people to assassinate him before he grew strong enough to kill them. But Gaara killed anyway. His ability because of the demon is to control sand. Sounds stupid, but Gaara killed armies before with a single move of the hand. Drowned them in waves of sand, then tightened the sand, crushing them, every bone in their bodies. Then the sand would absorb them and the demon inside of Gaara would eat them."

Harry's mouth dropped open and Sakura reluctantly continued, "Naruto's story's pretty much the same. Except he has the Nine Tailed Fox Demon sealed within him. Had pretty much the same childhood as Gaara, but he however, has different abilities. We'll show you sometime during our stay at Hogwarts."

Harry just nodded. These ninjas seemed cool and they were all the same age as him. They'd make pretty good friends once the tensions have settled down, and formalities were done with.

"NINJAS!" Tsunade called out and the platoons regrouped, "PACK! Meet back here in TWO HOURS SHARP!" and with a wave of her hand, the ninjas were gone. Just like that; vanished.

-------------------------------------- 2 Hours Later -------------------------------------------------

The ninjas arrived one by one. While waiting, Harry and Umbrige got a tour of Konoha from a white haired Jounin (former ANBU Black op) called Kakashi. Harry watched the teachers, or former teacher say goodbye to their students, and the exchange between the long white haired grandpa and Naruto was the funniest. The creepiest was the one between Lee and a guy that looked like him only twice his age, Gai. A sunset moment to which both Neji and TenTen sweatdropped to and then moved away. TenTen mouthed to Harry, "We don't know them! We swear!" and Harry just shook his head and laughed.

The ninjas only had backpacks, but were still getting settled and ready when the teachers finally left. Sakura approached Harry from behind, startling him.

"Oh, sorry," she apologized, "But do you think you could sometimes show us what you wizards can do?"

Harry laughed, "Yeah sure, minute we get back to school! We start school in about a week, but I spent the last month there because of some security issues. While school is out of session, and until we're of age, meaning eighteen, we can't use magic outside school grounds. Now the Gryffindor platoon is going back with me to my friend's house. We aren't going back to school. Maybe his mother or his two brothers that already graduated can show you some stuff."

Sakura nodded, "Oh and where are the rest going?"

"Well, a friend from Ravenclaw, Luna Lovegood, agreed to host the Ravenclaw. Draco Malfoy, my archenemy from Slythering, and his family are being so kind as to host the Slytherin platoon in their huge home. However, because they're working for Voldemort, they don't know that you guys are ninjas and protecting the school, so let's keep it that way. They currently think they're hosting four exchange students from Japan. Um and Susan Bones, a girl from Hufflepuff is taking in Hinata, Sai and them."

"Ah," came a small reply from Sakura.

"Alright everyone! Listen to Umbrige for a moment!" Tsunade called everyone's attention. Everyone's head turned to the fat, short, crabby old woman, and a small growl was heard from TenTen.

"Well, let's all touch this table. In two minutes we will be transported to King's Cross Station in London England where your appropriate host families will take you. School begins September 3 so please buy your books and supplies by then. Everyone hold tight now!!" her high pitched, squeaky voice was highly annoying, and everyone was glad when she shut up. A sickening feeling, then nothing.

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