Sorry for the long wait on this chapter. Hope you like it. I had a writer's block for a while. Instead of keeping everything formal, weighed down with the true twisted weight of this story, let's spark things up with a little laughter…from the Slytherins anyway. The Gryffindors are having a hard time smiling...with Sakura's temper tantrums. To keep from going back and forth, I decided to integrate this into one chapter, the Gryffindors and Slytherins together. The beginning is about the Gryffindors for the greater purpose of my plot.

Please laugh.


Diagon Alley pt. 1

------------------------------------------------ The Gryffindors ---------------------------------------------------------

Dawn was silent. After a quiet breakfast, everyone got ready, stuffing money into pockets and what not, before the entire family made it outside. The twins explained to Kiba, Chouji and Naruto how to ride, while Ginny did the same to Sakura. The silence was caused by sudden news of Harry's godfather's death, and with a letter from Anko. It had been simple and short, just one sentence long.

Ask one of the Byakugan users to check if your Potion's teacher has the cursed seal.

After trying to figure out the connection between Anko and Professor Snape (apparently what the Potion's teacher's name was) with little success, the weight of death of a loved one really weighed everyone down. Even the four ninjas who didn't know him. It's said he died in battle, and the ninjas knew, such a death was honorable. Naruto made a mental note to add him to the K.I.A stone back in Konoha. However, Naruto's mind couldn't stay focused on anything. He couldn't even mourn with everyone else. The mission he had with Anko a few years back kept nagging at him. Where had she gone that morning?

The only other person he could actually consult besides Anko herself, was Ino. They shared a room after all, but Ino was with the Slytherins, arch enemies of the Gryffindors. And why was she so late? What did she go visit?

A burial site, a memorial, or check out some information that could help the mission, even though it was already a success? Or maybe that place she visited held memories…and she just wanted to remember.

But what if they were bad memories…why would she WANT to remember?

"Orochimaru didn't abandon me!" Anko screamed at Kabuto.

The white haired boy just laughed, "You were WEAK Anko! Admit it!"

The conversation back at the Chunnin exams flew through Naruto's head. He thought he had an idea. He still needed to talk to Ino though, urgently.

Mr. Weasley's voice brought him out of any more thoughts as he instructed everyone to kick off. Moments later, eleven people were floating mid air. Mr. Weasly cast a spell on them, so the unsuspecting non magical community of London wouldn't die of heart attacks when they saw 11 people on brooms.

Silently, they all followed Mrs. Weasly.

They all secretly hoped that Diagon Alley would cheer them up, even though each and every one doubted it. How could a bustling, critically hot and cramped place cheer anyone up?

After what seemed like hours of floating through the air, the beautiful breeze washed away all the pain, leaving mellow hearts. Harry and his gang just couldn't cheer up, and despite the efforts of the ninjas, minus Naruto, Hermione was still crying. After around twenty minutes of attempting to cheer everyone up, in a quiet sort of awkward and half loud manner, the ninjas regrouped, Naruto and Kiba in the lead with Sakura and Chouji behind them.

"We need to cheer them up. Fast!" Sakura said, knowing their mourning can go on AFTER they reach Hogwarts. Right now they needed the wizards' full cooperation if the Diagon Alley search was going to be successful.

"Which team would be the funniest?" Kiba asked.

"Well, Lee would be hilarious…in an annoying kind of way but…"

Naruto cut Sakura off, "The Slytherins. It's final." And he flew away ahead of them, leaving a puzzled Sakura.

Harry was the first to land. He had flown off in front of everyone else for a reason. His mind was too occupied to be able to withstand all of Sakura's cheerfulness, even though it had been slightly awkward. At least she tried, Harry thought.

His thoughts led him back to the Hearing. Sirius. Harry then vowed on his life that he would avenge Sirius's death. He would kill Voldemort. However, even the thought of revenge couldn't cheer Harry up.

Naruto was the next to land, "We need to find the Slytherins." His voice was formal, filled with urgency.

"WHAT!?" Harry looked at the blonde ninja incredulously.

"I need to talk to Ino. Urgently," was Naruto's brief explanation.

"I'll bet we'll be trailed," Naruto smirked, looking at the ceiling.

"Where?" Kiba asked, petting Akamaru.

"That Diagon Alley place."

"What?" the remaining three boys asked in unison.

"I don't know..." Naruto rolled over to his side, "Just something Anko-sensei told me before we left."

"What did she say?" Kiba was really confused and interested.

"He was there too. Find him...and..." But Naruto stopped talking, "Never mind."

The flashback flew through Harry's head, the words echoing. Deciding it probably had something to do with that, Harry reluctantly agreed. Once everyone had landed, and co. made their way through the bar called Leaky Cauldron, to the back where with a magic touch, the stones moved, and the busy streets of Diagon Alley were revealed.

"Kiba. Find Ino!"

Akamaru barked and ran ahead, the boys flash-stepping after him. Sakura stayed behind to lead the rest of them towards the Slytherins.

Ino looked skeptically at the floo powder and then at Draco, who was impatiently holding it.

"It won't kill you!!" he said, exasperation coloring his voice.

"That fire might…" she said pointing to the green fire Sasuke left behind. She turned around to look at Shino and Gaara, but neither was of any help. If anything, they looked dead. Mr. Malfoy was getting really irritated, so she decided, against her better judgment, to actually do as they said. Hesitantly, Ino took a handful of the finally grounded powder and stepped into the huge fireplace.

"Remember," Draco reminded her, "SCREAM Diagon Alley." He emphasized scream with a shout of his own, making Ino cringe.

"Fine…fine…" she muttered before standing up straight, "DIAGON ALLEY!" and the blonde went up in flames.


Draco hit his head against the fireplace wall and sighed. He turned around and held his hand out for one of the two remaining guys to go next. Gaara raised an invisible eyebrow, but stepped forth and took a handful. He walked in and nodded at Draco. Without a word, Gaara dropped the powder but didn't say anything. He then began to disintegrate into sand, and vanished from view. When Shino went in, and turned into thousands of little bugs…the two Malfoy men were disgusted, shocked and amazed.

"What the hell just happened?" Mr. Malfoy looked at his son and shrugged.

Once everyone had assembled in the little shop of horrors, or that's what Ino called it, Draco began to tell them of their shopping plan.

"Okay, first we'll head in the direction of getting our uniforms fitted, so by the time we finish today, they'll be ready. Then we should go buy our wands, and get all our textbooks. We can leave tomorrow to find one animal we like, be it owl, frog, rat or cat, the cauldrons and herbs, and anything else we see today we want to buy. Does everyone have money?" Draco knew the last question was sort of stupid, but maybe these freaks held their money someplace, or even Gringotts bank. In that case, they'd first have to go there, and then go around their set schedule. He noticed Sasuke, Gaara and Shino weren't really saying anything, or even conveying the slightest emotion, but leave it to the female of the group to say something.

"Who died and made you king of shopping?" she muttered angrily, refusing to look at him.

Sasuke snickered, but it was short lived and Draco swore he saw Gaara's lips curve. However, that too was gone the instant it was on. Shino, whether he smiled or showed any emotion at all, was impossible to tell, and who else to thank but that huge jacket's neck that covered up to his nose, the hood that covered his eyes, and the huge black glasses that really covered any skin left.

The blonde male glared at his female self, and repeated the question.

"Do. You. Have. Money. On. You?" Ino really knew how to drive people insane, but two can play at that game.

"No, I left it on Mars, and came here empty handed. What the fuck do you think, Einstein!?" Ino retorted.

"You know Ino, THERE IS A FUCKING POSSIBILITY THAT YOU STORE IT IN A FUCKING BANK!" Draco screamed right back at her.

"Please. Stop." Sasuke's voice froze them both.

"Is that the first time he spoke?" Draco asked her.

"It'll be another millennia before he speaks again, I wouldn't get used to it."

Sasuke hn'd. "We're wasting valuable time. Can we just go?" This time Shino spoke and Draco jumped into Ino's arms, both totally shocked. From Draco's weight, the two fell to the ground, and scooted up against the wall. "D-did he just…speak?" Draco's voice trembled, and Ino, too scared to answer him, just nodded. In an instant, they realized the position they were in, and jumped to completely separate sides. "Right well, anyway… COUGH" Draco started. "Yes," Ino straightened out her clothes. Finally, the four exited the shop of old antiques, and walked into a nearly deserted alley. Draco started going right, and Ino instantly took a left, whether to annoy the Malfoy, or just because she didn't see him turn right, was something Draco couldn't bother debating, but he could bet it was the first rather than the latter of the two.

"I-Ino," left eye twitching, Draco was speaking through his teeth, "The tailor's is that way…"

"I want to go this way!"

"IT'S THAT WAY!" Draco screamed pointing right, "THAT'S THE TOTALLY OPPOSITE WAY OF ANYTHING." He then pointed in her direction.

" ONLY LONELY SCUM AND DARK MAGICIANS RESIDE ON THAT SIDE OF DIAGON ALLEY! FOLLOW ME FOR FUCKING ONCE!" The boy couldn't hold it within him anymore. However, what he said caught the attention of the four ninjas, and Sasuke raised an eyebrow at Ino.

"Exactly! We Should Go THAT Way." Ino turned away from him and continued walking left, missing Sasuke's hint.

Draco just watched her go, and then after a moment, asked help from the three transfer students.

"DUDE!!!!! Do something!!" He whined loudly.

In an instant, sand wrapped around Ino's waist and hauled her into the air.

"H-Hey! Gaara! Put me DOWN!" She complained, trying to wiggle herself free. When the sand put a tighter grip on her, she gave up, resting her elbow on the sand, and her head in her palm.

"Such total fuck ups…Bastards will pay… doing this to me… it's an outrage, I can walk on my own…" she kept on muttering along the way.

Of course, when they reached a more crowded street, people were amazed to see a girl floating mid air with sand wrapped around her, cursing. Since Ino always wears a skirt, the passing guys her age didn't really object to the sight. Until it pissed off Gaara enough that he used some more sand to cover that area. Now it was a beautiful blonde floating mid air, cursing because she has a sand diaper on.

Definitely a photo moment. Too bad no one had a camera.

Once they reached the tailor's place, Gaara finally put Ino down. Muttering something, Ino dusted off lingering parts of sand. She looked up and was met by an old fashion 15th century but modernized in a bad kind of way looking shop. Sasuke sweat dropped but decided not to comment. Ino could easily fill that gap as she saw, and was appalled at, Draco's lit up face.


Draco gritted his teeth in irritation and anger.

"This. Is. The. Best. Fucking. Tailor. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT!?" He screamed.

"Well, I was thinking it would look cool and glossy and well…" she left that thought to his imagination because she couldn't find the words at that moment, "BUT LOOK AT IT! It looks like someone hasn't climbed up on a ladder and dusted that goddamn sign in fucking centuries."

Sasuke was doing his best not to laugh. It would totally kill his reputation.

Draco couldn't handle the girl any longer.

"Looky look look… It's Ino-pig," a girly voice sounded happily.

Draco and Ino spun around and after a moment the other three did too.

"Fuck. Gryffindors." Draco ran a hand down his face, pulling his skin in irritation, "Ah, Merlin, where did my cool guy, I'm better than you and you're just shit in my path attitude go. This girl completely fucked me up."

Ino's left eye twitched, "Care to repeat hun?"

Ino then waved her hand, "Forehead-Girl!"

"Sasuke-teme!!!" Naruto shouted as he ran, waving his hand in the air, "I'm gonna fucking kill you!!" The smile didn't waver.

"I'd like to see you try dobe." The answer was emotionless and cold, but his eyes hinted he got Naruto was just kidding.

Gaara and Shino turned around, "We'll wait inside." And left.

Take me with you! Draco silently begged, but he couldn't miss the opportunity to annoy Harry Potter.










The girls then ended up in a pile on the cobblestone street, pulling each others hair and punching. Of course what Draco didn't know was had this been a real fight, Ino would be in the air, doing a mind technique as Sakura would try to use her medical ninjutsu to cut up her muscles. Since they were pushing and pulling hair…it was a mock fight of how to NOT fight. But it looked real enough to Draco. And Ino and Sakura were enjoying it.

"You're weak Naruto!" Sasuke said.

"Avenger fuck head. You really think Orochimaru had the power you needed?! You only killed Itachi because HE LET YOU!" Naruto yelled back.


Wooow Draco thought, Didn't know they hated each other that much! Heh, but now's my chance to torment the mudblood and Potter.

"Well, well, if it isn't Harry Potter…" Draco smirked.

"Shut your trap, Malfoy, we're not in the mood." Hermione retorted.

"Oh, Mudblood, I think I am though."


Draco smirked.

Sasuke stopped arguing with Naruto.

"Dude, stop with the smirking that is totally my thing!"

Kiba and Chouji were keeping hard from laughing.

But this caused Sakura and Ino to stop as well.

"Draco, what did you feed Sasuke this morning?" She asked, the only one allowed to laugh.

"NOTHING! He refused to eat, remember?" Draco yelled in his defense.

"Must've been the floo powder then!" She said in mock thought, "ALL HANDS ON SASUKE! BRING HIM DOWN! HE HAS LOST HIS MIND!"

And in an instant, everyone pummeled Sasuke. Who of course hn'ed in response.


Harry, Ron, Ginny and Hermione just stared at everyone.

"Okay, Ino's officially insane," Draco concluded.

Ino stuck her head out of the pile of people, "YOU WERENT THE ONE WEARING A SAND DIAPER!"

Draco rolled over in laughter, and Ron couldn't help but join in.

"I do NOT wish to know what this is about. EVER." Hermione said and Ginny nodded in disgusted agreement.

"MEATBALL TECHNIQUE!" Someone yelled, and the four turned around to see a huge human bowling ball rolling at them. After it rolled over the ninjas, a huge poof revealed a happy looking Chouji.

"Dude, that was totally not nessasary!" Sakura said before fainting.

"Oh-kaay…" Draco said looking at them, "Excuse me, I'ma run away now!" But just as he was about to leave, a girl's hand caught his pant leg.

"You're not going anywhere!"

"Damn you Ino!"

"Harry, come on, cheer up!" Naruto said as he managed to get his head out of the pummeling mess. He had a huge blue eye and a swollen cheek, plus his lip was bleeding.

"My godfather died…" Harry said.

"I know… but that just gives you all the more reason to defeat that Voldemort dude, " and Naruto then remembered why he wanted to talk to Ino. Anko… "But for the time being…laugh at us. It's why were doing this. Don't let my efforts be worthless."

Harry couldn't help but agree, "True… he barely knew his Godfather, but in the little time he got to know him, and grew to love him, he realized that his death shouldn't be a burden in his life. It would give him all the more reason to kill Voldemort, but Voldemort was no where to be seen, and he had all year to get ready for their encounter.

For now, Harry joined in the laughter.

After an hour of laughing, pummeling and chocking, Draco, Ino and Sasuke joined Shino and Gaara, who had already finished getting into their outfits.

Ino and Draco secretly liked each other. Not that…Oh.M.G. he is totally Hawt!... kind of like, but more that they enjoyed their little fights. Annoying and irritating, but friendly fights. And after each fight, they couldn't help but burst out laughing…much to everyone else's dismay.

"You sound like an old married couple…" Sasuke commented as he held his arms out for the flying measuring stick to take his … measurements.

The two who had been sticking tongues out at each other grimaced and in unison screamed EW! Proving Sasuke's point.

"Let me get this straight," Gaara spoke, causing Ino this time to jump into Draco's arms in fear.

"Slytherins are cold, cruel and evil. Yet you two are bickering like an old married couple with personalities of five year olds."

"Smartass," Ino muttered under her breath. She jumped out of Draco's arms, grabbed the green vest the witch held out and pulled it over her head.

"Green isn't my color. I like purple better." She noted looking her self over in the mirror.

"Get. OVER. Yourself." Draco screamed through gritted teeth.

"Psh! Never!" She stuck her tongue out at him and winked.

"Women," Shino remarked, and Ino and Draco both looked scared. The bug user hit his head against his hand.

The door swung open with an annoying charm jingle.

"At least red fits me." The pink haired girl stuck her tongue out at Ino.

"Shut up!"

Sakura giggled, winking.

"Seriously, hun, as your best friend, green totally kills you!" Sakura whispered, and Ino winced because Sakura was right.

Naruto walked in after a while, followed by Harry Potter, Kiba, the two girls, and Chouji and Ron who were both eating a bag of barbeque chips.

Sasuke looked annoyed as the old witch woman started touching his private areas to a get a measure and the increasingly annoying chewing of Ron and Chouji weren't helping.

"Oh, Weasel and Weasel-girl. So horrid to see you on such a fine day. What are you poor blood traitors doing in a high class shop like this?" Draco smirked as the owner's assistant was tending to him.

The words stung Ino as well as Sakura, but Ino hadn't the right to say anything. She had to go along with the cruelty.

"You heard the man, Forehead. Get out of here."

Ino pinched Sakura to indicate to play along and the medical ninja understood.

"I think it should be you who should leave. Pigs roll around in the mud, not in expensive materials."

"Ooooh," sounded Chouji and Kiba, while Kiba held Ron back from massacring the blonde bastard (Malfoy).

Ginny bit her lip as Hermione sent Draco a death glare.

"Ohh, mudblood, if only looks could kill," Draco smirked.

"You'd've died years ago." Hermione retored.

Naruto approached Ino and pulled her away from the rest of the group, into a dressing room, and shut the door.

"Do those have a thing?" He asked Sakura. Sakura shook her head, a worried look tracing its way onto her face. She then dismissed her worries and concentrated on keep them from fighting.

---- In the dressing room ----

"Oof!" Ino coughed as she was pressed up against the blonde.

"Sorry!" Naruto said, touching around for a light.

"That was my boob, fuck head!"

"Eh heh…hee..." he laughed awkwardly, "Sorry…"


"Damn! No light!" Naruto said as he realized there was no light switch… and it was a HORRIDLY small changing room.

"Why'd you drag me in here?" Ino asked, impatient. She wanted to go try on the school skirt on badly!

"Because, remember that mission with Anko a couple years back?" He asked, his breath heavy. She could feel it against her neck, sending chills down her spine.

"Yeah," she nodded, out of breath herself. Skirt was forgotten. She was pressed up against a really hot fifteen year old Naruto who wasn't wearing his forehead protector making him look twice as gorgeous. Key word. Pressed UP. Fine. Words. Whatever.

"I need to know where Anko left to that morning before we left…"

"I-I don't know. She only left me a note."

"Wa-Was there any sort of…of…" Naruto's lips brushed against her cheek as a shoe box hit his head. Ino arched her back instinctively and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Ino we shouldn't be doing this. The info from you could be crucial to this thing Anko told me." However Naruto couldn't stop himself from circling her waist with his arms.

"No. There was no weird behavior prior to the last night, during the night. She must've left while I was deep asleep, but early in the morning. Judging from how neatly it was written, it must've been five thirty am. At the crack of dawn. You were there through everything else. Now shut up and kiss me." Ino said all in one breath before she pulled Naruto close to her.

The kissed passionately, hotly. Naruto then broke the kiss to suck and nibble at her neck, wrapping one leg around his waist.

Thank you GOD she's wearing a skirt! He thought as Ino unzipped his pants. His kisses moved down to her plump boobs as her hands worked on taking out his throbbing and hard erection.

Wow, I can make guys hard that easy!? Ino thought. Well, it'd be cruel to take away sex now. He'd just rape me later.

She started with a delicate handjob, but Naruto couldn't keep himself out of her. And they needed to get back fast. Doing a quick silence jutsu on the room, Naruto probed her, but her undies were still in the way.

"Take … Take em off…" Naruto said, and Ino did as told, wrapping both legs around him after.

"Oh GOD! Yes!"Ino said, loving the feeling of his throbbing hard dick as he made his way into her.



"Why are we doing this?"

"Cuz it was inevitable. You dragged me into a tight, lightless closet. What did you think, we'd be reading ninja speeches?"

"But I only needed info!"

"You needed this too…"

He thrust himself into her, catching from her small wimps this was her first time. Gradually, as she got used to the feeling of him inside her, he increased his thrusts, going faster and harder.

Finally, he felt himself discharge into her, and Ino shuddered from pleasure.

"Not how I imagined my first time, but…it was amazing nonetheless."

"Are we a thing now?" Naruto asked. He had taken her virginity. It was only the right thing to do. Be with her.

"My heart rests with Gaara, but I know he'll never look at me that way. I guess I just couldn't wait any longer to lose my virginity. At least it was to someone as great, and as fucking hot as you are. By the way, everyone knows you love Hinata. But don't count on it being a one time thing. We're friends with great privileges."

"Gotcha babes."

"Now shut up and kiss me!" and Naruto did as told.

After Ino and Naruto re-appeared, Sakura gave Ino and knowing look and Ino signaled her to hush, causing her best friend to laugh.

"Good going!"

"Shut up, it wasn't planned on!"

"What did he ask you before you…" Sakura tried to stop from laughing.

"Just something I wasn't much help with. Shhh, tell you later."

"Ah…" Sakura said still smiling. After getting a glare from her best friend, she decided to abruptly change the subject.

"Try this skirt on…"

The Slytherin team was the first to leave. After much pulling, screaming, yelling, and hair tugging, a disheveled Draco and Ino floated out of the tailor's store, both with sand around them… far apart from one another. Ino wore the sand diaper again.

"Fucktards." She muttered.


Next stop was Olivander's Wand Shop. Draco began to run mid air, trying to get away. He could just SEE chaos and utter Ino-ness happen, before it did, and way desperately trying to avoid it…in vain.

"Ugh… what are wands?" Ino whispered to Sasuke.

"Where you NOT listening to Tsunade when she explained everything," Sasuke asked. The woman had been SCREAMING. How had Ino not heard her?

Ino made a –what-do-you-think- face, and tilted her head to the side a little. Sasuke rolled his eyes, "Idiot."

"Wands are basically chakra conductors. They take the given chakra and produce the said spell. They use wands like we do hand seals…"

"Ahh…" Came Ino's reply.

"But…the wand chooses its owner. Not the other way around. If the wand doesn't want you, then something bad will happen. Sometimes the wand even gave off small explosions, leaving the subject completely covered in soot…" Sasuke gave Ino information…he really should've just kept to himself, because the blonde started giggling evily as she eyed her target. Oh who may that be? Well, what do you know ladies and gentlemen…iiiiiit's………… DRACO MALFOY!

So the five of them walked into the store. Draco could smell danger from a certain blonde, it was literally emanating from her, but he decided to keep a straight face and not tackle her to the ground.

Gaara went first, and Mr. Olivander smiled knowingly at him.

"Aahh, just a moment please," the old man said before disappearing in the back of the store. He re-appeared moments later with about half a dozen wands.

"Try this one," the man said, opening one of the boxes, "It's Yew, pheonix feather, 11 inches."

Gaara silently took it…and held it. After a moment, he looked up at the old man.

The wand seller was still smiling, "Oh, no, no, give it a wirl," and he showed Gaara how it's done with some makeshift hand movement.

Gaara did the whirly thingy the grandpa showed him. Instantly, the wand felt warm in his hand, glowing a blood red color.

"PERFECT!" The man obviously seemed happy that the wand suited the boy perfectly, and it was on his first try, too.

Shino stepped up, "Ahh…for you…" he looked through the remaining five boxes, "Ah here it is, Vinewood unicorn hair, an amazing wand for speechless magic."

Shino looked down at the wand he held and then back at the man, or so the head movement indicated. Olivander nodded at Shino, silently encouraging him to give the wand a whirl. Again, Olivander clapped as the wand glowed a grayish blue. Another ace. Ino pushed Sasuke out of the way, and Draco pulled her back giving her a glare stop it! Ino lips formed into a thin line, her ocean eyes angry. Sasuke just looked at her weirdly and continued on his way to the man.

"Oak, ten inches, snake heart string. It's a one of a kind wand…only five existed. One went to Salazar Slytherin, and one might go to you. The other three are somewhere in the back of this shop." Sasuke gave the wand a whirl, feeling oh so foolish. The wand glowed black and purple, and in moments Sasuke was in a heap on the floor, clutching the back of his left shoulder. After a moment, he stood back up.

"Odd reaction, but nothing was destroyed. It seems like the wand reacted with something you possess, and will do wonders once you get accustomed to it," Olivander said with a reassuring smile.

The old man turned to Draco, "Oh it's so good to see you, Master Malfoy. Please do have a seat while I give the girl her wand."

"I'd rather … stand next to her." Draco gave a forced smile.

"Ah, young love."

"On a second thought, I'm going to sit down," Draco gave in, still smiling. Ino turned and gave him a sour HA I won grin in return. He smirked.

"Ah for you, how about Cherry tree, single unicorn hair, 9 ¾ inches."

Hmm, Ino thought, cherry tree. Reminds me a lot of Sakura. It'll possibly be my only connection to her while we're in different houses. Through the insults, and through the mock fights, this wand, made from a cherry tree she stands to represent in the only thing I have of her. It shall ensure our friendship. Through the tough…through the easy.

"Alright, old man, hand it over." She held her hand out as she plastered her once thoughtful face with a goofy grin.

Olivander gave it to her.

You must accept me, she thought. She gave the wand a whirl and a pink and purple whirl erupted from the tip of the wand. Ino could've sworn she heard a familiar giggle in her mindscape.

The door opened and that very same pink haired girl walked in with her own personal three man team, and the Golden Trio, and Ginny, lingering not far behind.

"We'll wait outside," Hermione said after shooting Malfoy a death glare.

Sakura nodded, and Kiba, Naruto, and Chouji took up the place where Gaara, Sasuke and Shino had just been. Those three had existed with the Golden Trio.

Sakura asked the old man for a wand, and he gave her the twin of Ino's, a cherry tree, single unicorn hair. 9 ¾ inches.

Sakura and Ino looked at each other and smiled, and then pinky gave her wand a whirl. Purple and pink effect.

"Forever, Friends Til the End," The muttered simultaneously in Japanese to each other. Draco furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

"You done Ino?" Draco asked her.

"Nope!" She turned to him with another goofy grin.

"PERFECTUS TOTALUS!" she screamed a charm she learned off the top of her head. Working with Tsunade sometimes paid off. Both Sakura and she were forced to read EVERY SINGLE book the Hogwarts School requested since year 1 to year 5.

The blond boy fell to the floor, completely and utterly annoyed.

"I hate you Ino. I really do."

Ino just giggled and dragged him out of the store. Naruto, Kiba and Sakura were stunned for a moment. After a pregnant pause, the tree erupted into uncontrollable laughter while Chouji just continued eating. Ah, some things never change.

Outside, the Golden trio looked a little perplexed when they saw Ino with a triumphant grin DRAGGING Malfoy out of Olivander's store. The blonde woman was grinning evily.

"Like Gaara said, Slytherins are evil, mean, conniving, and sly creatures. I think I fit right in."

"You fit in with the crazed circus," Malfoy muttered, body still paralyzed. He wondered how she was able to paralyze everything from neck down without affecting his eye and mouth movement. It didn't click in right into his mind's knowledge, but he pushed the thought away.

Hermione's mouth hung open. Ginny's eyes were wide. Ron stopped short, mouth full. Harry tried to suppress a smile. Ino turned to her three henchmen, the fourth being dragged behind her and put out one hand in the "nice guy" pose.

"YOSHI! Let's go!" She said, a little too enthusiastically.

The three boys stayed dead silent, just turned and walked away. A rain cloud formed over Ino's head, "So much for that…"

With head bowed, and muffled curses flowing from her pretty pink mouth, the irritate blonde followed the three dead mice…ugh, men, dragging along an even more annoyed blond boy.

The Golden Trio, including Ginny just stared after them. They were so shocked that they didn't hear the four ninjas exit Olivander's. So shocked that they did hear Sakura screaming at them. The pink haired girl stood in front of Ron, cocking her head to the side.

"Ugh is he drooling?" she asked her own three henchmen.

Naruto and Kiba burst out laughing. They doubled over in laughter when Ron put a hand out and grabbed her boob. That boy was gonna get the anti shock of a life time.

"OH YOU PERVERTED BASTARD!" Sakura screamed, her face flushing a dark red color. The next thing everyone knew was that Ron was flying through the air, and Sakura's fist was balled.

"HA, new record that's 400-" Naruto started, still laughing. The pink haired girl shot him a glare and the boy quickly shut up. Kiba took the same hint, and clamped Ginny's mouth. Hermione and Harry looked in awe as the red head sailed through the air screaming.

"Did you have to hit him that hard?" Harry asked her after a moment.

"Trust me, had she flicked her finger at him, he would've left a deep trail through the ground… she's inhumanely strong." Naruto butt in.

"Thank you for acknowledging my great strength Naruto. Perhaps you'll restrain yourself from doing something stupid so I don't have to pummel you to death." The girl gave a sarcastic smile.

Another pregnant moment.

"YOU GO GIRL!" Ginny and Hermione screamed, giving her a high five.

"I- am um.. ugh, gonna go…" Kiba stumbled over words, picking them carefully and nervously to not anger the cherry child of doom any longer, "SeehowRon'sdoing…" he mumbled all together and ran off.

"That shows them to mess with me!" Sakura smiled, "BY GOD! I cannot believe he had the decency to touch my BOOB in front of EVERYBODY!" for effect she pointed around the entire street.

Hermione sighed, "I knew he sometimes couldn't control himself, but this has gone waaay too far."

Ginny nodded in agreement, "Brother's always been a pervert. Just never thought he'd go all hypnotized. However, I wouldn't put it past him that he did this before."

"Did it ever occur to you women that he was reaching out to Ino and the Slytherin gang? And Sakura just GOT in the way? It was a complete accident." Harry stood up for his best friend. Yes, Harry's reasoning was the actual truth, but Ron still DID touch Sakura's boob and was going to pay for it.

"Did you kill him?" Hermione asked as she put a hand above her eyes to shield the sun out. She stood on her tiptoes to look past the people and saw far at the end of the street a person like mold out of the wall and a redhead lying on the cobblestone.

"Ahh, he'll be fine. I did that SO many times to Naruto, and look, he's still alive!" Sakura smiled, "Plus I'm a medic nin. I can heal him if anything's out of place."

That seemed to reassure the team until Harry spoke, "Yeah, but Naruto had ninja training."

"Trust me," Naruto shuddered, "Once she punches you, you don't have TIME to remember anything you learned. You just know you're flying."

The group laughed a little at that.

"So Flourish and Blotts next?" Naruto asked checking the list.

"Mh!" Sakura said leading the way.

"Shouldn't we wait for Kiba and Ron?" Ginny asked concerned.

"Ah, Kiba will find us. Don't worry!" And with that Naruto and Sakura erupted into a race, Chouji ran off to buy more food, and the three Gryffindors remained to take in all that just happened in the last five minutes. At last, Hermione just shook her head as if she just couldn't bother anymore, and her two friends followed her in step, smiling slightly.

-------------------------------- Flourish and Blotts -----------------------------------

"Why is this place called Flourish and Blotts?" Ino asked looking around at the amazing amount of books. Rows and rows of books devoured the area. The overwhelming amount made the huge book store seem small and cramped and definitely stuffy. Draco looked around for a moment, a blatant expression on his face. He actually never thought about that before.

"Maybe the two people that started the business. Named after them?" Draco was unsure, but it seemed logical.

"Or maybe they were bored and randomly picked words from a dictionary?" Ino gave her own, less logical thought. It did however portray a funny mental image.

"Blotts isn't a word…" Draco's expression went from slightly puzzled to annoyed.

"Eh, worth a try. Anyway, what are we looking for?" She asked, turning around on her heels, giving the place a full inspection. Sasuke, Gaara and Shino had gathered right behind her, dead as ever.

Sasuke unrolled a list and spent a moment looking at it, "School stuff. Fifth year books for class." He said plainly before adding, "I think all we have to do is just go up there and ask for the set of books."

Draco was consumed in thoughts as Ino was in awe, so neither gave a huge reaction when Sasuke spoke. For the third time. That week. All in one day, too. Must be an improvement. Ino shrugged at the thought.

This piece of information hauled Draco back to earth, "Uh, yeah he's right, come on, let's go. This is something we all need."

The five promptly made their way towards the huge long line of wizards, witches, young one and ones older than them.

"Great." Ino huffed, "Just freakin' great."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow as Draco rubbed his temples.

"LOOK AT THIS LINE!" Ino screamed, pointing to it, causing several heads to turn around and look at her. Gaara's sand shot out to cover her mouth. More muffled screams followed before Gaara gave her a silent look as if daring her to muffle another word.

Stupid brats that speak sentences with their eyes. That's all Ino could think.

She knew full well Shikamaru loved how Temari could do that because it saved him the trouble of talking. Leave it to Temari to be bitchy and talk on purpose. Ino muffled a giggle at that point. An evil one, her eyes revealed, and all four males shot her a weird look. She faked a cough. Draco turned his attention away, asking Sasuke about something, who of course replied with hn's. Those could be barely taken for as answers. Shino turned his head slightly. If his eyes were still on her, she had no way of knowing. However, Gaara light green eyes pierced through her sapphire ones. Narrowing. As if trying to figure out why she had given that evil laugh.

While Gaara and Ino were in a staring contest, Draco, Shino and Sasuke took their respective books. The man behind the counter shrunk them all so they would be easier to carry. Sasuke took Gaara's and Draco took Ino's.

"Another round of sand diapers then," Ino could've sworn she saw a glint in the ex-murderers eyes as he said that causing her to thrash around and moan repeatedly. Gaara gave a small homicidal smile.

And at that very moment, a huge monstrous book fell on her head. What was really scary was how it started to thrash around. Ino looked positively petrified and outright scared, causing everyone there, besides Shino of course, to laugh.

"Wow," Sasuke said after a moment, "I haven't laughed like that since Karin threatened to turn Suigetsu's sword into fish food and feed it to the sea."

Ino gave him a death glare. The sand kept her from giving a smart retort to that.

"Or the time Naruto drank bad milk and spent the entire day in the bathroom. Haha, he also created Kage Bunshins and they were fighting with each other on who'd get to the bathroom first. What an idiot." Sasuke was still laughing slightly.

"We have different spell names in Japan because it's hard for us to pronounce Latin." Gaara explained Draco's confused look at the "Kage Bunshins."

"Or the time Temari dragged Shikamaru shopping and threatened to bind him and then put make up on him if he didn't help her with her bags. I believe it was face paint. Shikamaru paled at thinking soon he'd look like Kankuro." Gaara suppressed his own laugh.

Shino stayed emotionless as ever.

"IM SORRY!" a yell came from the upstairs portion of the bookstore.

The redhead twins popped over the wooden railing, "The book got out of my hand." However, he was smiling, so something was nagging Ino that they did this on purpose…or were just laughing at her reaction…and the state of her hair at this point.

"Oh, Weasel twins." Draco's face turned ice cold.

Automatically noticing the tensions, Sasuke and Gaara stopped laughing.

"Malfoy…" the other twin narrowed his eyes.

"Poor, undeserving blood traitors like yourselves are actually buying something…new?" Draco drawled out, smirking.

"Why you self centered egotistical git – " … but the twins were cut off from talking hearing an all too familiar voice.

"George, he's not worth it! You're just wasting valuable breath on the ferret." The bushy haired girl made an appearance and scowled down at the blonde boy. Hands crossed across their chests, Gaara, Sasuke and Shino looked straight ahead, not bothering.

"Oh, look, it's the mudblood. Listen to her Weasel twins, at least she's not as stupid as you."

Hermione fought back tears, but dignantly raised her head and stalked off. Ino fought against the sand to catch a grip on what was going on. Their last two encounters…were funny. The fight outside of Madam Malkins…and her stunning Draco with a curse, then dragging him out of Olivanders; they were…they really were funny. But even without the sand covering her mouth, Ino felt the deep hatred that was very much existent between Gryffindors and Slytherins. And this time, it would've been awkward to say something funny. No one would've laughed. Gaara's sand finally released her, and the minute she could speak, Ino tugged on Draco's sleeve.

"Come on!" she whispered, rather hurriedly, "Let's just go. We don't want a fight."

However Draco took no heed, and more insults flew from his mouth. Ino knew that the Weasleys knew exactly who she and the rest were, so she sent an apologetic look up at them. With eye movement (she had to thank Gaara later for teaching her indirectly how to do this) she begged the two to leave before a real fight broke out. Something definitely NOT needed. Not now, not ever.

The two twins heeded her warning, and just turned around. Sobs could be heard and she only could guess they were coming from Hermione, as Draco had just called her a mudblood. She tugged on Draco's sleeve once more, but the boy made no movement. Not wanting to let on her great strength, she gave the boys a look, and Sasuke dragged him out of the store. Of course, the dragging had taken Draco off guard who started to thrash about. Outside, in the blaring sun, Draco just looked at them.


"No fighting." Was Sasuke's answer.

"You really don't want us to get involved." Gaara added.

A bug started to fly in front of Shino and under the huge sunlight, Draco could vaguely see the boy's eyes narrow, "Ever."

"What is WRONG with you!?" Draco said after a moment, "They're the enemy!"

Ino sighed, "But any magic outside of school…and…" she trailed off.

"Oh, bullocks!" Draco screamed, "I just don't seem to get you. Sasuke you seem to hate Naruto as much as I hate Golden Trio," he mocked, "Gaara, you seem to hate everyone. Shino…" Draco skipped Shino, "Ino…you and Sakura… I JUST DON'T GET YOU PEOPLE!"

"We'll fight when the time comes. Let's just go now, I'm hungry." Sasuke said.

Gaara gave a nod, and Ino followed.

Shino made sure Draco was in front of him before walking after the four people.


Inside, Hermione was crying her eyes out. She had heard Malfoy say that word so many times, but it still had the same stinging effect it had the first time she heard it. Sakura and Ginny were bent around her, consoling her, while Naruto and Kiba were talking to the Weasley brothers and Harry. Since Chouji was no where to be seen, they guessed he went to get food.

"- yeah so Ino just gave me a glare, and we backed down." Fred finished retelling the events of what had just occurred.

Naruto sighed and slumped down against a bookshelf. Kiba was next to him, petting Akamaru, deep in thought.

"Now what?" George asked, "You can't expect us to not land ONE punch on him after he insults Hermione like that!"

"YEAH!" Ron interjected.

"Actually, we'll have to…" Harry said, "If everything is to go as planned, physical fighting and dueling have to be kept minimum to zero. We can't risk having to force Naruto and Kiba to actually stop a fight. The pummeling that happened in front of Madam Malkins was … a mock fight of how to NOT fight. Their fighting would reveal who they really are. If I want to kill Voldemort…if we want to win this…then we'll just going to have to listen to them!"

Kiba nodded, "If you won't listen to us, at least listen to Harry."

After a moment of silence, the Weasely brothers nodded.

"Good, now come on, let's get out of here. I'm hungry!" Naruto said with a sheepish grin as his stomach turned in on itself.

This caused the tension to slightly ease up as they cracked a smile.

"I'll go find Chouji!" Kiba said before vanishing.

"HE'S GONE!?" Fred couldn't believe it.

"Only Ino can keep him off food and she's in a different team." Naruto sighed, shaking his head.

"Let's go get the girls," Naruto smiled before staring to clutch his stomach, "I'M STARVED!!!!"

Everyone laughed. And even though the tensions entirely ceases, Naruto and Harry still had something nagging them. Something still wasn't right. It was out of place. But to keep their companions happy, both forced smiles.

~~~....da end :D ~~~

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