This is my last installment of A Revenge. I know. It's sad to be ending the story, but you will understand why this is the end. Read and enjoy.

A Revenge: Finale

Lucy slowly took out the knife and threw it on the floor. Tears sprang from her eyes and she grabbed Jekyll in her arms. She said with a loud sob, "It is you!!"

"Dr. Jekyll, I cannot begin to describe how sorry I am!" Lucy yelled frantically.

Jekyll's breaths began to sound short and sharp. The pain of the first transformation paled in comparison to the massive throbbing pain the doctor now felt in his stomach. This was the end. And he knew it. He too began to cry hysterically and embraced Lucy to the best of his abilities.

"Lucy! Oh Lucy! I am so sorry! So very, very sorry! This is all because of me! I'm so sorry!" He yelled as he sobbed, the shuddering making his ribs hurt twice as much as before. Lucy had now been trying to collect herself a little and shushed him like a crying child.

"Shhhh… it's alright. We'll get you to a doctor; everything is going to be fine. Everything is going to be fine." Lucy found herself trying to reassure herself more than him. The man that she loved was bleeding out in front of her, and she could do basically nothing about it. She was still trying to figure out how he was Mr. Hyde… and Dr. Jekyll at the same time. She still could barely believe her own eyes.

Jekyll faced the facts and looked Lucy straight in the eyes. "Lucy, no. I will not go to a doctor. You saw who I was. WHAT I was. I will not allow him to show himself ever again. This is it," He closed his eyes for a moment, but Lucy shook him to open them.

"No! Do NOT die on me! What did you mean about 'who you were?'" she asked, even thought she knew what he was going to say.

Jekyll stared off in a murderous gaze, "Hyde," he said bitterly, as if it was a curse. "He is the reason I must die. The reason you must leave. Please Lucy! Flee! In case he takes over again!" Jekyll looked frantic, and was getting so excited his wound began to bleed profusely. If Hyde took over his body now he would probably kill her, or at least harm her in a way that made the doctor sick with rage at the thought of it.

"Dr. Jekyll, what do you mean?! What do you mean take over?!" Lucy was also getting antsy and she was quite terrified at how Jekyll looked so… frightened.

"Lucy, I created Hyde! He was my experiment." He finally revealed the secret he had been hiding from everyone around him, including his fiancée Emma and his best friend John.

He continued to explain. "I was tired of the façade men developed in the world. I vowed to separate good from evil when my father was murdered. I thought I would be helping the world by creating a way to alter the patterns of man's personality, guiding him either to evil or good. I had made an elixir, but the governors of St. Jude's hospital wouldn't give me a human to perform my experiments on. I had to… test it on myself." He paused in his story, mentally beating himself for doing this to his body. It had affected everyone around him. Lucy was still expecting more, so he continued.

"Instead of helping the world, Edward Hyde, what the elixir had created in me, wanted to destroy it. He was a madman, a monster inside of me. Everyone who had done me wrong in the board of governors was to die, because Hyde knew they had caused me unhappiness. At first it was euphoric to think I had created something that loved his life so much, and had no limitations. But when he killed the bishop, and I knew what I had created needed to be reined in. I began trying to make another elixir that could cure or at least weaken Hyde. Everything failed miserably. Hyde began killing every single person on the board, like an animal." Jekyll was getting tired fast. He began to nod off, the pain being too excruciating for him to bear.

Lucy frantically shook him again. The tears from her cheeks were falling onto his face. She quickly wiped them away with the back of her hand. The idea that he was just trying to make the world a better place but ending up destroying himself in the process made her start a new fit of sobbing. He truly was the best man she had ever known.

"Henry…" Lucy groaned in sorrow. He opened his eyes slightly. This had caught him off guard because she had never used his first name before. The new tears rolling down her cheeks sent a new pang of sorrow and guilt into the doctor's heart.

He used all his strength and caressed her cheek with his shaky hand. He donned a sad smile and quietly asked, "Did I ever tell you how absolutely beautiful you are?"

What Jekyll said had struck a chord with Lucy. Even thought she thought of him romantically, she thought he had always thought of Lucy as a friend and remained loyal to his fiancée. But him complimenting her put a warm feeling in her heart. She took his hand and held it to her heart. "Did I ever tell you how much I love you?" She said, with a warm smile overpowering her earlier sobs.

Jekyll couldn't believe his ears. He had thought she thought him a friend, not a person she fancied. His eyes grew wide with shock at his realization and said quickly," No! Why didn't you ever tell me?" But then a seize of pain caused him to cry out. "Oh, God! Oh my God! I-it hurts too much!" He began to cry again as he clutched his side while it continued to bleed out onto the sheets.

Lucy tried to find the right words as she comforted him and covered him up with the blankets. "I-I was afraid. I was afraid you would reject me because you were going to get married. I didn't want to be in your way, so I decided to… love you from a distance." She answered, hanging her head in shame. It was dishonorable to covet another person's spouse, or fiancé.

Jekyll pondered that for a moment, wincing in pain when the throbbing would return every ten seconds. His vision was depleting, parts were fading to black or were hazy. The end was closer now.

"If I had just not done the experiment, none of this would have happened." He concluded, desolately. "I am so… sorry…" He said quietly. Lucy saw him start to black out again.

"No! NO! You can't die on me! You shan't! Please! It will hurt too much! Please! Henry!" She sobbed. She kissed his cheek and laid her cheek on his as she cried.

Jekyll felt Lucy's soft lips on his face. With his last act of strength, he grabbed her face with both hands gently and kissed her full on the lips. She kissed back passionately, wrapping her arms slightly tighter around his back.

Breaking the sudden kiss, Jekyll smiled at her. In an almost sleepy voice he simply said, "Thank you, Lucy."

With all his energy gone and not enough blood to live any longer, he began to nod off for the last time. With his last breath, his head and arms fell lifeless on the bed.

For twenty minutes, Lucy did nothing. She just stared at the peaceful and vacant look on the doctor's face, expecting him to come back. Then the final tie to reality had been broken, when she realized that it was over.

If she had sobbed before, the next fit blew them away. The bed was covered in as many tears as there were drops of blood. Lucy had never wailed so loud for so long. She couldn't understand why nobody from the club was coming in to see what the matter was. "Henry... Henry… HEEEENRY!!!" She sobbed, not letting go of his body.

Then she sat and stared into space. What was the reason for leaving now? The only reason she would leave was to either flee from Hyde, who was dead, or to wait for Jekyll… who was also dead.

"What do I have to live for?!" She wailed to herself. Suddenly she had a strong urge of understanding. She realized, there was nothing to live for anymore. Carefully removing herself from Jekyll's body, she picked up the dagger from the floor.

It was still covered in Jekyll's blood.

"I love you, Henry," Lucy whispered. Without another thought, she drove the dagger into her chest. The shocking pain took her off guard, while she bled out onto the already soaked sheets. Her vision began to cloud extremely fast and she laid down next to Jekyll on the bed. She kissed his lifeless lips and closed her eyes, and vowed to never open them ever again.

You are free now.
You're with me now.
Where you'll always be.


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