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Chapter 1- The Case

July 14

Day 1

I ran through the cave, my heart pounding and my chest heaving; the only thing keeping me going was shear will. He was behind me, I knew it. But hold on, who was chasing me? And why? Oh well, I couldn't stop now. I had to get out of this cave. I saw the opening and was relieved. Outside the caves, the moon shone brilliantly. I ran into the trees, choosing not to stop for a bit longer until I came upon the spring. I looked for a long while into the hot water, entranced by the image of moon and stars in it. I felt a hand from behind me and I plunged,headfirst, into the boiling depths. He held me under, horrible seconds passing as my air began to run out. Finally I breathed in the water, choking until I lay still.

I woke shrieking in my bedroom. It was as normal as ever. I sighed and picked up the alarm clock beside my bed and shrieked again.

"7:30!? I'm going to be late!"

Hi, I'm Mai Taniyama. Around a year ago, I came to work for Shibuya Psychic Research or SPR. My boss, Kazuya Shibuya, is a pig headed, narcissistic jerk. That's where I came up with his nickname, Naru the Narcissist. He's only seventeen.

I made it to the trains just as the door was closing. I looked at my watch; five minutes to go. Oh geez I hope the train goes fast. I got off at my stop with two minutes left. Racing through the streets I couldn't help but wonder how angry he would be if I were late. I burst through the door just as my watched changed to eight. Casting my eyes over the quiet office, I exhaled in relief. I made it.

"Mai, tea." There he was, the same sarcastic, indifferent Naru. I nodded, too out of breath to say anything, and went to the small kitchenette. As I put the kettle on the stove, a tall, black headed man walked in.

"Oh, good morning Lin, how are you today?" He didn't reply in the slightest. I smiled at him as he looked me over once. I was used to the way he acted. He wasn't mean at all. He just was no nonsense. Okay, maybe he is a little mean, but not like Naru. Like the time when I thought Lin hated me because I was Japanese and he was Chinese. He apologized, seeming truly sorry that he had upset me. So it's alright when he acts like this because I know it's truly not in meanness. The phone began to ring as I waited for the water to boil.

"Mai, phone." That on the other hand—I could never be quite sure. I ran to get it.

"Shibuya Psychic Research, this is Taniyama Mai, how may we help you?" I said.

"Uh, yes, I am Osuka Kaname and I was uh wondering if I could come in and speak with you. There is something, well your going to think I am crazy." I chuckled.

"Well, Ms. Osuka, believe me, we aren't unused to hearing unusual stories. You shouldn't worry about us judging you." The kettle began to whistle.

"Mai, tea." What!? Why doesn't he get it, I'm on the phone?! Yeesh. I walked to the kitchen and, holding the phone between my head and my shoulder, took the kettle off the stove.

"Still, I would feel better talking to you in person, if you don't mind that is," said Kaname.

"Of course not, let me find an opening and we will schedule an appointment." I walked back to my desk and grabbed my date planner.

"Alright Ms. Osuka, how does Wednesday at two p.m. sound?" I asked.

"Yes that sounds great, thank you Ms. Taniyama." She got off the line, so I put the phone down and finished fixing the tea.

"Here you go, Naru," I said, smiling as I placed the tea on his desk. He didn't thank me, as usual. I felt a twinge of annoyance, but I brushed it off.

"The phone call?" he asked, looking in his black book.

"Oh, her name was Osuka Kaname, apparently she has an issue. The poor woman sounded so frightened, she wouldn't even tell me what was wrong over the phone," I said quietly, worried about the woman.

"And so how are we to know she isn't lying or even what to expect?" he asked condescendingly.

"Well, I scheduled her for the day after tomorrow at two in the afternoon. I figured you would like to decide for your self."

"Do not take it upon yourself to make such decisions in the future," he said coldly.

"Hey! This woman is really scared! Don't get mad at me about it!" I yelled and stormed out of the office. Then I turned around real quick and went back in.

"Oh, by the way, you have a doctors appointment at three today." Naru nodded. "And…"

"And?" he asked in a very, "oh great you're going to talk," manner. I felt the annoyance creeping up at me again. But I had to remember that I was asking for some time off.

"And, since you and Lin will be gone. I wondered if it would be all right if I closed up for a bit and went shopping. I mean I have been working everyday non-stop. It would only take a couple of hours; I just need a few things." He looked at me steadily.

"Fine, but pick up some more supplies for the office while you are out, I will have Lin prepare a list for you, and be back in three hours-you will clock the time you leave and get back." I was so surprised and excited that he said yes that I just exclaimed, "Yes of course! You can count on me boss!" I practically flew out of the room in my excitement. As I left, I didn't see the small little smirk form on his lips.

"All right, good bye now Naru and Lin!" I called at them as they walked out of the room. I smiled.

All right, first I need to change the answering machine…

"Hi, this is Shibuya Psychic Research. I am Taniyama Mai. Our office will be closed for the next three hours today. Please leave a message or call back when our office re-opens and we will be happy to listen to your issue. Thank you."

Next I need to turn off all the lights and put a sign on the door.

Finally I was walking happily to the subway.

The shops were bustling and full of shoppers. I decided first to get some knew clothes. I enjoyed looking through the racks. I had saved up for almost two months now and it seemed to pay off because there were a lot of cute things out. I spent nearly an hour looking and trying things on. I left with several bags weighing me down and went to the grocery store. There I got all of the things I needed and some more tea for the office. I then went to the office shop and picked up the other stuff we needed. I realized I had thirty minutes left and sighed. I had wanted to do some more shopping but there goes that idea.

Naru and Lin were not back when I got in. I wrote down the time I left and returned on a sheet of paper before putting it on Naru's desk. I changed the message on the machine back to the usual one and turned the air conditioner on. Sitting down at my desk, I found the group of files Naru wanted me to put away earlier. I took this up until I heard Naru and Lin return. I came out of the backroom.

"Tea, Mai," he said as usual.

"Okay," I said, running into the kitchen. "Naru?" I said as he passed. He paused.

"You didn't leave me any money to buy that stuff so I was wondering when I was going to be reimbursed."

"You won't be," he said coolly.

"WHAT!" I yelled. "What do you mean I won't be getting reimbursed, Naru? I spent MY money on that stuff."

"Well, when you're not here you take away from MY money so think of it as us being even." He walked off as I stared indignantly after him. THAT JERK!

July 16

Day 2

I arrived early to the office that day. Naru wasn't there yet and so I opened up without him. Looking at the day planner, I remembered Ms. Osuka's appointment. Oh man, this place is too dirty to have visitors.

Ever since our last case, where Naru had collapsed from using his powers, Lin and I had been more focused on taking care of him than much else. If only he had stayed in the hospital until the doctor had released him we wouldn't have to be so worried about him. I sighed as I took the vacuum and began to run it along the carpet as I waited on the kettle to boil. Eight o'clock came and went and still no sign of Naru. Lin came in at eight fifteen.

"Good morning Lin," I said cheerfully as I finished dusting the main room's coffee table. He nodded to me. "Would you like some tea?" I asked. He didn't answer me but instead looked around the room and said, "Where's Naru?"

"I—uh—don't know. He hasn't come in yet." Lin's face tightened. He walked to my phone and dialed a number.

"Dammit, no answer," he growled, slinging the receiver back onto the base. I began to get worried as well. "Mai, I'm going out. If Naru comes in, call me at this number." He wrote something on a little piece of paper and handed it to me. I took it quietly. Oh man, Naru, where are you? The phone rang and I ran to it.

"Yes?" I asked, hoping against hope for good news.

"Hello is Shibuya Kazuya there?" asked the woman.

"Oh, uh no this is his assistant, Taniyama Mai," I said, "He isn't in yet, may I take a message for him?"

"Well actually, you see I am from Dr. Honda's office. I am calling regarding Mr. Shibuya's appointment yesterday," she said, a sense of awkwardness in her voice.

"Oh, yes, did he have tests done or something?" I asked, grabbing for a scrap of paper to jot down any notes.

"Well no, you see, he never showed up for it. I was wondering if there were circumstances surrounding that reason." I froze, eyes wide. I let the pen I had picked up fall from my hands. Didn't show up?

"Um—I'm very sorry, he must have forgot, we've been very busy." What a lie! Naru, what are you thinking?

"Well, would you like to reschedule?" she asked, oblivious to my distress.

"Yes, but I need to speak with him about when he wants to so if you could just give me the number of your office." She complied and I hung up the phone and walked back to the kitchen to take the kettle off the stove. The door opened and I spun around.

"NARU, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?" I shrieked, running up to him.

"That is none of your business, get me some tea." I was taken aback by his tired voice. He walked to one of the couches and sat down, pinching the bridge of his nose. He looked pale—paler than usual—and there was a touch of darkness under his eyes. I looked at him with worried eyes. He doesn't look so well.

He looked up at me. "Did you not hear me, Mai? I said tea?" I snapped back to reality and ran to fulfill is request. As I sat the cup down, he grabbed it and drank deeply. I looked at him for a moment and then remembered Lin.

The dial tone rang once before he picked up. "Yes!?" he asked, breathless. Wow, he was worried.

"He—he just got in, Lin," I stammered, looking up at the back of his head. Lin sighed.

"Okay, I'll be back in a moment," he said. The other end of the line clicked as Lin hung up and I put the receiver down. As I straitened up, the piece of paper I used to write down the number of the doctor's office caught my eye. Anger and indignation rose within me as my fists closed and began to shake. I walked back to the couches and sat across from him as he sipped at his tea.

"What?" he asked, obviously annoyed by my glare.

"Why did you miss your doctor's appointment yesterday?"

"That's not your business," he said coldly.

"Why not!?" I shrieked, standing up-my fists making their way to my chest. "You go off and not show up this morning and worry both me and Lin! Then I find out you didn't go to your appointment, and…and," I sat back down, running out of steam, an overwhelming sense of worry taking me over instead. I placed my face in my hands. He just looked at me steadily.

"And what?" he asked in the same flat tone as usual. Before I could even begin to think of a response, Lin burst through the door panting. We both looked at him. He straitened up and walked to Naru.

"Mai, give us a moment," said Naru. I was about to argue, but then I caught the look on Lin's face. Wow, he looks really stressed. I stood and stalked off to the kitchen. I busied myself by making Naru another cup of tea and then Lin and myself some. I heard them arguing quietly. Soon after, Lin came in. I handed him his cup of tea and he took it without a word.

"Lin," I said, not quite masking all the anger in my voice. "Why did you not make Naru go to his doctor's appointment?" Lin stayed silent for a bit before saying, "You know Naru."

I slammed my cup down causing Lin to look at me. "I do know Naru, but we can't let him keep doing this. He's…he's going to get himself killed," I finished softly. Lin looked at me with an odd look in his eyes as I picked up the tea I had made for Naru and took it to him. Naru looked up from his notebook as I sat down the tea. He didn't say anything as I gathered up the other cup and garbage on his desk.

"When can I reschedule your doctor's appointment?" I asked, my annoyance plain in my voice. He looked back down.

"Don't, I have no interest in going to such things," he said calmly.

"Well too bad because you're going to, and that's final," I snapped at him.

"And since when do you find the authority to say I am doing so," he said calmly. This question caused me to stop. I put my fist to my chest and looked down.

"I—I don't, but you honestly can't expect me to not worry. Especially when you come in here looking dead on your feet. You don't look well and you not following normal procedure bugs me—us. Lin and I and everyone else have been so worried about you. I mean you almost died and now you're acting like you're immortal! You aren't-get that through your head before—before," I lost my stream of thought and left before the tears in my eyes fell over and he saw. Lin watched as I went and sat at my desk but didn't say anything and went back to what he was doing eventually. The silence went on for most of the rest of that morning.

At exactly two, the door to the front room opened and a woman entered. I stood and walked to her, bowing.

"Welcome to Shibuya Psychic Research, I'm Taniyama Mai, is there something I can do for you?" I stood back up and gasped, noticing a black eye tarnishing her amber skin.

"Yes, we spoke on the phone, I am Osuka Kaname," she said.

"Oh, I see, please come in and have a seat, would you like some tea?"

"Yes please," she said with a smile. I made a fresh pot and then walked to Naru's office.

"Naru, Ms. Osuka is here," I called cheerfully.

Before too long the three of us were settled around Ms. Osuka, listening intently.

"My husband recently bought an old hot springs resort. But something about it isn't right. About a week after we began renovations, things started disappearing and we would hear banging noises or voices. My daughter even says she saw an apparition."

"What about that bruise around your eye?" asked Naru.

"I was walking through the hallway when a rock hit me in the head. This is what is left of a-bad concussion. But the real reason i came is my youngest son, Inori, has fallen ill at the haunting, but every time we attempt to remove him from the premises, his heart stops."

My eyes opened wide at this news. That poor kid!

"Please sir, I beg you, you must help us!" she cried. Naru looked up at her, his calm belaying the urgency of her situation.

"How soon can you have us?" he asked. I smiled in relief. So he was going to help her?

"Right away!" she cried. "Please."

"We will come Thursday evening. Please have a room for us to put our equipment in and seven rooms for us to sleep in."

"Yes of course, they will be."

"Now then, if that's all, Mai will see you out. Good day," he said and he went to his office. This was going to be interesting.

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