To My Readers:

I have two very important updates and a question

I wanted to clear up a comment I made a few chapters ago. I realized that I was unclear in how I was saying it. It was not I who received the rude comments. I am so very blessed and thankful that there are those that consider me worth seeking advice from. I received an upset message from a fellow writer on the site who had received what could only be described as a flame. My advice to this writer was to ignore it because some people post those things just to make themselves feel better (basically a bully) and if they won't even sign in and give you the option to respond directly then they are not worth your worry. I merely wished to vocalize my frustrations with people who act this way. I want all of my readers know that while I have received these, it is none of my regular readers and I don't spare much thought to them. The people who like my story are so wonderful that I can't be bothered by those who don't.

I apologize if I offended anyone, that was not my attention. On that note I will restate what I wanted to say: There is a general etiquette among writers when critiquing. I will ask all of my readers to make it a habit to criticise constructively. I am really preaching to the choir on this because my readers are the best anyway, but please be sure to point out strong points and weak points. I prefer to start with the good but that's me. Fan fiction is a wonderful place to help novice writers (like myself) grow, build confidence, and master the skills of writing. This community has been kind to me and I just hope that all writers are met with the same nurturing advice that I have been. I will ask of you that if you have absolutely nothing nice to say, don't leave a review. I am sure that there are as many 12 year olds on this site as there are adults. I would hate for someone at that age to be met with cruel words.

I also want you to know that I am as blunt as a mallet and I'm about as socially graceful as the character of Temperance Brennen on Bones. (Not quite that bad, but you get the idea) I often say things that I do not even realize are offensive. I will rectify any statement that is taken in a way that was not intended.

My second update is a bit more personal. I wanted to tell everyone that I was in a severe car accident about a month ago. . I was very lucky considering the circumstances, but suffered injuries to my neck, back, and leg and I have a serious concussion (I find it mildly ironique). I was not going to mention this but after my last three updates the matter of my interest in this story has been questioned. I want to assure everyone that (while I am finally looking towards an ending point) I am no less excited about this story as I was at the beginning. I merely have less time to make for my writing. Also, any oddities in my last three updates was likely a product of the concussion. I really have not been my self since the accident and I could be looking at a long recovery, but I will return to these after I have completely cleared my recovery to make sure. So once again, I am okay and healing slowly but steadily and still love Haunting Life.

Okay lastly my question

You guys have been a major influence on this story. I have taken multiple case ideas (Disclaimer: If I every use your idea and do not credit you, send me a message and I will fix that immediately) from my readers and I rely on feedback. Therefore I want to once again include you on this next idea.

As I head towards the climax of this story, Naru will eventually find Gene's body. I want to know how you think the haunting life Naru will react.

A. He will return to England for the burial but only stay a few months. Mai has become too important to him to stay longer.

B. He will return to England but stay for an extended time. Mai understands, is not angry, and manages to come up with a reason to cause Naru to return.

C. Mai attends Gene's funeral in England as support to Naru either by request from Naru or another reason.

D. None of these seem good so here's my idea: (enter your idea here. If enough people say the same thing then I'll consider and/or merge with what is chosen to do)

Just post which letter you want in a review and I'll let everyone know what is decided. Do not worry, Haunting Life is still a ways away from ending completely.

Thank you to all of my wonderful readers and I hope this clears up any confusion or misgivings. I must finish my exams these next two weeks and do not foresee being able to post, but I will return to writing at the start of my break. Writing has been a great comfort throughout this accident process.

Update Soon