A/N: Third and last addition to the LaviYu day! It's the prologue of my long AU fiction. Sadly you'll very likely have to wait for any updates, because I'm only posting this because it's the LaviYu day.

Title: Road to Perdition

Summary: Lavi believes in and searches for truth. But when Kanda teaches him that truth is so much more than just fact, he's not sure what he should do.

Pairing: Intentionally none, your choice how you want to see their relationship.

Rating: M for drugs, violence, sexual themes and possible gore.

Warnings: Drugs, violence, sexual themes, Kanda's dirty mouth, weapons, possible gore. There will be Original Characters, but only one major one right now as far as I've decided - although stories live their own life - and that OC is Kanda's sister. Dislike OCs? Well, I hope you'll give this a shot anyway.

Warnings for this chapter: Violence and weapons. (Kanda with a gun, more precisely, hehehe. *Waggles eyebrows*)

I don't claim to own DGM or its characters in any way. It's all the property of the lovely Hoshino Katsura. I'm happy to play around with such a lovely universe, though, even if this particular universe isn't the DGM universe.

This one I've written in Word which's trial has now ended (bleh), so there shouldn't be any spelling mistakes at least? Meh.

Some parts feel awkward, just so you know. xP

I hope you enjoy!

This has been EDITED (12th february 2010)~ It's not such an overload of information as it was the first time. xD


When you look out the window at the city, there's really nothing special about the place.

A green eye rapidly going from side to side, a light sound of scribbling from a pen.

It's just like any other town. Everything you hear about the place... It doesn't really matter when you see it from afar. I never found New York special. It's just like any other big town. Like any other big town, it's ought to have mysteries that are waiting to be solved.

A red tongue sticking out of the corner of a pair of lips, a pen moving rapidly over a piece of lined paper.

I'm aiming to solve these mysteries. I know that there's something that "normal" people could never imagine that goes on behind those closed doors and around those dark corners. As much as people try to make a city look good, there's always darkness hiding in there somewhere, which the city's inhabitants deserve to know about. Then again, of course there are people that know, but choose to ignore it all. Personally, I can't wait to get down there and see how things truly are, although I am somewhat fearing what I might find. I have seen a lot, but I have never gone into researching something like this.

The pen was put down and the green eye closed. A hand ran through messy red hair, pulling it back, as a young man leaned back in his seat, finding the movements of the train quite soothing. He had traveled a long time by train so many times it was like a second home to him – not that he had ever had a real home as far as he could remember. His right eye was covered by an eye patch and he wore a black bandanna that was tied in the back to keep the hair out of his face. He wore an unbuttoned leather jacket, a red loose shirt, tight pants and simple sneakers. On his ears golden earrings where flashing in the sunlight that flowed through the window. He looked like he was in somewhere in his twenties.

In front of him sat an old man who looked like he was Chinese. His eyes were framed by black make-up and made him look like a panda of a kind. The top of his head was decorated with a tuft that stood almost straight up, only the tip of it actually hanging. He wore a long coat with wide sleeves, in which his hands were tucked. Under it you could spot plain black pants and black slippers. He wore a blank expression and watched the redhead.

This was that young man's first own task. Normally he always had the old man with him, but now it was time to put him to the test. So he would do this all by himself and write it down all by himself. He was eager to begin, to prove he had what was needed for the job, but he could not help but feel a bit afraid. He could actually die, which was something he had never knowingly put himself in the danger of. The old man most likely had, considering how long he had been working in this business.

Then again, he was the one who had chosen this task anyway, while knowing what risks it would put him in front of. But it was not as if he was complaining. He raised his arms and stretched before he opened his eyes and looked back into the black-framed eyes that were eying him.

"There is no turning back now, Lavi," the old man said blankly, his empty expression not wavering.

"Duh, I know that," the redhead replied lazily, waving his hand through the air. "I'm ready for this."

He put his arms behind his head and looked out the window, his gaze distant.

Bookmen. That is what they called themselves. "They" meaning individuals who searched for deeper knowledge about the world and deeper understanding for the humans who lived in it.

The train began to slow down and people that were getting off gathered their things together and stood up. So did Lavi and the old man, who always went by the name Bookman. Lavi grabbed a hold of a metal pole so that he would keep his balance as the train stopped, the cool material feeling soothing against his palm.

As they walked out into the fresh air Lavi inhaled a deep breath. The train ride had been long and the air in there had been very musty and he had always had trouble thinking properly in such an environment. Now all they had to do was get settled in and he could start properly thinking about how to find the right place and the right people for his research.

"Keep your eyes and ears open," Bookman said as they exited the train station. "If you run into trouble let me know immediately. I'll help you. Anything to make sure you stay alive. And whatever you do, do not forget your purpose. No matter what, always have your brain set on your goal. And don't do anything stupid."

"Gotta hav'ta gamle a little bit, old man," Lavi smiled and hoisted his bag onto his shoulder. When Bookman sent him a meaning glance, he added with a sigh, "I know I know. I'll be careful, I promise. I won't die."

Bookman nodded, pleased, and waved over a cab.

. . .

He was not unfamiliar with the sounds, the dust, the screaming, the blood. In fact, he was so used to it, it did not get to him at all. The metal's weight was familiar in his hands and he fingered on the trigger. He had been so close to just take out his target without making a big fuss, but then this guy had decided to walk in front of his aim just as he fired. Talk about being unlucky. Now he had to try and take out all of the guy's annoying minions or whatever before he could finish this stupid job. He did not have time for this. His sister was coming home from school soon and he needed to buy some food for her to eat when she did. Plus, he would not want her to wonder where he was and worry her when it was not necessary.

Wait, he could not let his thoughts wander off too much. He did not want to get himself killed. He gritted his teeth and glanced around the corner of the metal case he used as a cover, dark eyes scanning over the area. It had silenced for now. Everyone was waiting, waiting for someone – or rather him, he was alone after all - to show up from their cover enough for them to be able to land a hit. There were two bodies already on the ground. One with a bullet hole in his head, the one who had decided to get in the way, blood pooling under him, and another that was moaning and gripping his bleeding shoulder. There was nothing that man could do, therefore there was no actual reason to kill him. He would die from blood loss soon anyway, might as well let him suffer.

He needed to get these people away from their shields so that he could take them out. He could show himself to get them to try and fire at him, but that meant taking the risk of getting himself killed before he could do anything. Or he could try to find a way around and see if he could get an aim at anyone, but he was not sure if that could work. He turned around and walked slowly along the case, rubbing a sweaty hand against his jeans, licking his dry lips. Why did he get into such a troublesome situation? This was supposed to be done quickly. He would get it now, he knew it. That guy could be very fucking scary when he wished to be.

Wait... That was not his biggest trouble. Would it even count now that it became such a big thing when he was strictly told to do it quick and not get discovered? He had to kill them all, so that there were no eyewitnesses, or he might as well just count himself as a dead man.

"Maybe I should just use the grenades and blow as much shit up as I can," he muttered under his breath.

He had been told not to waste too many – it was only to be used in case of emergency. But... maybe this could be counted as an emergency. He had to get rid of all the witnesses. It was as simple as that.

He reached the other end of the case and looked around the corner again. A pair of blue eyes stared back into his dark ones. He saw the pipe of a gun aimed at him. A man was standing there, with his gun raised, ready to fire. His eyes widened and he took a step backwards, squeezed the trigger... The man let out a shout from pain and fell to his knee, blood spurting out from the bullet wound that had appeared in his leg.

"Damn it, Kanda, you bastard!" he cursed, slurring. "Couldn't have stayed there for just a bit longer, could ya?"

Kanda stared at him. How did that guy know his name? Wait, forget that... His insides froze. Someone had almost sneaked up on him. He could have died. He could have actually died.

He bit his lip and fired another bullet through the man's eye and then took off, didn't look back. He dived behind the wall of a ruined storage building that had been close by, leaned against it and breathed heavily, eyes wide. He could have died... He ran a hand through his black fringe and pulled his white shirt closer around himself, feeling suddenly cold. He had let his guard down. Was he not one of the best? He could not go and die. He had things he needed to do. If he left his problems behind for his sister to deal with... He would never be able to forgive himself.

"Focus, Yu, focus!" he told himself in a low hiss, glancing around the corner.

Heads were peeking out from the enemies' different covers to check what had happened with their ally. What idiots. He smirked lightly and stepped out from behind the wall, the ponytail whipping through the air, and aimed his gun at them. One, two, three, four bullets he fired in a rapid sequence, three of his targets fell down, most likely dead.

"Hn," he said and quickly went behind the cover again as someone tried to fire at him.

How silly could he be? There was no way he would die if he had a say in this. Which he really did not, but that did not matter. Either way, he was not going to die while he still had things to accomplish in this world.

"What were you thinking, getting involved with guys like these?" he muttered under his breath.

He glanced around the corner again. No one was peeking out right now, as far as he could see. He made a bolt for another cover.