A/N: My friend got married, I cried my eyes out, it was incredibly beautiful, and suddenly I just felt like writing about someone's wedding. And besides, I always felt pretty sorry for these two – I wanted to give them a happy ending.

I actually visited a site called "The Wedding Note" for this. XDDD That totally made me crack up, because it made me think of a silly comedy of L and Light's wedding, with all the chaos and fighting about who's going to be the bride and who gets to be the bestman etc... I just might want to write that one day, you know, now that the thought entered my twisted mind. :'D


White Wedding

The sky was gray that day.

Harsh, cold wind was toying with Light's auburn hair; shivering, he buried his hands deeper into the pockets and tried to snuggle more warmly into his coat and scarf. The trees on the graveyard surrounding the cathedral were swaying, as if trying to hold on to their yellowed leaves before the wind ripped them away; crows were floating above him, and their croaking mingled with the toll of the bells high, high above.

"If Light-kun is cold, he should go inside."

Light turned around at the familiar voice. L was looking at him expectantly, his wild raven black hair pointing out at the most random directions, dressed in his usual, disheveled attire.

"I'm not invited," Light replied. Until now, he had had no idea of why he was standing there, on the stairs of an obviously foreign church, with no memory of traveling there, but suddenly it all made sense. He was here for the wedding, of course! Even though, he frowned again, even though he hadn't been invited. How odd.

"But I am," the detective replied, turning to the closed doors of the cathedral. "Light-kun may accompany me. But we must hurry, it's about to start."

Nodding slowly, Light followed the man as he opened to doors to let them in, and closed them behind them to keep the approaching winter out of this place. It took a moment before his eyes got used to the dimness of the cathedral; the benches, already full of people, were basking in the multicolored light flowing through the massive windows made of painted glass. Light had expected them to take a seat at the back of the hall, but to his surprise, L started to make his way towards the altar, where there were people standing and talking quietly – the priest, the groom, and probably his best man and the maid of honor as well, the teen supposed.

"Why are we sitting this close to the altar?" Light whispered as they walked the aisle, glancing at the people already seated with a twinge of nervousness. That place was reserved for close relatives, right?

But then he spotted his father among the wedding guests, and forgot his question. Soichiro smiled and nodded at them; next to him, Light's mother and little sister were waving at them with happy smiles as well. On the other side of the aisle, he spotted cheerily waving Misa – and there was Matsuda, chatting animatedly with Aizawa and Mogi. Sitting next to them, another policeman – Ide, Light recalled, was stowing away the package of cigarettes the man next to him had taken from his pocket. This man was familiar, too – Soichiro had brought him over a couple of times. Ukita, wasn't it?

But hadn't his father said that the man had been killed during the first Sakura TV incident...?

A strange, cold feeling settled to the bottom of Light's stomach as he turned his head, still following L as if walking in thick mist. There was that annoying motorist whose death in a traffic accident Light had witnessed so many months ago... The girl he had taken to Spaceland – Yumi? Yomi? Something like that – and Takada, the smart, pretty girl from the University... A long line of western men and women dressed in neat, black suits, like FBI agents in television...

And as they approached the altar, the brides groom turned around to flash a quick, nervous smile at them, and L had to practically drag Light to their place because the younger man had stopped dead on his tracks at the sight of Raye Penber's face. The agent he had met in the Spaceland bus – the same man he had last seen falling to the ground, gripping his chest, from between the closing train doors...

"Took you long enough," an unfamiliar voice commented smoothly as they sat down, and Light directed his attention to the people sitting next to them. Watari was there, of course, looking calm and sophisticated as ever; next to him, there were three preteens, battling for elbow room and accusing each other of terrifying crimes such as "your hand's invading my space, you nerd" or "it wasn't my fault, he pushed me first". On L's other side, there was a young man with bandages covering half of his face and his other hand; from what could be seen, however, the man bore a startling resemblance to the detective. Apparently he had been the one to speak.

"We are here now, Beyond," L replied calmly in a voice that didn't leave room for arguments.

Beyond? Beyond Birthday? The unfamiliar feeling in the pit of Light's stomach grew, and the coldness seemed to spread to his chest. The word was that Beyond had died two months ago, alone in his cell; the medical records suggested an unpredictable heart attack.

"Well, luckily I was here to keep your seats free," Beyond said with an odd, childish smirk.

L opened his mouth to reply, and Light his own to ask how the killer had known they would need two seats when the teen hadn't actually been invited – even though his family had, he realized – but suddenly the bells high above them ceased to toll. Silence fell upon the guests, heavy with excitement and anticipation; the FBI agent standing next to the altar looked like he was heading into a gunfight instead of the safe haven of marriage.

"All rise for the Bride," the priest instructed, and the guests followed his order immediately.

The first notes of the wedding march were coaxed out of the organ on its balcony, and everyone turned to look at the main doors. An elderly Japanese man was standing there, but the woman in white next to him stole all the attention. Tall and proud, her head held high, Naomi Misora carried her wedding dress and bouquet – white lilies – with almost royal grace. Her hands had been hardened by her work, but her heart hadn't, and she was every bit as strong and beautiful as she had been when she had told Light that she had an idea of how Kira might work on that cold day so long ago.

At the sight of her gently smiling face, Light's eyes got immediately misty, because, for some reason, seeing this woman made his heart swell with sadness and regret.

Slowly, so slowly, Naomi paced down the aisle; Raye met her and her father halfway, taking her hand to lead her the rest of the way to the altar. As they passed Light and his companions, Beyond sighed dreamily.

"Aww, our little pawn is all grown and flying out of the nest," he cooed, low enough to not disturb others. "Isn't it sweet, L?"

"Well, you must admit she deserves some happiness," L replied. "It must not be easy to get caught in the middle of the battle of people like us." He tilted his head. "Light-kun, are you crying?"

Light blinked his eyes to get rid of the small tears that had gathered in the corners of his eyes, but it only made them roll down his cheeks. He shook his head, trying to say something in his defense, but he found he couldn't get anything out of his mouth. It was like something in his chest was blocking words from getting out.

"What a crybaby," he heard one of the kids sitting on Watari's other side sneer.

"Yeah, like you're not weeping like a girl..."

"Oh, dear," Beyond tutted, and Light could hear the pout in his voice. "Now I think I'll have to cry too. It's customary in wedding ceremonies, isn't it? Got an extra tissue, Kira?"

By now, the tears were completely blinding the auburn-haired teen, and his shoulders were shaking from the soundless sobs wrecking his body. At Beyond's words, he finally managed to get something out of his mouth, gasping breathlessly, "I-I'm not... I'm not K-Kira..." but then the spreading feeling of choking stopped the rest of the words from coming. All these people here who had been killed by Kira – he couldn't have done that, there was no way on Earth he could have done that...

And then long, thin fingers were entwining themselves with Light's, a thumb was stroking the back of his hand, and a low voice was saying, "It's alright, Light-kun."

L said it with such certainty that Light immediately felt the coldness clutching his heart back away, and his breathing started to flow with more ease. He sat there, staring at his feet, trying to will the last tears to go away, for a while longer, and finally the priest's words started to sink into his mind.

"... I ask you now, do you, Naomi Misora, in the presence of these witnesses, vow to take this Raye Penber as your married husband, to love him and stand by his side in sickness and in health, in poverty and in wealth, until death do you part?"

"I do," she said in a bright and clear voice.

"And do you, Raye Penber, in the presence of these witnesses vow to take this Naomi Misora as your married wife, to love her and stand by her side in sickness and in health, in poverty and in wealth, until death do you part?"

"I do," the man replied, surely but quietly, as if to make this promise to his beloved as private as possible.

The priest spoke once more, his voice raising above the silently listening wedding guests, strong and decisive; in Light's ears, it thundered, thundered like the bells so far above them. "Since, then, you have given yourselves to each other by these vows of faithful love, I, by the authority vested in me by the state and the church, declare you to be husband and wife. And what God has joined together, no man may ever pull apart. You may now kiss the bride."

And whatever was said or done then was lost to Light, because he was crying again and holding L's hand tightly in his, fearing that he would lose his grip of it and be left alone here, wherever the here was -

… And, it seemed, here was the bedroom he shared with L.

It was dark, with only the laptop on the nightstand illuminating the room with a strange blueish glow; the sheets were tangled around Light's legs, and slowly he became aware that he was sitting, his chest heaving heavily as he struggled to breathe. The tears were burning his eyes and his face as they trailed down his skin as a constant flow. There was no cloudy sky behind a painted glass; no serial killers asking for a tissue, no dead people smiling and talking and getting married, no hard bench underneath him...

But there was, strangely enough, a hand in his own.

"Light-kun?" L asked slowly, almost hesitantly. "Is Light-kun in pain?"

Still gasping for air in between the soundless sobs that sent his slim body trembling allover, Light shook his head, tightening his grip on the detective's hand to keep him right there for a little longer. The thin fingers were shaking as badly as his, and he knew the man would withdraw from the contact the moment he thought it was safe. He couldn't bear to think of it – if L left him alone now, he was sure he would break.

"Just... j-just a dream," he murmured, managing to get most of the sobbing and shaking under control; but there seemed to be no end for the tears, or for the immeasurable amount of sadness and sorrow he could feel floating around in his chest, preventing his body from functioning properly.

"... A nightmare?"

"No," Light whispered. "... Yes. I don't know. I can't remember anymore. I think... I think it was actually very happy. Yes, I think that was it... so happy that it hurt..." The dream was slipping from his grasp so quickly... he could hardly remember anything by now. The gray sky – the crows – the painted glass – the bells... until finally, all he was left with was the unexplainable sadness and remorse. He felt like he had done something unforgivable, broken something that could never be fixed in this world, but he couldn't remember what...

Slowly, awkwardly, L wrapped his free arm around the younger man's shivering shoulders and pulled him tentatively against his bony chest, forsaking his typical posture in favor of doing so. Allowing a soft sigh past his lips, Light leaned against the other man without questioning his actions, just grateful that he had done so; immediately, the heaviness in his chest started to get easier to bear, and it felt like every tear he shed lightened the coldness in his heart a little.

And even though Light cried himself to sleep that night, in the arms of a man who was as unused to human contact as he was to such displays of emotions, and the strange feeling of regret shadowed him for many days after that, he felt like something had finally been set right.

1) Some of you were probably slightly uncomfortable with the religious refers in the text. I'm not highly religious myself, and I tried to pick the words in the wedding ceremony to be as non-religious as possible. I'm not even sure if Raye and Naomi would get married in a Christian church since one of them was Japanese and the other half Japanese, but I love cathedrals, I wanted to include the bells, and I also wanted to include the last words of the priest. Because Light thought himself as God and tore our poor couple apart.

I also definitely wanted it to be "until death do you part", because I'm twisted like that. :'D

2) Why would Light dream of Beyond, Mello and others, though he has never met them?

Dreams aren't logical. Maybe it was a premonition? I wanted Light to have a dream that would make him feel subconsciously bad and guilty for all the people he has and will hurt on his path. Blah. XD Don't get logical on me when I'm writing about dreams of all things. Last night I dreamed that my friend stole my car and that I fought a dragon with Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy. (Won, too. XD) How is that logical?

But YAY! They got each other in the end! And so they were dead happily ever after!