Chapter 20

**OK folks here it is…. The finale to my story. Now who knows, maybe there will be a sequel, guess we'll see! I own no Twilight characters but thank S.M. deeply to let us borrow them for our own personal stories.

I woke up early the next morning, my stomach rumbling as Edward played with my hair absentmindedly. "Good morning gorgeous, how did you sleep?" I looked up at him with my sleepy eyes and grinned, feeling better than I had in a long time.

"Wonderful," I said as I got out of bed and grabbed a dress that Alice had begged me to pack. As I went into the bathroom I also decided to grab my swim suit, who knew what we would be up to today! I came back out feeling refreshed and Edward had already gotten dressed for the day; his turquoise shirt making his amber eyes look all the more like melted butterscotch and his sunglasses pushed up on his head, causing his hair to go in many different directions. My heart fluttered just by looking at him and Edward couldn't help the cocky grin that spread across his face when he realized it was from me staring at him. "Come on, let's get you some breakfast."
We walked in towards the kitchen where there was an assortment of bagels, juice, coffee and makings for omelets. My stomach began a constant noise as I took in all the delicious food and so I began with the coffee, pursing my lips in distaste initially. "Oh yes, I should have told you. The coffee here is much stronger than you're used to, much more potent."

"Gee thanks for the warning" I mumbled but not really grumpy about it, how could I be? After all, I continued to have my angel by my side and it was gorgeous out. The possibilities of what we could do today were endless and as I planned out my entire day a plate of fruit and a bagel was set in front of me. "Thank you love" I said.

"You seem to be deep in thought; did you have anything you really wanted to do today?" Edward asked, al the while looking at me interestingly while I ate my "human food."

"Well…." I began; "I have never been jet skiing before, would that be a possibility?" "Or Kayaking or snorkeling?" As the list of things I had come up with began pouring out of my mouth Edward began to laugh, "Yes dear, we can do all of that!"

I clapped my hands in glee and emptied my cup and cleaned the dishes quickly, wanting to get an early start on the eventful day. As we headed out the door Edward yelled he forgot our camera so I went on ahead of him, eager to feel the sand between my toes and the warmth of the sun on my skin. A cool touch broke me out of my day dreaming and Edward's hand wrapped around mine as we set off to first find the Kayaks as the water may have been a bit too cool still for a swim. Not like it would have mattered to him as much but always being the thoughtful or as I thought, overprotective one, Edward wanted to wait until it was at least mid morning before we began all the water adventures.

Kayaking was easy when you were a vampire with unbelievable strength but for me, someone who hardly worked out and never before kayaked in an ocean, it was a bit more difficult. Edward was always patient though, getting ahead of me but then patiently waiting for me to catch up and he not once offered to help, knowing it would bother me. We finally came to a floating dock that we tied our kayaks to and with Edwards' help we climbed up onto to relax for a bit. The only word to come out of my mouth was "wow." The water was crystal blue, I could see all the way to the bottom and it had to be plenty deep; there was nothing around us, any noise or people or buildings. Just the two of us and the water. On the dock however was a snorkel set; I looked to Edward curiously and in response he said "well, I don't need one so I came out here early to get you set up." I smiled and gave me a chaste kiss on the lips in appreciation before I set to figure out how to get the gear on.

I will admit there was a tad bit of jealousy seeing Edward so at ease in the water. I was clumsy and panicking, the feeling of having something in my mouth and over my eyes and feet was causing me to be claustrophobic. Edward on the other hand, glided through the water, diving and swimming with complete comfort. I was glad he was having fun though; it is not often I get to see him so relaxed so I didn't really mind. Besides, I knew that the next part of our day would be fun so I dealt with the little bit of grief I was giving myself over my lack of snorkeling skills and decided to just enjoy it. There was coral everywhere; pink and white and green coral in all shapes and sizes stuck out from the sand and allowed for some great views of the wildlife. There was fish of all colors that were incredible to look at; zebra looking ones and blue and yellow ones, some that looked like they literally glowed; of course as soon as Edward came around the fish swam for safety as fast as their fins would take them causing Edward to laugh and get a mouthful of ocean water. I laughed along with him which only put me in the midst of a coughing spell so we both sputtered to the top of the water again and onto the warmth of the dock.

The sun was high in the sky and I touched Edward's sparkling skin as if it disappear; I was gentle and stroking his arms, his chest, his collar bone as he closed his eyes and sighed every now and then. Not realizing how much time had gone by my stomach made us realize it quickly when it made a loud noise. Breaking Edward's relaxed state he jerked his eyes opened and stared at me before laughing. "All right Bella, lunch time for now and then we will come back out."

We took the kayaks back towards shore and as I lay out on a towel to catch some sunrays Edward went to fetch lunch. I soon heard a clicking noise and looked up with one eye to see him snapping photos of me; "Edward!" I squealed, "It's my turn!" We chased each other with the camera for a bit, taking silly shots of each other and one picture that I was sure would turn out to be amazing; a picture of the two of us with our backs on the ocean and the sunlight hitting us. Again I wondered if it would be beautiful or if it would look like a sun was standing next to me; I didn't know if I would really mind if that was the case.

Lunch was very light and simple, some cucumber sandwiches and fruit, along with a delicious banana virgin daiquiri that Edward himself made. After we cleaned up and my stomach was well rested we decided to test our luck on the Jet Ski. We shared one since I myself had never ridden and knowing my clumsiness it wouldn't have ended well if I had my own.

The experience was thrilling. The way I felt when I was in the front, controlling the Jet Ski and driving it across the ocean was carefree and I made a mental note to myself that we definitely had to get one of these for me too. When Edward was driving I could feel his muscles flexing as he drove, careful to not go as fast around the corners but testing the limits of both myself and the machine. I noticed all the giggling and squeaking was made from me which made me laugh harder and only made him laugh too. I wrapped my arms around him and enjoyed the contrasting feeling of the coolness of his body and the warmth of the sun and of the water hitting my legs and arms as it sprayed.

After a couple hours of this my muscles were sore and tense from the anxiety and excitement and we jumped into the water to relax, I was wearing the life vest and decided to simply float while Edward decided to show off a bit and do some jumps and flips in the air. Making our way back to shore at a much slower pace as my arms were literally too sore to hold on anymore I was surprised to see the sun already setting low. "Where did the day go?" I whispered to Edward as we walked back towards our room. "I don't know love; we had a lot of fun today."

Edward cleared his throat a bit at that point and looked down to me as we were walking; "You know how you are always questioning whether or not I truly love you as much as I say I do?" he asked.

I looked up to him, a bit embarrassed because I knew deep down he did but I just couldn't help but second guess myself. "Yes," I responded, "but I am trying to get better."

"Well I want to show you for the rest of your life that I love you." At this point he had stopped walking and my heart had begun running at an alarming rate. I looked to him and simply said, "How do you propose doing that?"

I didn't know if I would ever see Edward stutter in his speech, always being the eloquent one and here he was reaching for any words to form; he bent down on one knee and pulled out a little red box. "Bella, I want to show you for the rest of your life just how much I love you." The diamonds from the ring sparkled in the sun, the center one shining brilliantly and the ones all around it causing rainbows to glance of everything, putting even Edwards' sparkle to shame.

"Are you sure?" I asked. "Are you really, truly positive?" I asked this several times all the while allowing him to put the ring on my left hand ring finger that was shaking so badly I was surprised he didn't drop it.

"Yes Bella, I am sure." He got up just as a wave crashed into his leg causing the very nerve racking yet intimate moment to disappear as we both started to laugh.

"You know," I said as we began walking back to our home again and staring at my ring, hoping Edward would catch me if I tripped over something; "You never really asked me to marry you."

And with that Edward stopped me and made me look at him. "Bella, will you marry me?"

I smiled up at my angel, my true companion and soul mate and answered "yes."

***So that was it! The trip to Barbados and the activities that happened, even the exact proposal was how it really happened for Tyler and I. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you so much for the support of this story. It has been so fun to write!