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(Itachi's Pov)

"I-Itachi! That's it! I cant take it anymore!" Naruto screamed slamming my bedroom door.

I watched as my boyfrie-.. ex-lover cried as he ran out of my room. He had caught me once again cheating on him with some random woman from work and I guess it was his final breaking point. I sat in our- I mean my bed naked with the sheet draped onto the floor. I took out a cigarette and lit it as I pulled my hair angrily.

He couldn't take it anymore.

I know. I'm a bastard.

I glared at her to get the hell out and she did. Taking her clothes with her as she fumbled around, trying to find everything. I hissed and she flew out of my room slamming the door as she left.

I still couldn't understand how he could be faithful to me when I cheated on him on a regular basis, but I guess it was out of love and devotion that he stayed by me for 5 years. The love of my life; Naruto Uzamaki….

-Flash back-

I met Naruto through Sasuke when he was still going to high school. The blond caught my eye as soon as Sasuke introduced me to him. Though it did take a year for Naruto to finally come around and accept me as his boyfriend. We started going out at the end of his senior year.

I stayed by his side through his graduation and stayed loyal for about 6 months… By this time, Naruto was already working at my fathers company and Fugaku loved him. Sasuke was the first to show off Naruto to father, telling the old man of his skills. Of course Fugaku hired the blond and I was more than thrilled.

I was happy for my Naruto. He finally worked at a place where he could use his talents. He loved working for Uchiha Co. and pleasing all the business partners with his own unique charisma. Father saw Naruto raising profits and decided to pull him and make him work under my brother who dealt with foreign affairs.

I wasn't jealous or anything but that took away time I had with my Naruto. I couldn't harass my blond whenever I felt like it. Or check up on him daily like I usually did since he was in a whole different department.

Not having Naruto beside started driving me crazy and I craved for his touch. I really wanted to know where he was at all times during the day since his none-presence was driving me insane. But within 3 months of Naruto switching.. his department began keeping him later as the days passed.

I knew I shouldn't have blamed him but I did. I told him that he really didn't want to be with me and I know it hurt him. He started requesting more days off so we could spend more time together.. But it wasn't enough for me. I wanted more…

Naruto would willingly give himself to me and I would take him…

I craved for more of his touch and Naruto was becoming worried. I demanded sex almost twice a day and I knew Naruto was becoming tired and frustrated with the lack of sleep and stamina. Even his everyday glow was disappearing and I just ignored it…

I knew it was wrong of me to treat Naruto that way. Like some sex slave, but if asked.. I could honestly say that I was in love with him.

I even think Naruto started becoming scared of me when about four years ago I hit him because he didn't want to have sex. I slapped him hard enough where his cheek turned red but I regretted it soon after. I never hit Naruto again after that but he started working later…

Yes we were still living together and having sex but it wasn't on a daily basis anymore. I tried different tactics to get Naruto to come home early but he wouldn't show up till after 10.

I grew frustrated and started going out drinking during the night. At first Naruto ignored it like he did with me but then it became a daily routine. Sometimes I'd come home drunk and sneak into bed wooing Naruto into having sex. He accepted and I think that was some of the few times that Naruto seemed to be at ease. Sometimes when I'm drunk, I would become extremely sweet and whisper loving words in Naruto's ear.

But I would wake up with bad headaches and I could never fully recall what happened the night before. Only small traces making me angry.

My behavior only got worse when one of the nights I brought home a man from the bar and fucked him in our bed. I didn't get caught at first and I was kind of angry that I wasn't. I think I wanted Naruto to see us and get jealous or something so I continued bringing home particular people.

We were probably into our third year living together when Naruto finally confronted me about it. Either it being men or women, some left their articles of clothing for a remembrance. Like hell if I cared. I didn't.

Honestly, I don't think I've slept with anyone more than once.. Besides, Naruto.

When he asked me about it.. Well I wanted to tell him I was but I didn't and he knew I was lying. I had finally gotten his attention… and I wasn't satisfied with that.

I could tell Naruto was jealous even though I lied about cheating on him. He started coming home earlier again and we'd spend more time together. I thought we were going to finally resolve our broken

relationship. That was until Naruto got called away on a 2 week business trip with another male co-worker.

When I heard the news, I was furious! I accused Naruto of cheating on me with the guy but I knew he wouldn't do it. He wouldn't stoop so low to my level. I knew I hurt him for the accusation and I really wanted to take it back. But I couldn't. Because of my damn, stupid pride.

He cried the entire night on the couch and he refused to sleep in the same bed as me.

I resorted back to my old ways for the next 2 years. Naruto knew the cheating was going on behind his back and he still willingly gave himself to me when I asked. I wonder how I still stayed disease free and didn't infect Naruto either.

I think I broke him when he came back from his business trip. He did everything I told him to with out hesitation. He didn't even get angry at me when he caught me with different people. He only brushed it aside as if it were nothing..

But I was nothing.. I was the trash. I was the whore and the slut. I was the manipulative son of a bitch.

He was everything….

He was my everything….

And I was nothing…….

-End Flash Back-

I felt water hitting my hand and I stared at the foreign substance. Then I saw more falling down, sliding off my hand and dropping onto my bare leg. I gasped and felt my cheek covered in tears and cried even harder. This had to be the second time I've ever cried in my entire life besides the time Sasuke almost died when he was still an infant.

I held my head in my hands as I shuddered and cried like a little baby. I didn't even notice when Sasuke opened my door or even when he called my name. Or when he shook my shoulder to get my attention.

All I thought about was the one and only thing in my life I truly cared for… and he was…

And he was gone…

All because of me and my selfish desires..

Because of me…

Because of me…

And I don't deserve him….

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