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Naruto stared at the raven before him as if the words that spilled from his lips were nothing more than beautiful lies. His breath quickened and tears immediately welled in his eyes as his hands cupped his gaping mouth. He couldn't believe it. He just couldn't. This was something he wanted for such a long time but yet couldn't attain it even if he wished with all his might.

Itachi smiled softly at the tears streaming down his lovers cheeks as he ran a nimble hand through his hair as if reading his mind. He inhaled deeply taking the ring from it box and grabbing ahold of Naruto's hand in a swift movement, kissing it gently. "I love you Naruto Uzamaki and I want you marry you. Believe me when I say this because I do. I cherish u deeply and only want to remain by your side forever." He smiled, standing up and looking down at his lover.

Naruto cried harder, trying not to make a sound as the tears continued to stream down his face. These were not tears of pain or sorrow, but tears of joy and contentment of his wishes coming true. He never believed Itachi was the marrying type but this completely crumbled the last of his walls that protected himself from the raven. He wiped the few remaining tears away from his eyes and bit his lower lip, looking into Itachi's eyes with a glint of happiness. He nodded slowly at first, raising his hand at hip level letting the Uchiha know how he left. He couldn't stop from grinning when he saw the shocked expression pass over Itachi's features for a moment until a small smirk spread across his lips. He laughed lightly at his simple stupidity as his heart cried out in joy as he shook his head faster with more enthusiasm. "Yes… yes Itachi Uchiha. I want to marry you too." He gushed with a wide smile captivating his face.

Itachi bit his lower lip at Naruto's sheer innocence as his aura radiated over his features as the tears began to flow happily down his chin. He couldn't stop the grateful feeling in his heart at the blond's approval as he gently lifted the smaller hand in his own. He took the ring and slowly placed it on the slim finger, staring as it glistened in the low hue of rooms light. It matched in color an intensity of his lovers deep ocean cerulean eyes as he kissed it gently, pulling away with a smile. "I love you Naruto and I can't wait to express how much I do for the rest of my life." The raven announced leaning down to capture his lover's lips as his own in a single moment.

Naruto was surprised by the sudden action but enjoyed the notion as he leaned in further to show his own compassion and commitment with his lovers. He felt the strong arm wrap itself around his waist as a moist tongue grazed hungrily over his bruising lips. He parted them slowly, just giving the raven just enough room to ravage him greedily. He moaned softly at the crushing kiss that consumed all his senses, hardly taking notice of the cool hand traveling under his shirt. He gasped unexpectedly at the digits that snuck under the hem of his pants that cupped his ass in a swift movement, giving the raven all the satisfaction he desired while his smirk became ever so dominate over his lips.

The raven somehow maneuvered them both, back into their room never once letting go of the ravenous kiss they shared as he closed the door behind himself.

Itachi pulled away slowly, trailing his fingers along his lovers jaw as he smiled contently at his behavior. "Enjoying it, I see." He teased, letting go of his firm grasp on Naruto's ass.

Naruto rolled his eyes lazily trying not to scoff at his tone all the while his blush darkened with every passing second. "You love teasing me don't you?" He huffed, looking away with a small pout.

Itachi's smirk grew wider as he leaned over and skillfully maneuvered his arm around the lithe waist as he went in for another kiss, brushing ever so lightly over the skin. "Only you…" he husked in a deep tone that made Naruto shudder. The sultry way his voice could effortlessly throw him into with such small words, could just made his knees weak and mind go hazy in an instant.

Naruto slowly shook his head at the small graze of bodily contact and wrapped his arms lovingly around the raven's neck, making sure to lock his fingers in the process. He bit his lower lip in hesitation while he looked into his fiancés eyes, seeing the cool midnight orbs flash him early. "I only want you… just you Tachi…" he whispered burying his face into the broad chest.

Itachi's smirk slowly faded as a small smile took its place at his lover's confession. He had succeeded in his desire to once again bridge the bond he destroyed and his hard work borne fruit. He ran his fingers through the soft tresses in a slow movement, inhaling the scent he came to know so well. He loved the comforting feeling of having his lover wrapped so eagerly in his arms that it warmed his heart.

Itachi looked down his chest at his innocent blond and saw the content look on his face as he gripped a handful of material. "How long are you planning on holding onto me like a child?..." he teased, softly flicking his nose in the process. He heard the mumble from below and chuckled quietly while he gently pulled away and laid his lover down on the bed.

He ran a nimble finger down Naruto's chin, making sure to tease his neck and going further down until he stopped towards his lower abdomen. Itachi eyed him with curiosity for a brief moment until his gaze turned raw. He kissed the tanned neck softly knowing his sensitive spot oh so well, smirking when he noticed the goose bumps appear is if on cue. "I want to treat you like my lover…" he rasped, sucking harder at the reddening flesh, listening to the small mewl that escaped his lovers lips.

Naruto instinctively drew back his head allowing Itachi to further let his desires run free, enjoying the feelings that wallowed in his chest. He could feel the heat rising in the room as if the heater were turned up in an instant, forgetting the burning blush that crept upon his cheeks. He gripped the sheets tightly when he felt cold digits brushed under his shirt, lifting it up towards the exposed air. He inhaled quickly and closed his eyes when his raven skillfully removed his shirt without haste.

"Spoil… me… please…" he whispered in between shaky breaths after he felt Itachi's lips on him once again. The elder man nodded slightly at his lovers request and hungrily attached himself to the angry hickey that flourished over the tanned neck. He ravished the smaller frame in a quick motion, as if he were ready to devour him in a moment's notice; trying his hardest to control his emotions once he stripped his lover completely.

He pulled away with a grin as he eyed his delectable treat before him with great admiration. He loved the way Naruto blushed heavily at the way he stared at his naked form, memorizing every dip and curve of his body. It turned him on to no end. He wanted to take him then and now, without hesitation.

"You can't imagine how bad I want you…" he murmured under his breath while his lips ghosted ever so slowly over the tanned abdomen. Naruto shuddered habitually under the touch, biting his lip in anticipation. Itachi smirked as his tongue darted out slowly, lapping at the warm flesh, taking note of the growing problem rising from his lover. He pulled away and enjoyed the frustrated blush plastered on Naruto's cheeks because of the predicament.

Naruto pouted at the look Itachi was giving him and turned his head away. "Stop teasing me already…" he mumbled, turning on his side so he didn't have to face him. Itachi smiled a little more this time, letting his smirk fade, turning Naruto back to his original position.

"I'll make you mine then…" he husked, taking a slim hand in his own, kissing it gently. Naruto looked away embarrassed at the ravens sweet tone and covered his face with his free arm. He mused at the sight before him with a slick smile before his hands traveled downward. "Your body responds so truthfully to my touch…" he teased.

"Don't do that… please…" he whined, staring into his lovers eyes. Itachi smiled at his words and sinfully took the heated member in his grasp, beginning his slow pace. Naruto arched his back a little as his cock twitched with excitement at the wonderful feeling. The raven couldn't help but smirk at the sexy expression plastered on his loves face as he thumbed his head, playing with the pre cum that already began to seep from his slit. He listened to the heavy breathing that deepened even more, with every passing second, delving into the wonderful sounds escaping those precious lips.

"I love the way you writhe and moan under my touch." He said pumping a bit faster seeing how Naruto's reactions only turned him on even more. Naruto's eyes closed even tighter at the pure pleasure he was receiving, making the sheets cry under his harsh grasp.

"Please…" he moaned, shuffling the sheets between his fingers as he opened a single eye to watch the raven. Itachi fisted the blonds cock rougher as he took a single digit into his mouth, coating it with his own saliva. He saw the hesitant look in Naruto's eyes as he withdrew his finger from his mouth, spreading his lover's legs so he had more access.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle." He reassured with a small smile, working his fingers southward towards his ass. The anticipation was thrilling as he could feel his own libido throbbing in anticipation. He gently rubbed his lover's puckered hole first, teasing the orifice. He looked over to see Naruto loving his forceful pumps towards his cock as he moaned, not taking notice of his prodding fingers.

His eyes ran southward again, licking his lips greedily. He nudged softly, gently delving inside knowing his blond would react to the invading feeling immediately. He watched as Naruto bit his lower lip, reliving the dormant feeling that had been sorely forgotten. He winced slightly at the uneasiness, trying to get used to it once again. "Relax. I know you can do it…" he soothed, brushing his fingers against the hot skin.

Naruto nodded slowly, breathing in deeply as his body relaxed at his words. He felt the raven burrowing deeper, setting off a chain reaction in his gut. Those nimble fingers brushed against his sensitive spot, making him arch his back at the touch. His breath hitched and Naruto couldn't put into words how he felt. He couldn't get his mind off his lover when he continued to hear small grunts from above. He really knew how to drive him insane.

Itachi loved the sight before him as his angel moaned, craving his touch even more. He growled lowly in his throat when he felt the inside of his lover suck in his second finger greedily, wanting more. He couldn't wait until Naruto was completely ready so he could sheathe himself in that tight heat he missed so much. Once his mind drifted back, his pumping only quickened its pace when the blonds breathing became more labored.

"Tachi… I-I can't…." He cried out, gripping the sheets again. "I feel like I'm going to…" he trailed off biting his lip. "I want to feel you inside me…" he whispered the last part but loud enough that Itachi could hear.

The raven hesitated for a moment and analyzed the situation before putting a stop to his pumping. "You're not stretched enough Naru… I don't want to hurt you." He said eyeing his lover with care.

Naruto shook his head and got up on his elbows to face Itachi with a small pout. "I want you. I don't care because I love you." He whispered locking eyes with him. "You are my fiancé now…" he added looking away embarrassed.

"Hn…" The raven grunted with a smirk as he took his lovers hand into his own. "You are correct." He said kissing the ring lightly. "You are only mine."

Naruto blushed at his words and continued to look away as the raven pushed him down onto the bed. He felt the kisses trailed his neck, all the way down until he felt those hot lips trace his inner thigh. Oh god it felt so good and he loved it. He felt the sensation disappear and even the bed dipped, making him open his eyes and turn in his lover's direction.

Itachi had gotten up and reached into the drawer making sure to grab the bottle of lube before he returned back to the bed. He saw the stares sent his way and even the anticipation in Naruto's eyes as he followed his every movement. "I know you want me but I'm not going to hurt you if I can prevent it." He said popping the bottle open, beginning to rub the hot liquid onto his fingers. He saw the small nod and smirked playfully at his awaiting lover who continued to stare. He took his thoroughly coated fingers and skillfully began to rub circle at his awaiting entrance, loving the way Naruto bit his lip at his coaxing.

"Please…"Naruto moaned, bringing his hand to cover his mouth. "I want you…" he rasped feeling the fingers slide in easily, scissoring him slowly. "Don't tease me anymore. Please… now…" he pleaded, sitting up to push away his lovers arm away from his ass.

Itachi raised his brow curiously before a small smirk spread across his face. "As you wish…" he whispered, unbuttoning his pants to release his hard member; taking more of the liquid and pouring it onto his hand as he rubbed his cock. Once he deemed it was wet enough, he eyed Naruto with a strong gaze as he lifted the smaller legs to see the weeping entrance before him. "Such a sultry color I must say. Turns me on even more the rosier it gets." He murmured locking Naruto's legs over his shoulders. "Relax for me…" he said adjusting himself before his blond who bucked his hips. "I'm not going to stop once I start." He warned with a smirk. Naruto nodded slower this time but understood his tone. It didn't matter anyways. He knew he wanted Itachi and that's all he ever wanted.

The raven aligned himself, slowly pushing in at first until he heard the small gasp escape his angel's lips. Even if what he said was true earlier, didn't mean he wouldn't stop for the sake of his love. He went deeper, a bit slower noticing Naruto gripping the sheets roughly with every passing second. "If it hurts, scratch me. Hold onto me as if your life depends on it. I want to feel your pain as well." He growled lowly. Naruto nodded as his words and wrapped his arms around the broad shoulders, letting his nails clamp onto the thin fabric.

He pushed deeper, loving the way Naruto's body sucked him in until he was fully buried within his lover. He breathed in deeply as the seconds passed when the nails embedded within his back began to ease up. He kissed away the fresh tears that spilled from his lover's eyes, listening to his labored breathing. "I'm going to move now." He informed waiting for a response. Once he saw the small nod, he began to pull out until his head barley remained inside and thrust in with a quick motion, shocking the blond completely as an audible gasp escaped his lips. He started an even pace, pulling out and pushing back but his senses wouldn't let him continue at such a dull pace. He wanted more. He needed to fill his angel with his essence until he felt satisfied. Until he felt assured.

Itachi felt the piercing nails digging into his shoulders and back through his shirt as each thrust became more sporadic and hungry but he pushed past it as soon as he heard those wonderful moans pass through his lover's lips. With every passing minute, Naruto's grip loosened until his nails no longer felt like needles in his skin when he pushed further, enjoying the feeling.

Sweat began to coat his body, glistening over the hue of the rooms light making him growl unconsciously at his clothes. He felt the flesh around his cock tighten and he smirked at the blond who couldn't stop the pleasing sounds that kept flowing from his angelic lips. "Not just yet." He interrupted, stopping in mid thrust to throw off his shirt before Naruto could even react.

"Ah! Nghn…" The blond moaned when the thrusting ensued, bringing him back to the amazing sensations traveling throughout his body. He could feel the pressure heightening in his lower stomach as the thrusting continued to hit sensitive spot over and over. "T-There!" he cried, burying his face into Itachi's chest. "I-I can't!" he screamed, gripping hard but this time his nails clung to the raven for dear life as he convulsed.

Itachi felt his lover spasm with his cry, making him smirk as his thrusts continued. Even if Naruto's breathe hastened with every motion, he wasn't going to stop. He saw the transparent color of his blond's cum cover his smaller chest and stomach making him bit his lip. He looked positively seductive with that defenseless gaze adorning his features.

With a quick motion, he flipped the blond over onto his hands and knees as he continued to ravage him. He knew he was close and with a few final deep thrusts, he came with a small grunt; unloading his seed deep inside his lover.

As the seconds passed and he knew all his essence filled his lover's insides. He sighed heavily as his head buried itself against Naruto's back. He panted slower this time regaining his composure as he listened for Naruto's breathing as well. He seemed to be faring well enough as he pushed himself up and gently withdrew himself from the depths of his angel.

"I love you Naruto…" he whispered pulling out and turning him over to see his cute face. Naruto's breath swallowed as it took its normal even pace. Itachi smile when his blond lifted his hand to examine the ring that now adorned his finger. "Beautiful isn't it?" he said aloud, bringing Naruto back to his thoughts.

"Mhm." He commented staring at the glistening color reflecting into his eyes. "What a beautiful…" he trailed off looking into his lovers eyes. For a minute, no words were changed. Unspoken words passed through their eyes for the moment as they silently exchanged stares.

"It resembles you does it not?" he said bringing the silence to an end. "Fugaku found the color and I fell in love." He smiled trailing his fingers down Naruto's chin. "I had the jewel fitted for the ring. Even if it's only for an engagement, it suites you perfectly." He stated.

Naruto blushed at his words and tried not to break the eye contact they shared. "It's the same color of my eyes." He said louder this time, glancing back to the ring.

Itachi smirked at his statement and nodded slowly. "Immaculate isn't it?" he said as if reading the others mind.

The blond nodded slowly, captivated by the ring. "I love it…" he smiled.

"And I love you."

-The Next Morning-

"Come on open the door already. It's been a few days. Don't you think it's fair to hear my side of the story?" Sasuke growled outside of his boyfriend's apartment door, trying not to make a commotion of the situation and possibly wake a few neighbors as he buttoned his coat up. He was growing annoyed at the silent treatment he was receiving even though he knew the brunette could hear him and he had already been at this for more than ten minutes already. There was only so much he could take before he would decide to turn around and head to work and right now he was getting pissed. Never did he ever care like this in a relationship to the point he was the one doing the begging like this. It unnerved him to no end.

He glared at the door once again and pounded harder this time. "Alright, I'm asking you nicely one last time to open this door or else I'm leaving. Do you want an explanation or not because you and I both know we have work today." He growled the last part, folding his arms over his chest. This game was getting old fast.

He stood there for another minute not hearing any sounds from what he could tell and growled angrily. Alright, if that's how it was going to be then so be it. He turned on his heel and started for the stairs but stopped when he heard the door open slowly. He looked over his shoulder as saw the brown spikey hair poking out from behind the door and sighed.


He walked back towards his lover's door and opened it completely, revealing the disheveled brunette who flinched at the cool air. He took in his boyfriend's appearance and raised a curious brow. His eyes were red, his hair a mess and it looked as if he hadn't slept a wink given they hadn't even spoke for a few days.

"Good morning…"was Sasuke's small announcement, bringing them both back to reality. "May I come in?" he asked looking over Kiba's shoulder and seeing the living room. The brunette nodded slowly and back away letting the raven have enough space to enter, closing the door after he came in. They both walked over to the small two-seater couch and sat down, not saying anything. The raven looked around the apartment for a moment taking in the more cramped environment and raised his brows. The kitchen was literally 10 steps away from the living room and from what he could see, there was a small hall that lead to possibly three rooms. One, most likely a bathroom.

Kiba bit his lip when he saw his lover's eyes trailing his apartment and analyzing it. Of course he couldn't afford a better place when he first arrived given his small amount of pay at his other job, but he never gotten around to moving once he stared making a much better income after he became employed at the Uchiha Co. He coughed lightly into his hand, making the raven turn to him.

"If you want to explain yourself then go ahead. I need to get ready for work soon." Was his small, curt announcement. Sasuke glared at his words and rolled his eyes lazily. It seemed as if his words ticked him off a degree.

The raven sighed annoyed at his lover's words and stood. He was in no mood to be pushed around today and not to mention all the drama that was stirring up. He folded his arms over his chest and glared at the brunette who flinched at the stare, looking away to look at something else. "You know, I don't even have to explain myself. I could just let this go the way it is and keep going on with life and work." He said not batting an eye. "I could just walk right out that door and say nothing and it would be over." He growled.

Kiba frowned at his tone and raised his head at the raven who smirked at his glare. So he wanted to fight? Alright, he could play this game too.

He got up and stood up right before Sasuke, glaring at the man through gritted teeth. "I'm not going to stop you if that's how you're going to be asshole." He hissed fisting his hands at his sides. Sasuke rolled his eyes at his words knowing full well that only succeeded in pissing him off even more. Boy did he know how to get under people's skin or what…

"Then why let me in to begin with?" he snickered throwing the brunette a slick smirk setting him off even more.

"Maybe I felt sorry for your ass who was howling my name like a disowned pupping out in the cold!" he hissed. His statement immediately took the smug expression off his face as soon as he heard those words. The raven's glare returned fully now, not missing a beat.

"Well at least I look decent enough to work. You look as if you had been crying for days and have been throwing a pity party for yourself like a little high school girl who's crush told her he didn't like her that way." He smirked, riling him up. Kiba blanched at his words and reframed from taking a step back even though he wanted to. This bastard was getting on his last nerve.

"So what?! At least I have feelings unlike you! You heartless bastard! Why didn't you just tell me that we couldn't have a relationship like a normal boss should?! Why did you pursue me even though you knew I had feelings for you? We wouldn't be in this situation that we are in now if you would have just stayed away and been the bastard that you are!" he yelled bawling his fists tighter.

Sasuke raised his brow and stared coolly into his lover's eyes as his smirk widened. "It wouldn't have been fun now would it?" he laughed keeping eye contact the entire time. And that was the final straw that set things into motion.

In a flash of a second, Kiba's fist swung; connecting to Sasuke's jaw. The raven stumbled backwards and massaged his cheek at the force of impact knowing it was coming. He glared at the brunette and wiped the blood from his lip as he lurched forward tackling him to the ground. For a moment they struggled over dominance as Kiba tried to throw a punch or two, wishing it connected with the raven but unfortunately for Kiba, Sasuke dodged his advances as they continued to fight against one another. You could hear the heavy breathing from them both, trying to control the other but ultimately you could figure who would prevail in the end.

Sasuke successfully pined Kiba underneath him, nestling himself atop the brunette and pinning his wrists down with his weight. "Get the hell of me Uchiha!" Kiba roared trying to kick his legs, whishing it could at least help given the situation. Sasuke smirked and with his free hand he wiped the smeared blood from his mouth with his sleeve. He fixed his hair and even regained his composure as he looked down at the man below him. "Get. The. Fuck. OFF ME!" he screamed, struggling under the tight hold. Sasuke watched quietly, not saying a word as he gipped the wrists harder, making Kiba wince in pain.

"You are worse than Naruto when it comes to listening I swear." He said, making the brunette hiss.

"I am NOT Naruto! If you haven't noticed!" he yelled fighting back his tears that threatened to spill at the name mentioned. Sasuke rolled his eyes and stared at his lover who looked away, still struggling against his grip.

"I wasn't exactly comparing you two-


"I was only making an observation." He finished even though he was interrupted in mid-sentence. He watched the tears spill from Kiba's eyes as his fighting spirit finally gave out. Sasuke sighed lightly and loosened his grip when he listened to the muffled cries that made his heart thump. "I don't have feelings for Naruto. I only-

L-Liar!" came the distraught claim from the brunette who cut him off once again.

"I only see him as a brother of sorts since his is my best friend. His heart belongs to Itachi." He said letting go of his lovers wrists who immediately brought them to shield his crying face. He listened to the small cries from his boyfriend and soon began to regret pushing him this far when he tried to move his hand to touch his face.

Kiba slapped the offending hand away as he turned onto his side so he didn't have to see the raven any longer. "J-Just leave me alone. I-I don't want to see you." He said calming down a bit.

Sasuke sighed and ran a tired hand through his hair, trying to not get annoyed. "I already told you there's nothing between us. It was only a misunderstanding." He said bending down to support himself on one hand.

Kiba sighed once his tears finally stopped and rolled his eyes. "You can still love someone even if they love someone else." He grumbled glaring at his hands.

Sasuke frowned at his words and huffed annoyed at his childish behavior. "And? What does that matter?" he retorted with a snort.

Kiba growled angrily at his sheer arrogance towards his feelings and how he belittled him like that. He closed his eyes harshly so that new tears dared not to resurface as he fisted his hands. "Because I love you, you bastard! That's why…" he yelled letting the tears fall from his eyes.

Sasuke sighed desperately this time and ruffle his hair awkwardly at the situation. He knew he was being an asshole and he wanted Kiba to finally and truly admit his feelings in the open but not like this. This was only making him feel like a bastard, something he knew so well already.

He could fell the smaller body below him shudder every few seconds as the crying ensued. He lowered himself down, lying on top of the brunette. "I love you too…" he whispered running his hand through the unruly mess of hair. "And I was only comforting Naruto about something he discovered about his family." He added kissing Kiba's cheek gently.

The brunette sighed heavily at the weight over him, making it a bit harder to breath but liking it regardless. Putting that aside, he listened to his lovers words and calmed his breathing so that he could stop crying. He inhaled deeply smelling Sasuke's scent mixed with copper and shook his head slowly confusing the raven. "Only you know how to rile me up like this…" he said looking over his shoulder.

Sasuke looked at his lover amused at his words and shrugged his shoulders. "Well, I've fallen hard for you. Take responsibility." He huffed kissing his cheek softly. "You are my boyfriend after all." He said returning his hand to the messy hair.

Kiba rolled his eyes and sighed. "Figured as much." He scoffed enjoying the feeling as Sasuke spoiled him. "I've been so frustrated these past weeks about how you felt about me and how much of a gap there was between us that it scared me…" he confessed looking at his hands aimlessly.

Sasuke smiled lightly even if Kiba couldn't see it and kissed him again. "Don't worry about trivial things. Just love me and we will be fine." He said burying his face into his lover's neck. Kiba laughed lightly at the playful nudging at his neck and scoffed when he felt a prodding near his backside.

"Alright you… you know we have to go to work…" he sighed smiling at the Uchiha's problem.

Sasuke growled lowly into his lover's neck and whined playfully. "I know, take care of me before then." He said grinding his clothed erection harder into Kiba's butt.

Kiba laughed louder this time and shook his head. "Nope, this is your punishment. Now get up so I can get ready for work." he laughed pulling away from his boyfriend who remained glued to the ground. He shook his head and ruffled his hair as he walked around to tidy up the area from their previous behavior. "Hentai…" Kiba whispered picking up some pillows that fell from the couch.

Sasuke rolled over and glared. "What was that?" he asked narrowing his eyes.

Kiba flinched but laughed regardless as he hugged the pillow against his body. "Nothing!" he replied putting the pillows back in their original place.

Sasuke continued to watch him as the seconds flew by and smirked. "Hn." He teased getting up to walk towards the door.

Kiba frowned and he knew exactly what that meant and by god did he hate that. "Whatever, doesn't mean you win or anything like that. Just means you can't hear." He retorted as he walked down the hall towards his room.

Sasuke smiled this time and grabbed the handle as he opened it. "I'll meet you downstairs when you're ready. I have my car." He said louder this time so Kiba could hear as he closed the door behind himself.

Shikamaru sat at his desk sipping his coffee as he read a few documents that he started to analyze concerning the intruder in the company. He had been at it for two days and he just couldn't place the last pieces together which boggled his mind. He glared at the paper and sighed tiredly as he placed it back onto his table, pushing back on his chair as he took notice of the blond sitting idly on his desk. He almost spilt his coffee like any normal person would but luckily his mind was in the right place, staring awkwardly at Naruto.

"Oh man Naruto, you scared me." He sighed putting down his coffee as well. "I'm happy to see you but this is kind of unexpected to be honest." He said, scratching the back of his head.

Naruto grinned at his words and looked away shyly, not noticing the stares sent his way. "Well I sort of came back to work here. So… yeah…" he laughed rubbing his noise.

Shikamaru studied his features closely and sighed heavily. He knew it. "So I assume you are back together." He said more of a statement than a question. He eyed the blond curiously up and down and smiled. "But I'm glad you're back. Makes things a lot less stressful in my opinion." He smirked looking at the blond. His eye caught sight of small gleam, perking his interest. He saw the ring and raised his brow trying to figure out what happened. "So… you're engaged I see…" he trailed off nodding his head.

Naruto blushed at his observation and looked down at the object in question, smiling. "Well, yes I am actually. He proposed to me last night and I accepted." He laughed at the last part as he scratched his head.

Shikamaru nodded slowly and thumbed his chin at his words. "I'm glad to see you happy again. He must have really turned everything around, huh?" he asked looking at the diamond with a raised brow. He looked up at the blond and shook his head slowly. "You did say you were only engaged correct?" he said pointing at it. He saw the small nod and rolled his eyes. "Damn Uchiha's have no limit do they?" he said aloud to no one in particular, examining the ring. "I do love the shade of color though. It resembles your eyes perfectly." He smiled relaxing further into his chair.

Naruto laughed quietly at his statement and grinned playfully. "It's funny since I thought the same." he giggled looking down at his hand.

Shikamaru looked over the blond's shoulder, listening to the commotion coming from down the hall, noticing Itachi heading their way. He inhaled deeply as he rubbed his temple waiting for the man to approach. "Uchiha is coming." Was all he said which alerted Naruto to turn and see him coming only ten feet away.

Once the raven reached his destination, he glared softly and pointed at the brunette who raised his brow curiously. "I need you to come with me." He said giving Shika the look. He turned to Naruto who had begun to stare oddly at his actions. "Naruto, we need to go. Apparently Kiba has been kidnapped and Sasuke's in the hospital." He sighed turning on his heel before they could even utter a word.

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