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Kyoko stumbled out of the house. She walked to her bike, rubbing her eyes. This morning, she had woken up with a massive headache. But, Moko-san was right there beside her, holding her hand like she would never let anything bad happen again.

Luckily, Moko-san had thought to put a cold rag over her eyes the night before so the swelling wouldn't be as bad. By now, there was hardly any redness or swelling. Plus, she had an extra thirty minutes to get to the studio.

Kyoko smiled softly as she undid the lock on her bike. She was really lucky to have a great friend like Moko-san. Kyoko was positive that she would not be able to act professionally had she not had Moko-san to encourage her.

Kyoko got on her bike and pedaled lazily towards the park, the scene of the crime, as it were. It was a longer route but, with the extra time and the many things to sort through, Kyoko felt the soothing aura of the park was necessary.

As she wound her way on the paved path, Kyoko gave into the quiet comfort the empty park provided. This early in the morning, the park was undisturbed; a perfect place for her to reflect on yesterday's events without upsetting herself.

One of those things was professionalism. Kyoko knew what was expected of her; she was confident that when she returned to the set of Dark Moon tomorrow; her Mio would be impeccable. But, what about when she was not acting as Mio? Would she be able to act naturally around Re—Tsuruga-san? She couldn't avoid him…he had taught her that much about the responsibilities of a professional.

Kyoko felt another stab of pain in her heart. Tsuruga-san had taught her so much…just thinking about what he had done for her hurt. If it hurt this much to think about him, how much more would it hurt to see him? Kyoko got off the path and gently laid her bike down. She sat on the grass near the creek and enjoyed the light breeze that caressed her face.

'Moko-san says that I love him…that's true, right? I mean, subconsciously, I started to feel more for him but…is that really love? And now that I know he hates me…do I still love him?' Kyoko plucked absentmindedly at a summer daisy, pulling off each petal individually. 'I'm so confused… Moko-san…help!'

Just then, Kyoko's ten-minutes-till-I-have-to-be-somewhere alarm rang. "Oh no, oh no, I'm going to be late if I don't get going! I don't have time to think about this now!" Kyoko got on her bike and hurriedly pedaled to the studio.

The light breeze picked up the scattered daisy petals. It lifted them gently, swirled the forgotten petals, and then let them settle on the softly flowing water. If Kyoko had been paying attention, she would have noticed that there were twenty-one of the orange daisy petals: just enough to say "He loves me."

Kyoko managed to arrive on time. She quickly went to the dressing room to get ready for the shoot. Unlike some of her other work, the entire project would be filmed on one set and in sequential order. Thus, Kyoko's only costume was a school uniform.

Moments later, Kyoko stepped out of the dressing room. She scanned the set for the director. Kyoko spotted him talking to her co-star by the window. Quickly, she headed towards him.

"Director, Good morning!" Kyoko bowed respectfully.

The director looked up from his conversation. "Ah, Kyoko-san. Good morning. You're just in time to hear the directions for today's scene." The director looked at the boy to his left. "Kenji-san, this is Kyoko-san. She will be playing Nobuko-chan."

Kenji stepped forward and gave a slight bow in Kyoko's direction. "It's a pleasure to meet you Kyoko-san. I've seen your Dark Moon work; I'm excited to work with you."

"Now that you two have gotten to know each other, let's go over a few details. First, have you both read over the script?" Both Kenji and Kyoko nodded.

"Good. This scene will be filmed in the order the script was written. However, the last phrase of the scene will be ad-libbed." The director turned to Kenji. "Kenji-san, you already have a general idea of where this scene needs to flow. Remember who your character is." Kenji nodded.

"Kyoko-san, I need you to follow Kenji-san's lead and do your very best. What we are looking for is your initial reactions, so don't worry about perfection. I'm sure you'll give me the results I'm looking for."

The director moved away from the two actors.

"Now, I want you both to run through the entire scene. Most of the camera positions are correct but, if something is no good, we'll start from the top.

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