Hey whoever is reading this i changed the ages of the jonas brothers they are now Kevin:17 Joseph:11 and Nick:10 I do not own the Jonas Brother I only own my stories and that it i know so sad so read and enjoy.

Joe Jonas woke and rolled over on his side as he did this he felt the stomach churning pains he has been feeling for three weeks. He rolled over to the clock on his bunk when he read the clock on his bunk when he read the clock he sighed, "4:00 a.m. gez I only had two hours of sleep!" As Joe waited for what he knew what was coming. He once again thought about telling his brothers what was going on with him. Joe knew he could tell his brothers anything and they would usually not mock him. He knew what going on with him they wouldn't mock him, they would send him right back to his mom and dad and little brother Frankie to be cared for. As the bus made a little jump signaling they just went over a pothole. Joe sighed he knew he could never tell anyone what was going on, he and his brothers and his band and everyone involved has worked way to hard for him to go home sick and having to cancel the tour. That's right the Jonas Brothers were on the first heading tour. As Joe thought about it he decided he would suck it up and be a man and just get over it! The thing Joe had been dreadfully waiting for finally happened he could feel the vicious vomit coming up from his stomach. He quickly got down from his bunk and shut the curtain, and ran to the bathroom lucky for him, his band had their own bus and he only had to worry about waking his brothers. When he finally got to the bathroom he got in and hurriedly shut the door, and began the puking process for what felt like the millionth time. Meanwhile at Kevin's bunk he woke with the urge to go to the bathroom. Kevin had a horrible feeling that something was wrong he went to check on his brothers when he saw Nick and Joe's curtains closed on their bunks he knew they were still asleep. As he headed to the bathroom he laughed at how silly he was being about all this. When he got to the bathroom he saw that the light was off so he didn't bother to knock. As he opened the bathroom door he saw a sight that any older brother hoped would never see. He saw his younger brother Joe puking what seemed like everything inside of him. Kevin paused for a few seconds letting the scean in front of him sink in. Then his older brother instincts kicked in he ran to Joe's side and rubbing his back and whispering comforting words in his ear. As he did this he thought to himself 'what is going on with his little brother?' Finally after what seemed like ages Joe finally stopped puking, and for the first time Kevin realized Joe was crying. Once again Kevin's older brother instincts kicked in, and without thinking Kevin grabbed his younger brother and just held him rocking him back and forth and running his fingers through his hair soothing his brother. Kevin hated seeing any of his little brothers crying, finally after a whole roll of toilet paper and a whole wet shirt later. Joe finally finished crying, as Joe finished crying Kevin looked at his little brother. He had puke all over his clothes and around his face and his eyes where all red and puffy from crying so hard and much and there were a few stray tears falling down his face. Kevin took his right thumb and whipped the stray tears, saying at the same time "Its ok Joey I am going to make you feel better." Joe just shuck his head actually his whole body shuck. "Kevin I am sorry about your shirt-" Joe began. "Don't worry about it little brother" Kevin stopped him. Once again Kevin looked at Joe but this time said "Lets go get you out of those clothes then I have some questions." Joe just nodded once again. "Lets go," said Kevin. As Joe went to get up Kevin saw how wobbly he was and before he knew it Joe fell. Kevin caught him just in time before he smacked him head on the floor. Kevin realized just how weak Joe really was he was getting scared. Once again Kevin got up but this time Kevin helped Joe up, wrapping Joe's arm around his shoulder he have carried have dragged Joe to the couch when Joe was laying down on the couch Kevin ran to get him new clothes from the back of the bus. Kevin ran into were the boys kept their clothes and started going through Joe's stuff. Finally Kevin found Joe's favorite old pajamas bottoms and a long sleeve shirt. He jogged back to Joe and gave him the new clothes, when Joe saw Kevin got him his batman pajamas bottoms he broke out into a huge grin. Kevin smiled back and turned around so Joe could change his pants. Then he turned around so he could start talking to Joe but when he turned around he that Joe was as skinny as a post. Joe was always skinny but never this bad Kevin looked at Joe's ribs he could see all of them perfectly. Kevin was scared for his little brother, he needed to know what was going on with him and he needed to know right now! Kevin helped Joe sit gently back down to the couch. Then he brought over a spare chair, he started his questioning, and "How long has this been going on Joseph?" "Three weeks" answered Joe after a short coughing fit. Kevin asked, "How much sleep have you gotten?" "I only got two hours last night I don't know how much all week but I know it is not a lot." Answered Joe as his eyes dropped closed. Kevin could tell Joe was exhausted he would be to if he only got two hours of sleep last night. He gently laid Joe on the couch. He then jogged back to Joe's bunk there he grabbed Joe's favorite sports pillow and his blankie. When he finally got back to Joe he picked up his head lightly and slipped the pillow underneath him and then gently laid his head back down. He took his mom's pink and green special Mexican blanket that keeps you warm in the winter and tucked his little brother. When Joe finally got comfortable Kevin gave him his blankie. When he got it he looked up at Kevin with a shocked look on his face "How did you know?" Joe looked at him puzzled. Kevin smiled "There is not much I don't know." Joe smiled and before drifting off to sleep he made Kevin promise not to tell anyone he was sick. Kevin promised but when Joe finally drifted off to sleep he wondered if he made the right choice.

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