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"JOSEPH!" He yelled and waited a moment listening closely for his little brother's voice. Finally he heard it, it couldn't be over a whisper but he heard it and headed towards his voice ending up at the bathroom door.

Joe let out a small whimper he heard Kevin's voice whether it was real or in his head he couldn't tell. He leaned his head back against the wall praying to the good lord that he would take this misery away he didn't know how much he could take. There was a small knock on the bathroom door breaking Joe from his silent pray.

"Kevin?" Joe said having to muster all the strength he had just to get the simple word above a whisper.

Kevin answered "Yea Joey baby it's me can I am going to open the door. I just wanted to make sure you weren't leaning on it"

Joe closed his eyes feeling already drained and all he was doing was talking to his big brother he was scared he didn't know what was happening. "I am fine Kevin please hurry." He whispered so low he would be shocked if Kevin could hear it from outside the door.

Kevin slowly opened the door bending down so he was face to face with Joseph. While running his fingers slowly through Joseph's hair he whispered "Are you ok Joey?" Silently Joe shook his head he couldn't bring himself to lie to Kevin anymore. Kevin sighed "Do you want me to help you get up or can you do it?"

Joe thought about it for a minute, "I think I want to try stand right there for a moment." Kevin stood as he was told and waited and watched a moment. When Joseph made no move to get up he asked him, "Joe are you going to try to get up?"

Joe sighed and looked at his toes, "I can't do it Kevin I don't have the energy."

Kevin smiled slightly at his little bro, "it's ok little buddy I can carry you." Kevin slipped one arm under Joseph's legs and another wrapped around his back. While Joe laid his head on Kevin's shoulder and crossed his arms around Kevin's neck. Once Kevin got Joe situated in his arms he walked the short hallway to the living room and laid Joseph slowly back down on the couch.

"Kevin" Joe started before a coughing fit set in.

"Joseph relax whatever it is it can wait just rest right now baby." Kevin whispered softly in the young boy's year while listening to the hard deep coughs that shook the little boy's body.

"No Kevin….thank you….so much for everything." Joe whispered his eyes slowly getting heavy.

"Joseph I am your big brother this is my job remembered." Kevin whispered quietly in the young boy's ear. He noticed that Joseph's eyes were slowly getting heavier so as to push the sleeping process along he started running slow small circles on his back. As soon as he started hearing the slow even breathing or as even breathing as Joseph could get with the deep and powerful coughs shacking his body every chance they got. Kevin sighed and rubbed his hair while hearing the low grumble of his hungry stomach he thought for a moment if could sneak out and go back to the dinner, but after a cough shook Joseph's body he decided against and turned on the television on low volume.

A couple minutes later Kevin looked over at Joseph and noticed that he was shivering so he grabbed a blanket and started to wrap it around his when he notice a black spot under Joseph's pajamas. He slowly pulled down the pajama bottoms just far enough to see a big black and blue bruise about the size of a baseball and a small bump forming underneath the bump.

"Yikes!" said Kevin softly. As he jogged over to the freezer he made a mental note to ask Joseph is he remembered how he got that one. After grabbing the icepack from the freezer and grabbing a dishtowel to wrap around the ice pack, he jogged back and laid the icepack slowly down on the bruise and wrapped the blanket around him snuggly. As he looked up he noticed his reflection in the mirror and for a moment he swore he saw gray hair intertwined with his light brown hair. At the moment in time it wouldn't surprise him if he had some gray hair, but as he looked down at Joseph who was deathly pale he realized it was the least of his worries at that moment.

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