AN: Jake is 18 and Leah is 21. This is just a fill chapter.


That's when something caught my eye.

"Leah what is that on finger"

"Jake what are you talk- "that's she look down and say the wedding ring on her finger.

"Jake did we get married?"


"I think we did get married lee"

Well I found out what happened last night. Apparently I and Jake got married. Then I

Started to really look at the room were in it was HUGE! Its one of those big suites you would see on TV. It had a pool and hot tub in it. It also had its own kitchen and a big ass view over Las Vegas. The bed was heart shaped but black and had a mirror over it (so cool). It even had a living room with a plasma TV and big couch. One question Came to my mind how in the hell did we afford this?

Ok so ItsCuzOfTheFame said i should add more details so im just giving you a description of the room. It is an actual room the link is on my profile if you want to check it out