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The Demon and His Beauty


Dear cousin,

Yugi and I are fine. I can't tell you where we are, but we are safe and we are happy now.
Before now I wasn't able to send you letters, but some days ago Yugi's mother came and
and Yugi finally met face to face while Yugi was still awake. You should have seen Yugi,
I have never seen him so happy before, it made me happy. After a few minutes she sadly
had to leave, but before that she told me it was okay to write a letter to you and Joey –
she said you to were always together – to Bakura and Ryou who are living together, and
to Marik and Malik who she told us were going to get married soon. Yugi has been a little
sad over the years, he misses you all very much and he really wishes he could come and
visit you, but he knows he can't do that. Beside that, we are fine and we enjoy being
alone together even if it can be a little to lonely. I hope you and Joey are alright. I know
that you were going to take over Hell when I was gone, so I know it must and maybe still
is hard for you and Joey to be together. I wish I could help you if you need it, but you know
I can't leave. As much as I hate to admit it, I miss you too, as well as all the others, but I
love the freedom of not being the king of demons anymore. I really do.


Ps. I'm not supposed to say much about it, but Yugi and I are bringing another new life to the world...

Seto read the letter over again just to be sure he hadn't missed anything, after that he laid the letter he had gotten just a few minutes ago down on the desk in front of him. He rested his chin on top of his hands which where tangled together. His sapphire blue eyes looked straight forward to the closed, black door with a golden pattern on.

"Another new life... What are they doing?" He muttered to himself. "But I don't have to worry, they know what they are doing." He sighed, it had been seven years since the war against heaven, a war he lost his beloved, blond haired angel, Joey, but he also got him back. He had seen his lover die a painful death, he had seen him die with a sad smile on his face. The memories still hunted him at nights when he wasn't holding Joey in his arms.

A few weeks after the battle, Bakura and Ryou had disappeared, only leaving a letter telling Seto and the rest that they had decided to live alone and in peace, a choice Seto and the others accepted with a smile. A few days later, Marik and Malik told Seto and Joey they also wanted to live happy and away from all, as they precisely said, demon and angel crap. Then they also left.

Seto and Joey heard a lot from them, they got letters once every third week and they called each other, but they never talked about meeting each other again since they all know they just wanted a happy ending and peace from everything. But soon after that, the high council of demons and other important demons came to the mansion there was once owned by the demon king, Joey had quickly left before they could sense or see him, and they had asked Seto why they couldn't feel their king anymore. Seto had answered, "Because he doesn't want you too." And with those words, the demon council decided that it was alright Seto would take the throne.

At first Seto had refused, but after he talked to Joey, they had decided that Seto would leave and be the demon king for a while and that he had to tell the council that they should find a suited demon to be the new king because Seto had a mate he wanted to with in peace. At first the council had been angry and told him that couldn't be, but after Seto had killed three of the council members and treated to kill more, they finally told Seto they would find a new king but Seto had to be king until then.

Seto and Joey met every third night and they would be together the whole night. A night filled with heated passion and love, but it had been weeks since they last saw each other.

Another sigh escaped Seto, "wish they would hurry up.." He muttered. He had been king in six years now and they still hadn't found a suited person to be the next demon king. He just hoped that they would hurry up so he could be with his blond angel.

Suddenly Seto was brought back the real world, out of his thoughts as he heard a knock of the door. He straightened himself in the chair and looked like a cruel and scary demon king. He looked at the door again, "what?" He asked annoyed.

The door opened and in walked one of the members of the council, Valon was his name, a brown haired demon. "My king," he said and fell to his knees. "We have finally found someone who is able to be the next demon king!"

Seto's eyes widened, but as Valon looked up again his eyes turned back to normal, he couldn't let one of the council members see him like this. "You have?" He asked and Valon nodded quickly with a smile on his face. Out of the whole council was Valon the only one Seto actually knew. Valon, Seto and Yami had grown up together. Valon being about twenty years older than Seto and Yami was, protected them and helped them with everything when they were kids.

"Who?" Seto asked, he needed to know. "And just stand, you know you don't need to bow for me."

Valon rose to his feet, closed the door and moved closer to the desk which Seto sat behind. "His name is Haou." He started, "he has a mate, Yohan. Both of them is feared, they are strong and they are the the richest and strongest demon lords of the North demon realm. Haou and he mate will be here next week."

Seto nodded and stood up, "when can I leave?" He asked.

"Now if you want too," Valon said with a sad smile. "I'll miss you, I already lost Yami and now you too." He said.

Seto nodded again.

"You both choose love and I respect that, it's just hard to loose both my cute little brothers," a grin spread out on his lips as he saw Seto blush at the words cute little brothers.

"I'll leave then, goodbye Valon." Seto said as he placed a hand on Valon's shoulder. They looked into each other's eyes. "Don't ever contact me again, I don't want it. I just want to be left alone with my mate."

Valon nodded, "I understand and I promise we'll leave you alone forever."

With that promise Seto just nodded and then he disappeared into a blue smoke and appeared in front of the demon mansion his cousin once owned. He stood in front of the big gate made of black metal. With a smile on his face he opened the gates, walked in and saw Joey sitting on a windowsill with a open window, looking deep in thoughts until he suddenly felt Seto.

Joey's head turned toward the road from the gate toward the mansion doors and saw Seto. "Seto!" He cheered happily, jumped down from the highest window and landed on the ground without using his wings. He ran toward Seto who opened his eyes for his love. "Seto!" He cried as he ran into his beloved's arm and embraced him and got embraced back by him. "I thought you never would come! It's been three weeks!"

"I'm sorry, but the council gave me so much work that I had to get done before I could leave." Seto said as he kissed Joey's forehead. "They finally found someone who could be king and they promised to leave us alone."

Joey looked up and smiled happily. "So now it's us forever and always?"

Seto nodded, leaned down and kissed Joey on the lips, at first it was soft then it turned heated and full of passion. Joey broke the kiss after a minute to breath again and then he smiled back at Seto. "Let's find a new home," he said.

Joey nodded. "Alright," he said.

"Ni-san! Seto-kun!" A soft female voice yelled.

The brown haired demon looked over Joey's head and Joey turned around and both saw the source of the voice. "Sister!" Joey yelled and ran toward her and hugged her closely.

After Shizuka had left the mansion after the battle she had moved back to Heaven and since everyone knew she was carrying the old king of Heaven's child, they made her queen. Nine months later the child was born, a beautiful little boy with brown hair as his mother and black eyes as his father, he was a true beauty.

"How are you?" Joey asked, "And what about Akihiko?"

Shizuka smiled, "We are both fine, what about you?"

"Seto is finally free! We are going to move soon," Joey said before he placed a brotherly kiss on his sister's forehead. "I missed you so much," he hugged her closer.

Seto smiled at the sight, it warmed his heart to see Joey and Shizuka together. "Where is the little guy?" He asked and before Shizuka could answer, another one answered.

"HEY! I'm not little!"

All three of them looked up. "Hey Aki," Seto said with a smile.

The little prince smiled brightly and then he flew into Seto's arms. Akihiko really loved Seto. First time they had met was when Akihiko was about five years old, and immediately the little prince loved him, it was a brotherly love but it was great and big. Akihiko grinned, "I haven't seen you in half a year you stupid, stupid bastard!" From a seven year old kid he knew a lot and had a mind like a fifteen year old.

Seto just smiled, "I know, sorry about it."

"I won't forgive you!" Akihiko said with a pout on his face.

"Awww, c'mon Aki, forgive ya uncle!" Joey grinned as he walked toward them. Akihiko called Seto uncle so now Seto was just seen by everyone as Akihiko's uncle.

Akihiko pouted again and then he nodded and looked back at Seto. "Alright, I forgive you," he said and then he hugged Seto with a smile on his face.

"What about me, kid?" Joey said with a grin on his face and immediately Akihiko jumped out of Seto's arms and hugged Joey.

"I missed you too," Akihiko said to Joey. "Mom said we were going to invite you the Heaven, she kinda knew that Seto was free, rumors spread fast and then she told everyone in Heaven she wanted you two to eat with us before you would move away, which she also kinda knew you two would do." He explained as he was in Joey's arms.

"She did?" Seto asked kinda surprised.

Akihiko nodded and Joey grinned before he said, "Shizuka has always been so bright," he looked back at his sister. "When are we going to leave?" He asked.

"When you want too," Shizuka said as Joey let Akihiko down.

After some time Heaven had accepted Seto, they had no other choice really, they knew Seto would sometimes come in Heaven since he was Joey's mate who was the queens brother.

"Let's go now then," Seto said as he wrapped an arm around Joey's waist. The two of them shared a kiss, much to Akihiko's dislike, he made a gagging sound, he hated it when people would kiss in front of him, and then the four of them disappeared in a flash of light.


At the beach the sun was about to set which meant the sky was covered in orange, red, yellow, a soft pink and purple colors with only a little slight of blue mixed in. The weather was warm but not so you would sweat like a pig, and the sound of the water sliding onto the sand was soft and nice to listen to. The beach was empty from people, beside a priest who stood at a made up alter of a big stone with white flowers laying around it and on it.

Around the 'alter' was white flowers everywhere and a few white roses was flying around the priest and the Egyptian there stood at the 'alter'

Suddenly out of the blue another Egyptian appeared. He was wearing a pair of white loose jeans made of fine silk, a long white coat with the buttons closed, a white rose placed behind his ear, and a pair of white boots. In his hands was a bouquet of lilies and roses, they were also white.

He looked at the other Egyptian there stood beside the priest at the 'alter. The Egyptian wore the same just in black and the coat was replaced by a long trench coat made of black leather. He wore a white shirt.

Their purple eyes met each other and smiles were on their faces. Then the newly appeared Egyptian demon walked toward the 'alter'


Bakura watched, with his dark brown eyes and a soft smile on his face, his beloved husband and his little four year old daughter. They both was walking around the white rose garden taking care of the beautiful white roses. Bakura was standing against the door frame with his arms crossed over his strong chest.

After they left the mansion they moved to England and found a big white and beautiful old looking mansion away from any town. If they needed anything they would just teleport to the city. Two years later they had found out Ryou was pregnant, something that made them both shocked but really happy. There had been no problems through the pregnancy or the birth. Bakura had summoned Isis, Malik's sister who was a healer, and she had helped Ryou through the birth.

They had called their daughter Hana because of Ryou's love for flowers and the name just fitted her. She had Ryou's soft features, Ryou's soft hair, Bakura's dark brown eyes but they were big and gentle. She had their pale skin and she was gentle as Ryou but she also had Bakura's temper. She was their little princess and she could make Bakura do anything. Like any other demon child, her mind grew faster than her body and she was as smart as a ten year old.

Suddenly the voice of his beloved husband brought him out of his thoughts. He blinked before he looked at Ryou and smiled again. His husband was moving some hair out of his eyes in the softly wind. He was wearing a loose white shirt and a pair of white jeans. He was smiling like always. "Are you coming or are you just going to stare at us?"

Bakura smiled, as he was about to walk toward his beloved ones but was stopped as Hana appeared in a flash of white light in front of him. Her small white leather wings was out of her back. "Papa!" She said and flew into his arms. Bakura smiled softly and pulled her into his embrace before he straightened up and walked toward Ryou with Hana in his arms.

"It's so beautiful," Ryou whispered but Bakura heard it.

"What is?" He asked.

"The sight before me. You're smiling with our little flower and you both are looking so happy in each other's arms." He answered, walked toward them, leaned up and kissed Bakura softly on the lips.

"Mama!" Hana giggled with a blush on her face.

Bakura grinned before he wrapped an arm around Ryou's waist and kissed him back. "Papa!" Hana said again and looked away.

The two white haired demons broke their loving kiss and looked down at their daughter in Bakura's arms, then Bakura hugged them both close and they all turned toward the sunset and smiled. They were as happy as they could get.


Amethyst eyes watched the little boy that was running around on the beach with a big black dog. They were playing tag. A smile was on his face and he held one of his hands on his stomach. The sun was almost, time the call his son back inside.

"Eiji!" He called. The boy turned around. His eyes were big, innocent, gentle and round, they were a bright crimson color. He had yellow bangs framing his face, black in the middle and red mixed with purple in the tips and one yellow bang pointing up like a lighting, the hair was formed like a star like his fathers hair. His skin was a creamy color and he had a small and cute body.

"What?" He called. He was about six.

"It's time to get inside," Yugi called, still smiling.

"Aw, c'mon dad! Just ten minutes more! Kuro and I aren't finished playing ta-" Then he fell face down on the beach as the big, black dog called Kuro jumped at him. Eiji turned around and met a wet tongue. Kuro was licking his face. "Kuro! Kuro!" He laughed.

Yugi rolled his eyes and just smiled at the sight. "Alright, ten minutes and then bed time!" He called back and he heard his son call back a okay.

From behind arms suddenly wrapped around Yugi's waist and met on his stomach. Yugi smiled once again and leaned into the touch of his lover. He felt warm lips kiss his neck. "You let him stay out later again?" The man behind him asked.

"Like you never do it," Yugi said and turned around in the man's arms. He looked up and into crimson eyes. Yugi had grown alot in seven years, he still looked innocent but his eyes were now a more sharp form and he had a body like Yami's when they first met. He wouldn't grow anymore since he was immortal.

"He has us wrapped around his small fingers," Yami grinned before he leaned down and kissed Yugi.

Yugi broke the kiss, "We spoil him way to much," he whispered, his lips touching Yami but they weren't kissing. He felt Yami smile and then he was kissed onced again. "Love you," Yugi murmured into the kiss.

"I love you too," Yami answered and then he kissed Yugi once again. First it was soft like always, but soon their lips found a faster rhythm. Yami bit softly down on Yugi's lip, Yugi gasped and with a smirk in his mind Yami slipped his tongue inside Yugi's warm mouth. Their tongues began to play around with each other, as Yugi was about to moan in pleasure, someone interrupted them.

"I looked away in ten minutes and there you go kissing like teenagers!" Eiji said with crossed arms over his chest, he looked tuff and strong like that, but he still had his cute and innocent looks.

Yami grinned as he looked down at his small son with a mind as a fifteen year old. "Go to bed," he said.

Eiji pouted, "But I'm not tired!" He whined with puppy eyes.

"But it's your bedtime," Yugi said as he moved out of Yami's arms and picked of his son. "And you need the sleep to grow up and be strong like your daddy," meaning Yami of course.

"And your mom," Yami said as he wrapped his arms around Yugi and Eiji from behind Yugi. His rested his chin on Yugi's shoulders.

Eiji smiled, "alright, let me down and I'll go to bed," he said. Yugi let him down and then Eiji ran into the house and toward his bedroom.

Yugi turned around in Yami's arms. "I know we want the best for him," he whispered with a low voice that only Yami could hear just in case Eiji was hiding close behind to listen to them, "but I think it's the best if we tell him about demons and angel." They had decided never to tell Eiji about demons and angels, only if something suddenly happened, like he used his powers or his wings would come out. They thought it was best he didn't know about it.

Yami sighed, "yeah, you're right. He has the right to know about us and our worlds."

"I just hope he won't do something," Yugi said with a sad look on his face. "I don't want our peace or happiness to be destroyed, not again."

Yami nodded before he hugged Yugi tightly. "I feel the same, but he still has the right to know and we both know he won't do something wild if he finds out. He is just like you when you were little," he smiled as he looked down and into Yugi's amethyst eyes.

"Isn't it strange that you are married to the one you changed diapers on and washed him when he was a baby?" Yugi asked with a raised eyebrow. He really didn't know where that question came from, maybe the mention of him being like that when he was little.

Yami grinned, "well... You were a baby.. A very little and fragile baby.. and.. I only did it when Ryou left me to go shopping! I hated babysitting." He muttered a bit embarrassed, a faint blush was on his face.

A laugh escaped from Yugi, then he rested his head on Yami's chest. "Let's not talk about it anymore." He said and kissed Yami's chest. "Let's say goodnight to Eiji and go to bed." He looked back up at Yami and kissed him once again.

"Do we have to go to bed? I mean, we could have some fun in bed." Yami said.

"I meant having fun, not sleep," Yugi grinned. He knew Yami had thought he meant going to sleep.

"You are so naughty! Were is my innocent Yugi?" Yami said with a joking smile on his face.

Yugi grinned, "somewhere," he answered, moved out of Yami's arms, "but not here at the moment," and then he walked inside the house to see his son.

Yami turned around and watched Yugi disappear out of his sight. A smile was on his face as he turned around and looked up at the now darker sky. He gave a soft and small nod before he turned around and walked into his house.

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