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Bella POV

I had never felt more humiliated in my entire life. I wanted to fucking fall through a hole in the floor like the stupid, lame klutz that I was.

I should have known. I should have had my radar out for trouble. When those bitches started to move across the doorway cutting off all daylight to the hallway, I should have put up my guard… what did Charlie call it? Oh yeah, my ninja 'tude.

Fucking shoulda, woulda, coulda.

But I didn't. Oh no. I was happily daydreaming about the subject of all my stupid trouble. Just merrily thinking about seeing him in Biology today. My lair, the perfect place to stalk the creature of perfection. Where I sat two rows back from HIM.

Edward. Fucking. Cullen.

I wondered if he even knew it? Duh. Of course he did. Girls were always coming up to him, hanging on him like he's some kind of clothes rack. I'd never seen him shrug off anyone or ignore their inane chatter that frankly made me embarrassed for them. He was always, always polite. Surely he must have hooked up with ONE of them! He's a warm-blooded teenage male, for Jesus' sake. But then, there wasn't any talk of any conquests of THE MAN. Believe me, I listened for them. I took my time and dressed extra slowly after gym just so that I could catch the gossip between the lockers. I heard a lot of 'oohs' and 'ahhs' but no details. Hell, the same shit that even I could've been saying. We all lusted after him, after all. Me, just not publicly.

No. He didn't know that I existed. I didn't blame him. No one knew that I existed and I liked it that way. It's no big deal. I heard a lot when no one saw me. I knew a little about every single person in this godforsaken institutional hormonal breeding ground. Couldn't wait 'till I graduated. Just six and a half months away. One hundred and ninety-eight days. And eleven hours.

Which is why, when it all came down to it, it took me by complete surprise. Why target me? Making my way through the gauntlet, I didn't notice when Jessica stuck out her foot and some other candidate for Miss Congeniality pushed me from behind. You know how they say that things happen in slow motion? Well, no shit. I saw my books fly, bounce, and land in a nice spray pattern on the hall floor. I tried to bring my foot quickly in front of me to avoid The Face Plant. Nope. It only served to launch me and I am air bound, arms out in front. Some poor unsuspecting soul was walking by and I grabbed the jeaned legs. This fucker was the lucky recipient of The Flying Klutz and was about to save my life. I've got my arms wrapped around his thighs when all of a sudden, the jeans started slipping down. Oh shit, no belt. My eyes were locked on some guy's semi-exposed crotch, inches away from his gray boxer briefs. With a feeling of dread I slowly lifted my eyes until they locked on to none other than….…Edward. Fucking. Cullen... Of fucking course.

His hands were hooked under my armpits and he was looking down at me with a crooked smile. I'd seen that crooked smile on him a couple of times. Once when he talked Mr. Banner out of a class AND a term paper. The other when he left Ms. Cope's class in the beginning of the year. He had just met with her behind closed doors and the whisper was that he was getting some kind of exemption from something. Whatever. God, I love that smile and now it was directed toward me.

He carried all my weight and lifted me to my feet. I couldn't help but get one more glimpse of his crotch on my way up.

"Hey, watch where you're going," he said, now frowning.

"I'm, I'm so sorry. Someone….from behind….fell….just grabbed….break fall…."

"Well, are you all right?" he interrupted.

He released me and I noticed that he still hadn't pulled his pants up. Like a magnet I looked down again and turned a hot shade of beet red. He followed my gaze.

"Maybe you should wear a belt," I stupidly suggested. I was an idiot.

"So, now you know… briefs, not boxers," he chuckled.

Edward bent down to help me pick up my books and my bag. The bell had rung by that time and all the perpetrators had left the area. Ms. Cope came out of her classroom to see what the commotion was about. Edward told her that I dropped my books, no problem. I noticed that he left my klutz maneuver out of it. She gave me a glare and told me to get to class. What a bitch. What did I ever do to her except ace her class?

I hurriedly took my books from his outstretched arms and left without another word, anxious to get the hell away from Edward. Fall into that hole I mentioned. As I turned the corner I glanced back and he was pulling up his pants with that crooked smile on his face.

English Lit was torture. Mean Girl Jessica was giggling with a couple of the other beauty queens about my acrobatics. I held out my middle finger to them and scratched my temple. They burst out in howls of laughter which set off Mrs. Effing who proceeded to jump on their asses. Good. I had my own triumphs.

When the bell rang I jumped up and was the first to get out the door. No way was I going to walk into another ambush.

The next class was Biology. I was excited as always to spy on Edward, but I wished I could put on some invisibility cloak like that Harry Potter guy. At least if I could be in my seat first, then I could just hunker down and not be noticed.

So I was the first in class and watched everyone filing in. Finally Edward was at the door and I quickly looked out the window until he took his seat two rows ahead and one to the right of me. He didn't look at me as far as I could tell. Thank God.

With a rap, Mr. Banner called the class to attention and droned on about our assignments. Very soon I settled back in my chair and fixed my gaze on Edward. At that same time, he leaned forward and put his elbows on the desk. My breath stopped. His shirt rode up revealing his pants which were suspiciously low. Too low. Lower than I'd ever seen them…. before this morning, that is. Again, the gray boxer briefs that I knew well. I couldn't take my eyes off of them, until, a little to the left, sticking out of his back pocket, were my Ray Ban sunglasses!

I sucked in a gasp. I quickly looked in my bag to see if I was mistaken. No, they were gone, now nestled in my dream man's pants. Holy hell.

Obviously he picked them up after my hasty retreat. Now what? I guess I will just write them off. Who needs sunglasses anyway? Charlie would kill me but I'll deal with him. The sun didn't come out much here, fucking rain capital of the Pacific. Maybe he'd throw them in the lost and found. I'll go right after class and make a report. Speak to Laura. Yeah, that's what I'll do…

"Ms. SWAN!"

"Yes, Mr. Banner?

"I said, what is the unique factor in the cellular structure of the spider monkey as opposed to the primitive ape?"

"I'm sorry, sir. I don't remember reading that in the chapters you assigned us. Sir."

"No, but we discussed it here not five minutes ago. Pay attention!"

Oh, dig me another hole. I slumped in my chair, my eyes in my lap. Shit, fuck. Never have I not known the answer or, at least, faked it well. I peeked up at Edward. God, where was a damn magic cloak when you needed one. Then, as I was watching him, he took his left hand and slowly, I mean slowly, brought it down to his side, then back to his pocket. He hooked his long fingers around my sunglasses and pulled them out, slowly bringing them up and held them by his ear, then laid them quietly on the left corner of his desk. Slowly he grabbed his neck and gently kneaded his beautiful bronze hair with his long fingers.

The whole thing took more than a minute. I knew because I held my breath the whole time. My eyes were as big as saucers. Did I just see what I saw? That was intentional …. wasn't it? Who moved that slowly? But what did it mean? Okay, he had my sunglasses. I got it. Was I going to have to beg for them? Because I won't . I'll just sacrifice them to the Get Your Butt Back In Bed And Start All Over Again God. Tomorrow would be a better day.

Now I didn't want the class to end for a different reason. I had no clue what came next. My mind was racing and, of course, my heart too. But, sure as shit, the bell rang and as the chairs shuffled, I bent down to pick up my stack of books on the floor. When I stood up, there he was. Sitting on the edge of his desk with his chair as a footrest, facing me. My sunglasses were hooked onto the neck of his shirt. He winked. He WINKED!

If I had any spit, I would've gulped. I walked the five steps to his desk.

"Um." Ugh, Miss Fetching.

"I found your sunglasses but you left so quickly…."

"Keep 'em." There, I released them. I felt better already.

"Surely you don't mean that. I have a suggestion. Why don't you meet me after school today and I'll give them back to you."

Okay, I was confused and I was having a little trouble hearing him over the roar of the blood rushing in my ears.

"What? Why?"

"You heard me. I have a couple of questions I want to ask you."

"Can't you just spit them out here?"

"No…now is not the time or place."

What the fuck? Okay, get a grip. You can handle this. You're being an idiot loser. Ninja 'tude!

"Fine. Name the time and place and I'll be there. Do I need to study for anything?"

He laughed out loud. "Funny girl. See you at the field. Top bleacher. At 3:30 pm. Don't be late."


I turned on my heel, heading for the door and hurriedly merged with the stream of students making their way to class, my heart pounding, a feeling of exhilaration buzzing in my head and arms. Two more hours.

Edward POV

I saw her coming. Like a bullet shot from a gun. Bella. Shy, pretty, but a complete loner. I had seen her hovering around groups of people. It was odd, not like she wanted to be included in the conversation but that she WAS included, just not participating. A fly on the wall.

I had seen her looking at me. Correction, FELT her looking at me. With all the chatter around the school, there's almost a bubble of quiet that surrounded her. I could use some calm in my life. Oh, no one sees it, no one knows My Big Secret. No one except Rosalie.

Rosalie Cope. Art History teacher. Second year here at Forks High School. Beautiful, blond, with a figure that the guys jerk off to. And my lover for the past three months. You hear about these things. "Oh, it started out so innocently... some special tutoring after class... we developed a special bond... one thing led to another." No, there was no innocence about it. Rosalie locked on to me and wouldn't let go from the first day of class when she asked me to stay afterwards. I was still in my seat as she closed the door behind the last student to leave. She walked back to her desk and leaned against it, stretching her long smooth legs in front of her, her arms crossed.

"Edward Cullen."

"Yes, Ms. Cope?"

"Do you know why you're here?"

"No, Ms. Cope."

"You're here because I chose you. You will meet me at my home on Wednesday night. I will teach you things none of these brainless cheerleaders can. You will have the time of your life."

What the...! I didn't remember seeing this on my schedule. I was pretty sure this was improper, immoral, unethical and illegal. Which is why I considered it. I didn't think I even had a choice, Ms. Cope was pretty damn sure about herself. Like she had done this before. So let me examine the situation. Here's this gorgeous woman, high round tits, lean and sexy. Single, probably early thirties, and making a proposition that I could not refuse. I swallowed.

"What time should I be there, Ms. Cope?"

She walked slowly to me and slid between me and my desk. She hiked up her tight skirt just enough and lifted her right leg, placing her foot on my chair next to my hip. Then she reached out and took my left hand and held my fingers out to slowly guide them up the inside of her raised leg, past her knee, along her thigh, disappearing under the hem of her skirt. I froze, then pulled my hand away. My dick was throbbing against my pants.

She tipped my chin up to look in my eyes.

"Nine o'clock at this address. And call me Rosalie," she said as she slipped a piece of folded paper in my shirt pocket.

With that, she pushed her hem down and walked back to her desk.

In a daze, I gathered my books and simply left the room. I didn't look back, literally or figuratively. I would begin the most thrilling and the scariest time of my life.

Now I've just propositioned Bella. It has not escaped me that I did the same thing to her as Rosalie did to me. Cornered her in a classroom and coerced her to meet me. I was insane. I was about to betray a very controlling and vindictive woman and at the same time ruin the life of a sweet and unassuming girl. But I was craving for some peace in my life. Inside, my mind was raging, eager to make sense of a world turned upside-down. Every Wednesday I had played the fool for Rosalie, her personal sexual fantasy toy. Being cool to anyone and everyone, male or female, who wanted to get close to me. For fear of the exposure. Of her punishment.

I wanted out. I wanted to talk to someone pure, quiet, calming.

I wanted to talk to Bella.

I ran my hands through my hair and twisted it 'till it hurt. It wasn't right, don't involve her.

Run, Bella, please don't show up.

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