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Mankind. A race of simple beings that only know how to consume and destroy. Despite the many good intentions that some of these beings display, they are futile and overshadowed by the evils and sins that the breed was destined to commit. Primitive in every shape, size and form. Wars and genocide are only some of the unspeakable deeds that are preformed daily. The only thing that can be compared to such a horrid race would be that of cancer cells. They satisfy their endless hunger by consuming and destroying whatever is around them while their number continues to increase. They repeat this process until there is nothing left around them and end up destroying themselves. Mankind.

A lone figure ponders on this thought as he stares out at the billions of stars in front of him. The only thing that keeps him safe from the cold vacuum of outer space is the clear glass window in front of him that is several meters thick. The window takes the place of where a wall should have been and gives the figure a grand view of the endless abyss. The figure stands alone in a dark spacious room who's only light source is produced from the stars outside of the very large window. The figure is disrupted from his thoughts as his gaze falls upon the planet Earth.

It really is a pity that this vile cluster of water and dirt was once comparable to the Garden of Edan. Now that its land has been ravaged to make crops, roads, and buildings and its skies polluted by man made chemicals, there really is no hope for this planet. It truly is a pity, however fitting. A race as lowly as mankind deserves such a pitiful planet. Only gods shall trend where the stars reside.

The faint sound of static from speakers overhead fills the room. "My liege," the velvet voice of a woman erupts from the intercom, "we have completed preparations for the next part of the plan and wait for further instructions."

"Excellent,"replies the voice of the man as he continues to gaze out of the enormous window, eyes never leaving Earth. "Everything is falling into place. After months of observation, I believe it is finally time to make contact with the target."

Once again silence fills the room, until the woman replies with an uncertain voice, "My liege, I don't want it to appear as though I am questioning your judgment, but I feel as though you are placing too much promise in the target's capability. As unique as its abilities are, they fall short of our own and I fail to understand how the target plays such a crucial part in your plan."

The man lets out a deep chuckle as he listens to his subordinate's concerns. "Yurei, I assure you that my judgment within the target's power is not misplace. Similar to that of a pile of clay, the target only needs a masterful hand to guide it and give birth to limitless creation."

"I am still skeptical on the targets potential, my liege," the woman, apparently named Yurei, says. " Although we have been observing him and his powers for the last couple of months, I suggest that there be a trail of the target's abilities against our own. If he survives, I will accept him as part of the plan. If he dies, there are many other candidates how will be able to fulfill his role."

At first there was a long pause of silence and Yurei began to fear that she overstepped her bounds authority. Just when she was about to beg for her master's forgiveness, a warm laughter filled the room, leaving Yurei hopelessly confused.

"Brilliant idea Yurei," The man said warmly replied, "This test of strength will remove any doubt that you or the others have in the candidate's capabilities." The man began to stroke his chin as an idea began to shape itself in his head. "Yurei, I need you to tell Yggdrasil to that I want him to test the target in whatever way he sees fit as long as it is not a direct confrontation. Tell him not to hold back significantly but don't make it a walk in the park either. If he deems that there is no potential within the target, kill him, otherwise we will continue to fallow the original plan."

"R....right away sir." Yurei says still a bit surprised that her master actually agreed to go along with her plan. The speakers turn off and once again the man is left alone with his thoughts.

Foolish Yurei, I would have not chosen this particular individual if he had no promise in him whatsoever. Sure I have comprised list of other candidates reassure Yurei and the others but I have always intended to stick with my original choice.

The man turns his attention away from the Earth and towards the stars.

Garfield Logan, are you ready to leave humanity behind and transcend to the status of a God?


Usually at two o'clock in the morning, most people are still asleep, traversing in the land of dreams. However, if you happen to be Beast Boy of the Teen Titans, than you certainly don't file under the category of 'most people'. Infamous for sleeping most of the day way, the usually late riser was surprisingly awake and was currently laying in his bed, staring at his ceiling in deep thought.

Head laying on his hands, Beast Boy thought, 'Hard to believe that I'm turning eighteen today. Old enough to finally be considered an adult but still the youngest in the Titans. I guess we really can't be called the 'Teen' Titans anymore. Talk about irony. Beast Boy inwardly laughs as his thoughts began to drift.

'Its been five years since we've started the Titans. Hard to believe that this gig actually lasted as long as it has. Then again, the Titans are the closest thing I have got to a family. Robin is the stern father that has to make all of the hard choices but does it in the best interest of the rest of the family. Starfire is the caring mother that can bring a smile to anyones face and makes sure that the rest of the family stays together. Cy is like the cool big brother that is fun to hang around but will go into protective mode whenever his family is endangered. I guess I am the annoying, yet lovable little brother that no one takes seriously (even though I have been better about my bad joke telling). And then there's Raven who is like.........

Beast Boy pauses for a moment and begins to think what team empath is to him. Gee, what is Raven to me anyway. I mean, I know that I really care for her and she is my one of my best friends but when I think of her as a family member, it just seems really wrong for some reason. I mean I don't love her any less than the rest of the team but its just that....wait a minute did I say love? Well yeah of course I love Raven, in a family sense....but didn't I just say that I don't see Raven as one of my family members? Arrggghh! All this thinking is making my head hurt.

Beast Boy rolled on his side and looked at his alarm clock. The neon red lights flash 2:37. Man I wish I could just fall back asleep. I'm just too excited about my birthday. I wonder what the others are going to do for such an event. The anticipation is kill me. I am sure whatever they do will be great.

Beast Boy rolled over on his stomach and tried to close his eyes, but every time he would almost achieve sleep, an image of Raven would pop up in his mind. Dude, why do I keep thinking about Raven/ I mean I know she's pretty, smart and funny (in her own sarcastic way) but I really need to get some sleep. I got a feeling that tonight is going to be a long night.


After a few hours of whatever sleep Beast Boy was able to obtain, he groggily emerged from his room and made his way towards the common room. Despite his lack of much needed rest, Beast boy couldn't help but feel excited not knowing what to expect from his friends.

As the doors to the common room slid open, Beast Boy takes in the familiar scene before him. Robin is at the kitchen table with his usual cup of dark coffee in one hand and a newspaper with the world's current events in the other. Starfire and Cyborg were located in the kitchen cooking their own individual breakfasts. Cyborg was currently stacking bacon, eggs, sausage, ham and a waffle the size of Beast Boy's head onto his plate while Starfire was currently preoccupied with preparing some sort tamerainian dish that looked like the cross between purple oatmeal and rotten guacamole (Beast Boy inwardly cringed at the thought that she was going to eat that 'food' and actually enjoy it), Silkie looking up at her hungrily. Surprisingly Raven happen to be with the others in the common room this morning instead of up on the roof meditating or locked in her room doing god knows what. At the moment, she was lost in one of her leather bond books, with her only companion being the cup of herbal tea next to her.

Ever since the Titans had taken the Brotherhood of Evil down three years ago, the team hand undergone some personal changes. Although Cyborg had stopped growing, he still towered over everyone else standing at 6'3. Now twenty years old, the only real changes that Cyborg had undergone were that his voice was slightly more deep and that he had replace the bulky cybernetic armor that covered his body with slimmer parts to resemble a more humanoid form. Although more slim, Cyborg's new parts were more durable and advanced than his previous ones.

Robin, nineteen years old and now standing at 5'11 had lighten up over the past three years instead of acting like he had a stick up his ass all the time. For his uniform, he had replaced all of the green material with black (something about one to many jokes about looking like a traffic light) and now wore longer skintight sleeves so that no flesh was exposed on his arms. He had grown his hair out a good three inches but it still retained it's unique spikiness.

Starfire may not have not grown during the three years,still remaining at 5'10 but she did become more "developed''. She still wore the same purple tank top and skirt she had been wearing since her arrival to earth but because her years on Earth taught her the lesson of modesty (and because of an overprotective boyfriend), Starfire now wore the same armor around her exposed skin as that her sister had worn. Despite having lived on Earth for a total of five years, Starfire still got confused when it came to the English language at times.

Raven had not develop in the same way that Starfire had but she did become more curvy and she also grew her hair to her shoulders. Her outfit was more or less the same but the sleeves were cut off at the elbows. Raven had also gotten better of controlling her emotions and her short-temper, although Beast Boy always found a way to get under her skin.

Beast Boy, now standing at 5'10 ( he liked to rub it in Raven's face that she was the shortest Titan now being an inch shy of him), was probably the Titan who had drastically changed the most. His green hair had become an inch longer and he spiked it in a similar fashion as robin. Instead of the purple and black jump suit that he use to sport, Beast Boy now wore a purple muscle shirt and black pants. After constantly being called scrawny by Cyborg, Beast Boy hit the gym a lot resulting in well tone muscle, mind you not 'beefy' but still a good size none the less. He got rid of the gloves that once hid his retractable claw and replaced them with a pair of black fingerless gloves, feeling that he could handle the responsibility of the razor weapons.

"Yo BB, your up pretty early this morning," Cyborg's voice boomed through the whole room. "It not even noon yet. Usually we would have to drag you out of bed to get you up this early."

"Or you fall out of bed and are too lazy to climb back on," Raven said eyes never leaving the pages of her book.

"Well good morning to you to little miss sunshine," Beast Boy said sarcastically. Raven rose her eyes to give a quick glare at the shape shifter before returning to her book. Beast Boy always enjoyed pressing Raven's buttons and although she would usually give him a threat of throwing him out the window, Beast Boy knew that Raven was thankful to him for allowing her to open up more. She just had a funny (usually violent) way of showing her gratitude. Plus Raven always looked cute to him when she wore that annoyed expression.

"My friend, although it is strange for you to be up at at such an hour, I would like to wish you a morning that is good," Starfire added while pouring the purple concoction onto a plate, moving over to the table to take a seat next to Robin . "Tell us friend, what is the reason for your early awakening."

"I could hardly get to sleep last night. I was so anxious for today to come that I kept slipping in and out of sleep." Beast Boy said, eagerness radiating from his voice."Whast so swpecial abou toda,'" Cyborg said, mouth current trying to swallow a giant piece of waffle.

"Your joking, right?" Beast Boy said in utter disbelief. "Don't you know what day it is today?"

"Uhhh...Tuesday?" Cyborg said desperately trying to think of a suitable answer. "Don't tell me that you really forgot Cy." Beast Boy said, irritation evident on his voice and face.

A moment of silence past as Cyborg quickly scanned through the archives of his brain trying to figure out why today was so important. After a few seconds passed Cyborg's expression changed to that of someone getting hit with a ton of bricks.

"I can't believe how stupid I have been," Cyborg said as he hit himself on the forehead with is large metallic hand, creating a clank sound. "Here I was thinking that today was nothing special, that I almost forgot about a very important event. I even marked it on my calender months in advance so that I wouldn't forget about it."

"No sweat Cy," Beast Boy said a wave of relief washed over him. "I know you can be forgetful sometimes but I will forgive you since it is my-"

'Thanks for reminding me Beast Boy," Cyborg interrupted, completely ignoring what the changeling had said, "Today is the day that the new MAX-10 chip upgrade comes out."

"Didn't your systems overload last time you installed one chips," Raven said as she took a sip of her tea. "No worries Rae. This time I will personally be installing my own fail safes and other securities on to the programs so that we won't have a repeat of last time." Cyborg said scarfing down the rest of his breakfast. "Well, look at the time. If I want to be first in line at the computer store I better leave now. Later." Cyborg rose from the table and headed for the exit of the room without looking back.

Beast Boy just stood there dumbstruck at what had just taken place. I really hope that this is just sort of sick joke. Cy wouldn't really forget my birthday, would he? Now that I think about it, no one has it acknowledged that it's my birthday.

"Friend, why do you look as though a mother Zoiggonbth has sprouted wings and has made off with your kelefla?" Starfire said voicing her concern. "Are you not joyous for friend Cyborg about to receive his chip?"

"Don't worry about Cyborg, Beast Boy," Robin said, noticing the green teen's distress. "I know he was a little distracted because of that new chip, but I'm sure he'll turn right around when he realizes what today is."

"Thanks Robin," Beast Boy said, thankful that finally someone brought it up. "For a minute, I almost thought that you guys forgot that today was-,"

"Team training evaluation," Robin interjected.

"Say what?" Beast Boy said blankly.

'Today's the day for team training evaluation of course," Robin said not noticing Beast Boy's confusion. "To see how much stronger we have become as a team since last year. Today I was planning on going through some of our more rigorous team formations and see if we can smooth out some of the rough edges from them. After that I thought that we could have a team sparing session to see if we can try to correct or eliminate some of our fighting flaws. If that goes well I thought that we could......"

At this point Beast Boy completely tuned out Robin's ranting of the training schedule and focus on his inner turmoil. He can't be serious, Beast Boy thought, He really can't be serious. They all really forgot . No cake, no cards, not even a simple 'Happy birthday'. Man if I knew I was going to be this disappointed when I woke up, I would have never gotten out of bed. Can things get any worse?

As if a higher power had been reading the changeling's mind, the alarms in the tower signifying that there was a crime occurring in Jump City had gone off. Robin dropped his newspaper on the table and rushed to the main computer to find what was happening and where it was.

'I just had to ask' thought Beast Boy.

"Titans, looks like theres trouble at the park," Robin said going into 'leader mode'. "Whoever or whatever is causing the trouble has taken out the security cameras so we'll have to go in blind. Be on your toes." Robin pulled out his communicator from his utility belt and flipped it open. Cyborg appear moments later on the miniature screen. "Cyborg, trouble at the park. We have no idea what we are dealing with and we need you there on the double."

"Awww come on. I'm only two minutes away from the Jump City Computer Store," Cyborg complained. "Looks like your just going to have to put it on layaway. We go a job to do." Robin said. Cyborg muttered something before the connection was disconnected. Robin flipped his communicator shut, placed it back in the specific pouch on his belt and started to run towards the door.

"Titans, Move Out!" he said as the doors to the exit slid open for him. Raven pulled her hood over her face and phased through the floor to ground level, while Starfire poured the rest of her purple breakfast into Silkie's bowl and flew after Robin through the doors, leaving Beast Boy alone. Beast Boy just stood in the middle of the room for a moment and turned towards Silkie.

"I don't suppose that you remembered it was my birthday, did ya?"

Silkie stared at the troubled teen for a moment before he let out a noise the sounded like a someone stepping in a puddle of mud. Beast Boy let out a sigh before running through the doors after his teammates.


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