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The Storm

"Garfield Logan, so we finally meet face to face," The red head said as he walked through the dust created by the newly formed hole in the wall, making his presence all the more intimidating. As he stalked towards said green Titan, his piercing red irises began looking up and down Beast Boy's body as if he were sizing up the shape shifter. "Funny, I imagined you to be a bit taller."

Beast Boy didn't know what it was about this guy but his instincts were telling he should be weary of him. He could even swear that each time the guy took a step towards him, the air around him suddenly became heavier. When the awe of the moment finally wore off, Beast Boy quickly got into a defensive stance, waiting for his opponent to show any signs of aggression. "I don't know who you are but if you don't leave now, my fists are going to get acquainted with your face,"

Said man stopped just a bit in front of Beast Boy and put his hands up to show that he meant no harm. Him being so close to him however showed the apparent six inches in height between the two young men. "Garfield if you would only allow me to explain-"

"Explain! Dude, you blast a hole through my window, make me waste my favorite sandwich and you expect me to believe you have a good explanation for doing so?!"

"I'll admit that destroying your window was a bit excessive," the red headed man said, although the look on his face said that he was more amused by the changling's behavior that he was sorry.

"Ya think? Thanks to you, Robin has a whole other reason to chew my ass out." Beast Boy stole another glance at the hole in the wall and could have sworn that it had gotten bigger since the last time he saw it. He knew no matter what he said to Robin, he was the one who was going to be blamed for it. Just thinking about the impending lecture from Robin was already giving him a headache.

"I still see you are taking orders from your supposed leader Garfield," the man said as he looked around the Titan's living room, unimpressed with what he saw. "It's almost amusing how you fret over the reaction of someone so weak to yourself,"

The way that this man seemed to radiate arrogance with every word he spoke began to rub Beast Boy the wrong way. It almost remained him the way Robin use to speak when they were younger. "I don't remember giving you're my name. Who the hell are you and what do you want with me? "

"Well if you would have allowed me to give you a proper explanation, you would have more answers than questions," he returned.

When Beast Boy said nothing, as hard as it was to hold his tongue, the red head took it as a sign to continue. "Well now that you have shut that trap of yours, I believe that some introductions are in order. My name is Apollo and I am Master Lucifer's most trusted apprentice if I do say so myself. He has asked me to come to Earth and see how far you have come in your training first hand,"

"You know Lucifer?" Beast Boy said feeling a bit of relief for the first time since the man had shown up. "Then maybe you can tell me what happened to him? I haven't heard from him in the pass couple of days"

At the mention of Lucifer's name, Apollo's face contorted and his once calm demeanor became somewhat hostile. "You better speak with respect when you talk of Master Lucifer. I will not just stand by and allow you to talk of him as though he were some sort of lowly commoner such as yourself."

"You don't honestly think that he would waste all of his time dedicated to your training now did you? The Master is a very busy many and has many important tasks to attend to. Why else do you think that he has only spoke with you through his powers rather than him grace you with his presence?"

"How exactly did "Master" Lucifer expect me to show him how far I have come in my training anyway," Beast Boy said not backing down from Apollo's sudden change in attitude.

"You and I will duel of course. Don't worry, Master Lucifer told me specifically not to kill you, as much it may amused me."

Whoever this jerkface was, the idea of knocking him down a couple of pegs excited the changling. His feelings were cut short however when he remembered the situation that had happened the last time he disobeyed orders. Sighing as he turned away from Apollo, he said "Can't we do it some other day? I'm not suppose to be doing anything that might get me into more trouble with my team,"

"Heavens be damned, I can't see what Master Lucifer sees in you. Grow a backbone Logan. Master Lucifer is offering you powers equal to that of a god and yet you still take orders from these mortals. It makes my stomach churn just imagining it. Besides the rest of my team should be keeping the rest of the Titans busy as we speak."

At the mention of his team, Beast Boy turned around and quickly grabbed Apollo by the fabric of his tunic. With a feral look coursing through his eyes and a low growl in his voice, he said, "What are you going to do with my friends!? I swear if you do anything to hurt them-"

Apollo shot the Titan a dangerous glare as he swatted way the hands from around his collar with ease. "Relax Garfield, no harm will come to the rest of you team. My team is only there merely to distract them while you and I fight."

He continued as he dusted the imaginary dust off of his tunic, "What surprises me most is that are still able to easily call them your friends. From what Master Lucifer told me, they took your trust for granted and left you hung to dry,"

"Shut up! You don't know what you're talking about! This punishment is only temporary and soon everything will go back as if nothing happened." He said, although it sounded like he was trying to convince himself more that Apollo.

"Whatever you say Logan, whatever you say. But you know that deep down inside I am right. If you don't believe me than answer me this. The foundation of a team and how it functions are built upon the trust that each team member shares with one another. If this is true than tell me why your team took the word of the media and law enforcement over your own? If the concepts of a team hold true to the Titan's, shouldn't your word hold more value to your friends than people who aren't even apart of the team? Shouldn't your friends have fought what everyone else was saying about you and at least tried to prove your innocence?"

Beast Boy liked to think that he was an optimistic person who always saw the silver lining in every situation. Even when Robin put him on probation he always told himself that it was for the good of the team. But when Apollo voiced all of the insecurities and doubts that he had been feeling for the past few weeks, something inside of Beast Boy snapped. His hands, which had balled into fist, started trembling and his form became rigid. The doubt that he had pushed into the far recesses of his mind suddenly came back full force. At that moment all he could think about was where he truly stood on the team and what his friends really thought of him. Suddenly Robin's reprimanding didn't seem so scary anymore.

Whether completely missing Beast Boy's blatant reaction to his words or choosing to ignore it, Apollo continued. " So are ready to fight me Logan or are you too afraid that I will crush you and show Master Lucifer just how weak you are?"

It took all of his focus to break his mind away from the tempest of doubts before he could answer Apollo. "Let's make this quick,"

Back in Jump City, the battle between the rest of the Titans and Lucifer's followers was still ensuing. The pedestrians had long since cleared out. The streets were littered with debris and craters from the battle that was taking place and even the occasional totaled car. This was nothing new in Jump City, except for the fact that the Titans were on the losing end of the battle this time around.

"Don't you think that stopped being useful after the first ten times you tried it?" Yurei taunted as another one of Robin's Bird-a-Rangs phased through the ghostly figures in front of them and clanked uselessly upon the ground behind them.

"Robin while I like to think that I am optimistic person, I think that this the ghostly gal has point." Cyborg shouted over his sonic canon, which shot through the ghostly army only distorting them before the reshaped second later.

At first, the two Titan's had decided it would be a good idea to double team the girl with the midnight black hair as to knock her out of the fight early on. What they didn't count on was that she would summon an army of weapon wielding, armor clad ghost seconds later finding out that they themselves were the ones who were out numbered. The ghosts all looked unique in their own way. Some donned what looked like fur carcasses while others wore plated mail. Some decided to wield standard long swords while a few were equipped with giant war axes. But no matter how different all of their weapons and attire were to one another, they all had the same head on their shoulders; a bare skull with a glowing azure color in each eye socket.

Robin and Cyborg hesitated for a moment due to the sheer number of ghostly figures before they calmed their nerves and tried to go on the offensive. The Titans had trained to take down large groups of enemies even when extremely outnumbered, so fighting these ghouls should have been no different, right? Wrong. Bird-a-Rangs, explosive discs, sonic blasts, missiles; none of the attacks seemed to have any effect on the ghosts.

Cyborg and Robin began to speculate that the ghost may be holograms at this point, but the ghost seemed to have no trouble injuring the Titans. Robin learned this the hard way as one of the ghosts wondered a little too close to him from behind and took a lunge at him with his long sword. Robin went against his better instincts at first to dodge the incoming attack, thinking that it wasn't real. Only when he felt the very real feeling of steel against his abdomen did he use his inhuman flexibility to roll off of the attack. He was just lucky to come out with just a small gash on his torso as opposed to being impaled by the rusted piece of metal.

The ghouls continued to press forward towards the duo merely phasing through each and every attack thrown their way. While none of the attacks delivered by the two Titans seemed to connect with their targets, the ghost had seemed to have no problems keeping the two Titans on the defensive. Robin found himself fending off three of ghostly warriors at once with his bo-staff. "Well Cyborg, I am open to suggestions anytime you decided to put that computer you call a brain to work." Robin said as he parried each blow aimed at him.

The undead soldiers continued to rush the Cyborg and Robin with no end in sight. Each time they were able to fight one off, it seemed as though six more would come to take its place. Cyborg's computer brain was racing through all sorts of situations that may have helped them defeat these ghost but every scenario turned out the same, with them dead.

Having nothing left to go on, Cyborg turned to the creative side of his brain to try and find a hopeful solution. Just as it seemed nothing would work against their ghostly foes, Cyborg was struck with an epiphany. "Wait Rob, I think I may have an idea,"

"I'm willing to try it. It's got better than just sitting here getting our asses kicked," the masked hero said as he pushed back a ghoulish warrior who was about to cleave his head off with an ancient claymore.

"My retinal scanner is showing that these ghost are emitting a high levels of short wavelength light. These guys are composed mostly of ultraviolet light. I think that if I set my sonic canon to low enough pitch and hit one of your flash bangs, it should disperse these ghouls long enough to get to that ghost girl over there." Cyborg finished saying, as he was able to dodge to blade of a rusty halberd aimed as his throat.

The two Titans continued to retreat further and further until they were back and back with each other. "Get ready Robin," Cyborg said as he adjusted the pitch of his sonic canon until it was on the lowest possible setting. Robin quickly slipped his hand into his utility belt and pulled out three flash bangs. The ghoul army by now had surrounded the two and slowly advanced them.

"Now Robin!"

Without a second thought, Robin launched all of pellets above them and while Cyborg quickly took aim and fired once the flash bangs had reached their highest point. Once the sound waves reached their targets, the air was filled with a high-pitched squeal and few seconds later a blinding light engulfed the area. Cyborg and Robin couldn't see anything in the blast, but still held up a fighting stance incase the plan had not worked.

A moment or two later the light began to dissipate. The ghost had vanished and the two Titan standing in an empty street.

"Yeah! I can't believe that worked."

"Aww Yeah! Score one for the good guys!"

"Hey boys, when you are done having your moment, the rest of my friends would like to play with you." Yurei said from behind the two. At her back stood another ghostly army that had not been there two seconds ago. All feeling of relief was quickly shot down as the new army slowly advanced towards the two Titans.

"Aww man. We can't catch a break today, can we?" Cyborg whined as he followed Robin into the fray.

Starfire wasn't fairing much better against the green haired man known as Yggdrasil, who only appeared to be toying with her at the moment. "Come on girly, you're going to have to try better that that if you want to win." He said swinging from a vine that had sprouted from his arm and attached itself to a building. The aggravated Tameranian let another frustrated grunt as she continued to haul a barrage of starbolts at him. Yggdrasil was surprisingly nimble as he effortlessly dodged every green orb that was tossed at him causing a trail of small explosions to follow behind him. Each time he believed that the girl's aim was getting a bit to close to him, he would let go of the vine that he had sprouted from his arm and another one would shoot out of his other arm to take its place. "Come on baby, this playing hard to get act is only making me want you more and more," Yggdrasil shouted behind him

As Starfire continued to lob starbolts at her green haired foe, she knew that her enemy wasn't taking the fight with her seriously. Not once had Yggdrasil attacked her, choosing instead to run away only turning around shout out the occasional cheesy pick up line. As one could imagine, Starfire's patience was at its ropes end and she decided that it was time to end this pointless game of cat and mouse.

Starfire's gaze fell upon the vine that Yggdrasil was using to swing around the current building that she was chasing him and took aim. Seconds later a low whining sound could be heard as the Tameranian fired off two lasers at the vines from her eyes, hitting her targets with deadly precision. It took a second for Yggdrasil to realize that the tension in his vine felt a bit loose and his forward momentum was slowing down. Once he became full aware of what had happened, he only gave a smirk before releasing grip from the plant as he continued to plummet towards the ground.

Starfire gasped in horror and shot toward the man with green hair. Her plan was simply meant to stop the fleeing man, not to send him falling to his death, however it didn't seem as though she was going to be able to make the catch from her position.

Just as Yggdrasil was mere feet away from the asphalt of the road, he extended both his arms out so that they were parallel to the ground. Instantly dozen of vine-like tentacles sprouted from almost every portion of his arms and quickly shot off in every direction. The vines-like appendages pierced through the metal and glass of the nearby buildings which halted Yggdrasil's movement to a complete stop inches above the road.

"No need to worry about me baby, I can take care of myself," Yggdrasil said stepping on to the ground and allowed the vines to recede back into his body, "I must say though, you are a feisty one though."

"Your attacks are all plant oriented. Please tell me, did you have something to do with the attack at the park a few weeks ago?"

" My my my, seems that someone isn't just another pretty face after all."

"Well now that the pleasantries are said and done with, let's get this fight underway." He reached he hand out and once again vines shot out of his arm and wrapped themselves around an abandoned jeep as an octopus would wrap around a clam. The sound of crunching metal filled the air as the vines crushed much of the car's exterior. Yggdrasil swung the car over his head and knocked the unsuspecting tameranian out of the sky, crushing her between the mangled car and the pavement.

Despite the heavy hit, Starfire showed Yggdrasil the resilience of the people of Tameran as lifted the mangled car off her body and held it over her head with ease. With the strength that few could rival, the heroine tossed back at Yggdrasil with all of her might. Yggdrasil merely smirked and made no attempt to move out of the way as the mangled metal was hurled at him. Just before the car could make contact with him, Yggdrasil lifted his arm up one of his arms in the blink of an eye and as the car passed by him, it split into two pieces, both of them harmlessly flying pass him. Starfire, was at a loss of words for a couple of seconds, wondering exactly what had happened before she took notice of Yggdrasil again. Around the arm he had lifted up the vines had collided themselves around it to form a spire like shape.

"Tisk, tisk, tisk. You're going to have to try better than that if you plan on winning, baby." He said before he charged the young titan head on. He began swinging the vine engrossed arm as if it were some sort of sword at Starfire in a wild and unpredictable manner. Up, down, left right, forwards, backwards; there appeared to be no congruent pattern to his assault which made it all the more dangerous. Starfire was able to dodge and sidestep most of the attacks that came her way but not without earning a few scratches.

As furry of attacks continued to come, Starfire began to notice that the motion of the battle was bringing them closer and closer to a wall of a nearby building. From the looks of it, it looked as though Yggdrasil had planned this and believed that Starfire was oblivious to where they were heading. Starfire thought it would be best to play the fool as an idea formed in her head.

When her back collided with gave her best to show a genuine expression of shock, and Yggdrasil took the bait. "Wrong move honey," he said as he thrust the vine-covered arm at Starfire with the intent to kill. Positive that he would not be able to pull back his attack, Starfire ducked as quickly as she could and guided Yggdrasil speeding thrust into the wall, there by soundly embedding his arm.

"Damn it, I'm stuck," Yggdrasil cried as he tried yanking on his arm in hopes it would wiggle free. He didn't have too long to try because Starfire, who was still between Yggdrasil and the wall, used the moment of his inability to move to her advantage by delivering a powerful blow to his torso, sending him smashing through the wall of the building on the other side of the street.

When Yggdrasil exited the gapping hole of the building, he had several gashes on his face and hands. It even appeared that many of the bones in one of his arms were broken during the impact given that its awkward angle of the arm and fingers. Despite his new injuries that would have made even grown men cry, Yggdrasil only wore an expression of annoyance on his face.

"I know I kinda deserved that for trying and kill you and all but did you have to hit me in the stomach, ya bitch." He said while trying to fish out some of the glass shards sticking out from his torso. "I just finished eating one of those super meat lovers pizzas at that one place that looked like a pizza slice before I tried to destroy it."

"It would be unwise to continue our fight in your condition, please stand down." Starfire said trying to end the fight as nonviolently

"Like hell I will. I'm just getting started." He lifted his non-broken hand and aimed it at a nearby tree that hand been uplifted by its roots and was laying lifeless in the middle of the road. The vines protruding from his arm shot towards the tree and embedded themselves into its trunk.

"My kin born from Earth, heed my cry. Let me avenge your fallen form so that you sacrifice was not in vain. Give me the remains of the little life force that you have left to heal my wounds so that I may rise against your oppressors and vanquish your foes."

The wounds that Yggdrasil had accumulated during the battle slowly began to disappear as if time were being fast forwarded around his body. His arm and fingers even began to snap back into place in a grotesque display. As the Yggdrasil's wounds slowly healed themselves, the tree that the vines had lodged themselves into began to wither away at a proportional speed. By the time the tree was nothing more than a shriveled stick, Yggdrasil had recovered to the point where it appeared as though nothing had happened to him.

"There good as new," he said while waving around his healed arm to make sure that everything was all right with it. Once he made sure that everything checked out, he turned back to Starfire, playful glint from his eye gone. "I'll admit that you hit pretty hard for a girl, but let's see how you fair against this."

The ground Starfire stood over began to quake underneath her and without warning, several vines shot from under the ground and began to wrap themselves over every square inch of her body. She tried to rip the vines away, but with each rip and tear more vine grew in their place stronger than before. Within seconds, everything below Starfire's neck was constricted by the vines. Yggdrasil started walking toward Starfire, looking up and down her body as if he were admiring a piece of art. "Ya know, bondage really isn't my thing, but seeing you like this is really making me have second thoughts on it,"

Starfire shot a nasty glare before her eyes started to flash bright green. Using her eye beams, she burned clean through the vine, releasing a grunt once she became completely free.

"Aww, why did you have to go and ruin my fun," Yggdrasil said, coy smirk on his face.

In another block of the city, the fight between the two hooded figures was hardly what you would call exciting. In fact Enigmas had not even lifted a finger against Raven. The ongoing battle basically consisted of Raven throwing around large and heavy objects at high speeds towards said perpetrator only to have him miraculously dodge the missiles at the last minute without receiving a scratch.

"For someone bent on destroying the city, you don't do a lot," Raven casually stated.

The man said nothing but Raven was sure that under the dark hood she could feel his eyes piercing at her. Finally after a few moments the strange man replied. "Your attire, it hails from Azarath if I am not mistaken," Enigmas said ignoring Raven's previous statement. His voice was so dead and devoid of emotion that it made even Raven, daughter of the incarnation of evil, seem as though see was a giddy schoolgirl.

"What do you know about Azarath?" Raven said, suddenly concerned that there was more than appeared to her opponent. Very few people had knowledge of Azarath and even fewer were able to recognize the clothing that hailed from it.

"Just making an simple observation,"

"Why do you observe this," the sorceress said as she crossed both of her arms. Within seconds cars on both sides of Enigmas were engulfed in a black aura and were sent hurtling at the hooded man. He didn't have time to react before both cars sandwiched him in between them. After a few moments of nothing happening, Raven, satisfied with her work, began to drift where she though she last saw Starfire.

"Better go and help Starfi-". Stopping in midsentence, Raven's hand flew up and form a disc of dark magic as a flurry of throwing knives clanged against it. Raven looked in the direction of where the knives had come from to see a familiar hooded man walking from the entrance of an ally.

"Your perception is better that I anticipated," Enigmas said pulling his hand back under his cloak and started walking towards Raven. "Of course I guess I should expect this from someone of demon heritage"

"Impossible, I know for sure that I hit you with that car,"

"As a being who is self aware of the supernatural occurrences that take place, you should know that you shouldn't believe everything that you see." As started making his way closer and closer to the young sorceress, a black haze started to slowly creep into Raven's vision. Raven tried to retreat away from his advancing from but suddenly found it very hard to control her body movements. It was as if her mind found it impossible to distinguish which way was up, down, left, or right.

Soon her entire field of vision was engulfed in pitch darkness save Enigmas and her own form.

"What are you," Raven said and although her voice did not betray any fear, she could not help but feel slightly uneasy as Enigmas' body began to drift away into the darkness like sand in the wind

"I'm whatever you want me to be," his voice echoed from what seemed like all directions

Outside of the limits of Jump City laid a barren wasteland of desert as far as the eye could see. It didn't use to always be this way. In fact not even two hundred years prior to now much of the desert use to be miles of plains and woodland. It wasn't until human settlers came from the east and began to build their settlements that the land started to deteriorate. Little by little all of the green land began to disappear because the humans were wasteful with the resources that the Earth offered them. It only become worse when the citizens of the settlement decided to industrialize to compete with the larger cities from where they had come from. With much of the land being torn open to mine the coal that powered the mills and with most every tree being cut down for lumber, erosion took it's course and within the next couple of years all of the green life had disappeared.

Several feet above these badlands were a man encased in a bright orange aura who was following the lead of a green pterodactyl who was scoping out for a spot to land. Beast Boy never really enjoyed making trips to the desert, it was just so lifeless and gave him a sense of utter hopelessness. Looking out at endless miles of sand, he could help but feel sadness when he though that this place use to be filled with life and nature even if it was before his time. He began to remember the words of the Guardian that he and the rest of the Titan's had fought only a couple of weeks ago and could not help but feel sympathy for the living tree, even if he was trying to flatten him like a tofu pancake.

"This looks like a good spot as any," the changeling said as Apollo landed next to him with him mouth turned down in a scowl as he took in the surrounding of the environment.

"It is about time. I was beginning to wonder if this was just simple ruse to try and escape. I don't know why you bothered coming into the middle of this wasteland to battle. The city would have been fine."

"There are innocent civilians there and they might have been caught in the crossfire."

"As I said before I still don't see the need to relocate our battle to a different spot." Apollo stated as though he had said nothing wrong the first time. "If a couple of foolish people are stupid enough to not to look for a safe haven while we fight, then they deserve to be destroyed."

"How could you say that? Lucifer preaches of nothing but how to make this world a better place and here you are showing very little regard for human life."

"Please don't lecture me your sentimental hogwash. For every idea to be achieved, every dream to be realized, every goal to be accomplished, there has to be some sort of sacrifice that must be put up to offer."

"Do you really believe that Lord Lucifer's goal of supposed world peace can be achieved if there are humans who have made it their purpose to cause harm to all that cross their path? Not even you are that naïve."

"What's the matter with you?!" Beast Boy said, no longer able to put up with Apollo's attitude. "If you are a follower of Lucifer, than you must share his idea of a peaceful world!"

"Enough of your senseless blabber. I came here to duel you and duel you I shall. En garde!"

Without warning Apollo lifted up his left hand and pointed his index finger in the direction of Beast Boy. This confused the Titan at first but then the air was instantly filled with a high pitch whining noise that began to irritate the his ears and Apollo's finger being to glow bright orange. There was a half a followed by a high-speed beam of bright orange light escaping from Apollo's finger. Beast Boy didn't even have time to react before the beam reached him and exploded right in his face.

The explosion was nothing special but it was big enough to engulf Beast Boy along with a good amount of his surrounding area and powerful enough to cause the land to tremble slightly. Dirt and sand where uplifted from the ground and began form a giant dust cloud where Beast Boy once stood. Apollo stood unmoving for amount, his finger still pointed at the cloud of earth, waiting to see if anything would happen. When it appeared that nothing else was going to happen Apollo brought his hand to his hip and a triumphant smile graced his lips.

"Is that it? Is this all the great Garfield Logan has to offer? Well that takes care of that. I honestly can't say that I'm surprised. To think that Master Lucifer thought that he was up to my caliber. Why he didn't even last –"

Apollo's word were cut short as a small green falcon flew out of the cloud as dust rolled off of its beating wings. Beast Boy then plopped back down to the ground as he transformed back into his humanoid form and shot a glare at Apollo which said that he was not too happy about his little sneak attack. It had been by pure instinct alone that he had been able to dodge the blunt of the attack.

"You clever little sneak," said Apollo. "You are quicker than I was lead to believe. I guess there is some hope for you after all"

"Dude you didn't even give me a chance to finish my sentence. If you hadn't noticed, I am not too pleased with almost being blown up to smithereens before I even get to fight." Beast Boy yelled, still finding it hard to believe he was able to evade the attack the last moment.

"Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Garfield but on the battlefield a smart opponent will take any opportunity they see to become the victor. The hesitant die and the quick live to fight another day. Simple as that."

"You will be smart to remember those words of wisdom if you even want to have a chance of keeping up with me."

"It was actually a stroke of luck that you chose our battlefield to be the middle of this wasteland. My powers are completely oriented around the Sun. My body can intake and store near limitless amount of energy in the form of solar radiation and heat. Once within my body I can do a number of things with the energy. Let me show you some examples of what I am capable of. I will demonstrate using your body."

The orange field of light once again encased Apollo's body and he slowly lifted into the air as though he were an angel ascending into heaven. "I am sure you can recall my ability to fly, correct? By releasing very little energy throughout my entire being, I can use it to accelerate the molecules to speeds where I am able to levitate off the ground. Observe."

As if someone has strapped jet turbines to him, Apollo's body shot towards Beast Boy in a matter of seconds. Before he could even react to what just happened something with great force collided into his diaphragm, knocking the all of the wind out of his lungs. The collision with whatever Apollo had hit him with was so great that it also sent him flying backward into a near by boulder, causing it to crumble upon impact.

Beast Boy tried bring into focus his blurry vision as he knocked off some of the boulder rubble from his half buried body. As he vision began to clear he spotted Apollo who was simply floating with his fist held out where Beast Boy had been standing only a couple of seconds ago.

"By releasing more energy from my body, I am able to make it accelerate to incredible speeds. As you can see, simply holding out my fist and ramming into you was enough to send you flying off of your feet." Apollo told the distraught Titan as he began to uncurl his fist and have it so that his index finger was pointing a Beast Boy.

"And let us not forget this little number. I'm sure you recall this from earlier," Apollo said as his finger began to turn bright orange again. "By forcing large amounts of energy through narrow or small portions of my by, shall we say my fingers, I am able to launch the radiation in high concentrations that explode on impact." Like before a high pitch whine filled the air as Apollo's finger shown brighter and brighter. "If you wouldn't mind sitting there while I blow you up, that would be just grand."

A beam of light shot from Apollo's finger, faster than the first one, and headed straight towards the Beast Boy. This time around however, the changeling was prepared for the on coming attack. In the blink of an eye he morphed into a gazelle and bounded over laser as it traveled under him and blew up the remainder of the boulder.

Apollo continued to shoot lasers a the charging gazelle, but each time it appeared as though the changeling would meet certain doom, Beast Boy would slightly veer the direction of his charge to dodge it at the last moment. The shots continued to come faster and faster, until the rate resembled that of machine gunfire. Even so, Beast Boy managed to evade the barrage of lasers until he was practically on top of Apollo. To finish the final stretch of his charge, he morphed into a bull, trading agility for power.

Just as Beast Boy was about to make contact with Apollo's torso, Apollo grabbed Beast Boy by the horns, bringing the momentum of his charge to a complete standstill. Apollo smirked at what he could guess was the awestruck expression of the bull. "Did I forget to mention that by changing the flow of energy directly to my muscles, I can emulate strength comparable to that of Hercules himself? "

As if to demonstrate, Apollo tightened his grip around the horns of the bull and heaved him as hard as he could into the sky. The air around Beast Boy was traveling so fast that he could barely move he body. Below him he could see that Apollo had lifted into the air as well and was pursuing him with great haste. "You are character of many shapes Garfield, but no matter what size or form you take, it will not be good enough to finish off me. Face it Logan, you can't beat me."

Once the upward force of his body had weakened enough to where he could move once again, Beast Boy transformed in a peregrine falcon and went into a nosedive straight at a Apollo. Normally peregrine falcons didn't fly any faster than only other bird, but when this animal took a nose dive at a high enough altitude it could reach speeds up to 200 miles per hour, outmatching that of any other animal on Earth.

Apollo saw how Beast Boy had once again began to charge him with increasing acceleration and let out an outright laugh. "Is this some sort of jest? Do you mean to harm me with such a form? Even if you are traveling at great speeds, you won't be able to transforming something of significant size in time and I will tear through you as if you were a piece of paper."

Beast Boy knew what he said was the truth but he continued to travel straight down at his adversary. Just as the two speeding missiles were about to meet, Beast Boy didn't even try to change his form into a larger animal as Apollo had believed he would. Instead the size of the Beast Boy's falcon form instantly grew twentyfold so that it had become the size of a small car. The size change had happened so fast that Apollo could not even comprehend what had happened until a couple of seconds after he was hit and travel to the ground at over two hundred miles per hour.

As the two began to come closer and closer to the fast approaching ground, Beast Boy was able to spread his wings open and pull up before he could crash. Apollo however was still stunned from the impact and could do nothing as he crashed into the earth at full speed, creating a large crater in the process.

Beast Boy soared to the edge off the enormous concavity and watched Apollo struggle to pry his embedded limbs from the Earth while coughing up blood in the process. "What was that nonsense?" Apollo demanded as a few drops of crimson liquid fell from his mouth and stained his white toga. "There is no such bird in existence for which the one you turned into."

"What's the matter flame head? Weren't you just trash talking on how I didn't have any hope of beating you just a few seconds ago?" said the changeling. "What did you think Lucifer and I were doing when he was in my head, talking about the weather?"

"How many times must I tell you that when you speak of Master Lucifer, you will address him with his respected title" Apollo shouted back, drops of blood flying out of his mouth.

"Well, Master Lucifer didn't seem to mind that we were on a first name bases when he was training me. When we were working on the bases of my powers, he had told me that up until now I had been looking at my ability as though if it were solid rock. I could use it uniquely in different situations and could even smooth it down to refine it to some degree, but in the end no matter what I did it would still be a rock at the end of the day."

"When Lucifer became my instructor however, I found out my abilities are more like water than anything. Having no definite form or shape, it's able to adapt to any situation that it is presented with. It can even change on a molecular level and change itself completely."

"The 'little' trick that you just saw me pull off was a little thing I like to call size augmentation. My power that allows me to transform happens on a microscopic level. When I transform, not only does my appearance change but my entire anatomy changes as well. My respiratory system, skeletal structure, even my nervous system all must change to adapt to the form that I try to mimic. I basically become that animal. Just as I am able to change into animals with larger or smaller masses than my own, I am able to change the original size of any animal I can turn into. All I have to do Is make sure all of my internal changes transform into proportional sizes.

Finally regaining his composure, Apollo sat up and wiped the stream of blood from his chin. "While impressive as that my be, one simple trick will not be enough for you to claim victory."

"Who said anything about only one ace up my sleeve?" Beast Boy said as he prepared himself for whatever came next.

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