a/n This is my first Code Geass fanfiction, so please be easy on me, guys. LLXCC is my favorite couple so here's a fic about them. It's completely AU but it has some facts from the original anime & manga. This fic is kind of sad overall but I'll try to make it funny later on, it'll have around 10 chapters... maybe... no promises.

I don't own Code Geass, if I did I wouldn't have let Schenizel live and give an ambiguous ending... XD Enjoy!


She was from a poor family, she was young, yet that didn't stop her parents from selling her to that place. The place a 3 year old shouldn't have been placed in.

This is where you're living from now on. Daddy will come sometimes to visit you so don't worry…


You understand don't you? We have no choice but to do this…

More lies…

You're better off here…


But all little C.C. could do was nod along and obey her parents, she couldn't do a thing, nor could she understand the situation that was about to befall her. She smiled at the woman they were talking to, the woman whom she was to call "Haha-ue" from then on.

Little C.C. was innocent, she didn't know anything at that time, well, what was to be expected from a child merely of 3 years?

Yes… She did not understand a thing…

It was not long before she did though, at first she didn't understand why Haha-ue gave pieces of gold to her parents, she didn't understand why her parents spoke in such bitter tones, she didn't understand that she was being sold to a brothel. Realization hit her when she was 13, men gathered around her with lust filled in their eyes, eyeing her from top to bottom and she didn't like it one bit.

But she couldn't do anything, all those years of training, learning to play the koto, learning to speak in formal manners, learning to be perfect, it was all gone… Or at least that was what she thought.

She found out after that, she was those girls. Servants? Slaves? Prostitute…? Yes, she was a prostitute, whether she liked it or not. That was when she realized, why her father didn't keep his promise to visit her, she was their escape route.

Anger consumed her that night, of course, she didn't know that she was trained to be that kind of woman, she thought she was bought by a rich family period. All those beautiful kimonos, all those sparkling hair ornament, she finally understood the use of it.

Haha-ue didn't tell you because she thought you already know… That's why she was so happy when you delightfully took the lessons…

The other girls, other prostitutes, told her that they knew all along, that didn't help the situation at all. C.C. was angered, sad, furious, depressed, shocked, she was completely not in a condition to "serve" those men.

Of course, she still had to do it, it was her job.

A job she did not do well…

Her mixed emotions made her unable to cope with those looks, those disgusting touches, she ended up hitting one of the men, the customers.

Such actions were most definitely unforgivable, but Haha-ue let it slip and apologized to the customers, asking other girls to take C.C.'s place.

But it happened again, and again, and again, until Haha-ue decided to punish C.C. for her incompetence. The poor girl was unable to cope with her job but Haha-ue wouldn't take that.

One slap in each cheek and a beating in a few areas of her body was the punishment. Bruises form, but that still didn't stop C.C. from attracting men with her green hair and pale porcelain skin.

Often after a punishment session, C.C. would curl up in her room and cry, wondering why her life became so miserable. She often wonders whether or not she will be free from such a dreadful, dirty job. Days turned to weeks, which later turned to months, she realized, her freedom is like the horizon, so far and unreachable.

She tried to grasp it, oh she did, she tried so hard to escape. But she couldn't, it was a dream that would never come true. She'd dream of it, she'd dream of running in the hill towards the horizon, towards freedom. Just as she thinks she reached it she fell, down, down, down below, it was like falling into a pit of eternal darkness. She keeps on falling, never reaching the ground.

She'd wake up after that in shock, eyes wide as plates and breath uncoordinated. Then, right before anyone would wake she would shed tears and drown in her despair.

Sometimes she'd dream of a person that would take her away, her angel, her savior. In her dreams she'd meet a guy, handsome, kind and caring. She never could picture him, his face would appear with eyes that watched her with kind emotions, almost… lovingly…

She'd be very happy.



With him she was able to be true to her feelings, smile, laugh, even tease him.

With him it would be fun, merry, even though it was only the two of them on a hill running around. Her in a beautiful kimono embroidered with beautiful patterns of flowers and ornaments, and him in a neat outfit, sometimes a black suite and sometimes a hakama with a golden haori.

She'd say what she wants to him and him to her, there would be no barrier separating them.

She wouldn't be disgusted by his touches, she wouldn't hit him for taking her hand in his.

She'd comply and smile at him.

And he'd smile back.

He would be her angel, he would take her up to where no one could hurt her.

To paradise, just the two of them.

But then morning comes and her angel, her prince charming would disappear. Reality would drag her back to where she was supposed to be.

After that she'd put on her best kimono and walk out, stoic and emotionless, she had to finish her job… If she did poorly then she'd sleep late that night, filled with bruises, and maybe, just maybe, she'd meet her angel.

But soon that dream slowly shattered, disappearing as days go by slowly and C.C. would live those days in agony. She'd come to realize that just like her freedom, her angel, her prince charming is but a mere dream, a wish that's bound to never be fulfilled.

Slowly, the innocent girl in C.C. disappeared, leaving nothing but an empty young girl with a job that was bound to her until god knows when.

Her fellow "sisters" were surprised at her sudden change in attitude, her sweet face turned to a cold demeanor, her light voice dropped a few octaves. Some dismissed it as her growing older, after all she was still 13 going to 14. But some, who were caring enough approached her and asked of her sudden change.

But C.C. just coldly pushes them away, telling them to mind their own business. Still, those few sisters stood by her side and watched over her at times.

C.C. eventually warmed up to them, but her frozen heart mostly got in the way. She's be cold and sometimes demanding, yet her sisters would still be there.

She tried to drive them away, not wanting to socialize with prostitutes.

But she was one of them, whether she liked it or not. So she'd sometimes talk to her sisters, SOMETIMES.

Still, she kept her distance, the idea of escaping the brothel was still in her mind and she didn't want to get attached to her "sisters".

It's been 2 years since all that passed, she was 15, her features were more of a young lady now compared to her child-like body a few years ago.

Her dreams of her freedom and angel lingered but she buried them deep within herself.

Her bruises though, were hard to get rid of.

She slowly stopped hitting customers, but her cold demeanor got in the way.

Some customers called her "plain", "boring" and "emotionless".

Haha-ue wasn't happy with that.

And C.C. was punished every time.


"I did not raise you to be plain and boring!"


"Nor did I raise you to be emotionless!"


Sounds of whip snapping were heard from a distance, C.C. was in a session.

"What is her problem? Why can't she just do something right for once?!"

"Shhhh...! Monica…! Haha-ue might hear you."

The blonde haired girl shrugged," I'm just speaking the truth. You should relax, Nonette."

Nonette sighed, "Not that I care for that worthless girl, I just don't want us to get in trouble."

Monica waved her hand," Let's just go."

As the two leave, another two girls came over, one had red hair and one had pink hair. Both girls shuddered at the sound of whipping and slapping.

The red hear winced when she hear Haha-ue's loud voice booming from inside, "No food for you tonight!"

"Again…? She'll die if she doesn't get food every night…" said the pink haired girl quietly.

"Shhh… We'll bring her something, go tell Nina to leave some food for her, Euphy."

Euphy nodded and quickly went to the kitchen.


C.C. weakly crawled to her bed, her body was tired and aching, she just wanted to sleep and get it over with.

Then she heard a knock.

Who'd come here…?

"It's open."

The door slid open and there stood the same red head that brought her in her room after her session.

"What's wrong, Kallen?"

"Nothing. Just… Euphy, hurry up…!" She whispered to her pink haired "sister".

"I'm coming, I'm coming…!"

C.C. gave them an odd look, "What are—"

Kallen shoved the food Euphy was holding to her, "Be quiet and eat. We'll need to sneak it back to the kitchen once you're done so hurry up."

C.C. looked down at her food, "It's… Ok…" She quickly finished her food and gave it back to Euphie.

"Okay, now, you never saw us." Said Kallen and she along with Euphy hurried out.

C.C. stared at the door as it slid close then she slowly laid down.

Her body not so painful anymore.


a/n Phew, done, Lelouch didn't appear in this chapter but he will soon, next chapter... maybe... Like I said, no promises! And please don't hate me for making Kallen and Euphie prostitutes, it's bad enough that I made C.C. one. More surprises coming up! Oh and Monica and Nonette aren't my OCs, for those who don't know. Monica is the Knight of Twelve and Nonette is the Knight of Nine. I never really liked the Knight of Rounds except for Suzaku, Anya and Gino so they are mean prostitues here. Anyways, R/R guys!