Harry Potter/Naruto crossover.

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Krum/Hermione, Neville/Luna, Naruto/Hinata, Sakura/Lee, Shizune/Snape, Tsunade/Jiraiya-Sirius(Undecided).


Haku survived the Chidori and was found by Tsunade a month before the wizards do. Who is Harry Potter and what does he have to do with Haku?



Chapter One



It's an odd thing.

To be honest... I thought I would fear it in the end.

But I did not.

I never thought of dying in that split second. Never thought. Couldn't think.

There was just movement.

That single breathless moment when everything, everything, my whole being was focused on that moment.

The roar of blood in my ears, the throbbing of my cheek and jaw, the static tingle that rushed across my body, the scent of charred flesh and blood in the air.

Nothing but that moment.

No thought.

No pain.

No regret.

Just him.

Just Zabuza-sama.

Zabuza-sama... your tool has failed you.

But at least...

This broken blade can serve you one last time before even my hilt shatters and fades.

"Z-zabu-za... sam-a..."

My life is yours.

Forever yours.

Only yours.



Suffocating darkness.

Uncertain crumbling.

Cold rush of wind.

Frigid slap of icy water.

Suffocating pressure.

Can't breathe.

Can't see.


Churning currents.

Rushing waters.

Burning salt.

Broken nails claw and tear at worn stone walls.

Weak limbs flail in torrential flows.

The water gets colder.

Body surfaces.

Cold wind whips your skin.

Burns your eyes.

Sweet air.



His body hurt and burned as he staggered up onto the beach, coughing and choking up water.

His body slick with dried bloodstains, with clay and mud ground into thick sodden fabrics.

Long silken black hair now lank and ratty with seaweed, mud, blood and a month's worth of inattention.

He slumped onto the cold sand, arms too weak to hold him up, feeling the cold sea water washing up his shins and ebbing away, the cold bite reminding him how closely he came to death.


He spit up water and lifted himself on trembling arms and crawled slowly from the tide, coughing up a sticky unpleasant mixture of seawater, mud and blood. His chest hurt, his head hurt, everything – even his teeth – hurt.

But regardless of the pain, he kept crawling, moving his battered and broken body up beyond the high-tide mark before his arms finally gave out, sending him sprawling in the loose pale sands where he just lay there and breathed.

It felt wonderful to breathe again.

A frown stole over haggardly tired features, something was wrong, that wasn't right, no, something was missing... no... someone.

Someone was missing.

Someone very important to him, but who? Who was it – he? Who was he, this important missing person?

The dark haired teen whimpered slightly, closing his sore and aching eyes, he was so tried and thinking really hurt.

'Precious Person'

Weary brown eyes flickered open groggily.

'Do you... --- ... Precious Person ---'

He frowned and strained his memory back, ignoring the sudden increase of hot throbbing at his temples.

'Do you have a Precious Person Naruto-kun?'

Eyes widened, pupils dilated as memories flooded into him, burning his skull from the inside out and wringing a scream from his lips. A scream of pain and of desolation.

Malevolent power.

Innocent blue turned murderous red.

"If we'd met some other way, someplace else, you and me'd probably have been friends."

"... You said my future was death... heh heh... but you missed again, Kakashi."

A white bunny named Airi.

A white mask with a swirl of red... taken from the body of his first kill...

Dark eyes watching him.

A calloused hand extended.

"I am your tool Zabuza-sama."

His name was Kakuyoku Haku, he was born in a small village on the border of Kiri and Yuki, he was 15-years-old and registered as a Chuunin level Shinobi in the Bingo Books, he had a pet rabbit called Airi-chan, his parents were dead, he had an Aunt who worked for the Yuuki Daimyou, his father murdered his mother for having a Kekki Genkai, he murdered his father in self-defence, he was a Shinobi but often posed as a Civilian woman to avoid detection, he had a gift for Medic Ninjutsus, Chakra Control, Battlefield tactics and analysis, espionage and seduction, his favourite colours were pale blue, green and pink, he preferred to use Senbon as he hated violence but when armed with knives, Tessen or a Zanbatou he was truly deadly, his Bingo book placed him at Chuunin, he was actually Elite Jounin Oinin level. Zabuza made certain of it.

He was taken in, trained and raised by Momochi Zabuza-sama, Demon of the Bloody Mist.

Haku didn't stop screaming even as the tears seared the corners of his eyes and dribbled down his face, cleaning single streaks of pale pink through the mud, he just... crumpled, curling in on himself in the loose sand as his heart ripped itself into shreds within his chest. The sand around him going hard as it froze.

He was alive.

He was alive and Zabuza-sama was not!

His whole world rolled.

He screamed, long and loud and broken.

He stuck his head with his fists, he rolled over and slammed them against the sand, clawed at his raggedy hair, sobbed and screamed and convulsed.

His body, weak from a month of starvation, inactivity and surviving a fatal injury, finally gave out.

Leaving the 15-year-old sobbing brokenly, face down on the frozen sand, barely able to move, only able to drag in ragged lungfuls of air and croak softly at the sharp bitter pain in his chest.

He cried himself to sleep. Never seeing the two Kunoichi rushing to his side, nor the look of sympathetic pain on the face of a woman whose own heart knew the pain he was in.

Senjuu Tsunade knew what it was like to lose the Person most Precious to you. She knew, and that was why she helped him now.

She wouldn't wish that pain on anyone.


Foggy brown eyes cracked open, aching and sore as tear burned puffy flesh moved and bunched. The Ice Nin studied the room silently, he knew it was a small Inn not too far away from the Coast of Fire Country, the sheets were clean and so was he. Someone had cleaned him up, wrapped the half healed wound in his chest, dressed him in a women's sleeping yukata and put him to bed.

He leaned back, his eyes sliding shut against the glare of the world around him.

He ignored the door opening and slipped back into the arms of Orpheus.

There was no reason for him to wake.

Zabuza-sama was dead.

He was a blade without a hilt, without a wielder, without a sheath.

He was useless.


Shizune sighed as she gently closed the door of the young man's room, the pretty dark haired woman shook her head sadly and delicately stepped over Tonton who grunted and snuffled at her feet as she made her way into the room to the left of his. She nudged the door open with a foot and shouldered her way in, being careful with the tray of food as she went in and set it delicately on the desk.

Turning, she watched as Tonton snuffled around the sleeping form of her Shishou and smiled faintly, sadly, before turning again to stare out of the window.

It had been two days since she and her Shishou had spotted the young man in the other room on the beach looking as though he had dug himself out of his own grave and swum his way to safety before his battered body gave out. The Slug Princess's apprentice had her own ideas about what had happened to the youth, the wound in his chest was unique to only one attack she knew of and she knew that Hatake-san refrained from using it on the best of days. Which begged the question of just why a fifteen year old had a Chidori hole in his chest?

They had done their best with him, he was physically fully healed, even the burning to his Chakra circulatory system had been completely healed, along with the chest wound – there wasn't even much of a scar, an unusually jagged star design in actuality. They had stripped him of his filth encrusted clothing, Tsunade finding his Mist-nin Hitai-ate and carefully setting it aside before rummaging through her Bingo Book. There was no record of him meaning he couldn't have been anyone above Chuunin level, probably a Genin who got on the wrong side of his Sensei simply for having a Kekki Genkai. They washed him, Shizune silently marvelling at how gorgeous his hair was once clean and brushed – she was not so secretly jealous – before wrapping him in one of Tsunade's sleeping Yukatas and setting him in a small single room.

That had been three days ago, he had slept the entirety of the first day before waking on the second, and he hadn't spoken, nor moved, nor eaten since waking. Just staring desolately out of the window, his brown eyes dull and empty.

It pulled sharply at her heart.

It was the same expression on Tsunade's face when she found out about Nawaki's death and again after she witnessed Dan's death, that expression of hallow pain that made death a preferable option to suffering through life on their own.

"Mmf, mg-off Tonton." Tsunade grumbled irritably, pushing the piglet away from her as she burrowed deeper into her covers, trying to ward off the mid-morning sun that was trying to awaken her.

"Tsunade-sama." Shizune spoke disapprovingly, she may have put up with a lot of her Master's Vices, gambling, alcoholism, and while sleeping late wasn't as bad as her others, it was one that Shizune disapproved of the most regardless. She did not like the idea of her master sleeping half her life away when they could be doing something else, like helping that poor boy next-door.

The blonde woman grumbled and sprawled out spread-eagle in rebellion for a little while before pushing herself up and kicking the covers from her body, shooting her dark haired apprentice a sour look.

A look that trailed down to the tray in her hands and vanished faster than the cash from her wallets in a Gambling Hall. "He still not eating?" She asked getting to her feet, absently smoothing her wrinkled red and gold sleeping Yukata.

Shizune sighed, "No. All he does is sit and stare into space. It's as if he's just given up." She murmured looking at the tray, shifting the chopsticks back onto their little china-rest to give her hands something to do.

Tsunade sighed and ran a hand through her loose hair, shaking her head, "I know how he feels but I still can't help but be annoyed with him." She huffed folding her arms imperiously. Shizune just eyed her warily; whenever her Shishou got that look in her eyes she often went and did something... she didn't want to say stupid but... yeah occasionally she went off and did something dumb.

"We still don't even know his name." Shizune added quietly rubbing at her face.

"Hmph. Enough of this." The Sannin declared picking up the breakfast tray and marched out of the room, Shizune following after her in a mixture of confusion, dread and hope. Perhaps Tsunade-sama may be able to get the poor boy out of his depression?

Banging into the room the blonde Sannin crossed the room and set the tray down on the floor beside the boy's Futon and took a seat on his right-hand side, staring at the 15-year-old from where he was sitting upright and silent, staring at his bandaged fingers in hallow silence.

"C'mon kid. You gotta eat something." Tsunade spoke, her voice oddly gentle as she carefully took one of those hands in a deceptively soft grip, rubbing her thumb against the crisp white bandages. "You've been sitting here for the last three days Gaki, if you don't eat all that hard work we put into healing you will be for nothing." She explained gently. Knowing when to be hard and when to be soft was a special skill of the legendary Medic Nin, often she didn't use it but when confronted with a possibly suicidal fifteen-year-old she found herself unable to be anything but gentle with him.

Slowly, brown eyes peeked out at her from under inky raven black hair and she smiled warmly at him, "There now, I knew someone was home." She teased, winking at him before tilting his chin up gently and reaching for the small plate of baked fish. "Come now, eat a little bit of fish and have something to drink. Then if you like, you can go back to sleep." She assured him, collecting the chopsticks and taking one of the fish-fillets in the polished ebony wood.

Almost mechanically the dark haired teenager allowed the blonde Sannin to hand feed him with Shizune looking on, her expression unreadable as she watched her Shishou attempt to connect with the poor boy.

Once the fish was gone and a good portion of the rice, Tsunade used the napkin to pick a few crumbs from the boy's cheek, all the while keeping that warm smile on her lips as hallow brown eyes watched her almost warily.

"There we go." She declared with a smile as she set the napkin aside and fussed slightly with his bedding, "Shizune and I are just in the next room alright, holler if you need us OK kid?"

Collecting the tray and used dishes Tsunade got to her feet, well aware of those empty brown eyes following her every movement as she moved towards the door and closed it behind her. Sharp ears catching the very faint "thank you" the boy croaked a split second before the door shut and smiled.

Perhaps there was hope after all.


End first chapter.

Yeah. If Tsunade seems a little OOC its because she hasn't actually been introduced to Naruto and we don't know what she's like after leaving Konoha before meeting him. Plus I figure she's going to see a reflection of herself at the low points in her life in Haku.

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