I know this isn't the Chapter that I promised I would get done (eventually) but there are a number of reasons for this and one all important one as well.

I will get to the point: I want to rewrite this.

If you'll look up at the publish date, it'll tell you that I uploaded this in 09. The majority was written a good two, maybe three years earlier, forgotten, found and then revived. I know this because the original notes were written while I was on a plane flight from Japan along with the rest of my Japanese Class when I was in college at 17 (I'm 23 now).

That makes it a total of almost six years since I conceptualised this and began to write.

Rereading it now, I cringe in embarrassment. Its got a lot of untouched potential, things I could expand on, not to mention with the recently released Naruto Chapters I could improve it exponentially. Add to that, in terms of culture, it is grossly incorrect. I've become a little more aware of Japanese culture recently and I hope to use that in the rewrite, expand more on the connections and people that Haku and Zabuza came into contact with and then carried through with Tsunade. I want to dig into the History of Rikudo Sennin, the Elemental Nations, Biju and the Wizards all together.

Right now, Resonance is... Nothing more than a bird with crippled wings. It could have flown high and done a lot but my inexperience and lack of writing ability – not to mention my inability to keep track of notes, thoughts, characters, events – ruined it in the end.

I know some people will be disappointed in this choice, sceptical even that I will manage to follow through on this promised rewrite when Reignition failed so spectacularly. However, there is a difference between Reignition and Resonance and that is the manga they are based on. Naruto canon has so much room for improvement that when combined with Harry Potter its a playing field of possibilities. I love One Piece too much to be able to make it better, I adore it the way it is and it does tie up all the loose ends as it goes. The group dynamics don't really allow for another member to slide in.

So will this be rewritten? Yes.

Will it be better than the original? I would certainly hope so.

Are you going to give up? No. I have absolutely no intention of doing so.

Where will it be? I'll be working on rewriting the Chapters already up before I upload anything, extracts will be put onto my Facebook page every now and again, but until I've rewritten everything already done, I'm not uploading it. It will be on FFnet as usual but under a new story-title so you can still enjoy this one should you wish.

Now, that's all from me, I have to get back to my Uni work. Final Deadline is next week and as soon as Saturday rolls around I'll be laughing. So, hard work now on the important stuff, stories will happen next week. XDD

Sorry guys, but I'm putting my education ahead of stories. This, and possibly family requirements, will be the only thing that I will put them on hold for. Stay safe and I hope you tune in again when I've got the new chapters up and running.